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  1. 7 minutes ago, JimmyTheDriver said:

    I’m 175 lbs and it’s a top model skate.  But yeah it’s similar to that.

    I am the same weight, but I do not think the skates themselves are that stiff right?  I just remember having this issue on my old inline skates, but have not experienced that since. In my inline skates basically once it happened it just kept getting worse. My stride is better now too and I do not really fold forward as I used to on inline skates.

  2. On 12/23/2019 at 6:14 PM, GunnarStahl said:

    After skating my whole life in skates that never fit properly and putting up with the pain, I decided to go with some Trues. I took them for a spin today at sticks and pucks, and all I can say is HOLY SMOKES. Without repeating too much what a bunch of others have said about their skates fitting like a glove, these babies are a gamechanger. A few impressions:

    • I normally used 5/8" ROH and went with the recommendation to go one cut bigger to 3/4". So glad I went with 3/4" as the skates turned on a dime and I would have had crazy blade chatter on turns with 5/8".
    • I put my foot in the skates with the top three eyelets open but couldn't thread the eyelet with the laces because the tongue/skate was so snug. Ended up keeping them fully laced and pulled the tongue out as far as it could to get my foot in. Probably worth getting a shoehorn.
    • Minor arch pain at first but it went away after about 30 minutes.
    • I am used to the neutral stance of CCM holders and was cautious with forward pitch of the True holders. The initial awkwardness on the ice only lasted 10 minutes tops and I eventually grew to appreciate the forward pitch especially skating backwards.
    • The new lightweight tongue is more robust than the pictures look and really molds to your upper ankle. The wrap is super tight. The tongue edge dug into my ankle a little towards the end of skating but was nothing more than a minor annoyance.

    I can't imagine ever going back to retail skates.

    Some tips on the tongue - you can push the tongue out and slide the laces under it for the last 3 holes. This is what I use to lace up.

    I also had to use a heat gun to loosen up a bit the wrap of the skate so I can get my foot in. I tied my skates a bit too hard on the first bake.

  3. 53 minutes ago, z1ggy said:

    Anybody try these out yet? I get megggaaa sweaty feet, so I do want to do something other than air dry. I have no choice but to put mine in my garage which has no ventilation at all. All I do now is tip them upside down and unlace a little bit. 

    I use these for ski boots and true skates. Seems to work well, but I never ran a comparison with or without. 

  4. On 4/12/2019 at 5:55 AM, BenBreeg said:

    Intresting that while pointing out one (potential) shortcoming in their test methodology claims are bring made that while may sound common sense are likewise backed up by no data (or at least no data presented).

    Exactly, a lot of nonsense in this thread. The study is clear in its methods and some helmets are clearly dog shit. Preventing concussions is not an easy job and not exact science, but doing a study like this and validating some of these helmets is a great start. They use clear definitions and clear data points that you can measure. Saying that they do not apply in real world is nonsense.  

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  5. 9 hours ago, Sniper9 said:

    I currently own retail CCM as1s and have had them for just shy of three months. I play roughly once a week and although the last few ice times have been fairly competitive as I was in a tournament and also beer league playoffs. 

    My last skates were Trues that were Rock solid after 1.5 years. Ended up selling them to get the as1s (which I now regret)  Prior to that were Bauer one100s that lasted me 7 years.  

    My as1s have taken a beating and it shows with gashes and scratches etc. That part doesn't bother me but today I noticed a small 1/2 inch dent in the inside of my right heel. I felt it and that area is soft and I can push slightly. The surrounding composite is still hard but I have no idea how this happened. If I blocked a shot I would have remembered, but it could've been a a clearing attempt or shot that wasn't very hard but hard enough to cause the damage. 

    I also noticed that although the boot itself is still pretty stiff when I handle it, when on my feet it feels like it's flexing a lot more than when it was new. I'm only 165 lbs so I'm not a heavy guy. I heard from my uncle that the CCM skates just don't hold up as he has seen a lot of minor hockey kids' CCM skates that donye even last a season. I didn't think this would be an issue for me as I play once a week. 

    Just wondering if this is the general consensus with ccms skates, particularly the as1 and ft1.  I know part of the ft2 marketing is that they state they are more durable so this makes me think CCM.is aware of the issue at least with the ft1?

    My skates are still under warranty by about a week but Im not going to bother going through the warranty process and get new skates since I did spend a lot of time making these fit perfectly. 

    PS. These skates have only been baked once and spot heated in areas not related to the area of concern. No punching etc either. 

    What are some advantages of the CCMs over trues?

  6. 7 minutes ago, Healthyscratch said:

    Hi all,

    I seem to recall suggestions about putting clamps around ankle area when baking trues? 

    Is that a thing? 


    Also, general advice / tips when going through baking process? Anything outside the norm? Going to have them done at the store but I just want to make sure I get it right.



    I would tie them very loose. especially near the top, because if you get them too tight as they are very moldable after the bake, you will have a hard time getting your foot inside of them - since they do not move. Also get a shoehorn.

    As  a Side note - anyone have issues with clicking noise from the holder and the runner? I cant seem to get rid of the blade movement.

  7. Got my True here are some pictures after about 12-14 games: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1q9ZsUlaNzR8PKoO-dFKvCvsA_Dfzp8V1?usp=sharing


    Issues: I watched and read all the comments/videos in here and STILL I over tightened my laces on the skates on the 1st bake. Hurt so bad trying to get into them since there is ZERO flex of the boot. Re baked them and it got better, but I had to use a heat gun and spot heat the 4th lace from the top and bend it out. Also, got two tongues and the shot blocker tongue I think is too thick for my liking. I also found out that I have a muscle bump on my right foot that was having issues getting into the skates - once heat spotted the area - getting in is not an issue. 

    Comfort: The skate came correct size, my foot-bed is exact size as my old skates. I can just graze with my toe the toebox, but after i heel kick - no longer can touch it. I have zero foot movement and zero negative space. I felt really weird with the tongue being in the toebox at first. Moved it out and it felt empty - so now I am like 70% tongue in my toebox. Really like that feeling now as my toes have a bit of wiggle but still feel locked in place and tucked. 

    Protection: I got shot blockers built in and can say that I have lost all fear about blocking shots. I mean 100% worth the shot blockers.(i used to wear plastic wraps)

    Performance: You do feel the tilt at first but I got used to it really fast and love the absolute solid boot. I do not think this is a "TRUE" thing but anytime you use a stiff boot you get that awesome performance. Biggest gains are from the stiff boot and zero negative space. 

    Looks: I almost went with CCM jetspeeds customs just cuz of the looks - BUT true has now grown on me hardcore. I love the low key look. 

    Overall: I hated the tongue in my toebox at first, but really liked that I can adjust it to the way I like it (did not even know I like having the tongue in my toeboex -sounds dirty but yeah). Had tons of pain getting into them after 1st bake - had to heat spot to fix it. Overall - love them. It is really awesome to get into the boot and just feel the comfy grip that the skate takes over your foot. Most comfortable skate I have had yet.  Might get superfeet/bauer plates to avoid arch bending but has not been an issue for me. 

    Note - I never had any comfort issues with any of the cheaper skates I have owned (Bauer/Easton). Only got True because I can afford it and needed new skates. We have about 7 guys in True on my team now over last 6 months. 

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  8. After reading 189 pages of this thread - it seems clear that who ever fits you makes a big difference and true needs a better tracking status website. 

    It would be great to get info on your scan with stats about the skate you are getting... measurement of your foot (lengths and width) that scan picked up, expected holder size, boot weight..etc - all should be available online after the scan is received and updated based on progress of the build. One day....

    Since we cannot speak to the person making the skate, it is sometimes worrisome to get scanned and pray the boot comes back awesome. I can only compare this to a suit fitting and while that is done in person I have had to make edits to my suit plenty of times after it comes back until its perfect. 

    Having said that - I cannot wait for mine to come so I can joint he cult. 

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