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  1. In action (I'm on the far right) Our goalie wears it on every team he plays for since we're the only ones who got him a jersey. Haha.
  2. On the far right. 11-2 win. Woo. Lol.
  3. I can't speak as to the quality of the shaft, but for outdoors I've been using a True A6.0 SBP shaft with the Alkali RPD Lite ABS tapered blade. Not sure if it's the shaft, blade, or the combination but the thing fires rockets. It's holding up well being used on a fairly beat up outdoor concrete rink and I may start using it indoors if my Warrior Dynasty gives out anytime soon. Once the blade wears out, I'll definitely replace it with another.
  4. Glad Lindros finally made it in. I grew up in southern NJ watching that Flyers team and they got me hooked on hockey as a kid. It's disgusting how many people are tearing him apart online over it, saying he doesn't deserve it because of his concussions and the short length of his career.
  5. I recently got back into inline about 7 months ago after a similar break. I would say give it a little longer to build up those muscles again before giving up on the skates. Especially at your weight (no offense intended). I'm 6'2" and weigh 180 or so. It took me a good four months of 3-4 skates and/or games a week before my feet, ankles and legs felt normal on skates again. Also, make sure you're doing some good stretching before every skate. When you've been mostly sedentary for a significant amount of time your tendons will tighten up something fierce. Sorry if this is all stuff you know or thought of already. Just trying to help. Welcome back!
  6. Bring a can of febreeze or spray on deoderant or something. Just hand it to him and walk away. Haha.
  7. Good for you man. Hepatitis or what? That's crazy. Not trying to be a jerk. If you don't want to give details, that's cool too. Just keep fighting and doing what you love. Congrats!
  8. Maybe I was just too quick to volunteer. Haha.
  9. Haha, thanks. When we formed the team earlier this year, our captain chose the name because it was his team name as a kid (named after the band) and they wouldn't let them do a skull logo. I'm the only artistically inclined one so I said I would do a variation of the logo that wasn't an exact copy. Scribbled it up in about 5 minutes and my girlfriend turned it into a vector image for us. Now I want a hockey jersey with a KMFDM album cover on it. Lol.
  10. Good to know. The place I bought them from just describes both wheels' profiles as "tapered" without offering any measurements.
  11. Just posting for the notification if anyone buys one and has a review. Haha.
  12. So one of my teammates is coaching me on my skating. He thinks I should go to a softer wheel because he sees me slipping too much while skating which is causing me to lose speed when I push off. So I take off my Rink Rat Identity Krysis' and put on a set of Labeda Addictions that came with the skates (CCM Jetspeeds). Change the first wheel, tighten the axel the same amount I normally do, same bearings and everything. The wheel spins about 200x more freely than the rink rats did. The rink rats got like 10-15 spins before stopping. The addictions just go and go. Do you guys think this is just a difference between the brands or maybe the rink rats were just a bad batch or what?
  13. As far as CCM goes, I have not used the RBZs, but I use the top line model Jetspeeds for indoor and using the 280R outdoors. Never feel too warm or anything, but Colorado is pretty mild this time of year.
  14. Definitely a good rule to live by. For the record it feels fine now. Just took some time.
  15. Jetspeeds may be a good fit. I don't know about rbz, but tacks are supposedly their widest fit off the bat (have tacks ice skates). I tried on vapors and like you found the toe box a little narrrow. Jetspeeds were a perfect fit for me. YMMV, but it's worth a shot. As previously stated though, make sure you try them on if at all possible.
  16. Let us know how it works out for you!
  17. I've found the P46 to be great for wrist shots as well as lifting the puck and general stick handling. Of course, ymmv. This is coming from a CCM RBZ 260.
  18. I recently had to buy a new one. I have a CCM RBZ 150 roller girdle (built in cup) and the straps started to tear. I bought a shock doctor aircore hard cup/jock to wear underneath it and it's absolutely the most comfortable I've ever been wearing a cup in my life. The cup itself is on the small side, so buy a size up from what you normally wear.
  19. Well if you're looking at it vs a whole new two piece set I'd say it's worth a try. Only a $25 investment. One thing to note, when I first put it on my regular game stick, the metal teeth kind of dug into the blade at the toe and gouged it a few places. After that I always put tape on the blade before putting it on the stick, then wrapping over it enough to hold it in place.
  20. The model I posted about is the ONE. it could probably handle some game use in the beginning, it's pretty solid. But having it on the ground continuously in a game scenario would probably wear it down even faster. I was never worried about it just snapping or bending out of control like they warn about the older versions, but the bottom wore through pretty quickly. It's about the same price as an ABS blade, so if you already have a two piece set up it probably isn't worth risking it wearing through during a game and irrevocably damaging a $150 one piece composite.
  21. If it's the right size, it's the right size. I say try it and see how it feels. You should be able to tell if it doesn't feel right. Worse comes to worse you're just buying new wheels.
  22. From their international page: Frequently Asked Ordering Questions What can I order? All items are available for ordering. Due to manufacturer restrictions, a limited number of products may only be available to ship to a US address. Those brands include Bauer, Easton, Mission, Warrior, Reebok, CCM and K2. Below are two companies that can provide you with a USA based address. They will combine purchases from one or multiple locations and route to your location. Visit their respective sites to set up an account.
  23. Ultra Tacks is higher end and will probably be stiffer and more durable. It really comes down to how much money you want to spend, how good of a skater you are and how hard you think you'll be on the skates. Ice warehouse has some good deals on last year's Tacks skates. Don't know if the shipping will negate the discount but it's worth a look. http://www.icewarehouse.com/CCM_Ice_Hockey_Skates_Senior/catpage-SKMICCM.html
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