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  1. These work well for what you are wanting: https://www.orthoticshop.com/sole-softec-ultra-moldable-orthotics.html
  2. Yes, this is common on CCM and Bauer skates when players select clarino liners. The liner doesnt soak up water and instead repels it which creates condensation and the rivets rust. Selecting a fabric liner helps with this. Its nearly impossible to get TRUE skates without holders mounted. Obviously, not having to drill holes is always preferred. Trust me, no pro shop enjoys removing a holder, drilling more holes and mounting a new holder. Its very stressful. One mistake or broken drill bit and the whole skate is ruined. I actually had a drill bit snap on me a month ago when mounting Marsblade holders and the broken portion of the bit attached to the drill slit my hand open like a razor. It was terrible.
  3. Yes and no. The heel of the Hyperlite is a unique construction so you cannot fill those with epoxy. The forefoot uses standard carbon fibre. I would almost recommend building a very thin shim to sit between the heel of the holder and the outsole if you are going to drill new holes to mount the holder. Anytime people tell me they want oversized holder on top of the line skates I always ask them "why didn't you just go custom?" A custom skate would have given you the option for a +1 holder and then you wouldn't have to tweak the structure of the skate.
  4. Yes, you can do it. However you cannot use the existing front or rear holes, because then the holder would then not mounted in the center of the boot. Make sense?
  5. I know these skates. I did the swap. The rivets we use are sourced from Blademaster and Blackstone, they are industry standard. Not sure why you have rust if you air them out properly after every skate. One of those rivets looks definitely like it's pulling through the boot. Happy to replace it or your local shop can replace it. Looks like one of the rivet teeth broke off allowing the rivet movement and then it sheared itself apart. Some rivets have washers on them to minimize movement since we swapped the Shift holder with a CCM holder and the holes were slightly larger. I didn't want the holder to have too much play otherwise it would wiggle itself loose and once the holder starts to shift all of the rivets will slowly loosen and pull themselves apart. I also didn't want to put in 10 copper rivets either....
  6. Not sure how that could be the case as 10/20 or Zuperior M would have more steel in contact with the ice than a Quad 1. The "working area" of of those profiles has a longer combined average.
  7. TRUE skates (custom or retail) will have more pitch than a Hyperlite.
  8. They felt like they lost too much agility due to surface area contact between the ice and steel. Basically, the Ellipse felt too long. Many players commented that the Ellipse felt more similar to a Zuperior than a Quad.
  9. His steel is already pitched forward so adding that much of a lift is not needed.
  10. Did you use the Othermove insoles in the CCM skates and are you using the standard "junk" footbeds in your Bauers?
  11. Quad is absolutely more popular. Out of all the profiles we do, about 600 per year, I only have one customer who has stuck with the Ellipse. All of the others changed back to a Quad, Triple or dual radii profile either immediately or soon after trying the Ellipse. The higher the level of player, the more they disliked the Ellipse.
  12. Hey, dont me mad at me for moving away I would use a 1mm heel lift.
  13. Durability of those skates sucks, you can already see the boot is getting mangled. Carbonlite runner are terrible. IMO, you should always have 2 pairs of steel in case your steel fails or you lose an edge. Regardless, I would take Flare steel over weight savings any day. Bauer doesn't really try anything new. That tongue design started with TRUE first. The eyelet cut outs were done 20 years ago. They should have used standard eyelets too, injected eyelets are a nightmare and fail too often. That weird outsole system is terrible. Our store is already seeing players bringing skates in where the rivets are pulling through the outsole.
  14. You could either add a heel lift or adjust the pitch, its your choice. You will need to def either add more pitch or use a heel lift in order to get a similar feel. the amount of pitch you added just isn't enough for a boot that is basically made neutral out of the box as opposed to TRUE.
  15. I had a pair done there and they turned out fantastic
  16. What size do you need and for what holder? I might be able to send you a trial pair. We keep them in stock for players to test before buying. Although, there is always the Flare satisfaction guarantee.
  17. Why not compare Flare DLC with STEP Black? Would that not be a more fair comparison? The hollow does not need to be adjusted as the steel wears down, the angle of attack is preserved and that is actually what makes Flare so significant as opposed to conventional steel. There are a LOT of players switching. Kane, Debrincat, Barzal, Connor Bedard, Matthew Savoie, and many many many others. I think something like 50% of the top 20 players (based on points) in the WHL are using Flare. My store does all of the team sales for UNLV ACHA D1 and multiple teams for USPHL and about 35% of those players are using Flare too. If you arent seeing a lot of people using it they are either too afraid to change, dont want to change, or they have never seen or experienced skating on Flare. Once you skate on Flare its hard to go back to traditional steel. I sell a ton of DLC and standard stainless Flare, both hold their edge very well. I would not say better than STEP. Both are very good. However, with Flare even if you roll and edge or have some blade trauma you rarely feel it as the hollow is so flat as opposed to traditional steel.
  18. SX5000 Materials: Wicks away moisture better than traditional knit 100% high-performance polyester Design: Dual-velcro fasteners keep the socks in place without skate sock tape Embroidered CCM logo Fit: Standard fit hockey sock SX6000 Materials: Pro-style construction that provides better breathability and moisture-management Wicks away moisture better than traditional knit 100% high-performance polyester, QLT knit Tactical Dry Technology Design: Dual-velcro fasteners keep the socks in place without skate sock tape Lower-thigh interlock inserts allow for better mobility and comfort Ankle interlock inserts better help the socks to maintain shape while holding the shin guards closer to the body Embroidered CCM logo Fit: Performance fit hockey sock
  19. I have some being made. I am very particular about fabric so it took me a while to find the right type of fabric, proper fit, at decent price.
  20. If you think the new logo change is funny, just wait until you see the names of the the 2022 items being refreshed.
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