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  1. thanks for the advice i'll check them out.. any other shoulder pads that have adjustable shoulder caps?
  2. Your feet seem somewhat similar to mine, except for the volume.. Narrow heel while the forefoot is wide. I have the widest part in the joint where the big to fastens.. I also find that vapors in D width lock my heel in really nice, while the forefoot is to narrow and really kill the big toe joint. I still bougth the vapors an baked/punched the myself. Acctually, i didn't really punch em, instead i put 3 layers of Compeed blister plaster on the big toe joint bump and 1 layer cloth tape. This made my feet like 3mm wider on the widest part, than they actually are. Then i baked the skates and had them on for like 20mins. Now there's plenty of room for the big toe bump joint. And the skates are really comfy.
  3. Hi guys.. After 2 years off from hockey due to a knee injury i'm now making a comeback On the ice. Since i couldn't skate, i spent more time in the gym instead, which has resulted in shoulder and elbow pad shrinkage ? .. Since i'm only 5'11 tall i cant go any bigger than XL, or the lower part of the shoulders will interfear with the pants and the bicep guards interfear with elbows so... Iv'e tried a few different pads in XL, but the shoulder cap seem end up on top of my shoulders while the bicep guard sits on the outside of my shoulder which leaves the bicep/triceps unprotected ?... So.. I'm looking for wide fitting shoulder pads.. Sher-wood and Bauer classics fit nice because of the lace-up front and back but they lack protection in the chest. And i play D so... Any suggestions? Stop eating or stop lifting weights is not an option.
  4. Hi guys! Found some "new old stock" ccm tacks in my size online. I love the old tacks models so i cant pass on this opportunity. It's 1 pair of 652's with the classic white wedge in the heel. The other is a pair of Vakutacks 852's. The Only issue with them are that they do not seem to have any width marking on them. However they do have this other code. Like a batch nr. I have never seen a marking like this before so.. Could it be a old width marking, batch nr or what? Here are the markings: 652's: xd9707 DA 852's: Dz1560 RD Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, the league is SEL (Swedish elite league) and the Team is Luleå Hockey (my favourite team).. They are sponsored by Bauer (5 SEL teams sponsored by bauer, 7 by RBK/CCM).. Anyone who want to use a stick/skates/gloves from a different brand, has to pay for the stuff themselves..
  6. Only 9 jerseys so far, but... Vancouver Canucks 95-96 Replica Pavel Bure Lulea Hockey 99-00 (SEL) Replica Nordsjaelland cobras 06-07 (Danish league) Replica Duisburg Füchse 07-08 (DEL) Replica RedBull Salzburg 07-08 (Austrian league) Replica Oulun Karpat 06-07 (SM-liiga) Replica Hull Stingrays 07-08 (Eliteleague UK) Replica Phoenix Roadrunners 3rd 06-07 Replica Ufa Salavat Yulayev 06-07 (RHL) Game worn (Alexei Semenov)
  7. Cant wait to try on a pair of V10 shins, they look really nice. But i better start stocking up on some HT2/652/552 helmets, now when some idiot at CCM decided to ditch them
  8. I bought one yesterday and put it on my Sher-wood TXD. I didn't like it at all. The grip felt thick and wierd, and it's weight changed the balance of the stick totally.. I'm going back to cloth tape covered with powerflex tape.
  9. Hes from Sweden so they have less available products so they can charge more. not only that, we also have 25% tax put on.. It's a bit cheaper to order from US, but the customs does most likely put on the tax (25%) and customs fees. Then you would end up paying almost the same price as if you ordered inside Sweden..
  10. it's kinda strange. The website i ordered them from, had them pictured with the red plastic around, but my skates had a black plastic edge around the outsole. When i first opened the box, i thought they had sent me XXX's instead of XIX's. I didn't know they were available with the black plastic.. I'm really glad i bought the vapors, they fit perfectly right out of the box. No need to bake them..
  11. ] My new skates. got them for $371 (2499SEK), retail price was $654 (4399SEK)
  12. I promised some members that i would post a pic of my sligthly modifies sholderpads.. So, here you go.. ]My Webpage CCM 652's with sher-wood 5030 shoulder caps.. The best of 2 worlds :D Edit: the caps are not mismounted. My right shoulder are a bit more forward rotated/smaller due to a old injury in the rotator cuff. So it is supposed to be a little off.
  13. Yes there is. Atleast in Europe. Flexlite 20 replaces the 12, and the 18 replaces the 10's.. It's kinda funny that we have different stuff over here..
  14. does anyone know why there are different lines of sticks/shafts/blades depending on where you live? For example, here in Sweden we dont have the One90 or One50 shaft, instead we have a shaft called One60 which has the same color sheme as the One70 stick. Then we have a shaft called Vapor Pro-lite, which i not have seen in the nikebauer catalouge posted on MSH. Then, we dont have the VIII stick or the VII. Instead we got sticks called Vapor Pro-lite and Vapor Streak TI.. Why is this?
  15. A small part of my stuff... Skates Shins Gloves Helmet Blade/shaft combo + shaft The shoulder pad & Girdle are at dry-cleaning..
  16. Helmet - CCM 652 (HT2) Visor/Cage - None Shoulder - Sher-wood 5030 Pants - Jofa 7500 girdle + Jofa 7500 shell Elbow - Jofa ASD 8000 Shin - Jofa JDP 6070 Jock - Jofa 830 Gloves - Koho Revolution 700 -98 (with new palms) Stick - Salming Strike shaft + Easton hybrid blade, CCM vector 6,0 shaft + Easton hybrid blade, CCM ops vector 8,0 (Easton blade pattern "sakic", CCM "sakic clone") Skates - CCM Tacks 852, Bauer Supreme 3000
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