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Bauer Vapor 1X Pro Glove

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Player Details



170 lbs


C level Men’s League

Playtime - twice a week


Product Reviewed

Bauer Vapor 1X Pro

Size 14”


Gloves Owned: Warrior Luxe, Bauer Supreme One70, Eagle X70i.


Overview: My Luxe’s are showing some signs of age. I play a lot of back to back nights and even though I unpack all my gear to dry, there are some night where my gloves feel a bit soggy. I figured a second set of gloves wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I’ve tried plenty of different gloves at various MSH events so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted…more so what I didn’t want. I almost settled for the X900. A friend offered to let me use his pair of 1X Pro’s for the night. I was sold pretty quickly.


Initial Thoughts: Honestly, they’re kind of visually boring and the 10 second fit you get in a store doesn’t tell the entire story. It’s a hockey glove so the real question is, how does it play. One thing that’s obvious right from the start was this glove offered an elite/pro level protection. On the design side, there are a few things Bauer could have done differently to score some extra style points. I think the black version should be all black, logo and all.


Fit:  Tapered - Snug fit in the fingers & backhand; relaxed fit in the cuff. It’s not as snug as the Supreme but not nearly as loose as the Nexus. The 14” is on par with other manufacturers of the same size. All in all, they fit like you’d expect and are sized accordingly. What’s odd about the fit profile of this glove is the Vapor seems to be somewhere between the Nexus and Supreme. Based on other Bauer products one would think the Vapor is one of the ends of the spectrum, not the middle.



Comfort: It comes down to a few key features; a 37.5 liner with XRD foam padding along the backhand and thumb, a soft Nash palm, 3 piece index finger, breathable gussets and the 3 piece Free-Flex Thumb. Props to Bauer here. The combination of these features make for one of the most comfortable gloves I have tried. One slight annoyance here. The comfort foam padding in the thumb is only attached at one end. It tends to move when you remove the glove, it goes right back to where it should be once you put it back on. No big deal, I just find it annoying.



Weight: Weighing 317 grams for a 14” it’s not the lightest glove but it’s certainly not the heaviest. For comparison, the standard 14” 1X is 305 grams, the Supreme 14” MX3 is 318 grams and the 14” 1N is 344 grams.



Mobility: I would have gone with 10/10 here but the pro style cuff isn’t as mobile as the Free Flex Cuff on the standard 1X. The Pro Style cuff isn’t restrictive, just not nearly as open as what you get on the standard. The 3D Free-Flex Thumb allows the thumb to bend at two different points, which is a more natural feel when gripping the stick. You get a 3 piece index finger and segmented back roll to allow your hand to properly grip a stick.



Break-in: Break-in time seemed fairly reasonable. It’s a pretty mobile glove right off the shelf and the Nash palms have a really nice feel right from the start. Like with any glove I’ve ever used, they always feel much better once your hands start to warm up. Playing during the summer in some really warm rinks may have helped speed this up.



Palm: Pro Ivory Nash with an Ivory Nash overlay. A grip texture has been added to the overlay. Comfort and stick feel is very good. The Nash palm was one of the features that swayed to the 1X Pro. I didn’t really care for the suede palm on the X900, it was OK but it left me feeling disconnected. The suede on the standard 1X felt a little better but I didn’t care for the durability patch they add. The pro nash is clearly the way to go.



Protection: This aspect of the glove hasn’t really been fully tested. I’ve broken my left hand three separate times, I’m not looking to try for a fourth. The 1X Pro has dual-density foam with plastic inserts in the fingers, backhand, cuff-roll, and cuff. You’re also getting Poron XRD & comfort foam along the backhand as well. I expect pro level protection and it looks as though the 1X Pro will deliver.



Durability: So far so good. The outer shell is a pro style cable mesh & nylon, I expect it hold up well. Not having used nash palms before, I am curious to see how they wear. The overall construction of the glove appears to be excellent, no loose threads or iffy looking areas inside or out. Durability is more a long term category, so I am rating on the cautious side.



Intangibles:  Protection & Comfort are the big ones, it’s really what makes this glove stand out. Though the 37.5 liner and 3D free-flex thumb are worth mentioning, but it would still be a great glove without them. Overall, a nice step up from the 1X, definitely worth the extra $10.


Final Score:



Conclusion: The guys at Bauer put together a really protective glove without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Styling is a bit understated but so is everyone else’s. If you’re looking at a 1X or any glove in that price range, I suggest looking at the 1X Pro.

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