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JR Boucicaut

Mission Helium H750 Gloves

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Fit- This is a custom glove, so I went ahead and lowered the cuffs about 1/2". When I got them, it seemed like it was still too much, but since it has a flared cuff, it gets out of the way. The glove fits closer on the hand than the M-1 however. The 3-pc fingers are wonderful. The only problem I had was that the gussets felt like they were too tight - not enough slack in the finger area. When I closed my hand, I can see my finger tips pulling back on them. I tried on my rep's samples and they felt better. 9/10

Protection- The glove comes with dual and single density foam and plastic inserts throughout the glove. I've taken a couple of whacks to the hand and haven't felt anything. 9.5/10

Weight- The weight is comparable to a nylon glove - VERY light. I could only imagine what a nylon version would weigh at! 9.5/10

Durability- No rips, no tears, just a slash mark. The palms are holding up - I have a scuff in the top hand where I hold my stick, but it seems to be pretty sturdy. 9.5/10

Intangibles- The microfiber material is really sharp - as well as the embroidery and logo. Truly one of a kind. The digital and goatskin tack palm also are nice touches. I sprinkle a little water on the palm and work it in before I play and I can feel the tackiness. The ventilation in the glove is also top-notch. 10/10

Conclusion- Another fine product from Mission. A very nice looking and feeling glove. 9.5/10

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I am reviewing my regular retail HE750s and not my custom-size MSH group order gloves. I have two pair of HE 750s.

Fit- Mission fingers tend to be a little shorter than I like so I ended up going for the 15" model, trying to get the best fit possible. Once they were broken in they fit very well and are quite comfortable. They are a bit loose around the back of the hand and even a bit loose around the fingers as well. They're very different from what I've used in the past. 7.5-10

Protection- No problems at all, despite a number of hacks, whacks and even a skate cut on the finger from a scrum. Very protective and that's a little surprising considering the light weight of the glove. 8-10

Weight- Very light, though a bit heavier once you sweat in them a little. Even the 15" model I have are lighter than a lot of 14" retail model gloves. They may be the lightest retail glove, if not they are very close. 9-10

Durability- I've used these off and on since December either for games or for dead ice time and they are holding up incredibly well. The inner palm is starting to get a little crusty but that usually happens in a couple months, not 8 or 9. There is noticeable wear in the palm on my top hand but still no break in the palm grip patch. 9-10

Intangibles- They just work. I never have to think about them once I put them on and isn't that what you really want from a glove? 8-10

Conclusion- Great glove, a couple of minor issues that are more personal preference or hand-shape related.

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