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  1. anyone know if a pro stock stick has the same identification for a curve? I have a couple of my buddy's sticks and would love to be able to order the curve in the future without having to bug him.

    If the topic is about a pair of pro stock skates why ask a question about a pro stock stick? Try using the search function on the top of the page. Type in "pro stock codes" and you will find a bunch of threads just like the ones below.



  2. I scheduled four interviews today for our seasonal round of hiring. Of the four, two of them called a minute before their interview time to say they couldn't make it, one was fifteen minutes late saying she couldn't find the store (when her application says that she worked at a business across the street from my store for two years). I guess it's good that I didn't have to waste my time interviewing three idiots I suppose. All I hear from people is that they need a job really bad and whatnot, but they can't figure out that they had a doctors appointment at the same time your interview is scheduled? AND you don't realize this until it's 10:29 and your interview is at 10:30?? I hate people so much sometimes.

  3. The story says that the cause of death wasn't released by the family.

    IIRC he had the HIV, then he didn't, then he did again but maybe not. Probably complications from that, no matter how it ends up being spun.

    In the story it says that he tested positive for HIV, lost his boxing license, then he said something along the lines of the test not being accurate.

    He lived quite the roller coaster ride.

  4. No experience with the 100k, but the 405/405xs isn't a bad stick if you get lucky enough to get a good one. Quality control is a major issue with their "high end" sticks. Super light weight (405 grams) and great balance, but durability is a major concern. I loved the two 405's I had, but one lasted me one game and the other lasted about two shots.

    I managed to turn both into shafts though, which I have been extremely happy with. The fuse points are really visible mostly due to their poor construction in that area, and accept standard blades quite easily. Finding a blade that isn't going to feel super heavy in it is a bit of a challenge, but with an APX blade thrown in there they feel better than the stock 405 one piece stick. The shaft kicks hard and is bulletproof.

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