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CCM QLT 270 Pants

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Height - 6'0"

Weight - 185 lbs

Pant size - Large

Level/Frequency of play: Novice/D League/Drop-Ins (3-4 times per week)


Fit:  I've been using these pants for approximately 4 months and in the LHS and before a skate they fit just fine.  I had tried on a comparable Bauer Vapor pant but felt the CCM offered a little more protection.  The issue I ran into was about 20-30 minutes into a skate I found myself having to cinch the belt down tighter to keep them up.  I don't know if it is the weight once they get drenched in sweat/water or that the pad behind the belt slides a little or if the belt is actually loosening up?  In the end I found that I prefer to use suspenders with these pants as the belt wasn't enough to hold them in place.  Even though I'm not overly tall, I do use the 1" extension to get the pants to sit at the top of my shin guards. 7/10

Protection:  Overall protection from the pants is quite good.  I've taken puck shots, hips to the boards, kicks from children, etc, and barely notice a thing; however, it only took one fall on my tailbone to bring me to tears.  Upon closer inspection the tailbone protection seems a bit light.  I've since had to resort to external measures to add more tailbone protection (insert a figure skating pad in my compression shorts). 7/10

Weight:  The best part of these pants is they are light and once I started using suspenders I barely notice them.  It's impressive just how light they are but offer great protection (less the tailbone area). 10/10

Durability:  They are in pretty good shape after four months but I did have one of the suspender buttons fall off.  Some of the stitching and velcro is start to show some wear but nothing major at this point.  I am really disappointed with the suspender button though as the pants are only 4 months old and I don't feel like I was putting a lot of stress on the buttons.  7/10

Intangibles:  While I was hoping to not wear suspenders, I found that using the suspenders was a blessing in disguise.  I really like wearing the suspenders over my shoulder pads to keep them in place and I like wearing the belt on the pants relatively loose because it isn't required to hold the pants up.  The result is a very comfortable package and I never have to make any in-game adjustments.  10/10    

Conclusion:  These are a nice pant but I'm disappointed in the tailbone protection and the lack of durability related to the suspender button.  41/50

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