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Found 62 results

  1. Been searching for a Warrior Projekt Mid Body Girdle in an XL but cannot find one anywhere. Can any one help me?
  2. Received my QRL today, and figured it'd be time to throw this up. Big thanks to the guys at Warrior for including me again in this amazing program. Can't wait to give it a rip. First impressions: Felt much like the QR1 did, not a bad thing by any means. Balanced, light, very easy on the eyes (A+ for the color scheme again, Warrior.) Gotta love how the stick pops. Got a chance to stickhandle and pass around a bit with it, blade felt a little bit better than the QR1 did I think. Haven't taken any shots yet, but we'll see how that goes during my next game. I did go with the intermediate this time around, one of the things I've been trying to do lately, first with my True A6.0, now with the QRL. Usually use a senior 75 but dropped down in flex on my 6.0 first and found my shot to be much better. We'll see how the shaft shape goes for me, as it's definitely thinner than my 6.0, which I'm pretty sure is a senior shaft shape. All in all, first impressions were great, and if the stick is anything like the QR1, I know I'll be very happy.
  3. Warrior Pro Player Bag 32” Level of play: Beer league indoor ice & roller hockey, 2x a week. I bought this bag about a year and a half ago, after some of the zippers started to go on my old Bauer bag, which had several external compartments. After reading several good reviews here on MSH, I figured I’d give this bag a shot. Durability: This bag has been great. I was curious how the mesh top would hold up and it’s been great. It really helps air out the gear well. The zippers are all still going strong and seem really durable. The material used seems like it will last a long time, and the interior mesh pockets have held up really well too. 10/10 Storage/Features: I wasn’t sure how I was going to like a bag without extra compartments, and I’m very happy I switched. It has 2 skate pockets, and 3 mesh pockets along the long side of the bag. The interior pockets are perfect for jerseys, socks, tape, etc, the skate pockets help keep the bag standing upright, and there’s more than enough room for all my gear. My only real complaint is that I wish the interior color was lighter, making it easier to see dark items in the bag. 8/10 Conclusion: Very happy with this bag. It has tons of room for all my gear, and I really love all the mesh pockets. Definitely seems heavy duty and like it will last a for a while. 9/10 (18/20)
  4. Height - 6'2" Weight - 215 lbs Pant Size: XL Shell Size: XL Time of use: About 8 months, 2-3x/week Other pants previously used: CCM Crazy Light, Warrior Pro Stock Franchise Level of play: Beer Leaguer Location: In very hot and humid rinks Fit - 6/10 In the store, and in the early usage, I thought these were the best pants/girdle on the market, and could not find fault with them. They fit like a pair of tight shorts, which is nice. The thigh guard's ability to move with my leg is an infinite improvement over the pants that I previously wore (although I have never tried a true girdle, and suspect that the true girdle would be even better). However, once you get skating and sweaty, the shortcoming of the belt closure system become quickly apparent. Most pants offer the skate lace, plus the belt. The other girdle has a nice big piece in lieu of a belt, which offers a more comprehensive close. With the belt, if I cinch it tight, so that the pants hold in place with all the crouching and bending and striding and twisting, then I can get a nice hold, but there is pressure on my waist which I am not thrilled about. If I loosen it up, so that I do not feel this pressure, then I find myself yanking the pants up during faceoffs. According to the size chart, I am between L and XL. In the store, when I tried on a Large, it showed some distress in the mesh around the crotch, and figuring this could become a durability issue, I went with the XL, which still seemed to give a nice snug fit (as it still does). 4 points out of 10 may seem like a lot to deduct, for one area not fitting to my liking. However, after having come to my own senses (that this is the only pant or girdle on the market that uses such a skimpy closure system), I am thinking, "What were they thinking?" Ok, maybe since it is a snug fit all around, Warrior did not think that they would need more than just this belt? I do not know, but I do know that the belt system in the previous girdle had issues (unrelated to my gripe, but issues nonetheless) with its belt closure system. Protection: 7/10 In the thigh guard, tail bone, hip pad, and kidney area, these are pretty solid. However, I would not trust the thin, medium density foam inserts that cover the femoral triangle. Sure, I have taken pucks off of these pads, after having deflected passes when I was forechecking, but I would not trust these to stop slapshots. Weight - 10/10 This thing is feather light. I barely notice it when it is on (and not cinched tightly). Durability - 3/10 On the bright side, the mesh that holds it together, and gives it great breathability and ventilation, has held up. However, the plastic inserts are pressing through the front top area, in multiple places, and require repairs: This is also a successful repair, where the back was splitting: I take very good care of my gear; always drying it after use, and leaving it alone when not being used. So, I chalk this up to "not my error." Intangibles 8/10 If you: -Play Forward and do not plan on blocking a ton of shots. -Play in a hot/ humid rink -Travel with your gear, so that weight is a premium factor when checking gear for airline flights -Do not mind the belt closure system -Are ok with the pants lasting 6-9 months, before you may require another pair Then these pants are perfect for you. However, if you want a pair of pants/ girdle to last longer, and/ or the other items above are not of prime consideration, then I would say look elsewhere. I do not expect these to last much longer, and am debating whether to try the MX3 girdle (for mobility/ snugness of fit to the body) or the QuickLites (for lightweightness, and durability) as my next pair. I will definitely not be buying another Dynasty girdle (although I will still buy Warrior. I do not think that this is a poor quality or manufacturing issue, as much as it is a design flaw, in something that was an innovation, so Warrior is still all good in my book). Conclusion I am happy to have tried these out. If Warrior can fix the belt closure system, beef up the femoral triangle area (perhaps thicker, higher density foams), and fix the issue of the sharp plastic inserts pressing through in the areas noted, then these would be perfect. This pant does some things exceptionally well, and perhaps better than any other pant on the market. However, it comes up short in the areas referenced, for my preferences. Overall score - 34/50 ** Quick note on the Shell: The shell required a quick repair out of the gate, on the velcro closure system (which I understand was an issue for every user that I know of who also used this shell). However, since the repair, everything has held up just find, and I like the mesh in the back for extra breathability. This is my go-to shell, amongst a pro stock Warrior and 2 custom shells that I had made.
  5. I picked up a pair of pro stock warrior dynasty AX1 gloves a while back they felt great. I noticed right away how long the thumb loop is. The thumb itself wouldn't flex but because the loop is so long my thumb actually felt exposed. Well sure enough bam collision and my left, top hand, thumb gets bent backwards to the side at a strange angle. Because in my opinion the loop is too long. Tore the tendon, broke it. Had to have surgery. I'm almost ready to get back but want new gloves that won't let my thumb be so exposed. Just got a pair of Bauer nexus 1000 in and they feel so stiff and small. Can't stand the palms either. But I do like the free flex thumb and how much shorter the thumb loop is. Is the loop is longer on the current warriors because the thumb doesn't move because they are pro stock. Would a retail pair of AX1 have a shorter loop? Sorry for the long rant. Any feedback would be great! Thanks in advance I'm 6' 3" skate twice per week. 15" gloves
  6. Size Large Tangradi $60 + Shipping Size Large No Name $60 + Shipping
  7. Didn't see one created, figured I'd make one a la the QR1 thread last year. I'll be reviewing a 75 flex, W88 pattern. Thanks again Warrior, Keith and MSH for the opportunity to participate! Can't wait to test it out.
  8. I'm currently using an Easton Z-bubble with a focus flex Sakic blade. I absolutely LOVE the stick, but I know it's on its way out. I'm a 6'1, 190lb forward that doesn't take a whole lot of slappers. From my investigating to this point, it looked like the Bauer Vapor line was going to cater best to my playing style. I wanted to throw this out to the community here for some input, any other sticks that would work best for the specifications I'm looking for. Also, I can get a really good deal on a Vapor X80 or X90, but is it worth it to jump up to a X700 or X800, assuming Bauer is the way to go? I'm looking to stay south of $150.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for an elite pair of new gloves and skates (preferably retail.) For gloves looking for a short, wide cuff. In skates I'm looking for a comfortable boot and a good turning radius. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!
  10. What are you guys' insight on the yakupov curve? Is it more like a Bauer Ovi or an e28(i dont like the ovie but am actually fond of the e28...dont know why.) this may impact my next stick decision.
  11. I used to use Eagle gloves, especially the model "Free Flow". After I retired my college carrier, I founded Warrior Franchise gloves. It was made by craftsmen who joined to Warrior through MIA which separated from Eagle. The Franchise gloves are completely Eagle glove but it was evolved from Eagle. I've been loving it for now. But Warrior have discontinued Franchise glove now. I'm curious. where have the craftsmen who joined to Warrior from Eagle through MIA been? Does anyone know it?
  12. Hi folks, Currently using the QR1, 75 Flex W88 - enjoying it, but may be in the market for a new twig soon, QR1 price is a bit hefty. I've been looking around for some low-kick sticks and I haven't seen any comparisons between the CCM 30k and the QR Pro. Does anyone have any feedback? Preferences? Thanks!
  13. PM me if you think we can work something out, as I am open to trades if you have anything I may be interested in (Vapor 1X shaft 87 flex; or RH W88 Warrior Dynasty, RH P88 Vapor, or RH BASE BC71 Malkin pro replacement blades) All prices shipped to USA. $50 shipped - 100 flex Warrior Dynasty AXt1 shaft (cut down to 53.5 inches) - used once - both the shaft and the grip are in perfect shape- I just do not like any sticks other than super low kick point/ quick release type sticks (Vapor 1X, Warrior QR1/Pro, Reebok 40/30K) - which is too bad for me because I love this velvet grip of the shaft. - ** does not include the ButtEndz Twirl grip shown in the 2nd pic ** - the grip left a faint yellow residue on the shaft where the "drips" were. pro stock Warrior Franchise Anaheim Ducks size Large pants- used for about 6 months, playing 2-3x/week. Great pants, only blemish is some discoloration in the yellow interior (shown in pic). Otherwise, these things are tanks and fully intact. I have since become a girdle guy, but if I were playing in full contact or in a chippier setting (neither of which I have any desire for), then I think I would still be in these. (no longer available) (no longer available) size 6 Jofa 9044 Elbow pads - very rarely used. Some of the glue that holds together one of the velcro straps has come undone. I suspect it is an easy fix for someone reasonably handy. no longer available - CCM size Large Crazy Light Elbow pads- used for about 6 months, 2-3x/week - some fraying in the neoprene middle strap of each arm. I think that this has been a defect on alot of these pads. Interestingly, all damage seems to have occurred about 1 month into use, and has not become any worse since then.
  14. For those using the Warrior Dynasty elbow pads with the yellow liner, do you find that the elbows slip at all, and you are in that vicious cycle of constantly re-adjusting the pads, to pull them back up? I have been using CCM CLS, but the size Larges leave a huge gap. So, I am looking to get a pd that covers that gap, without bringing about new problems. The STX Surgeon elbows look like non-slip pads, but I do not think that they offer as comprehensive a wrap.
  15. I'm in the market looking for a new stick. I've been using the Nexus 8000 for a while and I like it but I'm in the market for a new stick. I've been using Bauer sticks for the last 10 years and I want to try something new. I'm looking at the Easton CX Stealth or the Warrior HD Pro. Anyone have any feedback on those sticks? What's the comparison to to the Nexus 8000? Cheers!
  16. As the title states, I am looking for a new pair of gloves for next season. My current gloves are 13" Easton EQ50s, and too many holes have developed in the fingers and palms, not to mention the odor that seems impossible to get rid of. I'm kind of on the fence between getting a new 13" or 14" pair, considering my hand seems to fit okay in some brands of gloves but not in others of the same size. The max I would spend is probably $120 on a pair of gloves. I'm currently using a stick with grip, so I feel that may be a reason for the holes developing. I went to Total Hockey to try on a few pair and asked someone there what they would recommend, but they weren't much help. I am interested in a few pair, but would like your guys' take on them: Easton PRO 10 Warrior Dynasty AX2 (Never seen a 13.5" size before until these) CCM 4-Roll Pro III (How well will the AX Suede hold up on a stick with grip?) CCM 28K KFS (Look interesting, but haven't heard much about them. They look pretty new)
  17. Hey everyone! I have a general question for everyone on the forum. Let me start by saying I have played hockey my entire life and still play one to two times a week in Men's leagues. I grew up playing with the typical $30 wood stick like everyone else who grew up in my day and of course through high school and college used the first composites when they came to market. Being only a men's league player, buying a stick is no longer an imminent need and I used to be able to find a prior year top of the line model for about $150 and considered that to be reasonable. Unfortunately this year I wasn't so lucky and had to bite the bullet and pay full sticker, $260 for one of the new top of the line models. While checking out I cringed at the thought of having to fully outfit the two kids my wife and I are planning on having in the next few years!! How can any parent afford that!? That said, I have a client and good friend who manufactures all things composite. I worked with him and his engineers and produced some hockey sticks to test out on the ice. All the sticks are made of top of the line composite materials and have a weight / balance comparable to all the other top of the line sticks on the market. I tested them myself and a few guys on my team also tested them out. All feedback was positive, however, cost to make the sticks still are not all that cheap since the composite materials themselves are fairly expensive! While costs to manufacture still are not at the "wood stick" level I believe there are ways we get these high quality sticks into the hands of all hockey players reasonable prices. First, I would plan to not sponsor any professional players. I believe part of the huge price tag on the Easton, Bauer, Reebok etc. lines is largely due to the multiple multi-million dollar contracts with pro players and the hundreds of free sticks they break every year. Why should you and I pay for that?! Second is to sell direct to consumer through the web, reducing cost in the supply chain. My biggest concern and question to you guys is would you buy a top of the line quality hockey stick for $150 if it wasn't endorsed by any pro player? Does the $150 price tag automatically imply low quality even if it is of the same or better quality than other top of the line sticks? How can I gain credibility in the market without a pricey sponsorship? I would love any feedback you guys can give!
  18. Cosmic

    Warrior QR Pro

    Stick Details: Warrior QR ProFlex: 100Curve: W88 Zetterberg (RH) About Me:Height: 6'2Weight: 220lbsShoots: RHPlaying: 3 times a week- Defense and Wing (stick in use for 5 months)Highest level of play: Beer LeagueRecent sticks: Bauer Totalone Tapered shafts and Easton Mako II shafts (both with Warrior Dynasty AXt1 blades) Aesthetics: To each their own. I find this all black/ mostly black trend that we are in the midst of, to be a bit boring myself; but I also found the older, busy Warrior style (ie- Dolomite) obnoxious, and thus much prefer this more refined, classy style. I want a yellow stick with blue accents, to match my team uni, but I understand that this is a future custom project that I will need to undertake. Blade 9.5/10 I tape every part of the blade that comes in contact with ice and puck, for durability purposes. This blade has a nice pass dampening effect, but also allows pucks to jump off of it when shooting. The blade is rather stiff, especially compared to the Warrior Dynasty AXT1 blade. With the Dynasty blades, I found that they got a bit floppy at the toe, after the same time of use. With this blade, it is still as stiff as it was when I first bought it. Being a bigger player, I prefer a stiff blade (that is what Easton claims the research shows, and I tend to agree, personally in my experience). It is hard for me to comment on puck feel, as I am still new to the game, and have never used a stick that people say has great puck feel, so I would not know what to look for/ feel. Shaft/Flex 9.5/10 I find that the flex seems true. This features Dagger Taper, designed to get shots off quickly. All it takes is a gentle flick of my wrists, from anywhere inside the blue line, and I am whizzing shots on goal. Granted, these are not the hardest shots, as they may be if I really leaned in with proper technique. I like to just put the puck on net first, fast, and foremost, and then ask questions later. This is admittedly not the purest of hockey styles, but it works- sometimes my shots go in, often they cause rebounds, and never has anyone scored against us, within 1 minute of my having fired a puck on the other net. My passing is another story. Stickhandling/receiving passes 9/10 The blade feels soft when catching passes, definitely not pingy. I do need to look down often when stickhandling. I am not sure if this is due to lack of good puck feel/ lack of feedback as to where the puck is, or if my lack of experience and poor hands/ stickhandling is getting in the way. Shooting 10/10 This thing is a cannon. In warmups, when I unleash the big clapper, the puck jumps at the goalie. I generally shoot more wristers in games, and the puck comes off fast and quick. With the TotalOne tapered, I felt that my wrist shot experienced horrible lag. I mean, with the QR Pro, the time it takes for me, from time that I decide to initiate a wrist shot, to the puck either hitting the goalie or finding its way to the back of the net, is about equal to the time it took with the T1 from the initiation of the shoot, to just simply get the puck off of the blade face. Of course, distance matters. I am picturing a shot from just beyond the offensive zone face off circle dots, but still inside the face off circles themselves. Weight and balance 9/10 Light and well balanced. Not as light as the EK15, but perhaps better balanced, so that the 56 gram differential in weight does not feel like 56g. Durability 10/10 I am pretty hard on my sticks, in the general/ natural flow of the warm up/ game (but I am otherwise gentle on the stick). Hard on stick: I like to take big slapshots in warm ups (just to warm up). I also am known for slapping guys' stick blades rather hard when they have the pucks on their blades. I also have taken alot of hard shots to the blade, in trying to help out my goalie. Easy on stick: I do NOT tap my stick, ever (I never call for passes as I prefer to just chase rebounds and do not like to give away my location, and I think it is unsportsmanlike to call for passes when the other team has the puck). As mentioned, I tape the entire blade, and am generous in wax application. So, this may be adding to the shelf life. After about 60 hockey sessions,, the stick has sustained nearly zero damage. Subtle nicks and scrapes, but nothing structural. It is rather impressive. Intangibles N/A This is a great stick, at a great value. This is a true OPS at a $200 price point, and it is as light as many competitors' top of the line sticks, with some durability features thrown in. I cannot really find anything not to like, about the stick itself. The only complaint I have, is that my preferred curve is not available. The W88 suits most of my needs (height, rocker, depth, spot where the curve is, lie), except that it has a slightly open face. Anyone who has been paying any attention to my posts, knows that I struggle to keep the puck down, and thus prefer the closed face. Previously, I used the Kovalchuk retail, which was perfect for "my shooting technique" (or lack thereof), but flawed in just about every other way (too short, no rocker, and the curve was a bit too close to the heel). When I shoot, I just flick my wrists, and do not roll them. When I try to roll them, I find that I take so much off of my shot, so it is a Catch 22. With a closed face, I need not roll my wrists, and can pick my spots with pretty good success. So, despite the fact that I find every attribute of this stick rather ideal, I will be switching over to BASE, to give the Malkin 71 Pro Stock curve a shot, which looks to be rather closed at the face, and similar enough to everything that I have enjoyed about the W88, that I am optimistic that I will enjoy it. So, if you are hard on your sticks in actual hockey movements, in game (and warmups), and skip all the extra curricular razing and tapping of the stick, and can find your pattern, then this is a rather nice stick at the one below top of the line price point. I have never actually used a $260 top of the line stick, so I would not know what it feels like, or is supposed to feel like. This is a pretty nice stick regardless. Conclusion (57/60 = 95%) Warrior makes quality sticks, and this is no exception. The Dagger taper is no joke- shots come off fast and hard. I just wish they would bring back the Gionta curve, or at least some sort of closed toe curve, with a rocker and everything else like the W88; and then Warrior would definitely have me hooked, as I appreciate the value that they offer of a true OPS at this price point (which no other major retailer offers, except TRUE, I believe).
  19. I'm a 6 foot winger looking to buy a new stick and I am looking at a easton v9e warrior qr1 and a ccm ribcore. These are all Prostock. I weigh around 150 pounds. I primarily take snapshots and wristshots but I also have a nice snapshot. And I would like to get maximum power out of a low kick stick while not sacrificing power. I also want good luck feel, so which one would you reccomend? While not sacrifing puck feel*
  20. I was recently in the market for new shoulder pads. I was bought at the Bauer Supreme NXGs and Supreme 190s. The NXG's seemed like they had a lot of exposed body in the chest/arm/shoulder area and the new 190s had a smaller collar opening, to the point where my neck was being chaffed. I was thinking about getting the Warrior Dynasty HD Pro or HD1. But before I go and order another pair to ship back I wanted to get some feedback and see what you all thought! Cheers!
  21. As we've done in the past, we've had a thread discussion any and all questions pertaining to Warrior's stick lineup. We'll be covering the Dynasty AX1ST/LT, which will launch on Feb 15 in stores. Keith Perera (miseaujeu) who is the Product Manager for sticks at Warrior, will explain the sticks and will answer any questions you may have in this thread.
  22. hey i just bought a one 95 off from ebay and i put a warrior ak27 blade in it it has some sort of line all the way down the back of the shaft ending where the blade tenon inside the shaft ends idk if the blade is too big i hade to put tape on it to make t fit when i flrx it i hear a little crack noise please help me figure out whats wrong will plost pics if needed
  23. hi guys! hows everyones qr1 holding up, just bought one and wanna know what you guys think
  24. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/176-2014-warrior-hockey-catalogue/ Sticks - Keith did a good job laying out the entire story here; http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/65581-warrior-dynasty-ax1stlt-stick-lineup/ The sticks are extremely impression on the lower end of the spectrum - the weight difference at the price points is pretty crazy. Helmets - unchanged Gloves - new line in the Dynasty; as previously mentioned, Franchise has been retired. The AX1 is a 4-roll glove, however, the overall shape of the glove is different - gone is that boxy shape. The glove tends to wrap around from one end to another instead of being segmented blocks from the rolls to the middle of the glove to the top of the thumb. Not only that, it's very protective - every segment of the glove has padding - including the cuff, which is a Kovalchuk-esque cuff. Bone System is also present in the AX1. The outer of the glove is a cable knit, with nubuck in key areas (pinky stripe.) The palm is Clarino (the finger area is dotted) with mesh gussets (which have a spongy feel to them) and ribs in the top corner of the palm for grip. It also will come in a 13.5. One thing though - this is the CLEANEST glove I've ever seen. Seriously - there's absolutely ZERO excess material on the glove - it's all tucked underneath, completely seamless. Very impressed - just looked at 5 pair of top-end gloves here and every individual segment of padding has excess material past the stitch. Going down to the AX2, you're getting Tufftek and no Bone system, and a traditional Clarino palm/gusset combination. Down to the AX3, you're getting a softer glove and no Polygiene. Covert is unchanged. Protective - new pad in the DT1LT, which is actually more of an up-spec'd AX2 than a lightened AX1; the jacket is perforated for ventilation/mobility, and a different bicep guard - not the double-layered 2-way bicep guard that you see on the AX1. On the elbow pad, the bicep guard as well as the forearm wrap is changed and not as stiff as on the AX1. On the shin pad, the calf wrap is improved, as well as a fixed thigh guard - not adjustable as on the AX1 or the AX2. You may see that going forward on future shins by Warrior. Pants - unchanged.
  25. hey guys so I got this warrior pro stock dynasty from a friend. unfortunately he didn't have too much info on it. it doesn't have any of the usual warrior codes anywhere on it, and actually uses the retail pattern and flex. looks like a repainted dolo with a plain 3k weave on the blade but im not sure, is anyone familiar with this? attached a few pics here. http://s1373.photobucket.com/user/kyleohh/media/WP_20140726_001_zps89be02c3.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2
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