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  1. I bought a pair of Pro Stocks that were customized exactly to the way I would have ordered them myself; APX2 tongue, 1x boot, form fit footbeds. At first, I thought the footbeds should be changed so I played around with, speed plates, super feet, shock doctors, and a couple others. Every time I went right back to the form fit footbeds. I have medium flexible arches so anything with too high of an arch or too low hurt me. The boot has a natural arch to it, slightly, so it works for me. I had the MX3 skates previously and didn't like the new styles of skate tongue which is why I prefer the classic style and the "tendon thing" I think is a gimmick.
  2. Honestly, I think the biggest problem is my OCD causing issues. I would constantly think about the rattle while playing and my mind made it a bigger deal than it really is. It's not like I am in the NHL and tied to contracts and such. It's just annoying when a new stick, especially an expensive one, has a defect. Or maybe it was an enhancement ;)
  3. Agreed. Unfortunately, there are not many stores in the area. That being said, I usually order online now anyway since prices are drastically cheaper. I wonder though if that would make the situation even more complicated if you buy protective equipment and it fails. I would imagine you would need to work directly with the manufacturer as the online seller probably won't want to be involved. This is just speculation, though. I have only had sticks fail that I ordered online and when they did I talked to the manufacturer and it was simple to handle.
  4. Agreed. I went ahead and broke the blade and cut it into 5 pieces and will mail it back tomorrow.
  5. That's because he was still a kid, didn't he have his first game at 18?
  6. A single pull up. Come on. My GF can do like 20. What a sissy ;)
  7. I'd like to see if I could fix it before I spend the money to mail it back. Structurally, the stick is fine. It just that dang annoying sounds/feeling of the rattle that's driving me bonkers.
  8. So the other day I used one of my new Rekkers and in the middle of the game I noticed something weird. Like a strange vibration. After the game, I inspected the stick and everything looked fine but when I shook it I could hear a sound, like glue or fiberglass, something was loose inside. I turned it upside down and nothing came out. I use a snake to inspect the bottom and it seems whatever is loose is between the shaft and the blade. Unfortunately, the fiberglass resin blocks me from getting to that area to remove whatever it is. Sher-Wood said they will give me a replacement and to break the stick and mail it in. Seems excessive to break the stick just to mail it back. They have also seen the video and the pictures from the snake scope. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do to maybe fix this? I thought maybe it was glue or resin I could heat up and bond but that attempt failed and I am cautious about applying too much heat or it will ruin the stick, not that it matters anyway, but I don't want to break it. https://goo.gl/photos/N8GVWJQuSMSyXpum6
  9. Sometimes traditional lacing can cause issues like that since the lace can move and cause wear. Do you use waxed laces? I had a pair of Bauers back in the day that had eyelet issues similar to you and I was lacing inside out on the bottom and outside in at the top. The bottom eyelets started to show abnormal wear and so I switched everything to outside in and the wear stopped. Overall, though, that seems like a skate defect. I don't think changing the way you lace could have prevented this. Don't skates have a 1-year warranty or is it only 90 days? If it's only 90 days that really sucks. Good thing I buy everything with my AMEX. That extended warranty comes in handy.
  10. Did you get the later version of the speedplates or the previous version? If memory serves me properly, they had an issue with them during the first production. Or was that the LS4 blades? I get it all twisted up.
  11. Does he lace outside in or inside out?
  12. PBH


    This is a killer deal
  13. PBH


    You're looking at some pricey sticks. Any specific reason you can't go with a lower line? If anything, I would go with pro stock sticks if you want the best of the best without breaking the bank. Also, if you can find the Sher-Wood EK15 Rekker for a good deal that's an awesome stick. I have seen them as low as $70 bucks and its a $270 stick. Light as a feather. Nice low kick.
  14. I have the Bauer Re-Akt 75 Hockey Helmet Combo with a cage and it's perfectly fine. I think the extra cost for the 100 series is a waste unless you plan to get hit hard all the time. You can also find the IMS 11.0 for a good deal as well and that is a great helmet.
  15. Finally, have a resolution. Bauer had the shop refund my money and I just got my Reebok 20K shin guards in the mail today.
  16. "trying a few maybe fatal equipment tweaks." What does that mean exactly?
  17. PBH


    You should try using some of your friend's sticks and see what works for you. When I lived in MN there was a shop that used to get demo sticks from manufacturers. They would authorize a credit card for the stick and loan it out for testing to players. It was a pretty cool thing and something I have never seen or experienced since. As long as you returned the stick, broken or not, you didn't get charged. They also had an indoor shooting area where you could play around with those sticks as well. If I ever open a shop (have been seriously considering it, since in Seattle we have crap for shops) I would do the same thing in having an area where people could test sticks before buying.
  18. I think the $100 stick range provides good performance for the cost. Anything more is a bit of a waste and is unlikely to last as long. Now, that being said, if you can find one piece carbon sticks for a good deal (under $100) then I would definitely lean in that direction. Just know that they will definitely not last as long as a heavier and beefier stick. My favorite stick is the Sherwood Rekker EK15. I picked them up on a closeout for super cheap, I think I paid $50 each so I bought 6 of them. The Ryan 88 curve. One stick, within the first 30 days developed a weird sound inside the stick, where the shaft meets the blade. Sounds almost like glue or carbon got loose and it rattling around. Sherwood told me to try and get it out, which is not possible since it's the fused part of the shaft, and since I couldn't they said to break the stick and send it back. Weird that they told me to break it, but whatever. Other than the weird feeling of something rattling around inside the stick it performs fine. It's just weird when you take a pass to feel this rattle inside the stick. Most people probably wouldn't care since the stick is still 100% fine but its drives me bonkers. One other stick got a deep gouge in it from a slash or skate a t the blade/shaft area and looks to be on its last legs as it's slowly losing its pop. I figure it's on borrowed time but Sherwood again said to mail it back and they would replace it. Their customer service is phenomenal. I am using this as my primary currently for practice and drop in until it lets go. My other sticks seem to be holding up just fine and I constantly rotate between them. No specific reason, it's just my OCD. I literally try and make sure each stick gets equal ice time. I know. I'm weird.....
  19. Since I am new here I was wondering why there is a fee to subscribe to gear exchange for normal people that are not retailers? Paying a $10 fee to sell a single item adds to the overall cost to the seller and buyer if they are only selling a single item. Just wondering. Not complaining.
  20. No retailer near me carries these in stock and special orders are not returnable. There is a machine though, at the local drug store for a company, I forgot the name, that will match your foot profile arch to a corresponding footbed. Basically, it will state if you are a low, med or high arch. This should be enough to get a general guess as to what to order.
  21. Just to make sure, you are referring to these, yes? http://www.hockeymonkey.com/ccm-hockey-accessory-custom-support-insoles-sr.html
  22. My only justification asking for such an excessive reimbursement amounts to the time I have spent dealing with the retailer, Bauer, and the skate time I lost while still having to pay league dues for skating and not being able to play. Plus the added stress ;) Yes, I know. I am extreme in my expectations but dealing with this for such a long period of time and having no resolution or even a promised resolution is ridiculous. Not to mention I had to buy another pair of shins to keep skating in the interim.
  23. Digging up an older post. I purchased these for my 1x skates and my experience was the volume they occupy puts my foot in a weird location in the skate. On my left foot, the inner ankle and my flexor hallucis area are incredibly pained by them. I also find that the height increase in the rear, coupled with my blade combination radius and skate/holder put me too far on my toes. This tends to effect stick handling at speed and quick acceleration. I think they are better than the factory Bauer footbeds (which are pretty much nonexistent) but at least for me, my skates, and the way I skate there doesn't seem to be harmony. Before anyone says anything, I did bake the skates again AFTER the new footbeds. I did not the first few times and my ankle was wrecked from not sitting in the pocket properly. Moving back to the factory footbeds I did not need to bake my skates again. Everything just fell back into place.
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