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Easton Synergy EQ Pro equipment bag

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Easton Synergy EQ Pro equipment bag


Dimensions: 30in. x 15in. x 20in.


This bag is purely for Ice, I have a separate backpack style bag for roller hockey. I can never fit my pads in a backpack style bag, so I have always had different bags for each.

I am not a fan of bags with external skate pockets; I prefer to have everything inside the main compartment. From past experience I have found that this style of bag is usually more durable. Hence why I now opt for the pro style bag.

I have been using this bag since Dec 2011.

Durability: This bag is made from a heavy duty laminated tarpaulin. To the touch, this material feels extremely durable, and this has proved to be the case. There are no scuffs, cuts or any signs of wear and tear both on the exterior and interior. The bag is in use generally two or three times a week, and on occasion more. Normally I would expect to see some damage whether it be from accidental damage in the locker room, or getting stuffed in and out of vehicles.

The seams and zips feel extremely secure, and there is no sign of any damage there.


Performance: This bag has a massive main compartment. I can easily fit all of my pads with ease. There is plenty of room left over for my undergarments and uniforms, with additional room to spare.

The straps/handles are very thick, which makes it comfortable to carry. it would be nice to have them a little longer so I could use two straps over one shoulder, but that’s a minor quibble, as I’m happy to sling a single handle over my shoulder.

The air vents are a nice addition. They are not something that you find on every pro style bag. I do not leave my kit in my bag for very long before and after each use, so I cannot properly say if this works really well. I guess I’ll find out on some of the longer road trips coming up. However, my main concern would be that the air vents would be a weak point in the construction, but this concern has thus far been misplaced, and has proved not to be a drawback at all.

A feature of this back that I am not happy about are the internal skate pockets. They are located at the ends of the bag. The pocket is in the form of a very shallow nylon opening. This particular design may work for someone with small skates, but my size 11s will not stay in there as the pocket is too shallow. I therefore just have to put my skates in the main compartment, and the skate pockets are used for tape and a water bottle.


Value: This bag was cheap when I bought it, and the price appears to be getting lower all the time. I’m extremely happy for the performance, so in my eyes this is fantastic value for the price.



Aside from the skate pockets, there is nothing much I would change about this bag. When you add in the great price point, I think it is a real bargain, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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