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  1. I am 7.25R and 6.75 L and use 96" unwaxed.
  2. You should partner with Flare to offer their steel in addition to the holder. That would be a deadly combination.
  3. You want opinions based on what? The Quad XS and 0.5 are both slightly similar, but the Ellipse XS is nothing like either of those.
  4. Ever since he changed to Flare steel he has been doing such. I imagine its because he is putting down even more power/torque. If you have ever been on or near the ice when he is skating you can literally here him tearing the ice up as as he is skating.
  5. Regulation goals are made from 12.5 gauge steel tubing. If you want something more durable use slightly thicker steel. Be aware that the cost for raw steel materials right now are outrageous so be prepared to pay a pretty penny.
  6. I agree with this. My evolution was from a W71 > P14 > P92 > P28 > P90T My biggest issue with the P28 is the shape of the face. I hate the extremely round toe and prefer a more square shape similar to a P92. Both P28 and P90T require you to shoot off the toe and both are great for pulling in the puck for toe drags and such. That being said, I recently tested out a P92 with a P28 curve pattern and liked it a lot. I think that will likely be my next curve pattern.
  7. I read that wrong. I thought he meant without steel, not holders. lol
  8. You can, but I have seen a few times where the holder gets warped if the oven is too hot or if you leave them in too long. Better to just wait until you have steel. Not like you are going to be skating on the boot without any steel. Right?
  9. Yes, most retailers (big box stores) should do custom CCM. You can also go on the CCM website and search for retailers that offer custom skates too. Personally, I don't recommend going stiffer in the 100K as that defeats the purpose of the skate design. If you need a stiffer skate then you should stick with the AS3 Pro or FT4 Pro.
  10. Makes sense. The way the FT4 and 100K attach there is different than the AS3 and I have seen some people have issues. Usually I tell them to go Total Custom with an oversized toe cap which fixes the issue.
  11. Strange considering the toe box between the two skates is nearly the same. Is it the area where the toe box is attached to the boot?
  12. T6 Pro doesnt release until November. On the standard T6 is available for sale in stores today and pre-order online.
  13. I upgraded and haven't looked back. Best shoulders on the market.
  14. I skated on the previous generation holder with and without profiled steel. Without my usual profiled steel it was a disaster. With the profiled steel I felt good, almost normal, very little time to adjust. The Marsblade helps keep the blade on the ice longer when going into/out of hard turns and such. That in combination with the proper profile for a players skating style should yield good result. Overall, the Gen 1 holder was good, but heavy, and the structure of it was too delicate. If this Gen 2 holder corrected those issues then it might be something to consider.
  15. They are advertised as thin.
  16. A scanner is not judge and jury. You should never base your size solely on the scan itself. Any good CCM retailer would recommend you try on multiple pairs of skates to find the right size and fit. The custom option then takes that to the next level. I have had the scanner recommend size 10 wide skates to players who wear a 7.5 regular.
  17. Thats why I like the Howies thin unwaxed laces.
  18. I hope they keep them mostly black.
  19. Because taking a scan with your body weight pushing down on your feet in a hockey stance is more accurate than scanning you with your feet in the air. CCM custom skates dont' really do anything with your arch, hence why they include Orthomove insoles with the custom skates.
  20. Next time I am in town I can spend some time showing you the ropes.
  21. Send them an email https://www.drymaxsports.com/contact/
  22. Junior will be less wide. I would look at CCM FT4 gloves and the new TRUE Catalyst gloves. Both fit very snug.
  23. I've had to convert a few of the newer TRUE skates with the screw/nut tendon guard back to the copper style since the players (D1 college and Junior A) kept snapping the screw inside the actual nut located in the tendon guard. It seems like this is just something that happens eventually over time. All of these skates were right around the 1-year mark. I assume as time goes on the tendon becomes more flexible and the increase in movement puts more torque on the tendon screw assembly and it breaks.
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