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  1. Since I am new here I was wondering why there is a fee to subscribe to gear exchange for normal people that are not retailers? Paying a $10 fee to sell a single item adds to the overall cost to the seller and buyer if they are only selling a single item. Just wondering. Not complaining.
  2. No retailer near me carries these in stock and special orders are not returnable. There is a machine though, at the local drug store for a company, I forgot the name, that will match your foot profile arch to a corresponding footbed. Basically, it will state if you are a low, med or high arch. This should be enough to get a general guess as to what to order.
  3. Just to make sure, you are referring to these, yes? http://www.hockeymonkey.com/ccm-hockey-accessory-custom-support-insoles-sr.html
  4. My only justification asking for such an excessive reimbursement amounts to the time I have spent dealing with the retailer, Bauer, and the skate time I lost while still having to pay league dues for skating and not being able to play. Plus the added stress ;) Yes, I know. I am extreme in my expectations but dealing with this for such a long period of time and having no resolution or even a promised resolution is ridiculous. Not to mention I had to buy another pair of shins to keep skating in the interim.
  5. Digging up an older post. I purchased these for my 1x skates and my experience was the volume they occupy puts my foot in a weird location in the skate. On my left foot, the inner ankle and my flexor hallucis area are incredibly pained by them. I also find that the height increase in the rear, coupled with my blade combination radius and skate/holder put me too far on my toes. This tends to effect stick handling at speed and quick acceleration. I think they are better than the factory Bauer footbeds (which are pretty much nonexistent) but at least for me, my skates, and the way I skate there doesn't seem to be harmony. Before anyone says anything, I did bake the skates again AFTER the new footbeds. I did not the first few times and my ankle was wrecked from not sitting in the pocket properly. Moving back to the factory footbeds I did not need to bake my skates again. Everything just fell back into place.
  6. I agree with this 100%. Not only that but you can save a ton going with clearance. while still getting good gear.
  7. Worse. Lighter but they seem to be weak twigs. I watch people snap them all the time. This is why I switched to True and others. No point in giving the Bauer war machine anymore of my money.
  8. I emailed all of the executives from Performance Sports Group and didn't get a single reply. I then blasted them on twitter and they replied and are "looking into it" and said the shop should've offered a replacement IMMEDIATELY. Poor handling by everyone involved. The shop is saying the DM for Bauer told them not to offer an "on the spot" replacement and that they needed to be evaluated. Bauer is saying otherwise. They are all blameshifting. Such BS. I have never had an experience like this with ANY hockey gear. In fact, I have had sticks that failed outside of their warranty and contacted the manufacturer and they replaced them or at least offered a substantial discount offering to sell me a replacement at cost. That's good customer service. A company that cares about its customers. Anyways, instead of whining about it, even more, I like to see what they come up with. At this point, I think they should reimburse me the cost and offer me a new pair of shins for free. That would be the right thing to do after all of the nonsense they have put me through. I don't think they understand that negative feedback about experiences like this hurts a brands reputation. Though I am sure they don't give a crap since they basically own every company now, which is sad for people who are forced to experience the same issues as myself. Pretty sure I am going to become a CCM customer moving forward. They seem to care about the sport and players.
  9. I think most manufacturers will have a color combination that you can order either through a shop or directly through them that might fit your requirements. Also, EBay is a great place to find Pro Stock gear as well that usually has color combinations like those you specified.
  10. So, Bauer made my shop fill out the RA and send the shins back to them. They said when they get them they will evaluate the damage and determine if they will repair, replace, credit me or determine it was not a defective product. What kind of BS is that? Does anyone have contact information for someone at Bauer that I can talk with to perhaps help them get their head out of their butt?
  11. I would just invest in a new pair of gloves. I am sure by now those have seen plenty of ice time and it might be time to put them out to pasture. Most of the new gloves have barely any break in time, are crazy light and incredibly flexible. Not to mention some companies, like True, for example, have zip-out replaceable palms.
  12. I tried using one of those tacki-mac grips and hated it! It deadens the feel of the puck so much. Stickhandling with it was troublesome but I did get a much harder shot. Some people love them though. I have three of them sitting here that were gifted to me so if anyone wants them let me know and I can mail you them.
  13. I feel like Bauer has not been making quality shin guards, elbow pads, and pants for a the past few years. Currently, their other gear is as good as other, but not any better. Their gloves, helmets, and skates are good, but so are most others when you get into the upper level of equipment. For being such a big company that has soaked up every other company and monopolized the hockey industry they really are taking a back seat in both technology, quality and customer service.
  14. I guess I am trying to understand specifically how one creates a triple or quad radius/profile. What would this look like on a blade radius/profile? Why would one get a triple or a quad? As I mentioned, I usually get a combination radius/profile, which is quite common but have never seen a triple or a quad before. I'm not even sure what I would look for to tell. lol
  15. Most of the shops in my area are starting to refuse to carry Bauer. This is either due to their fraud lawsuit or the poor service they have provided. I think there is only one store that plans on carrying next year's gear in stock. All of the others are waiting for inventory to clear and sticking with CCM, True, Warrior and such but will order Bauer if someone specifically requests it. They just do not want to stock any of their equipment. Seems if anyone in my area is going to want in stock Bauer gear they are going to have to make a quick trip to Vancouver or down to Portland. Personally, I like to order things online to avoid tax as long as I get free shipping.
  16. I use a short stick, probably up to my collar bone roughly, cut and replace the factory plastic stick plug. I usually throw a bit of tape over the plug as I have had them pop out from time to time. I use a small grip at the end as most of the sticks I use have grip and tape doesn't really seem to be needed. If anything, I might do a quick single wrap of tape if the stick had too much vibration but since I found the sticks I like it's not needed.
  17. Random question, what does everyone here consider the best shins on the market today? I have been looking online and its hard to tell the quality of the construction. The local stores don't really stock the high-end gear and have to order it so I can't inspect it prior to purchase. I want to get something that not going to disintegrate.
  18. Absolutely no idea. I skated in a game, nothing special happened, no blocking of shots or hard falls on the knees, overall a pretty normal night, Finished skating, put my stuff in my bag, showered and went home. Just a typical normal night. Came home and took everything out to hang it up and that's when I noticed the kneecap was shattered. Then when I started inspecting them further I noticed pretty much the entire knee area falling apart. Honestly, have never seen anything in this price range fall apart so easily. They are made very cheaply. Bauer doesn't even stitch around the entire knee cap, only the top and sides. The quality seems poor to me considering this is near the top of their line of Vapor gear. Extremely disappointed. I miss the old days when I played Midget AAA and had the Flak Shins. Those things were indestructible. You could stop a train or jump off a roof of a two story building and never get hurt with those bad boys.
  19. I usually get a combination radius on my skates but recently have been hearing a lot about triple and quad radius profiles. Has anyone ever used these options? I don't really understand how they would do a triple or quad. Can someone provide input on this? I looked a bit online and most of the information I found was not clear or very confusing. The stuff I did read that made sense was very "sales focused" and didn't really go into the technology or how the profile is set.
  20. Can't you just take a pair of other insoles, such as shoe ones or similar, and glue/attach them to your current ones to provide more cushion?
  21. Yeah, I am not thrilled with this whole situation. I can't play in tomorrow's game since I don't have any shinguards. The Bauer rep is supposed to "inspect" the shinguards tomorrow and let me know if they will replace or issues credit to the store. He seems like a real piece of work. Looking at the pictures he said it looks like I abused the product as he said he has never seen a higher end shinguard fail in such a manner. What a prick.
  22. I just picked up Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield as one of the members on my team uses it over his tape. He said it makes the tape last longer and retain less water. He uses a very light coat. Anyone ever used this before? http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rust-Oleum-EpoxyShield-12-oz-Anti-Slip-Aerosol-Spray-268652/203483351
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