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  1. On 9/26/2022 at 1:40 PM, skates73 said:

    Anyone who's tried both the injection eyelets and traditional eyelets notice the differences in they way they make the boot feel and fit and stay tied tight?

    Jumping to the Machs with the traditional eyelets (from several Supreme skates in the last bunch of years with inj eyelets) I feel like they just don't feel as tight on my feet and more importantly STAY tight on my feet.  I'll try wax laces (prefer not to) but I wonder if the eyelets have an effect on fit and feel.  I'm even in a Fit 1 now with the Machs which actually feels nicer and tighter but the boot just doesn't want to stay secure.  A few aggressive turns and cuts and start to lose heel lock and need to retie the laces.

    I'm considering switching to Hyperlites with the injection eyelets.  I've never tried Vapors before though.     

    Lace outside in and the laces will lock. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, birky said:

    Anyone have insight as to the odd pricing in US ($760 usd) vs Canada ($799 cad)? Even after factoring in the higher Canadian sales tax, it would be significantly cheaper to purchase from a retailer in Canada and ship to the US given the exchange rate.

    Edit: some online retailers in Canada appear to be selling the Cat 9s at $799 and others at $860

    Retailers in Canada are not supposed to ship to USA. 

  3. On 9/24/2022 at 7:51 AM, xstartxtodayx said:

    I thought Ribcor at first but then the way the blue went I thought maybe Tacks, I have no idea lol  As for the stick, he went to a FlyLite last year and had that between the legs goal and never went back.  It's funny b/c the move was nice but he def misfired on the shot, I guess it doesn't matter because it was the confidence boost he needed lol.


    All that matters is if the puck goes in the net 😉 

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  4. 12 hours ago, FR0GGY33 said:

    Thanks for the responses guys. I was worried about the meta-guard effecting flexion. I’m jealous you guys don’t have to tie your skates tight. Even in my trues I have to crank them down to get heel lock 😂

    Finger tight at best with standard laces. Sounds like you might need to bake your skates again to get a better fit. 

  5. I like the new TRUE footbeds that come with the Cat Pro and SVH Customs. 

    Also am a major fan of Superfeet and Bauer Speedplate footbeds too. All that matters is finding the footbed that works best for your foot and needs. 

    Overall, the best bang for your buck is the Superfeet Comfort footbeds. A good mix of fit, performance, and comfort for a decent price. 

  6. On 9/20/2022 at 3:44 PM, sp3nny said:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you good sir!

    How do you find the comparison between the two? AS-V seems to fit my foot quite nice, but doesn't seem to hug it tight. I have excellent range of motion which I like, but its almost like its on the edge of loose.

    I like the AS-V, but don't care for the AS-V Pro as it's just too stiff for me. I find the retail 100K Pro and the AS-V both provide excellent performance and feel slightly similar on the ice. 

    Now, if we are talking about CCM Custom skates, nothing fits and feels like the 100K Pro custom skates. 

  7. 17 hours ago, Hockeydad97 said:

    Anyone have experience with true warranty? My steel on the cat 9 was replaced by the store because of the bent steel issue left side.  First game back the new set on right blade snapped in half. The store has no others in my size. True warranty says they are sending me new steel but I’ve yet to get tracking info after 2 days and I am wondering how long others have waited for true warranty issues. 

    Usually, steel sent from them directly takes about 3-5 days. Cant the store you bought them from take steel out of another pair of TRUE skates?

  8. 1 hour ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    The only issue with this CCM 90 Day thing I remember hearing about was a user on here (or S2k?) that may have bought like 4 or 5 different pairs of skates and it sounded like the retail store started giving him a hard time trying to return after a while.  I mean I can see it from both perspectives, he was using CCM's 90 day window to make sure he got the best fitting skate he could, but the retail store had to deal with the hassle of returning the skates to CCM and getting credited however that all works in the background (honestly it could have just been a manager being lazy and trying to avoid some extra work lol).  From what I remember they did end up taking them back after CCM was contacted, I believe this was all in a thread about 100k skates but I could be wrong.

    Dealers are actually asked to honor a single satisfaction return for a customer. The most I will allow is two.

    I had a customer who abused the system starting with FT485, then FT4, then FT4 Pro, then 100K Pro, then 100K Pro customs. It was a nightmare getting CCM to accept the FT4 Pro and 100K Pro returns under the satisfaction guarantee. I assume he didn't have enough money to get the 100K Pro customs so as he saved money he kept upgrading. Each return was made between days 80-89 so it seems very systematic. 

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  9. 46 minutes ago, sp3nny said:

    I recently upgraded to AS-V Pro's and have had a few skates and games on them. Overall, skates feel quite nice and fit is great, other than the upper ankle area, where I experience quite a bit of "digging". I believe this is caused by the stiffness of the boot not allowing me to lace the upper section tight enough, causing a gapping issue around the edge. I have tried tightening them as much as I can, but I then start to experience lace bite on the arch of the tongue.

    Since I am within my 90 day return window, i was thinking of ordering a set of 100K Pro to compare as they are what I was actually thinking would fit me best (couldn't find any local). My only concern is, AS-V Pro seem to have a lot of volume for the size. I am coming from a set of Supreme MX3's in an 8 EE, and I managed to fit into a 7.5 Regular in the AS-V which was quite surprising.

    Does anyone have experience with AS-V Pro vs 100k Pro? I am thinking to order either an 8 Wide as I've read elsewhere that the AS-V Pro seem to be a more voluminous fit comparatively to CCM's other lines.

    Any input or experience would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has other ideas about the AS-V Pro ankle issue, I'm all ears to suggestions.

    I am a 7.0 regular in the AS-V Pro and a 7.5 wide in the 100K Pro. You will likely need to go wide.

    The AS-V pro is built on CCMs new last system which will be used for the upcoming 2023 Jetspeed skates too. Thats why they have a little more volume than the current FT4 Pro and 100K Pro. 

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  10. 56 minutes ago, birky said:

    I appreciate the response. In my defense, I did do a search and also found the source for sports listing, but was just wondering if anyone had additional information about them, especially the kick point and perhaps the anticipated release date. Apologies if this post is redundant.


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  11. 2 hours ago, flip12 said:

    He wore AS-Vs that looked a lot closer to the retail version than anything he’s previously worn in competition; last year around all-star weekend. Maybe he’s giving that route another try.


    4 hours ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    He also had "AS-V" skates which looked suspiciously like his trusty Jetspeeds with new graphics 🤣

    The CCM rep I spoke with said they are the new Tacks build but a much softer specification, closer to a standard AS-V build, rather than an AS-V Pro

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  12. On 9/15/2022 at 6:33 AM, Jbear said:

    So, I'm a 7.5 and all of my skates were 263.  I recently added an 8 reg. 100k Pro, which solved the pinky toe issue. Was a tad looser than I like, but with the thicker tongue option...fits nicely.  Anyway, it has a 271 holder. Also grabbed a pair of Catalyst Pro, which are 7.5 but have a 271 XS holder.  The question...those who size up holders...why? What is your desired outcome? 

    I'm curious. 

    All of my skates are a 271/272 and I usually am between a 7.0 and 7.5; depending on brand/model of skate. I like having more toe which allows for better toe snap and extension. The longer heel allows for better heel pushes when coming out of the corner or when you need a little more stability. 

    On 9/16/2022 at 5:38 AM, stick9 said:

    A few years ago I dropped from a 254 to a 246. I noticed a drop in stability but not necessarily while I skating. It was noticeable when playing along the boards and out in front of the net. I also felt like I had lost some grip even though I didn't change my hollow. I've also tried a larger holder, 263 which increased my stability and overall speed. The larger holders made my feet a bit clunky....clunkier would probably be more accurate. 😉  I didn't care for the oversized holder and eventually swapped them out for my usual 254's.


    For those that find an oversized holder clunky, you can profile the steel and changing the radius/radii can eliminate the feeling of being too "locked in" to the ice. Also, depending on the holder placement this will affect your center of gravity as the pivot point can change, depending on the holder mounting location. 

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  13. On 9/15/2022 at 1:48 PM, a komets fan said:

    I did a couple of searches on this, but couldn't find anything on here. Apologies if it's already been discussed. 

    When doing multiple pairs of skates (not even anything crazy, like 2-3 pairs), the heat presumably bonds the wheel to the arm of the machine making it impossible to get off without letting it cool for 5-10 minutes. That is an easy solution if there's time, but if it's before a game, sometimes we're running through 10+ pairs of skates with limited time. 

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions/thoughts would be much appreciated.

    Heat causes metal to expand. You need to let it cool. 

  14. On 9/16/2022 at 7:33 AM, birky said:

    Warrior has announced a new stick line, "Novium". Sorta hoping it's a new mid-kick line since I absolutely loved the Dynasty sticks. Just curious if anyone here has more details about it.

    I posted about this already if you search.

    • The unique Bevel Taper is designed to be stiffer through the paper which provides increased control and improved velocity on shots.
    • Weight: 63"=415g
    • Bevel Taper
    • Minimus Carbon UD
    • Fuelcore Blade w/ Minimus Carbon 6
    • R.L.C. 133
    • New Sr Flexes

    More info here too:


  15. 2 hours ago, bl4 said:

    After watching @Hills's review, I picked up a pair of Cat 9s. Skated on them today for the first time and was kind of disappointed.  I bought and baked them at my LHS.  My LHS owner is a longtime True/SVH fan and did a great job with the saran wrap, etc.  They felt very good in the store, and I was almost worried that the fit would be too snug.  When I skated on them today, though, it felt like they opened up a bit too much.  For want of a better word, I'd describe the fit as a bit sloppy.  I actually didn't get great heel lock on either skate. And, I always deal with slight pronation on one foot, but I felt like I was getting it much more today than I ever have in a pair of new skates.  (It's inevitable when boots break down, but I don't expect it to be an issue in a properly fitting pair of new, stiff boots.)  I'm not sure if that's attributable to user error - I have narrow feet and usually use waxed laces and tie my skates quite tight. Today, I used the stock laces and at my LHS's urging (and based on threads on here), I took it easy on the top few eyelets. So, maybe if I go tighter and use waxed, I'll get better heel lock?  That said, when I tried going tighter today, I definitely had less forward flex. 

    Finally, any tips for determining if my steel is warped?  I know this is a recurring concern with the Cat skates, and maybe that helps explain the slight lack of stability that I felt today.  

    I'm planning to swap out my laces and try another skate or two.  If things still aren't great, I'll probably try to take them back to my LHS and see about re-baking and checking the steel.  Maybe the Trues just aren't the right fit for me, but we'll see...

    Never heard of warped steel on TRUE skates. Can you link me to that thread or info? 

  16. 8 hours ago, puckpilot said:

    Honestly, before you get into multi-radi profiles, you might just want to try simply going to a larger single radius and see what that does for you first. The mulitradius profiles tend to have smaller radius' on the toe, that's less steel up front, which you were saying you were missing. 

    A single radius profile, like say a 12' or even 13', will give you more glide, more stability and more steel up towards the front of skate. I say this because the last time I got new skates I went from a size 5 to a size 4.5, and a lot of what you're feeling, I felt too. Some of it was just me and the flaws in my skating. Some of it was the change in skate. I went from the stock 10' radius to a 12' and then to a 13'. If it was available to me, I would have gone to a 15', but instead I went to a duo 13/26 profile because that was the only thing even close to where I wanted to go with my tweaking. Along the way I put a negative pitch on to things to help stop myself from getting up onto my toes too much and i went from a 5/8 hollow to a 1" hollow. Doing it this way I found made it easier to identify which direction to go with my tweaks because I was only changing one variable at a time instead of a bunch like in a quad profile.

    Now, there's no free lunch. To gain something, you have to give up a little of something else. Doing this I lost a bit of agility and acceleration, but over time, I got most of it back. It just took some patience and work.

    I really like a single 12' or 13' on Flare.

  17. 2 hours ago, krisdrum said:

    I find Grafs to run a bit short compared to Bauer/CCM.  The issue is I'm not sure it is a full 1/2 size.  I wear a 5 in Graf (535) and a 4.5 in CCM/Bauer.  But as you said, trying them on is really the only test that counts. 

    Graf is about 1/4 size smaller than most other brands. In most brands I wear a 7.5 but in Graf I need an 8.0 in retail skates. 

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  18. 15 hours ago, BenBreeg said:

    I can try to explain it, and I only saw the Pro and the SVH.  From what I remember, the inside liner of the Pro came up and was folded back down, with the edge rolled back and "sandwiched" in the layers, creating a rolled edge.  The SVH simply had all layers together with all their edges exposed.  You could only see it when you looked down on the skate.  If I get back to the store I'll take pics.

    Zoom in on the top skate second image and you can see the rolled edge:



    Those look familiar 😉 

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