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  1. 23 hours ago, mojo122 said:

    What specifically are you looking for?  Are you looking for changes from your current customs.  With all the top end skates at custom now composite I don't know whether less stiff than retail is something that Bauer can do as part of the MyBauer Custom Program?  The Ribcor 100K might be something you might want to explore.

    Oh. I am not looking for anything...  just trying to answer the original poster who wanted to adjust the fit of the skate.  Eventually tho I will need to replace mine and the issue will be my inside ankle bone which sits very far forward.


  2. 9 hours ago, mojo122 said:

    Disagree....depends on what the customer is looking for and how well the retailer/fitter documents it.

    That looks like an Excel spreadsheet for MyBauer Customs and not the Pro Custom one.

    @mojo122 Tom, will they make sizing alterations?   

  3. On 3/14/2022 at 1:45 PM, pgeorgan said:

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but wanted to ask:

    Does the MyBauer customization process do anything to eliminate negative space? I have Fit 1 Hyperlites currently and before that I had 2x Pro and then 1x Pro 2.0, D-width.

    I've noticed that, likely due to Bauer's new method of making skates built around their in-store scans for better off-the-shelf fit, my Hyperlites, while great in fit actually have more negative space than my old 1x Vapors. 

    In fact, I have old 1s goalie skates that have even less negative space than the last two iterations of vapor player skates (goalie is my original position but have since transitioned away). 

    I love my Hyperlites, but I've found that its hard to get consistent tightening and I'm constantly retying them on the bench. On days where I get the tie I want, the skates are really dialed in. I'm frustrated with the inconsistency since the amount of variation in my confidence and performance on these days is night and day. 

    To be clear, I'm not saying the skates aren't *tight*, I'm saying that the overall shape of the boot relative to my foot varies from skate to skate. I believe this has to do with the excess negative space. And since I'm already using a Fit 1, I do not know how else I would go about reducing negative space in the overall boot. 

    It really is a great-fitting boot for off the shelf, I just want to shrink it a little...

    Seems like you are not really getting an answer here.  To the best of my knowledge the MyBauer customization changes are fairly cosmetic.. .tounge, liners etc...   they do not change the fit.

  4. I have seen the same thing, albeit to a much lesser degree by us.  There are handful or teams and a handful of guys that are like that.  There is one team in my division I hate playing against because there are guys who think they are playing checking league and only want to hurt you.  And then God forbid you bump them back they act like you assaulted them and then want to fight.  Not a good group.  The refs are "meh" in terms of controlling play.  That said, its not quite as bad as your experience.  On my teams we have the same guys, very consistent and we treat each other with respect. I am the captain but lack the experience that others do so I never tell anyone how to play, I just organized things and leave the "coaching" to the better players.  

    I guess my point is you have some options...  find a team or league you are happier with for one.  You can also find organized pickups.. I fill in on two and they are lots of fun... great guys.

    Good luck, you are doing this ti have fun and if you are not having fun you really need to make a change.


  5. 5 hours ago, shoot_the_goalie said:

    Sparx Fire is ok.  Nothing revolutionary.  It's not better than FBV, but I switched to it cause the convenience of the Sparx vs hand sharpening on a Blackstone was worth it enough to me.  FBV has better glide, but not THAT much better.  Give and take.

    Thanks... I need to find a place to get sharpened on a Fire ring and try it out.


  6. 7 hours ago, start_today said:

    I’ve heard some people say FBV loses an edge easier than ROH, and I’ve also heard people say that it’s more resistant to dings and bumps and holds an edge better/longer. 

    Is there any truth to either?  

    I've been in FBV for about 7 years now and I think in this regard its more or less the same...  way too much is made of that IMHO.  

  7. 5 hours ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    I used to use it til my son knocked my skate off the hook in the garage and I didn't find out til day of a game and couldn't get to anyplace that used it.  I switched back to a regular hollow and now use some sort of flare/fire thingy that my friend at Pure did for me.

    I have considered trying the Sparx Fire.....  need to demo it first tho.  If I liked it I'd buy the sparx but I havent heard amazing things about the Fire ring and I love my FBV.  Hand sharpened by the master himself... @JR Boucicaut


  8. On 11/8/2021 at 4:48 PM, calixguy18 said:


    Related note, I've been hit in the foot at least 4 times in the feet in the past month where I'd maybe get hit once per season in the past. Has everyone forgotten how to elevate the puck with all the time off lol? 

    We got smarter...   High shots = easy saves and no rebounds 

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  9. On 11/4/2021 at 8:02 PM, calixguy18 said:

    Have you used these? Any idea how they compare to the skate fenders?

    Yes, I use them.  I found that by molding them myself I was able to get a better fit than the skate fenders.  Protection is just as good.  I have had both.

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  10. 23 minutes ago, xstartxtodayx said:

    They do look good, I'm on my way to converting you 🤣  I won my game on the other rink 4-1 with a goal and an assist, must've been the yellow laces.  If you guys ever need a fill  in let me know, you'll get a ton of photos in return lol

    I'd love that!!  Adding a 20th skater to my roster!  #beerleaguedomination #signeveryplayer

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