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JR Boucicaut

Labeda Hum'er Chassis

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Labeda Humm'r Hockey Chassis

Other Chassis used- Final Factor flat chassis, Red Star E-frame, Red Star Alloy, Mission Generator, Mission Vibe-2, Mission Vibe, Nexed Hi-lo,

5' 8" 148 Lbs

Background- I had these chassis mounted on to my Nike Flexlite 12's with the Tour deal. 100.00 for chassis, mounting, bearings and wheels, why wouldnt I give these a try?

Speed- Labeda claimes that these chassis give you more speed because of the stronger push off with bigger wheels. I wouldnt believe it until I tried them and boy where they right. These are the fastest chassis I have EVER used. The straight line speed is incredible! I have never used a chassis that gave me so much speed. I will never go back to hi-lo's now. 10/10

Maneuverability- When I first used these, they took some time to get used to to. Tight turns were very diffucult when I started, but I love the turning ability now. I seem to turn tighter on these then I ever did with a hi-lo Tranistions were also tough, but now its second nature with me. I dont notice any difference compared to the hi-lo with transitions though. 10/10

Grip/Stopping- WOW. These are the best gripping chassis I have EVER used. The all 80mm setup grip like a dream. I can stop so much easier with these than the hi-lo, It has to be because of the all 80 setup, because i also noticed increased stopping form my final factor (all 76mm)

Weight- The chassis itself is not one of the lightest chassis, but this is last years model, and they came out with the cat-eye, which is supposedly much lighter (I havent used it yet, but I will). I will be putting the cat-eye on my one90, so once I get the skates and use them, I will give a full review on them

I believe the humm'r deal is still being offered by Tour, so If you wanna try it, GO FOR IT. You wont be sorry.


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Labeda Hum'er

7000 Series Extruded Aluminum Chassis

All 80mm Straight Frame


Other Chassis:

Mission Hi-Lo, Nike/Bauer One-Up, Sprung Frames

My Stats: 5' 9" 190 lbs, play 5+ times a week.


Mounted with Tour's deal for $108, which included return shipping, mounting, the chassis, Labeda Fuzion wheels, and Bevo Abec-7 Bearings.


By far the fastest chassis I have ever used. The big wheels allow for more leverage, hence the greater power, and increased speed. I believed them, and it turned out true. I noticed an instant increase in speed, and after having tried Hi-Lo's again, there is no competition for the Hum'er frames. 10/10


After adjustments, depending on your adjustment rate, the turning difference that some people claim are no longer noticeable. In fact, I did not feel any to begin with, aside from having a longer wheel base. 10/10


Great control. These chassis can even allow you to use a higher wheel durometer, since they stress each wheel more in the stopping process, the weight and leverage in increased. I had always used X-Soft or Soft Labeda's, and 78A Rink Rats. I could now use 80A Rink Rats without problem. Stopping becomes a simple process with the Hum'ers, as they do, in general, increase the power of all motions. The stopping and in phenomenal, and the grip unsurpassed; no more wheel slip! 10/10


The chassis has a bit more material than most Hi-Lo's, but it is well worth it's extra weight. Not too much difference, and is easily adjusted to. Hopefully, Labeda will be offering the mounting deal again, and I can get all my skates mounted! 9/10

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