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  1. What a dumpster fire. Started with the team playing well and Varly crapping the bed every other game. Now it just seems like no one cares except Duchene (who can't score at home), MacKinnon, and Pickard. Their early saving grace was their power play. It was crisp and fast. But it's been anemic for way too long. Along with the rest of our offensive weapons. So what's the answer? Blow up the core? Trade Landeskog for a decent defenseman? Put together a package for a superstar? Ready? Go!
  2. A lot of the back and forth is probably an ankle strength thing. It'll get better the more you do it and they get stronger. Some of it is knowing how to properly align your center of gravity while moving on a damn near frictionless surface. Haha.
  3. Have you tried watching the manufacturers' careers sections on their sites? other than knowing someone in the business I'd say thats the best place to start.
  4. I've never used a plug before, but maybe try sanding it down a little bit at a time where it gets stuck?
  5. So my inline team played tonight. Lots of new guys and we're finally starting to all mesh. We won our game in epic fashion, 7-2. In the last four minutes I blocked a slap shot with my thigh right above where the padding on my compression shorts end. Gonna have a nice welt there. I've got three raised circles from the pegs on the puck where it hit me. Lol. Doesn't hurt too bad but I'm waiting for it to bruise to see how much puck detail I get. Haha.
  6. Pick the side you're better at stick handling with and only shoot off your backhand :p Lol.
  7. Time to update the list I guess. I've spent way too much money on hockey gear this year. Helmet: CCM FitLite 3DS Cage: CCM Resistance 300 Elbow: CCM QuickLite 290 Shins: CCM RBZ 130 Gloves: Warrior Covert QR1 Padded Shorts: Mission Pro Compression Shirt: Mission Pro Compression Pants: CCM RBZ Stick: Warrior Covert QRL3, W88, 75 flex Skates: CCM Jetspeed Bearings: Swiss Bones
  8. If the price is right, I would definitely do it. I'm a terribad ice skater so I mostly stick to inline, but I'd even do inline practice. I'm not greathe, I played on and off again as a kid. But any sort of practice time is always good in my eyes.
  9. Like the logo and color scheme. Not a big fan of the name though.
  10. Yeah, I never used mine for games and I believe they recommend against it as its a good way to wreck it. I just used mine to practice stick handling, passing and wrist shots.
  11. Noticed it the other day on Facebook. I'm intrigued. I liked the Wraparound One, but I completely ate through it practicing outside once a week for a month. Would be awesome if it help up better than the old one.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't normally either. Got a $700 bonus and I have a gear problem. Haha. At least I didn't buy another stick. But in all seriousness, the lower end fitlites pinch my temples, and the helmets for rounder heads (ccm resistance and others) flop side to side even when they're tight enough to not move forwards or backwards. I'm wondering if the sweat absorption is any better or worse than the FL80, because that one was pretty bad.
  13. So I got a bonus at work and went out yesterday looking to pick up a new lid. I'm currently in a FitLite FL80 but it doesn't quite fit right around my temples, slightly too tight but fits well everywhere else. I thought maybe it was the wrong shape for my head and went out expecting to pick up a Resistance or something rounder. Well, none of those fit me anywhere near right so I tried on the 3DS out of curiousity and holy crap, this thing is the most comfortable helmet I've ever had on my head. The microdial locks it in place comfortably with zero movement. Anyone that's picked one up have any thoughts? Does it hold up well? It's expensive but for that level of comfort and fit I'm willing to go there.
  14. Been fighting with my anxiety to get up the will power to go back to school for the past two years. In September on my 30th birthday I decided enough was enough. I went and applied, got accepted, went to put through my credits from previous school work and they only accept 6 credit hours. Kind of disappointing when you have an accumulated 66 credit hours towards an art degree you never finished. As well as successful completion of an EMS Program at an accredited college (In going back to be a medical laboratory technologist). But it is what it is I meet with the advisor and she tells me my experience is satisfactory and the only general ed credits I need to complete to move forward are BIO201 and CHE101. I need to complete these in the spring to be accepted into the MLT program next fall. I go to register for classes today and it tells me I'm missing 4 prerequisites for those two goddamn classes and won't let me register for them. Which puts all of my plans back a year. It may not seem like a huge ordeal but for someone with an anxiety disorder who has been struggling to make this move for years it feels like my entire world got turned upside down.
  15. Sweet. I'm poor and boring so I've only got a QRL3 in a W88. Freaking awesome stick though. Digging the white graphics.
  16. This thread made me paranoid so I pulled out my inline jetspeeds. Obviously less moisture involved in the endeavor, so no rust. There are a lot of deformities though as well as 1/3 of one eyelet on the bottom outside of the boot bent all the way back that I never even noticed before. Can anyone provide specific reccomendations for replacements and suggestions for where to get it done? Thanks! Don't wanna tear a hole in that boot. Haha.
  17. I think he's worried about them getting them and going "You abused the product, warranty claim denied'. Which seems like I've heard a lot of coming from Bauer on legit warranty returns. He's also still without shin guards in the meantime.
  18. I like my CCM RBZs quite a lot, they're easy to move in and very protective (I'm a bad skater and fall a lot when battling for pucks. Haha). I think QuickLite replaced the RBZ line. Not sure how they are, but if you find some RBZs they could probably be had for a discount.
  19. Sorry if I missed something obvious. But cages for ankle protection? What? Or was it a "didn't have facial protection which lead to awkwardly avoiding contact which lead to the broken ankle" thing?
  20. Throw a fit and demand a replacement in the form of their top of the line shinguards because that kind of failure could have been catastrophic. Then resell said shinguards as new and never used. Use that money to buy new CCM, Warrior, etc.
  21. Assuming the P28 is a version of the E28, I haven't used it in a game scenario, so it's hard to comment. I think with that toe pattern it will be accurate as hell once you're used to it. Seems like it may be harder to get a ton of power off of though. Personally, I love the W88 (warrior version of the p88). It's the best all around blade I've found for my play style, personally. It's not super exaggerated in any one way so I find it highly adaptable in any situation. Great for backhanders too.
  22. That sucks man. I've had some stitching issues with my CCMs, but nothing I can't fix. That's brutal.
  23. I was friends with a couple guys on my team before we started it up. I'll meet up with them every now and then, either to practice or for a couple beers. The other guys I'm friendly with but we never really do anything together outside of game days.
  24. I'm not an expert. But I would guess the boot is too stiff/small for the size of your ankles combined with how you move them when you skate (if there's any collapsing, etc). Or if the skin is broken maybe the top of the boot is too rough? I dunno man.
  25. For the lower body I'd say do some mountain biking. (I should really take my own advice... Haha)
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