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  1. Lefty718 - I am willing to bet your gloves don't come with digital. If they do, then that is one upside with dealing with Warrior Canada ( who PSHG uses) over Warrior USA (Joe)... You can see all the problems people have had when ordering through Warrior Canada. A lot of special requests on cuffs, colors, etc have not been granted. Yes - the gloves are all made at the same factory, but the initial "sales" process is different for Canada and US. Best of luck...

    Only time will tell. But I did just contact them about it, and they said if there was a problem on the order, warrior would have contacted them.

  2. I actually pulled the bicep guards off my One80 shoulders (easily removable) because they were interfering with my Jofa 3500 elbows (which I refuse to replace!)

    And I'm sure there's not too much unprotected, cause those elbows ride up,half the bicep anyway!

  3. ehh still not so sure about it, I only used it a couple of times but I feel like my puck handling just feels better with the pm9. I can def pick corners better with my wrist shot. My sauce is def better with the sakic too. I swore by the pm9 for years but I jus wanted to try something new. I haven't used the rs yet can't wait.

    Been using PM9's my whole life too, time for change, it's not doing it for me anymore.

  4. I would assume its PSHG's fault. Their customer service and communcation is terrible.

    That's similar to what I've found. Though they do get back to your questions, the answers seem to be quick and brushed off. For a $200+ & almost 3 month wait, I hate to have my gloves come in wrong. Even if it's as minor as a slight strip of carbon. Just me though...

  5. I don't know. If you ask me, no. But they seem to maybe be getting back to it? I think it's simply that back then, they had such a massive market share, all the best players used Easton, and they were seemingly so far ahead of everyone else in terms of quality sticks. But everyone else has caught up and in some ways, passed them right by.

    Regardless, just a stick I really wanted. I'm not even lefthanded, but it's more of just kind of something to have.

    Sticks by them just felt different. I can't explain. Since picking up 2 S19's, and an ST, they didn't quite have that old Easton feel.

    Remember this? Unfortunately some kid 2-handed me on a breakaway, and that's the end of that now.


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