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  1. Whoops! Looks like I sent the wrong link. Well, check that out anyway, Le Cannibal is amazing! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VYt8twbH1Y4
  2. First time in gear: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vvJSB4gAq3o
  3. Haven't had the chance to take any videos, but skating has been going well. Also, I found a coach. 21 y/o kid who played D3 at a local college. We start lessons next week
  4. Would the 1st edition Mako at 320 be a better buy than the Mako M7s at 400?
  5. I searched for lessons on coach up and there's not a single figured skating coach in my area, and the few hockey coaches didn't seem interested in working with a beginner
  6. Skating 3: Second time skating.Any advice on my form?
  7. Due to years of playing baseball any athletic motion is naturally performed on my left side. The associate at Hockey Giant said he too came from a baseball background and shot on his dominant hand side
  8. I tried calling but wasn't able to get through to a representative, but according to their page they have adult learn to skate. I'm left handed and play baseball, where I throw and bat lefty. I was informed that in hockey you shoot on your non dominant side, so I'd need a right handed stick.
  9. Looks as though the class is comprised of 5 year olds; I certainly hope they have separate classes for adults
  10. http://pennsauken.flyersskatezone.com/public-programs-4/open-hockey Is this too competitive an environment to learn to skate?
  11. I'm 27 going on 28 and am planning to learn to play hockey with no experience. I've never skated save for a one hour juant on a local rink 3 years ago, never handled a stick, etc. Whats the potential cieling for someone with my background? I've spoken to some friends with hockey backgrounds and the general consensus is that achieving sufficient proficiency for even the lowest recreational league is a long shot.
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