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  1. If you cant fit in a Vapor FIT3, you absolutely wont fit in a Supreme. The new Supreme skates have an even smaller and tighter fitting toe box.
  2. Protection is always important regardless of whether you play roller hockey, ice hockey, mountain bike, or rollerblade. That being said, maybe look at the new Bauer Hyperlite helmet. It's pricey but lightweight and many people I know that play competition roller hockey seem to like it.
  3. Correct, an oversized toe box would help with a wide and tall forefoot. If you need more overall volume then you want to look into advanced facing.
  4. You can look at it in such a way. I am always looking at alternatives to tape but am unwilling to compromise on specific things: Price: I wont pay more for something that costs me more over time as compared to tape Feel/Performance: I will not sacrifice feel or puck control as compared to tape Durability: If it costs more and has the same performance or better, it had better be more durable Weight: I dislike using anything that will affect the weight distribution/balance So basically, a product like this for me was a non-starter. I am very picky. Maybe borderline OCD. I only tape half the blade, middle to toe. I use thick tape, minimal overlap, and add small amount of wax only where the blade comes into contact with the puck. I cut off the bottom of my tape so there is no drag on the ice.
  5. The custom is significantly more thermoformable than the TF7/TF9. In regards to the "stock" skate offered prior to the TF7/TF9, are you specifically referring to the junior skates they offered previously? If so, those are very thermoformable however the carbon layering and such was different so the skates are quite a bit heavier than current generations.
  6. I also had the feeling of being on my heels, but I think this is because the holder is mounted further back than previous Vapor models. No changes I made to lacing changed that feeling. Even after profiling the steel with a very aggressive forward pitch didn't make a large enough difference.
  7. CCM custom skates say "custom" on them.
  8. During initial stride and recovery, but if you take into account how much you move your feet I think it would compound over time. I think Byonic did a study on this and it was one of their marketing things.
  9. Agree, fit is still an issue that brands are trying to improve upon. This is at all levels, not just retail. A better fitting skate will have better power transfer and have decreased reaction time on the ice. All brands have their own pros and cons. Equipment weight savings do matter, especially in skates. I am sure we will eventually see weight removed in better ways from skate blades as they are the single heaviest object on a skate. How will this be accomplished? I don't know. If I knew that I would be rich... There is a delicate balance between removing weight and compromising structural integrity. We also need to keep in mind, all of this needs to be accomplished while also trying to keep pricing reasonable.
  10. The shell is not the same. Similar, but not 100% exactly the same and thus not as thermoformable. The good news is you can easily still bake a TF7/TF9 multiple times without any issues.
  11. I tested some pre-release samples and noticed that unlike typical sandpaper grip tape, like for a skateboard, this has a thin layer of some type of fiberglass or similar sandwiched between the sandpaper finish and the adhesive layer. Overall, it seemed to work ok. I didn't notice anything better or worse compared to good hockey tape. Notice, I said good hockey tape. There is a lot of garbage hockey tape running around online. Make sure to get yourself the good stuff, its worth the extra dollar per role
  12. Shipping is whatever normal rates are. For 1-3 sticks its about $10-20 anywhere in North America. If I have zip code I can get exact quotes. CCM considers 65 flex an intermediate, slightly smaller shaft shape but plays like a senior. I tend to bounce between 65 and 70 flex as of late. Super Tacks usually a 65 flex. Jetspeed, and Ribcor I tend to use a 70 flex.
  13. We have current stock of the following sticks with P90TM. https://penaltyboxlv-my.sharepoint.com/:x:/g/personal/nicholas_penaltyboxhockey_com/EYRbPDsoaBBEhPBmpKQiUG4BrJ-t15lCFKz03wLwK5nFTQ?e=Kht5B3
  14. Agreed. I was merely pointing out that Samsonite nor Bauer invented Curv.
  15. A proper fitting skate or shoe shouldn't require you to tinker with lacing unless you have weird feet
  16. Technically, Curv was made by Propex Fabrics GmbH. https://materialdistrict.com/material/curv/ Regardless, I tend to think that is the case with not just Bauer, but a lot of brands. For example: FT2 vs FT4 Pro. AS3 Pro vs AS-V Pro skate. Ultrasonic vs Mach. Etc. They all have the same genetics, just minor refinements. Look at Connor and some other NHL players, arguably some of the best players in the world are using skates that are generations old. We might be at a point where the biggest improvements are going to come from changed to the holders and steel. Look at Flare, Carbonlite, Bladetech, Byonic, Marsblade... or perhaps the evolution of steel profiling. Bauer obviously bought ProSharp for a reason. Yes?
  17. I do this as well. It creates "zones" as I like to call it. Under lacing allows the lace to slip between eyelets more than over lacing. Over lacing locks the laces more. Thus in doing this I can create variable zones within the skates of how much slippage I want for my laces. I do not use waxed laces and I tend to not recommend waxed laces as they dont allow the lace to redistribute pressure across eyelets.
  18. TRUE skates are stiff laterally, but they allow for lots of forward flexion in the way the boot and eyelets are designed. I rarely ever compare TRUE to anything else because while they might not look significantly different overall, the actual implementation of very subtle changes is quite dramatic. I consider that their "special sauce." Agree 100% that what works for me, maybe not work for others. What works for others may not work for me. I can only share what I know first hand and have experienced. YMMV. I have had only had one person get 100K skates (custom or retail) and dislike them. This is compared to many people who have purchased the Hyperlite skates and had significant regret and later swapped back to their previous skates or to some other model. It seems like they either work for the player or don't, there is not a middle ground. I can also share that I had a customer recently purchase custom Hyperlite skates with standard eyelets, full lock fit liner, with a standard tongue. He was very happy with them. He previously had Vapor 1X skates with standard eyelets and he said the Hyperlite felt "like home" for his feet. He is about 0.5 size larger than me and I was able to test his skates and the standard options he selected felt much better to me than the retail model. Again, everyone is different. Some like the injected eyelets, some don't. Some like the new tongue, others won't. Some will like the new outsole design, others may find no benefit. I think the direction Bauer is going with the Vapor is interesting. I like that they are trying out new ideas. However, I think some of these implementations yield little benefit and are more "show" as opposed to actual innovations in skate engineering dynamics.
  19. Purely cosmetic. You can use some super glue gel (or similar) and a clamp or tape to hold it while it cures if it bothers you. Just squirt a little bit in, and tape it down or use a ratchet clamp.
  20. I would need to see the bottom of the boot.
  21. I am sure someone will leak that info soon enough. Bookings for 2022 are being finalized this 12/1.
  22. If you think Bauer has increased the cost of gear significantly, just wait for what CCM is doing in 2022...
  23. Does it still work? I would totally buy it if it works and they aren't using it.
  24. Love those things.
  25. Ive tried everything. One of the benefits of owning a hockey shop TLDR: I prefer the FT4 Pro over the Hyperlite. However, I think the 100K is better than them both. I actually like the FT4 more than the FT4 Pro though as the slightly lower stiffness allows the boot to flex a little more. The FT4 Pro and Hyperlite are very different. FT4 Pro is very stiff, considerably stiffer than the Hyperlite all over. More forward flex in the Hyperlite than the FT4 Pro. FT4 Pro is significantly more responsive. Weight is about the same with standard steel. With the Carbonlite option, the Hyperlite is significantly lighter. I did not like the Carbonlite though. FT4 Pro foams seem better than the Hyperlite, I feel they actually mold better to your feet. Hyperlite didn't lock me in as well as the FT4 Pro. I like the liner better on the FT4 Pro, I would feel my heel slip slightly on hard pushes in the Hyperlite. I assume the monoframe boot also contributes to better fit. I didn't notice the fancy new outsole on the Hyperlite. Maybe because I used Flare instead of typical steel but the implied design of the new Hyperlite outsole was supposed to allow for more flexion and thus more grip. I felt nothing different or new. I didn't like the Hyperlite tongue. The tongue insert was painful for me. No lacebite, just overall was not comfortable and when in a deep knee bend I felt like it was digging into my forefoot. I also prefer the interchangeable tongue of the FT4 Pro.
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