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  1. We have them in store as well. They are nice if you like low-kick sticks.
  2. Lace outside in and the laces will lock.
  3. Retailers in Canada are not supposed to ship to USA.
  4. All that matters is if the puck goes in the net
  5. Finger tight at best with standard laces. Sounds like you might need to bake your skates again to get a better fit.
  6. I like the new TRUE footbeds that come with the Cat Pro and SVH Customs. Also am a major fan of Superfeet and Bauer Speedplate footbeds too. All that matters is finding the footbed that works best for your foot and needs. Overall, the best bang for your buck is the Superfeet Comfort footbeds. A good mix of fit, performance, and comfort for a decent price.
  7. I like the AS-V, but don't care for the AS-V Pro as it's just too stiff for me. I find the retail 100K Pro and the AS-V both provide excellent performance and feel slightly similar on the ice. Now, if we are talking about CCM Custom skates, nothing fits and feels like the 100K Pro custom skates.
  8. Usually, steel sent from them directly takes about 3-5 days. Cant the store you bought them from take steel out of another pair of TRUE skates?
  9. Dealers are actually asked to honor a single satisfaction return for a customer. The most I will allow is two. I had a customer who abused the system starting with FT485, then FT4, then FT4 Pro, then 100K Pro, then 100K Pro customs. It was a nightmare getting CCM to accept the FT4 Pro and 100K Pro returns under the satisfaction guarantee. I assume he didn't have enough money to get the 100K Pro customs so as he saved money he kept upgrading. Each return was made between days 80-89 so it seems very systematic.
  10. In a couple weeks youll know for sure
  11. I am a 7.0 regular in the AS-V Pro and a 7.5 wide in the 100K Pro. You will likely need to go wide. The AS-V pro is built on CCMs new last system which will be used for the upcoming 2023 Jetspeed skates too. Thats why they have a little more volume than the current FT4 Pro and 100K Pro.
  12. The CCM rep I spoke with said they are the new Tacks build but a much softer specification, closer to a standard AS-V build, rather than an AS-V Pro
  13. https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:48583041-afd1-3dad-8e5c-f9b4d7b4c2c6
  14. Mid kick. I could share out the Warrior marketing info but then I would get my hand slapped.
  15. Funny thing to note. Had a pair of P Kane pro stock skates come into the shop today and he is a 7.5 D/A with 280 holders. The holders are literally end to end. Looking at pictures online I always knew he had an oversized holder, but I didn't know he was a +2.
  16. All of my skates are a 271/272 and I usually am between a 7.0 and 7.5; depending on brand/model of skate. I like having more toe which allows for better toe snap and extension. The longer heel allows for better heel pushes when coming out of the corner or when you need a little more stability. For those that find an oversized holder clunky, you can profile the steel and changing the radius/radii can eliminate the feeling of being too "locked in" to the ice. Also, depending on the holder placement this will affect your center of gravity as the pivot point can change, depending on the holder mounting location.
  17. Heat causes metal to expand. You need to let it cool.
  18. I posted about this already if you search. The unique Bevel Taper is designed to be stiffer through the paper which provides increased control and improved velocity on shots. Weight: 63"=415g Bevel Taper Minimus Carbon UD Fuelcore Blade w/ Minimus Carbon 6 R.L.C. 133 New Sr Flexes More info here too: https://www.sourceforsports.ca/products/warrior-novium-pro-senior-hockey-stick-75-flex-2022
  19. Never heard of warped steel on TRUE skates. Can you link me to that thread or info?
  20. The Shift holders will be awesome once TRUE releases the 4mm steel.
  21. Graf is about 1/4 size smaller than most other brands. In most brands I wear a 7.5 but in Graf I need an 8.0 in retail skates.
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