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JR Boucicaut

Tackla 9000 Air

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Product- Tackla 9000 air hockey pants.

Background- 5'8 165 pounds, centre.

Fit- These pants are more of a loose fitting pant, which I like.10/10

Protection- Just the right amount of protection. Not too much, so there bulky and unmobile, and not enough so it hurts when you get hit. Great protection. I have taken some big hits, and got hit with pucks, and they seem great.9/10

Weight- These are light pants, lighter than any other ones I have used, including the easton air.9.5/10

Durability- This is what I really like about these, I have been using these for over a year and theres just some minor cuts and puck marks on them. They still look like new though, and I skate 5-6 times a week.9.5/10

Intangibles- These pants didn't come with zipper, wich is a down fall, but I just had one of my moms friends cut them and sew in some zipper, which worked out very nice.8.5/10

Conclusion- I would go with nothing but tackla, there quite a bit of money, but there worth it. I reccomend them for any player, at any level.

Overall Rating- 9.5/10

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Tackla 9000 Air Pants

5'8 180 C-league

Background - I purchased these pants a year ago because my old Vapors had a lot of gaps in protection and moving to defense and taking pucks to the legs just plain hurt. I was torn between the Tackla 9000 and the Reebok 9k, which I still think is an excellent pant. I decided to go with the Tacklas based on their reputation. Since then, I've had probably 40 league games and 25+ drop ins, clinics, and other skates.

Fit - these are generally tighter in the waist and looser in the legs than most pants. They are comfortable and never get in the way while playing. Even though they are "heavy" and "bulky" they are still very "mobile" as you have full movement while playing. I believe the segmented leg pads play a part of this but they are cut very well too. Mine don't have zippers on the legs but I never used them on other pants. They have a tie and a belt and I've never had issues with them sliding around or moving. They do run a bit big so if you are between sizes go smaller. 10/10

Protection - they have a great reputation for being tanks on the ice and I've barely felt a thing while wearing them. My previous Vapor pants had all kinds of gaps in the padding but the Tacklas have padding all around the legs, plenty of hip padding, tailbone padding, etc. Lots of plastic inserts too. My only complaint or wish would be a floating tailpiece like newer Reebok pants, where it hugs the spine. I haven't had any issues in game but it would be nice. 9/10

Weight - they may be a little heavy but honestly there's no way you can feel it on the ice; they have so little relative weight and are right on your core that it's not an issue. Maybe the plastic thigh inserts bounce a little bit while skating, but I've never felt like I need lighter pants. 10/10

Durability - the only problem I have ever seen with a pair of Tackla pants, and there are hundreds of used pants here in Minnesota, is a fading of the outer nylon, especially in the thigh area. That's all I've seen on my pants which otherwise look new. Not a stitch out of place, which is better than a lot of new gear I've purchased. 10/10

Intangibles - these make me look bottom heavy on the ice. Also, they dry out incredibly quickly and develop no smell.

Conclusion - Tacklas in my opinion are the cream of the crop for pants. I bought mine based on reputation and highly recommend them. They are a little pricey but will last a really long time.

Overall 10/10

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Product: Tackla 9000 Air Pants - Size: Large Tall - Color: Black

Background: 6' 2", 180# - Forward

Fit (9.5/10): Tackla's are unique fitting pants. (About the only others I can think of that are very similar are Graf.) They generally fit snug around the waist (almost to the point where you think they might be a little small) but then they are quite loose fitting from the waist down. (I've never worn a Kilt, but I imagine it must feel similar to that. LOL) Personally, I like the cut as the snug waist keeps them solidly in place without the need for suspenders yet the lose seat, thighs, and legs gives you complete freedom of movement on the ice.

Protection (10/10): I am persuaded that Tackla pants are pretty much bomb proof. The first thing I do when buying ice pants is check the inside for gaps in the padding. The Tackla 9000 Air just doesn't seem to have any. Even the inner-thigh zippers and gussets are backed up with padding. Skate with confidence!

Weight (9/10): This has to be a relative statement/measurement. While there are some ice pant manufacturers that have surpassed Tackla in weight reduction over the 9000 Air in recent years, these pants are still quite light for what they are. With the level of protection these pants provide and the almost "bulky" looseness, these pants should actually be a good bit heavier. So, with that in mind, I find these pants to be nice and light.

Durability (10/10): See the first sentence under "Protection". Tackla doesn't use much in the way of stretch zones other than the crotch. (They don't have to as the pants are loose fitting.) So, you're dealing with heavy duty Nylon pretty much everywhere. I know people whom have grown out of their Tackla pants before they ever broke down on them. Based upon what I've experienced thus far, I expect mine to last several years.

Intangibles: One of the first thing I noticed when actually gearing up in these is that the spine protection and kidney wrap is nice and snug to the body. Not only does this keep the protection where it needs to be, but it also keeps your jersey from tucking itself in while skating. (Not a huge problem, but I guess I'm just not a big fan of the Jagr/Malkin/Letang look.) I also find that even before opening up the leg zippers that these pants work well with the larger knee caps on my shin guards. Additionally, due to their roomy cut, these are one pair of pants that even guys can turn to a friend and ask, "Do these pants make my butt look big?" for a good locker room laugh.

Conclusion (9.75/10): I think that young and old alike recognize Tackla's legacy. Seriously, not that I really get into such things (good gear is good gear no matter who makes it, in my opinion), but Tackla pants are almost like a "status symbol" out there. Not in an, "I buy the most expensive stuff that I can to try to mask the fact that I'm actually a pathetic bender." kind of way. But, in a Harley-Davidson kind of way. (Everyone who sees it knows what it is and that it's good.) These are a gem for sure.

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