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  1. 7 hours ago, SolarWind said:

    Skated in my custom Trues for the first time, such a different experience wearing them vs all my other skates! I kept on thinking the skates are loose because there was zero pressure anywhere on my foot. But it wasn’t the case, the foot was locked up, but without any pressure points it must have been spread so evenly it felt like it wasn’t there. Best skate I’ve ever had, comparing with custom Bauer and CCM skates.
    One thing is weird though: I thought the skates were very solidly built, but just after 1 skate I see the toe separating from the boot cover? Is that normal?


    Purely cosmetic. You can use some super glue gel (or similar) and a clamp or tape to hold it while it cures if it bothers you. Just squirt a little bit in, and tape it down or use a ratchet clamp. 

  2. 17 hours ago, eugene8080 said:

    I just replaced my shift holders with XS holders after reading this tread. I think my LHS reused the medial row of rivet holes and drilled new holes on the lateral side. Not sure if I'm imagining it, but I feel like my xs holder was mounted too much to the medial side and I have to much weight on my medial (big toe) side. I also have wide feet which probably exacerbates the problem. Anyone else with this issue?


    I would need to see the bottom of the boot. 

  3. On 11/24/2021 at 9:29 AM, hawk11 said:

    Have you tried or heard feedback about the Jetspeed FT4 pro?  How does it compare to these Hyperlite's?


    Ive tried everything. One of the benefits of owning a hockey shop 😉 

    TLDR: I prefer the FT4 Pro over the Hyperlite. However, I think the 100K is better than them both. I actually like the FT4 more than the FT4 Pro though as the slightly lower stiffness allows the boot to flex a little more. 

    • The FT4 Pro and Hyperlite are very different.
    • FT4 Pro is very stiff, considerably stiffer than the Hyperlite all over. 
    • More forward flex in the Hyperlite than the FT4 Pro.
    • FT4 Pro is significantly more responsive.
    • Weight is about the same with standard steel. With the Carbonlite option, the Hyperlite is significantly lighter. I did not like the Carbonlite though. 
    •  FT4 Pro foams seem better than the Hyperlite, I feel they actually mold better to your feet.
    • Hyperlite didn't lock me in as well as the FT4 Pro. I like the liner better on the FT4 Pro, I would feel my heel slip slightly on hard pushes in the Hyperlite. I assume the monoframe boot also contributes to better fit. 
    • I didn't notice the fancy new outsole on the Hyperlite. Maybe because I used Flare instead of typical steel but the implied design of the new Hyperlite outsole was supposed to allow for more flexion and thus more grip. I felt nothing different or new. 
    • I didn't like the Hyperlite tongue. The tongue insert was painful for me. No lacebite, just overall was not comfortable and when in a deep knee bend I felt like it was digging into my forefoot. 
    • I also prefer the interchangeable tongue of the FT4 Pro. 


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  4. I have the 14" gloves and have the the pre-released version and the final product ones. Love them! My favorite glove prior to these was the FT4 Pro and Vapor 2X Pro. Out of the box they feel like .5" smaller than they are rated. 

    They fit like I expect, no slop, tight to the hand, plenty of room in the cuff for maneuverability.

    If the final product ones break-in like my pre-released ones you should expect them to slightly loosen when they break in. 

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  5. 12 hours ago, althoma1 said:

    For those in Canada, Sport Chek has both the TF7 and TF9s for 20% off right now. The discounted price is showing online right now even before you add them to the cart. 

    Verified the discount with TRUE and everyone is correct. They are discounting for Black Friday, up to 20% on anything TRUE. Looks like we will be doing the sale as well 😉 

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  6. On 11/22/2021 at 4:17 AM, CBnCO said:

    Ha..I'm assuming you mean a pro stock CCM, Bauer, etc..and not a prostockhockeysticks.com "black" stick? See how confusing it can be. And, this would be because you believe the manufacturing and design methods of the big brands are superior? Which may be the case; but, go read many of the reviews on hockeymonkey, etc..about people complaining how their CCM, Bauer, Warrior, & True broke after 3 or 4 uses. Sure a $129 Pro Blackout sounds great against a non-discounted $300 stick; but, last's years model and pro stocks can be had for less than $150 and not sure that makes the "black" sticks as much of a value. I think these companies could do better with their advertising to help a consumer clearly understand the differences in the stick construction and tech. Compared to sticks from 15 years ago, they are probably all much better!

    Let me clarify. I think a genuine Pro Stock CCM/Bauer/Warrior/etc or a stick from http://prostockhockeysticks.com/ is better option than All Black (brand) stick or HSM Blackout (brand) stick. The quality, construction, balance point, feel, and pop are significantly better. 

    Yes, sometimes you get a bad Pro Stock stick (CCM/Bauer/Warrior/etc) and it only lasts a few games, but that can happen if you buy a retail $300+ stick as well. We sell a ton of Pro Stock sticks and the ones that usually have limited life are the latest builds that are super light (FT3 Pro, Trigger 5 Pro, Vapor ADV, etc) and the failure rate of those sticks is no better or worse than the top tier sticks yet the cost if half the price. If someone breaks their stick within the first 30-45 days and it looks like a genuine failure we usually work with the buyer and provide them a new stick at a significant discount. 

    Has stick construction changed significantly in the last 15 years? Debatable. Weight has gone down due to flatter carbon weave, less resin and updated procedures but I don't consider these changes to be revolutionary. The Sherwood Rekker EK15 was released in 2014 and its sequel the EK60 both weighed under 385 grams. Thats less than the current Bauer Nexus Geo and Hyperlite.

    There is a very limited amount of technology that can be incorporated into stick shafts, you remove weight by using less materials which means less life in the stick. There is no way of getting around that. No fancy carbon weave, layering process, or magical resin is going to change this. Look at the failure rate of low end sticks vs high end sticks and you will see a direct correlation. 

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  7. 12 hours ago, marka said:


    IW's black friday 15% off applies to new True skates.

    I'm only about 6 months into my TF7s and they still look mostly new, but I'm tempted to pick up another pair at $280!


    Are you sure about this? The TF7 and TF9 should still be covered by MAP. 

  8. 20 hours ago, pucks_putts said:

    Curious about these skates. There seems to be a trend towards adding flex to skates. For those of you who’ve been on them for a bit now do the flexible heel area and facing make a difference? Is it noticeable? 

    Most of the customers/players I know who got them said they are decent, but have swapped to other skates or switched back to their previous skate. I tested them and they seem ok. Nothing special or significant stood out to me. 


    • Updated lacing system allow for more forward flex
    • Updated liner and foams are nicer than previous generations


    • Carbon Curv doesn't seem durable, many of the Hyperlite skates that come into the shop are in bad shape. 
    • Updated tongue has a very stiff insert that many people find uncomfortable 
    • Carbonlite runner (optional) is trash. Stay away from it. 


    • Updated outsole is supposed to allow more flexion and torsional flex. I did not notice this when testing them. 
    • Skate is supposedly lighter than previous generations. While it does weigh less than the 2X Pro, its heavier than the 1X. We are talking about a very small margin, so that that with a grain of salt. 


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  9. 4 hours ago, CBnCO said:

    That's what I meant..the ones on the company's website..not so many in other places. At the end of the day, the question is are these sticks at these prices a legit value (a $300 stick for $150 or less) and, if so, of all the brands which to consider. 

    Pro Blackout sticks from HSM are decent. I would however go with a Pro Stock stick at the same price point any day. 

  10. 22 hours ago, Robertwil18 said:

    Wanted to bring this one back to see if anyone is doing punching on the newer composite toe caps with the CSW punch?  I've got the slightest of hot spots on the inside of my right foot on my big toe and a small punch or moving of material would easily fix it, but i know this is difficult.  Was tempted to just do it with some heat, but don't want to risk wrecking a pair of skates in the middle of a season working games.  

    50% of the time the toe cap on the new Bauer doesn't respond well to punching. Where the cap attaches to the boot or the actual plastic itself can become compromised. Can you share a picture of the exact spot bothering you? 

  11. 13 minutes ago, Hills said:

    Sticks are solid and the options are REALLY good. There is a review on YouTube that goes into it more that I can't link here.

    With that said, I don't think they are as good as the newest top end sticks though, just slightly behind Bauer and CCM. For me they compared to the Jetspeed stick and not the FT3 Pro, and 2N Pro and not the Geo.

    I think if you are comparing his $160USD stick to the "big brands" sticks at or near the same price point, his sticks are significantly better.

    I agree, they aren't as good as a GEO, Project X, FT4 Pro, Trigger 6 Pro, AS4 Pro, etc. but at nearly half the cost they are pretty fantastic.

    If I had to choose between a Hyperlite and one his sticks, I would take his stick 100% of the time. Then again, I absolutely hate the Hyperlite, lol. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Newbie1819 said:

    Pro rep

    Then I would reach back out to him. Only he would be able to pull information on your build code to determine the construction. Sounds to me like they change your blade construction between the two builds. Can you confirm both batches of sticks have the same build codes? 

  13. 5 hours ago, Newbie1819 said:

    I’ve had two custom batches of Vapor ADV’s ordered over the last 6 months that feel very different from each other. One is light, pops, balanced evenly from head to toe(Stick A). The other seems softer, blade heavy, less pop, heavier overall(Stick B). 

    I cannot for the life of me get to the bottom of it. Today I cut the blades in half and noticed there is a difference. 

    If I knew how to upload images I would be able show you that Stick A has foam filling top to bottom where as Stick B has a centimetre high white foam strip that goes from heel to toe followed by the foam fill that Stick A has.

    Can anyone explain this? Please please please, this has been a painstaking process 


    Who did you order them from? 

  14. 36 minutes ago, Amazinmets73 said:

    I have a pair of C width pro stock Bauer Vapor APX2s. There is a considerable deal of negative space between the med arch and med met which causes pain. I'm looking for a pair of thick, highly malleable insoles (don't have to be hockey specific) which would decrease the negative space and alleviate the pain. 

    These work well for what you are wanting:


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  15. 47 minutes ago, SolarWind said:

    I'm hearing this issue is also common on one-piece CCM skates due to the outsole just being too thin to the rivets to latch to correctly?

    I'm also hearing that having boots sent not pre-drilled (if swapping holders) and being extra careful on the diameter of the holes drilled (go as small as possible) helps?

    Yes, this is common on CCM and Bauer skates when players select clarino liners. The liner doesnt soak up water and instead repels it which creates condensation and the rivets rust. Selecting a fabric liner helps with this. 

    Its nearly impossible to get TRUE skates without holders mounted. Obviously, not having to drill holes is always preferred. Trust me, no pro shop enjoys removing a holder, drilling more holes and mounting a new holder. Its very stressful. One mistake or broken drill bit and the whole skate is ruined. I actually had a drill bit snap on me a month ago when mounting Marsblade holders and the broken portion of the bit attached to the drill slit my hand open like a razor. It was terrible. 

  16. 18 minutes ago, Lfntn10 said:

    So I guess it would be a matter of drilling in between the holes then?  And you would just fill the gap with epoxy?

    Yes and no.

    The heel of the Hyperlite is a unique construction so you cannot fill those with epoxy. The forefoot uses standard carbon fibre. I would almost recommend building a very thin shim to sit between the heel of the holder and the outsole if you are going to drill new holes to mount the holder. 

    Anytime people tell me they want oversized holder on top of the line skates I always ask them "why didn't you just go custom?" A custom skate would have given you the option for a +1 holder and then you wouldn't have to tweak the structure of the skate. 

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