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  1. CL, not eBay. http://denver.craigslist.org/spo/1453459534.html
  2. It's absolutely douchebaggery, and for the most part ragging the puck in you own end is pathetic and breaking an unwritten rule, you just need to throw an intense fore-check at them. The biggest offense is turning away from a breakaway. There is a difference between not running up the score and rubbing it in. That would be considered douchebaggery at its finest. Have they ever heard of just dumping it in and sending one forechecker and drop four back in D? That's what we usually end up doing if we ever get up by that much or try to get the ppl who don't score a lot of goals some chances at shots on net. As for the breakaway he should have skated it in and shot at the goalies chest or "missed the net" if they didn't want to look like douchebags. I was just about to say shoot six-hole on the breakaway. Machinehead beat me to it. For the record, my wife (who watches but doesn't play) just asked me what I was typing. After explaining the breakaway turnaround even SHE says it's not cool. She also laughed at douchewaffles.
  3. This auction caught my eye because it was only one glove. After reading the description, "Signed by a player" is what I found amusing. It's signed by a number 15. Anyone able to make out the name? Added: There's another glove listed by the same seller. #21. I can't make out the name. 2nd Glove
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/T-Grand-Hockey-Pants-N...id=p3286.c0.m14 T Grand has to be the brand because it's written on the tag, right?
  5. Dig is one of my favourite pre-game psych-up songs. Play it loud on your way to the rink and you're itching to hit the ice.
  6. I Mother Earth. I'm listening to Scenery & Fish right now. I forgot what a great disc it is from start to finish. Used to be Alright still pops up on some of my old mixes when I'm driving. Great throwback.
  7. Not really a hole... just normal wear and tear. A hole would be all the way through the palm. That looks like a hole through the first layer of palm to me. Even if it isn't worn through yet, it will be. Do Vapor XX's have dual layers on the palm? As a lefty, I'd consider them if i was in the market for gloves.
  8. Lol, saw those too. I sniped a pair of 14" Jofa shins and a pair of Jofa elbows. Maybe off topic, but what size does Zdeno Chara use? Couldn't imagine him using even 19 inchers Must be leftovers from Manute Bol's charity game a couple years ago. :D
  9. The tape job looks pretty similar to the one at 1:44 of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSMjIY7YxCM It's a Bauer, but I can't make out the model.
  10. A gas card is nice in the short term, but let them get you something you'll have for a while. My parents bought my brothers and me watches when we graduated. I still have the watch 15 years later. It's not engraved or anything, but it's still my Grad Watch and it reminds me of high school and my parents. Rustpot, where do you live? That fast food place looks like it could be the back of Molly's Reach. Your picture sent me straight to youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FteZimbz59I...073&index=0
  11. It went unsold so something backfired. Maybe the plan was to SRS four pieces into one full length shaft.
  12. I agree. I just think $165 for some short composite pieces seems high. IDK, maybe they'd work with plugs or something.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/Hockey-Shafts-8_W0QQit...%3A1|240%3A1318 Even though he explained the shipping in the Question & Answer section, how long can some of those be?
  14. Helmet: Bauer 4000 with Itech HS22 Shoulders: DR Centurion Elbows: Ferland F30 Pants: Hespeler Vintage Shins: RBK 4k Gloves: Skrastins' Eagles from the Av's equipment sale Skates: Someone's Graf 709's from the Av's equipment sale Sticks: RBK 9K0 + RBK 7k ($45 for the pair on CL), Warrior Dolemite, converted TPS with a Christian comp blade
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/Franklin-SH-COMP-186-H...%3A1|240%3A1318 Knee or Elbow? Regardless, they say 165, not 186, so maybe the wrong picture?
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