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  1. On 5/6/2024 at 8:15 PM, Westside said:

    I honestly don’t even remember where I bought them. Warranty isn’t the point. I have zero issue paying a measly $10 for replacements. Of course, if they continue to break that would be an issue as I was going into these skates because of durability issues with True 

    When I get back from Denver, I can send you a couple I have lying around. 

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  2. On 5/6/2024 at 7:44 AM, rh71el2 said:

    It dawned on me this morning - both my boys have been on isotretinoin and a side effect is muscle/joint pain (including the feet) confirmed by various searches/testimonials.  So that explains it, especially the timing since 1 has been off it for a little while longer.  Thanks all.

    It could be the isotretinoin, you might want to reach out to their doctor to double check. 

  3. Just now, rh71el2 said:

    It's definitely an ache and not sharp pain.  I went with him to try on new skates because of this and he tied it pretty loose so I don't think it's ever that tight.  I may pull the trigger on a Mach 6.5 Fit 2 and hope for the best, what do you think?

    If the issue is not the skate itself (too short/long in length, not enough depth, etc) then changing skates is not going to resolve the problem. Does he only get this ache when wearing his hockey skates? 

  4. 20 hours ago, SolarWind said:


    My little guy is doing travel hockey now so I have to expand beyond the comfort of home sparx sharpening lol

    Are there any reputable shops that are open on weekends in Edmonton and Toronto that you’d take your own skate for sharpening where you can trust the edges will be level and the existing profile won’t be altered? 

    What is wrong with Sparx? Sparx doesn't alter the profile significantly and if you are concerned about his profile you should be getting it redone every few months. How old is he? What level does he play? 

  5. On 5/3/2024 at 5:42 AM, mcne0101 said:

    They had a demo of the new scanner with the new orthotics at the Minnesota State High School hockey tournament in March. My 11 year old tried it out and I was less than impressed with the results. They have you stand on the scanner like the old version, then they have you stride across the scanner which they say scans your gait. They have like 3ish 'stock' orthotic options they fit you into based on the scan. Concept was cool, I thought the results seemed pretty generic as my son's scan came back too big/wide. 

    My experience as well. 

  6. 5 hours ago, rh71el2 said:

    What can cause the bottom of both feet to hurt suddenly (over a few sessions) after wearing the same skates for almost 2 years? I have 2 boys almost 16 and they've pretty much stayed the same size in the last year+.  No pain in sneakers doing basketball or off-ice running.   One of them has been in his Supreme 3S Pro skates for almost 2 years now and it's only started hurting in both feet in the last month or so.  I did the pencil test and he's still got room at his heel when feet are pushed forward.  I got him Superfeet "Hockey Cushion" (he doesn't have flat feet) and the next 2 sessions were ok, but then it started hurting again. I got him scanned yesterday on a Bauer machine and he's a size 6.0 fit 2.  The skates are a 6.0 fit 3.

    My other son has skates less than 1 year old and says after about 20 minutes, especially if standing around at practice a lot, will start hurting.  He has flat feet and I'm going to have him try the Superfeet too but there's gotta be a simple explanation if the symptom is the same... both feet bottoms hurt.  Is that where it hurts if the skate is too small?  I'm not sure.  All the guy at the store said was maybe bake them with the Superfeet in.  Other insight/recommendations?

    What kind of pain are they feeling? Is it a sharp pain or more like an ache? Sometimes, tying a skate too tight can put pressure down on the arch, which will cause pain in the bottom of the foot. 

  7. 3 hours ago, nutters said:

    Few years ago when I was shopping between the 3X Pro and FT4, the eyelets were what kept me with CCM, despite being told that Bauer corrected the issues.

    I think I've replaced 12 eyelets in 2.5 years, so I sorta wish I tried the newer injected eyelets.

    Be thankful you can replace an eyelet, as it's a very simple task.  Otherwise, "fixing" a skate with injected facings is a nightmare. 

  8. 22 hours ago, Cove said:

    Im planning to buy a LA retro set of warrior gear but not sure how to size out the pants. I remember the old Franchise pants were massive and essentially a whole size up. I want a FT6 retail pant in large and the size is perfect. I have the option for either medium in the QRE line or Large in the Alpha line. I cant find a store that has warrior pants locally so Im going into this dark. Any info on how the two pants fit would be awesome, thanks guys.

    I am between a medium and large in the FT6 Pro pant, and wear a medium QRE pant, which fits perfect. The Alpha pant is a little more loose, so a medium in it feels big for me. I am 5 '11' 170 lbs with a 33” waist. 

  9. 6 hours ago, pgeorgan said:

    Why is that funny. Seems like they're just responding to market conditions and market demand. Honestly I doubt it's a large percentage of either companies profits, but if people want to pay through the nose for a different foam padding, so be it. 

    In my opinion, they should just do what the goalie market has been doing for years, which is offer total customization for no extra cost. The gear already costs a fortune, and people pay it. The fact that player skates don't use a similar model just tells me the demand isn't there. Most players just aren't that picky. 

    When I had the store in Vegas, I would charge customers the same price for a total custom skate as I would for a top tier retail model. I made a little less on the sale, but then I didn't have to carry as many items in stock for inventory, and the customer got custom skates for the same cost. IMO, everyone wins in situations like this. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Westside said:

    Just noticed that the dial on one of my FT6 Pro skates cracked. I’ve heard this happen to others, but I can’t find a replacement part locally or online. This is the newer/larger dial and everyone only sells the smaller dial. 

    I’ve reached out to CCM and am waiting to hear back. I don’t plan on swapping steel before my next game and I hope it will stay in place, but it’s still concerning and needs to be repaired. 

    Does anyone know where to buy the updated dials? 


    It seems all replacements sold are the v1 dial and not the more recently updated pro stock dial. I have a few extra dials from pro stock holders, if your pin and spring are still good.


  11. 5 hours ago, drmFF33 said:

    Anyone have any info on the ‘pro custom’ option mentioned in page 14?


    What would you like to know? It explains everything on the document. 

    The second tier, PRO CUSTOM, allows the player to fully customize the specs of their skates, just like the pros. Here, they will have quarter-size length options for each foot, as well as ankle padding, eyelets, facing, toe caps, stretching, holders, steel, tongue, color, and personalization options. 

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  12. 8 hours ago, BenBreeg said:

    TBH, buying footbeds separate seems like an upsell when you are in the store.  If their position is the skate would be best with it, the skate should come with it, especially as you get to the higher price points.

    When my son was in youth and junior skates, the Pure associate would automatically bring over Superfeet and try to upsell them.  So a parent is buying $200ish skates and here comes a kid telling them, “they really should get these because the stock footbed isn’t that good”, by the way, that adds another 25% to your total.


    Like in most sale associate roles, workers are spoon-fed that upselling is for the benefit of the customer, hence why Pure will try to sell customers skate insoles and "Level 2" sharpening. 

    17 hours ago, pgeorgan said:

    I, too, prefer the Speedplate. A custom orthotic in the way of a Speedplate would be preferred. I did try the True orthotic when I demoed a pro stock pair of their top custom line. I did not really care for it. 

    I think TRUE should have gone with a significantly stiffer insole that compliments the design of the skate and provides more feedback. TRUE skates are known for providing players a very connected feel, and the new insole seems to dampen that feedback. This is counterintuitive.  

  13. 57 minutes ago, pgeorgan said:

    Ya the reddit post alluded to custom orthotics, and the link to Aetrex from @mojo122 seems to confirm. I might have a use case for that, but to be honest the Speedplate 2.0 is very very nice imo. 

    Edit: looking at the document from @VegasHockey, the orthotics actually look pretty cool when paired with the Aetrex. I did not realize the base of the Aetrex was soft and conforms to your foot. Although you have 3 options of orthotics, so if you've been skating long enough you can probably guess which one you'd need. 

    Bauer wants to move into the orthotic market as they feel the Speed Plate didn't get the market share penetration they expected.

    I personally like the Speed Plate as it provides great feedback, and dislike soft orthotics.

    TRUE also has a new orthotic which is nice, but It's also too soft for my liking.

    However, I think the general population prefer soft orthotics... 

  14. On 4/23/2024 at 5:33 AM, Yardelm said:

    Old thread but do you have pics of the Pasta still? Debating either the Kuch or Pasta MyBauer.

    Does anyone know if they even play differently? 

    They are honestly both so similar, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference in person if someone didn't point out that it wasn't the same curve. 

  15. 1 hour ago, JAY4114 said:

    How much better is the 8's puck feel than the 7? Does that new insert give better feedback through the whole blade or just the heel? I'm using a 7 non pro right now and sometimes it is hard to tell where the puck is if it isn't on the heel. I never have that problem with nexus sticks. 

    T8P has better feel than the T7P, but many people have reported the blade is not very durable. 

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  16. 22 hours ago, Goon said:

    Has anyone noticed that the Powerfly holder has more of a flat pitch than the previous Tuuk LS Edge holder?

    Just switched to Vapor X5 Pro skates from my previous Vapor APX ones and I’ve had to add a heel shim to adjust the pitch as I kept feeling like I’m leaning backwards. 

    I’m assuming it’s the holder anyway. Not sure why else there would be a pitch difference when staying with the Vapor line. Blade profile is the same between the skates. 

    Pitch is the same

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