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  1. 4 hours ago, jmaister said:

    Bought a pair of new old stock grafs...the ankle cushion is very good, but too good. I am finding I need to drop the footbed by couple of mm... Since these footbed came with are abit thick.

    Is there a place to buy old Bauer/ccm footbed? Or ones that's thinner?

    What size do you need? I have a ton of insoles. 

  2. 13 hours ago, shoot_the_goalie said:

    Anybody know how much the new Tacks AS-V Pro stick compares to the previous gen sticks?  Is the kick point and v-shaft significantly different?

    AS-V pro plays entirely different from any of the other Tacks stick I have ever used. The new taper, similar to the Ultrasonic in some ways, makes the lower portion of the stick extremely stiff and pushes the kick point up much higher than previous models. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, Westside said:

    I transitioned from HP45 pants to a Super Tacks girdle about 4 seasons ago. Never had complaints with pants, just wanted to try something different and it's easier to use shells with a girdle. Came across the Alpha girdle from Warrior and was curious if anyone had any feedback on it. Looks pretty similar to the QRE girdle with different spine protection.

    For those of you that may have used Warrior girdles and Tacks girdles, do the Warriors run cooler due to all the perforated foams? That's the thing I seem to notice most with girdles vs pants; they run a lot hotter, likely because they're hugging the body.



    I looked at it a while ago, during booking. It seemed similar to the QRE Girdle in a different color. The fit and everything else seemed the same. 

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  4. 5 hours ago, start_today said:

    Will also echo the I don’t have a go to brand for anything sentiment. Which is different than “other,” because other implies “my go to brand is XXX but not listed.”

    Ok, maybe I should update this. When I say “overall” I mean what is most of your gear, not every single individual item.

    For example, most of my gear is CCM, but I do use a Warrior girdle. I think a majority of players will have at least one item that is not the same brand as others, but I was looking for what the general majority is. 

    Hope that makes sense. 

  5. 17 hours ago, raganblink said:

    Re-akt 65* not 75. 75 has been dead for 2 years now this summer.

    If you can find an R200 and are okay with it being out of certification then go for it

    If not I'd check out the HL2 when that drops. Was very comfortable at Bauer World. I'll be getting a custom one for myself.

    The 75 is still made for Team sales. Not retail. 2023 is EOL for it. 

  6. On 1/23/2023 at 1:30 PM, jmaister said:

    Hello all. Another flatfooter with severe pronation here... Its bad enough I still can't hockey stop...

    Superfeet insole raises the heel too high, ccm orthomove takes too much space away.

    After 20 years of trying, I am resorting to heatgun usage. Since I don't play enough to afford custom skates.

    Has anyone tried punching digi comp material? Or is modern composite shells friendly to such method?

    I am thinking of getting a pair of vapor3.7 8ee and punch it til it fits.

    And why vapor, the heel locks the best in all skates I have tried.

    You can punch digi comp just fine. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, OzziesDad said:

    25g really shouldn't make a huge difference in regards to a stick as long as it has good balance. I mean 4-5 seedless grapes or cherry tomatoes weigh around 25g for reference. That's almost nothing. 

    Everyone loves to talk about stick weight, and compare and contrast models. However, a sticks balance is far more important than minimal weight gains/losses in my opinion. 

    Swing weight. 

  8. 11 hours ago, swede said:

    My 9 year old son need new shins. He has outgrown his 12” Vapor x2.9 in one season, and need 13” shins now..

    He has been in Bauer Vapor shins since he started playing and would like to stay there. Problem is the Bauer shins in 13” are now int sizing, and my son is quite thin..

    We tried on the Super tacks ASV jr a few months ago in size 13, but my son did not like the fit at all

    Are the int sized Bauer shins much wider than the jr shins or are they similar? 

    We have no store around stocking bauer shins, only CCM, so we are stuck to ordering online.

    Thanks in advance.



    You can always warm up the shins and then use a C clamp to make them more narrow. I have done this for many players with smaller width shins. 

  9. 3 hours ago, marka said:


    Does anyone know Bauer's Re-Akt helmet lineage / changes?

    For playing, I currently wear a Bauer re-akt 200, Size M, opened all the way up.  That fits basically perfectly.

    My ref helmet is pretty out of date at this point (CCM Resistance 300).  I'm thinking about replacing it.

    Bauer has lots of different # Re-Akt helmets at this point and I don't know which is the replacement for the 200, if the head shape they use changed, etc. etc. etc.  Anyone know how all the different Re-Akt versions are setup?



    Re-Akt 75, Re-Akt 85, Re-Akt 150, and 2023 Hyperlite2 are the current and soon to be released helmet options. 

    None of them are close to the Re-Akt 200 in design as that helmet was stuffed full of foams.

    If you like the Re-Akt 200, you should be able to find one on SidelineSwap. 

  10. 19 minutes ago, sweetblazer said:

    Hey all,


    Been a long time since posting in the forum, was very active 10-15 years ago. I've searched and come up with nothing so I thought I'd turn to you guys to see if there is any insight on these sticks. I was pretty obsessed with sticks from 13-18, literally took a job at the LHS to get the discount and put all my money towards them. Anyway, I've come to get older and just buy the couple year old top of the line sticks now but recently had a great experience with a trigger pro stick that blew me away for the first time since using a Vapor XX way back when. Now that I'v broken it my interest is peaked in these super light sticks which brings me here. I can't justify spending $400 on a stick anymore and frankly I'd rather support these smaller companies living my teenage dream making sticks. 

    So how are these sticks? Has anyone actually used the verbero 350g mercury? or the Prostocksticks red line? I purchased the 400g version hockeystickman sells and was semi disappointed. Amazing compared to sticks of 10 years ago for 150$ but not even in the same league as the Trigger Pro.


    TLDR Thanks so much for any insight

    Most of these "small company" sticks are light but lack good puck feel and whip out quickly. YMMV.

  11. 4 hours ago, Sniper9 said:

    Hmmm. Not a bad idea. How much wider is the large tongue. 

    I actually think part of the issue is the thick genetix insole. But it seems like the boot was made around this thick insole. Because when I use my speedplates there seems to be a lot of negative space especially with the cat pro tongue.

    I did notice that when I had the speed plates in just to test them out the rubbing was significantly less or even not apparent. Hard to tell since my ankle area has become sensitive now. Even though I liked the arch support of the genetix insoles I don't know why they are so thick. It's kinda of overkill. So part of the issue I think might be the thickness of the heel and arch on the genetix is placing my foot higher up and in a position that is causing the rubbing. 

    I just yet another rebake with my speed plates and stretch wrap.  Well see how it feels. But if the insole isn't the culprit I'll try ur suggestion of going up on a size for the tongue.  I'm not sure if this would work bc the felt tongue is already quite a bit wider than the cat pro tongue and that still have me issues. 

    I am looking at a medium and large side by side, seems only the length is different and the width is the same. 

  12. 2 hours ago, stick9 said:

    For me, lacing the top eyelet is the mobility issue. Some skates I can lace all the way up, some I can't. My 100k pros feel the best when I skip the one down from the top. Sounds odd, but its the perfect amount of lateral support and forward flexion. 

    Thats how I lace mine as well. 

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