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  1. Dammit if I don't make that look soooooo good!!!! Nice job on the pics Jon. We beat their asses 10-4~!
  2. It just takes time getting used to wearing gear. Its not one thing or another... it's just different. Keep at it. You will be ok.
  3. Take a look at these.... I've been using them for years. https://www.amazon.com/Vitalsox-Italy-Patented-Compression-VT1211-Large/dp/B004BKIPW0?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1
  4. I had a similar experience when I tried to go from softer skates to composite. Frankly I think they were too stiff for me. @puckpilot might be on the right track with this.
  5. Keep working at it!!!! I'be scared to be off my thinners too... scary shit. (5 stents)
  6. Best of luck on your recovery. I had arthroscopic labral repair and the bone shaved down so thats nothing like what you are going through. Keep us posted.
  7. That was given to the Bauer rep. by @JR Boucicaut
  8. I am exactly the same... @JR Boucicaut got me to try FBV and profiling and now I'm hooked like a crack addict.
  9. Like anything else I will reserve judgement until I get to feel it on the ice. The conjecture is kinda silly IMHO. Blackstone has a reputation as an industry leader and they are clearly aware that things are moving in the direction of being automated. I think this all bodes well for the product. I am intrigued.
  10. One of the reasons I will ride my Nexus V-cuts (Tech Mesh) into their grave is that skates today are too stiff. I need that forward flex and when I have demoed the newer, ultra stiff skates, I can't skate in them at all.
  11. Happy B-Day 2021!!! Thanks @JR Boucicaut for all you do! Cant wait to see everyone soon!
  12. That is horrific and so sad and, in my opinion a freak injury. I'd venture a guess that this is a very rare occurrence and also that anyone in your league shooting the puck wouldn't be able to shoot that hard anyway. There are other things to worry about. The 150 is an excellent helmet as well.
  13. As many of you know I had some significant heart issues this year. Three procedures leading to 5 stents. It took a bit but I’ve been really doing well now and am back on the ice and feeling great. Now today got more good news. Sonogram showed the blockages of my carotid artery dropped from 20% to 10%. Can apply that same 50% drop to the arteries feeding my heart. So happy the dietary changes and meds have worked. I feel like I’ve got my life back!!
  14. I have 5 sets of new unopened steel from STEP. After I get to those and wear them out I am going to retire from hockey.
  15. The one time I played outside I also wore my base layer and then finished outside. It was brutally cold. One of rinks is making people dress outside. Lame.
  16. I heard that but the mitts really match my jersey nicely!!!
  17. So as soon as we started up one of my teams just had a game cancelled. A day worker at the rink tested positive and now the rink shut down for the weekend. Grrrrrrr On another note, and more pertinent to the thread, whatever hands I had are GONE!! I am stone hands. We destroyed some team that was placed in our division and my guys kept trying to set me up for a goal.... I think I blew 15 chances. Jeez.... anyone know how to develop better hands?? Can I buy a pair?
  18. So our league returned to play a couple of weeks ago and its great to be back on the ice. I had skated in a couple of clinics and shoot arounds but it was really a full year since I had played a game. That first game had my head spinning!!! We played a big, fast team and I felt like I had no idea where to be or what to do. My transitions and change of direction were really clunky. After a few games though its pretty much ok. Frankly I am surprised how quickly it came back. Now that I am vaccinated I have also been able to drop the mask. What have been your experiences?
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