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JR Boucicaut

Jofa 8800 Shoulder Pads

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Product- Jofa 8800 Shoulder Pads.

Background- 5'8 165 pounds, centre.

Protection/Fit- Finally the right shoulder pads where it has a lot of protection but is still really mobile and light. I have been hooked,slashed,hit, you name it and these pads have helped me out quite a bit. With my old shoulder pads I bruised my ribs a lot, so I switched to some that had more protection. After that I switched to these because I was sacrafising weight and mobility. After I tried these a couple times I was hooked, great protection/fit.10/10

Durabillity- I have been using these for over a year and I have no complaints about them. Everything is still in great condition. On some of my old shoulder pads, the straps broke, and even sometimes the caps and other plastic would crack. But with these I don't have a problem.9.5/10

Conclusion- These shoulder pads are definatly worth the money. Now you can get these for around $60 on sale which is a steel. I bought another pair just to use when I wear these out.

Overall Rating-9.5/10

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