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  1. I did go out and buy the Bauer mask and I like it more than the CCM. It Is lighter and easier to breathe. Certainly worth a look.
  2. Check out my review on the Vapor 2X pro shoulder pads. Very light. Very happy wearing them.
  3. hahaha!!!! Hard pass there man..... That's like the Great Gazoo!!!
  4. Bauer 2X Pro Shoulder Pad Review Background: I am a D or E level player who is lucky enough to play in a C division so I can be embarrassed by better players. I play forward on the C team and I also play defense on an E team. I have been playing for 20 years having started on ice at 34. I have coached up to the JV and Varsity level and have my level 4 USA Hockey coaching card. Previous Equipment: I don’t want to go back too far but for the last 4 years or so I have been wearing modified Sher-Wood 9950s. I sewed Farrell cubes and other padding into the back and front of the pads for increased protection. I had always searched for the lowest profile pads I could find and these were great. I still I have them and they are still great, but I am looking for added protection as I am finding myself avoiding contact. Prior to that I wore the red CCM U+ Pro pads. Amazing and protective although I found them pretty heavy…. Probably the best pads ever made but I gave them away. Oh well. I had planned to look at the JetSpeeds but they did not have my size. Honestly at 5’10” 191lbs I would have thought I was a large but none of the brands at Pure were available in XL except for these. Fit/Mobility – 9/10 As stated before, I am 5’10” 191lbs and these are an XL. Frankly I would have thought I would wear a large but the large was too tight and restrictive and the Velcro lower straps were way too snug. I find the shoulder caps fit me perfectly and I am pretty broad guy. The back lies nice and flat and the chest stays in place when skating. Bauer calls these pads it’s “tapered” fit and it is a fairly loose and comfortable fit up top and does get narrower but not by much. If you have a big belly you might struggle with the lower Velcro straps on this pad. The pads are fully segmented and assist in range of motion. The sternum plate and padding floats over the lower foam padding. The back is also segmented so that the spine plate will move as the under pads stay in place. One interesting feature on this pad regarding fit is that the bicep straps are a one piece stretch mesh and you have to slide your arm in. There is a Velcro adjustment to tighten it if you wish but I just leave mine alone and they are ok. A word of warning here… if you are totally jacked these might be a bit tight. There are two areas you can customize your fit. There is a bicep guard length adjustment, and you can remove the belly pad. For me I left both as is. I found the fit to be quite comfortable – surprisingly so. I’m going to take a point off for short Velcro straps. Protection - 7/10 The pads feature a plastic sternum plate that some have described as cumbersome. There is also some critique that Bauer did not use Curv composite in this area – especially for the price. I do not disagree with that but as a protective measure the plastic works just fine. It is also not a problem while playing but yeah, Curv would have been nice. I have taken a stick across the chest and didn’t feel a thing so that’s good. No shots in that spot yet. There is medium density foam chest underlayer segmented below the plastic sternum guard. I’d like a bit more density and protection on the outside of the chest on the lower padding that sits under the sternum plate on the outside as that’s where I tend to get hit. Maybe they could have built in some higher density foams or Curv to “armor” it up but as you will see below this pad, while quite protective, is all about weight. The shoulder caps are exposed, lightweight high-density foam. To be honest they look a bit oversized – perhaps to compensate for the foam density. CCMs D3O is much better than these and as a result they are thinner. I have not taken a spill into the boards yet so I cannot tell you how they will really hold up, but I do think they will do the job. The caps are made this way for weight savings and I think the tradeoff is worth it. The bicep guard is great and has the Curv composite here for added protection over some light foams. The back padding is interesting. They use a super high-density foam here like the old CCM Crazy Light pads. Good solid protection for that area and a lightweight spinal protection piece. The spine protection is a “meh” for me. I’ve been in pads built like tanks like Easton Stealth’s and CCM U+ Pro and you’d get cross checked and laugh. These are “fine”, but you will feel the big hit. I am going to drop 3 points on this category for the lack of Curv on the sternum guard, the lack of thicker protection on the outside of the upper chest and the weaker spine guard. Weight – 10/10 OK…. Here is what Bauer is all about with this pad. It is the lightest pad on the market since the CCM Crazy Light and in my opinion, more protective at the same time. If you are bear leaguer or elite level player and hate getting weighed down by your pads give the 2X Pro a good solid look. Durability – 9/10 I would be concerned here in two areas. The shoulder caps are stitched on directly through the foams. To be honest I am not sure how this will hold up over time. I’m gonna drop a point off the rating here. The other area is purely cosmetic so no point deduction, but the graphics are kind of cheaply painted in some areas. Conclusion I am very happy with this purchase. I would have liked to have had a chance to try on the JetSpeeds in my size, but I am quite pleased thus far. As I get more games and a few more impacts under my belt I will update if needed. If these had Curv on the sternum and spine then these pads would be a homerun. As it stands my big reservation is the cost. At $199 USD that is a ton of money for shoulder pads when the best feature is the weight. For this money I’d want light weight and the added projection of additional Curv composite and some D3O style foams. Total Score: 35/40
  5. Here ya go!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CCM-Supra-M-SP901-Hockey-Lower-Back-Pad-with-SP999-Harness-Adult-Large/303545196477
  6. It's more than just rumors that he will be offered a FO position. JD confirmed it. No way he plays again. Very sad but his health is what's important. Amazing he was able to play as long as he did. I am sure it was closely monitored.
  7. Just really hate this... I understand it but these jerseys are sacred to me and that's what's next. They also totally REPLACED the team logo on the helmet. Thats a bad sign to me It also brings teams closer to the commercial pressures of sponsors. I know they already are but this gets us even closer.
  8. I don't know the CCM model but I am pretty sure that the Agility was an SMU based off the Vapor 10 line. I can't tell for sure how "high" up the food chain that model was though.
  9. I think it depends on. how used the stick is. I have bought and sold used elite level sticks that have had plenty of life in them. I think a real pro is more likely to break down a stick than a beer leaguer. Most adult league players don't really flex that stick the way it's intended and it probably has plenty of life left in it. I wouldn't shy away from that value. To me the real value is in the new pro stocks tho.
  10. I play both.... when you are as bad as I am you need to use every tool in your toolbox.
  11. keep us posted!!! Thinking of you!
  12. Look at it the opposite way... next time I need to clear space in front of the net for myself.....
  13. I take off the end cap and leave it open... I like it open to be honest. I put a wood extender in once and I hated the way it felt.
  14. It's all ball bearings these days!!!! Best movie EVER!111 That said.. overall doing better. Still need to heal but I am hopeful this is it for cardiac issues for a while.
  15. still funny....and IMHO still telling!
  16. Totally love that True is posting their skates with the Tuuk holder on FB!!! LOL... even they know which holder is better!!
  17. Make me an offer!! They are in really good shape. No rips or tears. I haven't used them much and now that I lost weight they don't fit. Hoping this link works.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/381304249848289/
  18. THANKS BUD! Had the procedure yesterday. The stented the distal artery - something they don't usually do. Apparently its really low down and they say people don't typically feel effects from blockages there (it was also only 70% blocked). For any of you that know me though, I am far from typical so yea, of course it impacted me!! The procedure went well and I actually do feel a bit different and better today. Hopefully that's not just my brain convincing me of that and this is it! Fingers crossed!! I am optimistic this morning!
  19. if you are worried exchange it.. why take the risk with that kind of$$
  20. is that a fused shaft? Glue maybe? Perhaps some loose carbon weave?
  21. Eagle used to do customs at a very fair price. Not sure they still do.
  22. Ok... 4 weeks post 4th sent (2nd angioplasty) and now I am going back again. Just don't feel right. This really f-ing sucks. Hope 3rd times a charm.
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