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Blue Sports Shin Tights

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Product Details:

Blue Sports Shin tights in size “large” used over size 15 Reebok 10K shins and under both traditional hockey socks and the new RBK Edge style socks. Similar products are available under the Vice

I skate, on average, 3 times a week between beer league, shinny/pick-ups and classes (more in the winter, less in the summer). This gear is aired out after each use and washed occasionally. When washed it is placed in a mesh bag to reduce washer wear. They have not been machined dryed.


Fit, to me has to be the strongest selling point of shin tights. They cover a size 14/15 shin from just above the bottom of the pad to the just below the bottom of the knee cap. I feel consistent pressure across the shin in contrast to shin tape which applies pressure across the narrow part of the shin and leg where the tape is applied. The shins also have good stretch properties. As my legs expand, contract and twist, etc, I can feel there is some “give” to accommodate my actions. In comparison I find shin tape sometimes restricts actions.

I first tried Viceroy shin tights in “large” but they were too tight and I couldn’t get them up my shin pads. I gave those to a friend’s girlfriend who has been using them and likes them. I tried again with Blue Sport, again in large, but after first checking size and stretch ability. There is a balance between being too tight or too loose so take your shins with you and try slipping the product onto them.

FIT 10/10


The product does not enhance or add any protection, per say. They keep a protective product in place. The one consideration, under protective, is that it is easy to adjust the fit of the shins in a game; you take off your gloves, read down and adjust through your socks. With tape it is often necessary to remove the tape itself the shins shift during a game and if you don’t have new tape handy on the bench then the tape you take off seldom holds as well when reapplied.



These weight more than the weight of tape actually applied to your socks. You don’t feel the weight as it is spread out over the shins.

Weight: 8/10


I had my first set of shin tights for a year. I could still use them but they were fraying and one had a number of small holes. As I like to keep a second set of gear hand for tournaments or for travelling I decided to relegate the first pair purchased to my back-up set and get a brand new pair for my regular use.

I don’t know how to judge durability of these other than against a pair of hockey socks. Like a pair of hockey socks, these can suffer a lot of wear and tear before becoming useless. I have my second pair for nine months and they have a lot less wear showing than the original pair. I think they are capable of lasting for two-three years, easy enough.

Durability 10/10

Intangibles and Conclusion:

There are no intangibles to consider; it’s a simple product that displaces hockey tape which is, in the end, personal preference.

I continue to use these because I like how they hold the shin guards in place. I recognize there is a risk of not getting the correct fit the first time, but with Blue-Sport, A&R and ViceRoy making this product you can get the right fit by taking your shins to the store and trying the different brands and sizes.

If you don’t like the feeling of using shin tape, give these a try and keep a half-used roll of shin tape as back-up for the days you forget the shin tights.

Overall Rating:


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