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Found 4 results

  1. Byufiglien with an as yet-unseen rather ugly white skate.
  2. Howdy, Anyone got any new info about the True retail / non-custom skates? That was a thing, right? Mark
  3. I have two very different sized feet. I broke my growth plate when I was a kid. I have a left size 13 and a right 11 to 11.5 They don't even make size 13 retail anymore, but I've always just gone with the bigger size and had lot of room at the end of my smaller foot toe. Not sure how much this has affected my skating, but I've also only played about 6 years as an adult. Some back ground info (to help me choose which skate is best for me and dropping some serious $$) I learned how to skate on Reebok 17k's and am a big guy. 6'4" 245 lb ish. I didn't know it at the time but they were a VERY soft boot. Once they finally gave out I ended up with a top of the line or high model size 13 EE CCM jetspeed and HATED them for the longest time. They are just too still for me and or my ability level. I've had them about 2 years now and gotten used to the stiffness to an extent, but am a fairly upright skater with bad knees and have never felt as fast on them as the 17ks, especially on take off or in tight. I might be able to get away with a size 12 and meet in the middle of both feet. but if not i need to go full custom for size 13. It looks like the 80k will be more my style with the boot being a bit softer and more flexible than the others on the market, but I'm also considering true/VH. The true's are very stiff and a bit heavy. I'm pretty sold on the 80k's and they DO now offer a full custom order option. I'm open to whatever company can fit my weird feet needs, but also looking for any input or advice. I might be able to save money and go with a size 11 on my small foot and a 12 on the bigger (I guess when ordering you can now get two different size skates mailed to a pro shop). Or if I'd be better off with a full custom mold - but have been told having a different size blade holder/steel in general could feel weird or not be a good thing, similar to a car out of alighment with such a drastic foot size difference. 1.5 - 2 sizes. I'm also curious if the size 12 80k DOES indeed fit, it only comes in D and I've always had EE, but have read they have very thick moldable pads so maybe it would stretch. Help!
  4. I don't want whine.... but I kinda of expect white glove service when I spend $1300 on a pair of skates. The fact that Pure Hockey and True Hockey have both been terrible in regards to customer service doesn't reinforce my feelings that I made a good investment in buying skates from them. Background: There are no True Hockey "fit" shops in Washington State currently. I was traveling to NorCal for work so I went to Pure Hockey and had them perform the scans, take pictures and place the order. The order was for a pair of True skates with added shot blockers, extra tongue with metatarsal protection, Step/VH holder, and two pairs of Step Steel. Pure Hockey said the skates would be shipped to my home in Seattle, WA since I don't live local to their store. Issues/Problems: The first scan done at Pure Hockey was not acceptable and needed to be done a second time. However, I had to contact Pure Hockey to check if the first scan was sufficient. It was then that they said True Hockey asked for a new scan. Since I was only in town for 48 hours it's likely they would not have told me they needed a new scan until after I left the state. Good thing I followed up. After the order was placed Pure Hockey went radio silent on me. No email. No calls. Nothing. I had to personally contact True Hockey to make sure they got the scans and verify the order details. True verified everything and said the skates were going into production to be built. Following up with True Hockey on the status I was told that the skates were done and shipped two days prior! Wait!? What!? How come True Hockey or Pure Hockey didn't tell me? If you are selling a premium product it would be good to have an email that says "Your skates are on their way! Welcome to the true Hockey family." Something. Anything... just send me some communication so I know you didn't take my money and fall off the face of the earth. At least make me feel like I mean something until after I get the product. Then you can throw me away. Perhaps True Hockey can learn from Apple on how to accomplish making consumers feel like we mean something. I have gone to shady used car dealerships who paid more attention to me to "get the deal closed." True Hockey would not give me the shipping information and told me to speak with Pure Hockey. Pure Hockey referred me back to True Hockey. I was passed back and forth before they finally told me "I do apologize for the miscommunication and misunderstanding regarding the tracking of your order. We could not provide you with the tracking number as there is more than one single order being delivered to the store with the associated tracking number." Ok, wait... What? Who gives a shit if there are 1000 pairs being shipped in the same order. I want to know when my skates were shipped, the location they were shipped to and an estimated date of arrival. Excuse me for giving a shit about $1300 of hockey gear! Pure Hockey said the skates would be shipped directly to my home in Seattle, WA since I don't live near the Pure Hockey store in San Jose, CA. True Hockey said they will only ship to the retailer and would never ship to the customer and had no idea why I was told otherwise. So, why the heck was I told something totally different? There should be consistency. I was not the first order they had ever placed. When was someone going to tell me that my skates were going to NorCal and not Seattle? When they arrived in NorCal? WTF!? This goes back to my original problem. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication. Communication........ Summary: Not hearing from Pure Hockey or True Hockey unless I reached out is a problem. If you want to sell a premium product you need to provide premium customer service. Again, I relate this to Apple. When you buy an Apple product you are paying for fit, finish but most importantly customer service. If the device malfunctions, you can rest assured someone will help you. This is why people are willing to pay the "Apple tax" for their products.
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