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  1. That sounds like the glove ive been looking for! Im siked. Thanks Edge and TBL
  2. Sounds nice, Edge. Thats what im looking for. Im not a big friend of open cuffed gloves or at least not a friend of very loose gloves, so i hope the ONE90s will do the trick. What about the palms? On pro stock gloves, ive seen some with the traditional palms instead of the kinda new ones with the fingertip thing. Do you notice an advantage or anything (positive) due that fingertip story. I hope you dont mind, im a bit bored, i wont go out partying tonight, so will stick to the internet, tv and some bottles of sparkling water ^_^
  3. Any words about the one90s from your point of view? Mine are on the way, i hope they'll arrive around the end of the next week.
  4. http://cgi.ebay.de/CCM-NHL-T-Shirt-Tshirt-...1QQcmdZViewItem Check the backprint. Typo?!
  5. I second my friend RadioGaGa. Go David!
  6. I hope there are streamings or something so we can catch up or can get some vids at least.
  7. But the holders...
  8. On draftday, yeah :lol:
  9. If someone can hook me up with such an RBK Hockey Truckercap, hit me up. The team is not that important to me, just something related to hockey.
  10. Nice room! It kinda evolves, from hockeynerdism to room decorating ^_^ The RBK cap looks fine, what is that?
  11. Those jerseys rule soooo hard. I would buy #24!
  12. Sounds like 8090. They are high volume and for low arches. At least i assume.
  13. Live, anywhere? Inet streams or something are appreciated.
  14. Stock ONE90 tongues are short, thats why he wants new ones.
  15. Final score, by the way.
  16. Is it you Sherlock? On topic: Which palm did you get?
  17. I love the Stoll gloves. t1tan: Any words about the ONE90 protective series?
  18. Nice Spray paint job! It actually looks cool I just like the look of a plain black blade. I can barely see an "ST" logo.
  19. I like the Kim Johnnson XXX Lite!
  20. Holy cow. Time to get yourself a job when you get SO bored;)
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