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  1. I am about 5'10" and 185lbs and toggle between 65 and 70 flex sticks. I also use a very short stick, close to laryngeal prominence (adams apple) when on skates. I have found that a stick with a mid or variable kick point seems to complement my shooting style better as opposed to a low kick stick. I think specific kick points are better suited to shorter sticks with a lower flex since hand placement changes significantly.
  2. I have a different flex stick when playing center than when I play wing. With a lower flex you are able to keep your hands higher on the stick and closer together when loading. Look at how Matthews shoots for example. Stores need to stop advertising those out of date recommendations.
  3. The new TRUE Shift steel is very good, I would say it's nearly as good as STEP. It sharpens very well and retails a solid edge. The black coated Shift steel is whatever, mostly cosmetic. The new DLC coated Shift steel is fantastic. Sharpen well. Holds a nice edge. The coating is durable and functional. Another option is Bladetech too. They make very good steel.
  4. Just because a shop has the machine doesn't always mean they know what they are doing. I see so many profiles come into my store mangled, steel uneven, toe not blended properly, all sorts of terrible stuff. Sigh.
  5. Hideous and solves a problem that was already solved long ago.
  6. The newer versions of clarino are significantly different than the older types. Does it grip or dry as fast compared to the top-tier Bauer and CCM liners. No. Does it provide more comfort than top-tier Bauer and CCM liners? Yes. Does it wear better than top-tier Bauer and CCM liners? Yes. Does it repel water better than top-tier Bauer and CCM liners? Yes. Clarino is the better option if you are wanting a durable skate with a liner that repels water as opposed to absorbing it away from the foot/sock. The top-tier Bauer and CCM liners are designed to wick sweat/water away from the foot, into the liner, and then evaporate it quickly. Skates that have clarino will be slightly heavier than top-tier Bauer and CCM liners when dry (at the start of a game) but if you weigh the same skate after a game, the skate with clarino will typically way less.
  7. Cannot even compare the two. It's like comparing an apple with a zucchini.
  8. I wear medium height socks and have no issues.
  9. I like clarino a lot. It wears well, has decent grip, and doesn't soak up a ton of sweat/water.
  10. This is a really good mixture.
  11. I've seen fake Bauer and CCM protective for sale in EMEA and APAC. Not much though in North America. Fake sticks are much more common.
  12. Captodor or Clenz work well. There is also various home made solution that work well too.
  13. I dislike the Super Tacks, they are too stiff for me no matter with the eyelets. On the 100k I lace them to the top, skipping the second from the top eyelet.
  14. The skate has a softer upper and a stiffer lower, similar to TRUE and Mako skates. This gives really solid stability in the lower portion of the boot while still allowing it to have a ton of forward flex. It's really difficult to give it a 1:1 comparison simply because it's an amalgamation of multiple concepts all rolled into a single boot. Once you wear it you clearly understand why it took CCM such a long period of time to develop a one-piece boot that has so many specific nuances built into it. I think many people will either fall in love with the skate immediately or dislike it. I assume there won't be too many people who are in the middle of opinion on the 100k. That is very similar to TRUE and Mako as well. People either are fans of those skates or disliked them.
  15. Ive been in a pair of 100k skates for a few weeks and have no issues at all. They feel like an 80k, Mako and TRUE skates made a baby.
  16. I honestly dont feel or notice a difference between STEP black and STEP stainless as long as the sharpening is perfect like a mirror finish.
  17. I don't charge for sharpening other than first time sharpening for brand new skates that customers buy from stores other than mine. My only ask is a customer buys an item to get the free sharpening. Could be a roll of tape, a stick handling ball, laces, anything.
  18. With a boot punch you can make anything fit
  19. Considering the LS Edge holder is already super flexible and not nearly as rigid as the CCM XS or TRUE Shift I didn't really see the need for them to switch to a hybrid outsole. What sucks even more is the 3X Pro is now a full TPU outsole.
  20. If you dont need a custom skate you are better off saving that money. Not to mention you have the TRUE 30-day satisfaction guarantee so if you do buy them and dislike the skate for any reason you can return it. Thats not possible with customs. The build of most brands custom skates is basically the same as the retail model too. So it's not like they are getting anything significantly better. I would say CCM is the only company that has some significant available options for their customs as compared to retail models. I prefer to not put anyone in a custom skate unless they need to be in one. Thats for all brands, not just TRUE. I like customers having peace of mind if they buy a skate and its the wrong fit for them or too soft/stiff, they can return.
  21. I guess I don't care as much about the finish of the structural integrity of the skate is good. I've never had any issues with TRUE personally, but I understand if you feel the fit and finish is not as good as other skates that cost the same price but aren't custom. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah. If you should try them. Do you need custom skates? Is there something wrong with your feet or do you struggle to find skates that fit you? I only advise people who NEED custom skates to get custom skates. Otherwise, it's a waste of money.
  22. Heavy? They weigh less than Vapor Hyperlite skates and the FT4 Pro. My TRUE skates weigh only 807 grams per skate with steel.
  23. I got a demo set and will be testing them. First observation is they are VERY light and the design is unique. I dont see them having the same issues as Fusion but only time will tell. Even with the weight difference it's likely I would never swap to them as I am a huge advocate of Flare. I personally would take the significant benefits of Flare over lighter steel any day. Obviously, some people prefer standard width steel so this might be a good alternative for them if they are wanting something to decrease weight which would help endurance. I have not seen any players in the NHL using this yet. Has anyone else?
  24. They feel the same but lighter.
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