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  1. Anyone has bought a shooter trainer, what is the best one on the market for you and why? Please share infos, I need some insight to decided which one I should buy... Thank you!
  2. Anyone know why we can order the total one with grip in Europe but not anywhere else???
  3. Hey, he's doing better, much better right now, that's all I can say! might even be ready for october but he won't be in training camp...

  4. Hows your brother

    This is killing me you know he is my favorite Blue of all time and that is saying something 40 years +


    David Zadro

  5. Iron Mike had some logic behind what he was doing, the other one, I'm not sure! ;) now that's funny stuff David, when all the former Blues come in Tuesday for Brett Hull night, just ask them what is was like to play for Mike Keenan - you'll think Murray is your best buddy compared to Iron Mike
  6. Words from a real fan, wise words! Looking forward to meet you one day Jeff! Peace bro...
  7. Welcome on here, linemate at shinny! hey Dave, it's Alain Bellavance aka hands of steel lol!, keep up the good work! ;)
  8. David has been named the MVP of the tournament as well, he did played amazing defensive hockey as well during the tournament... And I've seen all the games they played, man Jack Johnson is hell of a talented hockey player. He's gonna be the best defenseman in the NHL in 5 years IMO...
  9. WTF, he played decent yesterday, just missed the net in two opportunities.
  10. Hey guys, I'm just back from Montreal, it was a FANTASTIC weekend and yeah I have many insights, lol. I don't know if JR could organized a special chat or something but I would be ready to answer you guys questions...
  11. Why would he get into a fight, he's not a fighter. du gros hockey, ra ra.
  12. Guys, relax a bit...David is a good prospect and probably the most talented player on the Blues roster but IMO he's not ready physically to play on a regular shift game after game in this league. Yesterday, it was Calgary, a hard-hitting game so I think it was a good idea from Murray to sit him and put players who are better at handling the rough stuff. Maybe some will find me crazy but I find Murray is doing a perfect job with David by intergrating him slowly to the team and the league. So David needs to keep on working and workout out of the ice so he can continue to mature physically. So for my part, good job Andy and I'd say the Blues will bounce back and win against Detroit thursday.
  13. No, Perron is also a lefty, P.Perron of course. :)
  14. Hahaha, so hilarious, laugh for a minute reading your post, my dad laugh as much as me reading that one.
  15. DA place is on fire!!! Haha, great to see many are following the game like me.
  16. No, he still can post on MSH without problem. I don't know why he's not posting anymore though.
  17. Hey guys, David is not suppose to play again tonight.
  18. CHIPPA13, you are just a fuc.... haters. Last man back commits a giveaway, welcome back to juniors. It happens...I think what is going on with him is that they want to see how he is going to bounce back. Everyone has a bad game. There's been more upside than down with him, and that's why STL will keep him as long as they can before making the final decision. Power to him if they decide to let him respond to that mistake. Unfortunately, most 19 year olds don't get the luxury of learning from your mistake with the big club.
  19. I know you're not JP, damn hater!!! :D
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