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Found 103 results

  1. So I have Bauer one.9 and the tongue is taking up to much volume in the skate to the point where it is very to much to tuck behind my shin guard. Anyone have any tips or any ideas where I could purchase a different skate tongue? Thanks for for the help as always.
  2. Can't find skates that fit my big feet so it looks like I'm going to take the plunge and go custom. Living in Houston TX I don't think I can get anyone for a proper fit. Might have to drive to Dallas? Any recommendations on where to go. I've been reading and reading on how important it is to have a knowledgeable fitter. Thanks!
  3. Just bought MX3 skates from Hockeymonkey, but the two side is with different runners!!! the left skate is with fusion runner, that is correct, however, the right side is with S.stainless runner! what is that?? I have never heard/seen this kind of runner, especially they are edge type( for Bauer edge holder), any one know about it??
  4. I'm in the market for new boots and beginning to look around the web for deals. A couple pairs have jumped out at me and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them. The first pair are the Reebok XT Pro Pump. They're under 200 bucks now on IW and I was wondering how they compare to other skates on the reebok/cmm ribcor price point continuum. The other pair were the Graf Supras 735s. They're pretty cheap over on HM and I was wondering if they're just the older version of the G735 overloads. I don't really understand how Graf's product lines are laid out but i'm leaning more towards those anyways just based on past experience. Any info or even recommendations is cool. I don't have a particular style or anything particular in mind. just trying to find a good deal on a good boot
  5. Alright, I have a dilemma. I have recently decided to get back in touch with my Canadian roots and start skating again. Problem is - I haven't skated in 20+ years (and possibly ~70 pounds). Eventually I want to be able to get back to pick up game level I'm a big guy (6'5" & 285lbs) and my concern is boot stiffness. Something too stiff and I can't bend my knees, something not stiff enough and I'm inward ankles all day. I'd go on down to the local pro shop --- but I live in Hawaii (yes, Hawaii has leagues). So there is nothing in my size to try on. So, I'm going on a blind date with my skates and need assistance from you guys Right now im leaning toward Bauer nexus 6000 or up a notch to the Supreme 180. any recommendations? Would the 180s be too stiff? Would the 6000 flop around?
  6. So I am not very familiar with profiling skates. I really love the mako 2 boots but would really like a more standard pitch on my steel like my old pair of bauers. Can someone walk me through this such as what to ask for as far as a number also do I need to mention I had the skates profiled everytime I sharpen the skates after the initial profile? Thank you for your help!
  7. Okay, I've searched for the answer (or at least some good opinions) on this for months and have come up empty. I typically bake my new skates 2-3 times and then break them in by skating. I skate 5-7 times a week. (I go through a pair of skates every year/year 1/2). But the first 5-6 times on the new skates are horrible due to the stiffness and my horrid Fred Flintstone feet. Once I break them in, of course, they're great. My question.. Would I be able to break down the skate completely by baking them say 10-15 times? I don't care about premature death of the skate. I already go through a pair every 12-16 months anyway and if they made something that fit me like a pair of skates that were 6-months broken in already, but said "this skate only lasts you a week" I'd buy a new pair of skates every single week. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist so I'm trying to figure out some new trick that would let me break down the materials and stiffness so it felt like a well-worn already pliable instead of having to suffer through uncomfortable skating for weeks. Any thoughts/Ideas? Thanks!
  8. I'm currently looking to switch back from Mako I to Bauers. I wear a 10.5 EE in Mako and was previously in a 10.5 D NXG. I determined that I should really be in a 10, but I'm not sure about width and my local shops have barely anything to try on. If I went with a 10 EE 1X (Was able to try the 10 EE and I liked it but it felt similar in forefoot width to a Supreme D. Keep in mind that's without baking), how would the forefoot measure up to a D Supreme? Would it really be much wider or would it equal out to about a D in Supreme? I have a pretty standard foot (Narrow heel, slightly wide flat arch. Gets wide just before the toes). Hopefully I'm not re-asking this but if I am, id appreciate if someone linked me to the discussion.
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know first off... I spent almost all day yesterday looking through the forum to find a thread that would answer my question, and found some helpful info but not enough to pull the trigger on the Graf Ultra g9035 yet. P.S. My nearest Graf retailer is about 4 hours away each way:( So, with that being said. My question is: I currently have Vapor x80 size 7EE and had to have the fore foot punched just a little due to a slight discomfort. After punching they fit great for about 6 months of 3 skates per week, but now they seem a little sloppy in the ankle area from stretching. I know I could probably get away with getting the vapors in a D width (so the ankle area won't stretch too much) and just punching the fore foot again but I have really wanted to try Graf skates and I can't pass up the killer deal on the 9035's. Do you guys think the 9035 regular width would be a good fit/ slightly wider in the fore foot compared to the vapor? Looking for any and all input! Thanks in advance for all your help!
  10. Are there skates made today that are similar to Micron Mega 10-90s? I'm just getting back into the game after being out for awhile. My skates were Micron Mega 10-90s. These skates were amazing. For the past month I have been on an older pair of CCM 1062 Super Tacks. They aren't working for me. I feel like they throw me back on my heels. I'm thinking about getting the steel profiled to counter the neutral boot but was wondering if there are skates available now that are similar to my old Mega's. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Brad NY
  11. Hello All. I have been searching for a pair of skates for a while now. I am 6 foot 6, about 350 lbs, I would love to say that Its all muscle, but its not. lol. I wear a size 15 shoe usually, though currently in a pair of size 16 vans as this style seems to run small. Im 35. I played a couple of seasons of Adult league about 8 years ago, I was never very good, but I enjoyed it and miss it. I started off with a pair of Reebok 3k's I think... And I have a Bauer Vapors I think now, Im not at home. They are rather narrow on my foot however and hurt. I have been looking, and talking to the LHS, and they can't find anyone who is even manufacturing anything at the moment in my size. I managed to find some Grafs and Tacks that I thought would work for me on ebay. The CCM were Tacks 13d 3052, and were a touch small... if they had been 13.5 they would have been great, but well they werent. The grafs were Super103 size 13.5 and were way too small, my toes were majorly curled in the box. They felt like had they fit they would have been good skates. So It appears from the LHS that I will need to custom order them. They tell me that I can probably custom order a pair of tacks 4052 for 450 or so or 6052 for 700 or 800. The other choice is a pair of VH's for 800? Are there any other options out there? Any suggestions for which choice might work well? is there any reason NOT to do one of those choices? Any other thoughts/clarifying questions? Thank you
  12. I currently have some CCM U+ Pro Skates in a size 9 EE. A few of the eyelets have broken/rusted off, and I accidentally ripped right through the boot (where one of the eyelets broke entirely) from trying to tighten my skates. I was looking at some new skates, and I would like to stick with CCM. I am aware that CCM skates have a few different models and they fit differently. My foot is rather wide, but I still would like a snug fit. I have to wear thick socks with my current skates to make sure I don't get blisters. They were baked when I first got them, but I would assume they need to be baked every few years to keep the mold of your feet. Does anyone have any recommendations on what CCM skates I should try that are comparable to the fit of my CCM U+ Pro's? Browsing on Total Hockey I saw the CCM JetSpeed Maxx 2.0 skates were on sale for $199. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Local pickup in Toronto is more than welcome, but I will ship anywhere via a tracked and insured Canada Post method for actual shipping costs. Prices do not include shipping. Brand new- never mounted or used A7 Sprung chassis. Sold for $100US per set plus shipping (sell for $180US plus shipping on the Sprung site). I have two sets of these I picked up from Justin1933 on this site. He had some new A6 chassis and A7 chassis and I bought them all as a package deal. I'm keeping the A6's for myself, but the A7 chassis is longer than I prefer for my skates and the local skaters I know that use Sprungs already have a couple pair. One set sold for 100 us plus shipping. One set left. The size A7 frame is designed to fit current model CCM, Bauer and Mission skate sizes 8.5-10 and Alkali and Tour sizes 9-10.5. It's basically a "medium" sized frame. It's designed to take all 80mm wheels, but will also work with all 76mm wheels (just don't mix sizes - go with all one size or the other). Used model A6 Sprung frame Sold for $70US - it was used for 2 roller hockey seasons. I'll include 2 old spare arms. Since I now own a few pairs of the latest A6 model I don't need this backup set with the old arms (I'm not interested in selling any of the new A6 frames I have; so don't bother asking about that. They're either in use or will be used by me eventually). The newer model uses the same frame, but has new rocker arms with beefed up knuckles. I do recommend upgrading to the new arms at some point, but this would allow you to try the Sprung frame without breaking the bank and the newer arms are compatible (in pairs - you can't mix and match new and old arms in the same slot) with this frame as the frames weren't changed. The new A6 model sells on the US website for $180US plus shipping. The A6 size is the smallest sized frame Sprung makes. It's designed to use all 76mm wheels, but can also accept all 72mm wheels (sizes should not be mixed). It's meant to fit on a size 6-8 of most boot brands (up to 8.5 in Alkali, KOR and the older Mission sizing). I use this size frame personally on an 8EE Easton Mako and an 8.5D KOR Shift 1. I've also had this size chassis mounted successfully in the past on Mission L7 8.5EE skates, Mission Soldier 8.5 skates and 8.5 Torspo Surge 221 skates. 8.5D Kor Shift 2 skates. Sold locally. Excellent condition with plenty of stiffness and life.I will also include an extra set of used 272mm steel. I always kept an extra steel in my bag when refereeing in case of emergency and would rotate the steel when I felt I wanted a fresher cut, but didn't have a chance to get go to my regular sharpener. Only used for 1 year of refereeing and a few pickup games. Insoles always removed and skates dried using a boot dryer. They use 272mm Mission Pitch 3 holders and steel (excellent steel that holds an edge well - you can also have the option of setting the steel to a neutral, +1 or -1 position). These were top of the line skates when new and are based on speed skate technology like VH skates, MLX skates and the Easton Mako skates. The company is out of business, but they're still great skates that were ahead of their time. They're highly responsive to heat and I will include baking instructions. They fit approximately 1 size smaller than a top of the line Bauer or Reebok skates (based on demoing skates) - if you take a 7.5 in a top of the line Bauer or RBK skate then these should be the right length. NEW 8.5D KOR Shift 2 skates $140US. Love this skate model and have enjoyed several pairs over the years, but I've now moved on to Easton Makos as they fit me a bit better in the toe box area. I actually have two new in the box, but am only listing one for now and am planning to keep the other as an emergency backup, however; if there is interest in both pairs I may consider moving both and picking up another pair of Makos while I can still find them on clearance in my size as a backup pair. Sold one new pair on eBay. The second pair is listed with details and pictures in the second post. Nike Bauer Vapor XX Grip Stick. 102 Flex RH PM9 Curve. Sold Locally for $60 CAD Mission Titanium Stick 100 Flex Hossa RH Sold Locally for $50 Bauer Supreme OneLTX Pro Hockey Shin Pads Guards 16" SOLD for $19.99 US plus shipping on eBay An SMU (special make up) shin pad that is very similar to the Bauer Supreme One80 (second from the top of the line). It has a removable liner, a very comfortable anchor wrap and protective vent armour. Used for two seasons of roller hockey. In excellent condition, aired out after every use and cleaned periodically. Bauer Supreme 1000 Official's Referee Elbow Pads Large Sold for $25CAD locally Used for one season of refereeing - in great shape with no smell. Aired out and sprayed with a combination of peroxide and alcohol regularly. Bauer specifically designed the Supreme 1000 ref pads for refs needs by making them extremely low profile along with a fit that is more designed for arms being extended rather than bent like player pads. http://i60.tinypic.com/98sfhl.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/2w6fbxc.jpg Hyper Pro 150 Roller Hockey Wheels 76mm 83a I have 3 sets of new in the package 4 packs of these wheels (all 76mm) as well as 8 wheels that were used to ref a few games indoors on smooth concrete (in excellent condition). They are outdoor wheels with an 83a durometer, but can be used on smooth cement indoors if you're a heavier player. I do not recommend these for use with the Sprung frame, but they should work well with most other frames. The Sprung frame has very tight tolerances and was built for wheels with an elliptical wheel profile - these are full profile wheels and that causes rubbing with the Sprung chassis and that's why I'm selling them after using the one set for a few games. That should not be a problem with other chassis. Sold locally for $70 for the lot. http://i59.tinypic.com/2059xsw.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/2rcwdix.jpg Mission Sub-Zero Elbow pads. Senior Large. $10US. I picked these up about 8 or 9 years ago and they were used for a couple seasons of rollerhockey and then put away for storage as a backup pair. They were a top of the line roller hockey elbow pad at the time. The middle wrap around elastic straps are a bit stretched out, but they still work. The velcro piece (the smaller piece) on the right elbow is loose and while still working, could use some resewing. A very light, but protective pad with a slash guard and deep/hard elbow cap. http://i58.tinypic.com/2uol7ag.jpg Montreal Canadiens away colour knit Hockey Socks NEW. $5US. Brand NEW with tags. Kobe Socks. Made in Canada. 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. Men's XL. Originally $14.99+tax. http://i61.tinypic.com/28m05m0.jpg
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking for an elite pair of new gloves and skates (preferably retail.) For gloves looking for a short, wide cuff. In skates I'm looking for a comfortable boot and a good turning radius. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!
  15. is it normal for the foot bed to be loose in the skate? i didn't notice any issue skating in them but when taking them off i can shake the skate and the foot bed will move around. am i supposed to use the thin cloth bed under the moldable one? speed plate i mean. not super feet
  16. I have a pair of flexlite 4.0's that I'm looking to replace. Did the nexus models replace the flexlites? Would it be safe to assume they would have a similar fit? I'm looking specifically at the Nexus 600 LE that I saw on Pure Hockey http://www.purehockey.com/bauer-nexus-600-le-senior-hockey-skates-22498 I could jump up to the 800 if the cost vs benefit was justifiable http://www.hockeymonkey.com/bauer-hockey-skates-nexus-800-sr.html or would it make sense to go to the 6000 at this point? http://www.hockeymonkey.com/bauer-hockey-skate-nexus-6000-sr.html Thank you
  17. I'm just starting to play hockey and I need help getting gear. When I was trying on skates the other day I tried on a pair and it was very tight width-wise so I tried on the ee width and it was looser in the toe area but it still was tight and painful on my Achilles tendon. My question is, are skate supposed to feel that way until you break them in or is it a problem, because the person at the shop didn't know about hockey skates, only figure skating.
  18. I need to get a new pair. I've been happiest with an old pair of CCM Tacks that I've used for, what seems, forever. I'm not sure what's available on the market. I've love to get some input from any of you wide-toe box area skaters.
  19. Are all skates "pitched" the same? I notice that most of the forwards on my kids team skate in Vapors and most of the D skate in Supremes. Is this a coincidence or is there a difference in the way the skates make you stand?
  20. Hey all, I've have my Easton S17's for a few years (which I totally love) and I'm noticing they're starting to flex more in the boot than I remember. I was looking at the CCM Tacks 2014s, but those are way too expensive at the moment. Does anyone have good recommendations for a similar skate? Stiffness, comfort, and durability are my priorities. Thanks!
  21. Hey everyone, I just wanted to clear out my garage of any gear that was sitting around. All prices do not include shipping and are negotiable. Thanks! 1. Bauer Supreme One.9 6.5D w/ 263mm Step Black Steel - These skates are mint and have been used for half a season of pickup. They have 263 LS2 holders mounted on them professionally and have been sharpened 3 times - Sold 2. Easton Mako Skates 7D - I bought these barely used and skated on them 3-4 times, couldn't get used to them. Includes tool - Sold 3. Reebok 20K White Skates 6.5D w/ Step Steel - Used for 2 seasons of pickup - Sold 4. Reebok KFS Hybrid Shoulder Pads new with tags sz. Med. - Ordered these online, didn't like the fit - $60 5. Nike Ignite Pant Shell new with tags sz. Med - Sold 6. 13" CCM U+ CL gloves (black) - Used for half a season. No smells, rips, palms are still mint - $60 7. 15" Bauer Nexus 1000 Shins - Slight wear on the bottom of the liner from my skate tongues. - $30 8. 254mm TUUK LS2 holders w/ steel - New and unsharpened - $60 Some other items I have for sale but don't have a picture yet (Will post some pics once I get a chance): 9. Warrior Dynasty AX LT Elbow Pads new without tags sz Int. L/XL- These didn't fit - $35 10. Warrior Krown 360 Helmet White sz. Lg - Used 3-4 times, didn't fit right - $40 11. Reebok 11k Helmet Black sz. Lg - Used for a pickup season and still in great condition - $50
  22. Does anyone else here get really cold toes when playing? It usually happens when I play games but not on practices. I bought the new Bauer kevlar socks and my feet didn't get cold for a week but then it started again. Any advice will help thanks.
  23. Hi all I have a slight pronation problem on my left leg, I have the grey, the heel lift is a little different and it takes a drop more volume I ordered the Black superfeet, no heel lift and thin sole won't take up so much volume I will report how the black work out too, the skate should fit better than the grey I can't wait Anybody use the black super feet??????? And does anybody notice less pronation with superfeet??????, I did have some pressure on the outside of my left leg , I quess my foot was turning in and the top of the skate would hit just above the ankle. Please help Thanks so much
  24. So I'm currently in a pair of bauer supreme 180's nice skate but I was originally in ccm crazylights. Both skates fit my foot just fine except I had to send the cl's back on their warranty because the laces of the skate literally cut the tongue in half. So my question is do you think it'd be worth it to give the ccm's another try with a different tongue not made of the u foam or should I just stick them up on ebay? Help is very much appreciated!
  25. What can I do for my MLX Runner? I heard the Classic Tuuks will be a perfect fit. There is no blade that will work?
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