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  1. Yeah. I have a friend who got me into nootropics. I've done some light reading on the actual effects of the racetams. Phenylpiracetam I do notice a big difference in endurance and recovery time while playing. Other racetams have no noticeable effect on physical performance or actually make me feel worse. I know that's not very science-y and a lot of them they have a hard time proving the actual pharmacological method of action.
  2. Yeah. It was a bad half joke. Haha. I'm kinda wondering what it's like now.
  3. Because you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Sometimes you have to. And no, not rich. I just buy sticks that aren't Jr flexes. Haha.
  4. I'm weird, I'm a pseudo vegetarian. Haha. Breakfast I do plain Greek yogurt with protein reinforce granola. Lunch is usually some sort of fish (salmon or tuna), pregame is a bagel sandwich with a veggie burger and a slice of cheese on it about 3 hours before puck drop. Also, phenylpiracetam. Don't take this is you're in a legit competetive event or league, it may be a banned substance. It's legal in most countries, but it increases the flow of oxygen to your brain and muscles and optimizes your body's response to physical stress. If you play for fun and enjoy some increased performance, give it a shot. It has almost zero negative side effects. Don't take my word for it though, do your own research.
  5. 6'2", 180 lbs, 75 flex, right handed shot. I'm also not a great skater so there's a chance I would go to load the stick and fall over it, bending it in half. :p
  6. If he's got good aim and a quick shot I would believe it. Anyone know what he used when he was with Bauer?
  7. At the beginning of 2016 I got back into playing hockey (inline) after not having played competetively since I was 13. I turned 30 on Monday. I struggled a lot at first. Could barely skate, couldn't even make a decent wrist shot the first season. No goals for two seasons. Today marked the end of our third season as a team. Our roster got decimated. We lost our captain (moved), and best offensive player (son was old enough to play and couldn't afford both), and our second best player got in a car accident after our first game and missed the entire season. Leaving us with 4 skaters a game and no bench. On the plus side the four of us got to know each other's play style very well. We lost every game but only got blown out twice. Every other team had at least six skaters. Five games into an eight game season, got my first two goal game. One scrummy crease rebound goal and a great wrist shot. Tonight I had my second two goal game. First one was a toe drag wrapped between the goalies skate and the post. But the second one was the most goddamn beautiful bar down backhander I've seen outside the NHL. I swear I don't like bragging but holy shit it feels good to finally be getting an iota of offensive finesse back. We lost 4-2, but we have three new guys lined up for next season.
  8. Blows my mind. I don't have a ton of upper body strength and I know he's a smaller guy, but I think I'd snap the thing right in half. Haha. Doesn't Kessel use a super low flex too? I think he uses a 75, but for an NHL player his size that's fucking crazy.
  9. I know you already got them, but to add to the data pool I'm a 9.5 in vapors and a 9 in jetspeeds. Just in case anyone ever looks up the thread with the same question. Haha.
  10. Day one of a much needed 16 day paid vacation. Travelling back east on Monday evening to visit my mom for five days. The girlfriend has never been to Philly or Southern NJ. A childhood friends step mom owns beachfront property in ocean city and we're going to stay there a day or two. Life is good.
  11. Haha. Sorry. I'm jaded, I don't expect websites to be updated until a couple weeks after the fact.
  12. Any idea what the fate of the Denver stores is? I'm about 35 minutes from both and don't want to drive there and have them be closed. (I hate talking on the phone) Haha.
  13. I hope. Our defense looks a lot better now without Holden, Guenin or Redmond. Nowhere near the top end of the league, but I truly believe they should be better than they've played. Only time will tell.
  14. Honestly, as much as it sucks to say, I think it was the right move for everyone involved. I wish he'd just stepped down as coach and stayed with the organization in some capacity. The next question is who is the new head coach? Sakic already confirmed they will not be promoting from within the coaching staff. Ironically, the only big name coach I can think of still without a job is Bob Hartley.
  15. Both of my shoulders are messed up, so I wear a padded shirt with shoulder protection. It's a mission pro compression shirt. I like it, it's not very hot and the padding is nice for blocking shots too.
  16. Anyone tried it on sport court yet? Curious if it holds up well and if it creates extra drag or if it glides well.
  17. Local inline place won't even let you play drop in without it. Luckily I've never injured myself. Severely. Yet. Lol.
  18. Seconding the suggestion for inline. I don't play ice much but I have the exact same experience if I practice my shot in shoes then go out in inline skates and try the same thing.
  19. True. But to not even offer to order it or place the order just seems weird to me. They were totally disinterested in whether or not they got the money. It was a top of the line pair of jetspeeds too. So it's not like it was a small purchase. Like every instrument I've ever bought, they're chomping at the bit to earn that money for their company whether they have to custom order it or track you down a used one. Except for guitar center. Which I think also filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago? Anyway, I got some background on the Denver stores from another member here that kind of explains the sometimes present mentality at the stores in that area. So it makes more sense to me why they're like that now. Either way, I do enjoy the stores and hope they stick around.
  20. Good point. The service they provide is essentially aligned with sales. I have no idea if it's a common practice amongst hockey stores. So maybe the choice of words was a little harsh. It's just weird they were so engaged and helpful with the products and their pros and cons and when it came time to make their company some money they basically went "meh, buy it somewhere else".
  21. That's good to hear. They were all always super helpful at the ones by me, but after everything it seemed like they didn't actually care about making a sale. Just seemed weird.
  22. It was probably a long time in the making. But whenever I went to TH and tried some stuff out and they didn't have the exact specs I wanted in stock, I would tell them thank you for the help and asked if they got commission. That way I could help the employee that helped me. They just looked at me with a blank stare and just went "We don't get anything. Just order it online". Maybe it's just symptomatic of the Denver stores. But to me, that's a glaring sign of a toxic corporate culture that doesn't treat their employees well.
  23. My right knee is wrecked from years of skateboarding, moshing, playing hockey without pads, etc. I play with a knee brace under my shins sometimes. It's a higher end one you can get at a grocery store pharmacy so nothing super fancy, I think it was $25. Velcro with some flexible but stiff inserts in the sides for stability. Anything heavier duty than that may require some pad modification.
  24. Well, yeah. It's like cars, right? Those graphics add like 10 horsepower. Definitely worth the money. Lol.
  25. No arthritis, but I have pretty bad carpal tunnel and a tendency to death grip anything I hold (including hockey sticks) which leads to general pain in the hand. On days when it's bad, I'll take a couple Aleve before a game and do some wrist and hand stretches that I learned doing Aikido. YMMV, but it's worth a shot.
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