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Article Comments posted by marka

  1. Howdy,

    2 hours ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    Nice!  I just wasn't sure how it all went, I'd love to make the most of it and meet some people and have some fun, just gotta make sure I keep things in budget.  Is there, or will there be a certain hotel everyone stays at or anything?  I know there's a lot of sketchy areas in Newark so want to make sure I don't book the wrong place 🤣

    Yeah, typically all the out-of-towners end up at the same hotel and usually Friday's get together is there.  Not a 'requirement' to stay there or anything, but it makes it easier.  JR negotiates a block of rooms rate.  IIRC I think NJ is $200/night?  I'm guessing you could probably find a buddy to share a room with but ??  I usually have my family with me and I'm one of those folks that likes to escape off to be by themselves at times so I've never tried to get a roomie.  🙂


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  2. Howdy,

    4 hours ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    I've been interested in attending for a long time and this summer is looking like I'll finally get my wish.  Can anyone describe the day's events?  Is it worth getting a hotel room for the night before or of?  

    Usually a dinner/get together the night before and the night of the game, generally later in the evenings for both (at least for an old man like me).  I would say at these events the ice time / manufacturer demo / whatever is roughly half of the experience for me, with the other half being those get togethers or other activities (like if you've got family with you and do the tourist thing or something).

    "Worth it" is kinda a personal thing.  Its worth it to me.


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  3. Howdy,

    I never know where to post these "Thanks for Winterfest!" posts... Move this as necessary.  🙂

    Just wanted to post and say thanks for another great Winterfest!  Really nice to see folks again, particularly after being hurt this summer and missing SummerJam.  I particularly appreciate everyone being nice/welcoming to Laura.  She had a good time, even though she thinks we're all weird.  🙂

    My first time going up to Guernsey's as well, which was probably the part of the thing I enjoyed the most outside of chirping Dave.

    Already looking forward to the next one.  JR and everyone else... Thanks!


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  4. Howdy,

    4 minutes ago, JR Boucicaut said:

    The branded stuff worries me.  I just added a $15 scarf and the reception hasn't been great.  I'd love to put more stuff out there but it doesn't seem that people are buying it.  I'm still sitting on a significant amount of hats, and those were ordered 6 years ago.

    I wonder if visibility could be better for that stuff?  Like maybe have one of the ads that show be an add for MSH gear?

    I was on here for something like a year before I knew hats existed...


  5. Howdy,

    Things about the current setup I like, but could maybe have a tweak or two (or maybe not)...

    * Getting the inside scoop on hockey stuff.  New gear for sure, but other stuff too.  I think that happens already to a large extent with the initial reviews, LTRs, and some of the brand managers that are involved here, but it would be cool to see Bauer and CCM get more involved here particularly.

    * Events.  SummerJam and WinterFest are super fun.  I think the format is already pretty good and has a nice "Friends getting together" vibe while still being somewhat open to new folks.

    * MSH branded stuff.  It would be nice to have some more options here, but I don't know how feasible it is.  For me there needs to be a range that includes "impulse" stuff that's $30 or less (hats/mugs/t-shirts/sweatshirts/whatever) and "probably should ask my wife if its ok" stuff like gloves/jerseys/bags/whatever.

    I think one thing that could maybe be a bit better is a little more acceptance of "rumor mill" discussion?  Like, perhaps have a subforum just for that, where speculation / posting a screengrab / whatever is ok?  Obviously that's out there in other places and its interesting to folks, but equally obviously, MSH can't officially comment on that stuff where there are gag orders, etc.  .  It would still be nice to have that here, vs. other places.  A camera forum I'm on that also has a bunch of industry people does this, where us peons can rumor mill away, but the "official people" don't participate.

    Technology-wise, being able to directly attach images would ber nice both from ease of use as well as for "10 years from now, that imgur link won't work" perspective.  Also, for some reason on posts now, there's a huge (like seconds) delay between typing a character and having it appear.  Like I type ahead a sentence or two, and 20 seconds later that pops up on my screen in the editor window.  Chrome/Windows 7.  Seems to happen when I hit the spacebar?  Maybe?  I haven't tried to debug it.

    Overall, I like what's here.  :-)


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