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I'm looking to get a new pair of gloves. Looking at either warrior pro stock qr1 or main line qrl3. I'm assuming the qr1's will have a softer palm but will they wear quicker than the qrl3 palms? I don't need top of the line but if they are in the same price range then durability is the only question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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The cuffs on the QRL3s are stiff as can be out of the box, but they may break in over time. I had them for a day and returned them because they were just too stiff. It was hard to return them though, because this colorway is too sweet (if it would only match any teams I play for, then it may have prevented me returning them):


(From IceWarehouse's product description here: http://www.icewarehouse.com/Warrior_Covert_QRL3_Hockey_Gloves_Sr/descpage-WCQL3G.html

I am not sure when the flex thumb got added- I think it was in the QR1 line. This was pretty important IMO, so you get this either way. Cuffs on QR1 are pretty lame, IMO. At least the QRL3 cuffs have potential if they break in nicely. 

Not sure what you are looking to spend, but for the same price as the QRL3s on most retail websites, you can get QRL Pros from PSH which are waaaaaaaay better than either of your options (if you are size 13)- nice flexible cuffs and thumbs, they only thing I do not love about my QRL Pros are finger protection:


I am not partial to any particular vendor. I have bought a ton of gear from HM, IW, and PSH and found customer service to be stellar on all accounts. I am typically disgusted by corporate customer service, but these guys are great. TH and PH too have treated me well; I just have not bought as much from them as I try to make potential returns easy by staying inside of California. (except PSH who has unique stuff, so I violate my own limitations with them).

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QR1 cuffs are short and stiff, which is to me, the worst of both worlds. So yes, I do not like the design of those, in terms of functionality; fashion-wise I could care less how a cuff looks if that's what you are asking in terms of design (to Warrior's credit they have scrapped that cuff in their recent updates of their gloves).  

Most of today's gloves' cuffs are short; I always get a kick out of Gretzky's custom gloves that he wears at his camp and at Old-Timer games with his extra long (traditional) cuffs. Anyway back to the point, some gloves have really nice flex cuffs that I appreciate: Bauer Vapor Pro line, Warrior QRL & QRL Pro, the Reebok 11K retails & pro stocks, and the more recent versions of CCM retail (which have strayed from the excellence of the Reebok 11K cuff, but the new cuffs are just fine IMO).

I like the cuffs on Reebok 11K pro stocks:


And then the Reebok 11Ks branded as CCM are this on the PSH site (I think these are same as above, I cannot quite tell because of the shot blockers):



Disadvantages of those Reebok 11Ks:

-stiff thumb (not ideal but some guys do not care or do not notice, I like to have a flex thumb)

-may be a bit heavier (this is not a big deal to me but easy for me to say as I am in super light gloves), but they are ultra protective with a nice flex cuff that is both long and protective. So for $120, those pro stock Reebok 11Ks would be my choice, but that's just me. I see alot of guys in the NHL wearing these without the shot blockers. Rarely do I see guys wearing these with shot blockers (I think they must be so heavy and clumsy), but if I had to play against Shea Weber, I'd likely be on those with the blockers I suppose.

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