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Zuperior S - Clarkie's Tooth

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Triple Radius:  Zuperior S

Steel: Tydan 263mm

About me:   Age 56.  Former Junior A, 4 year NCAA player, played a bit in Europe, decades of senior A, currently play local A beer league and participate in US Nationals in 50+ Tier1. Can play all 5 positions, but prefer forward.  I have a confession: I'm a bit of a skate radius caveman. I've never had a radius done on a skate. I would simply use 'em right out of the box, when they started to lose grip, put an edge on them. I have a Wissota 911 sharpener in the garage and do my own sharpening, but never really thought about radius. I'm working with the Swedish skills group, JRM Skate and Skills, and one of the guys thought I was crazy not having a radius dialed in.  So when I read about JR's program, it seemed like a logical decision to try. So, my intial test is really a comparison between custom radius versus "absolute random" radius. 

Result:  I use a 5/8 ROH normally, but JR suggested that I go with a 3/4 ROH. With that change, I really didn't know what to expect when I stepped on the ice for the first time. The result was shocking. Glide was absolutely improved. A lot. If I had to quantify, I'd say 5%. The blades felt a little longer, so it did take some time to get used to. Stability was improved ,as I actually felt more solid in puck battles along the boards, and I felt like I had an extra first step on reaction plays (better acceleration). As for grip, the 3/4 hollow had more grip than my standard 5/8 on the control steel, so coupled with far better glide is a great upgrade.  To prove this was not placebo effect, I skated on the Zuperior S for 4 days, then switched back to the non-profiled. I popped the nons out after about 3 minutes. Zuperior was superior. I'm kicking myself for not trying profiling sooner and encourage others to try it. Is Zuperior the best custom radius for me? Don't know. Looking forward to trying a Quad next. One thing I'm certain: a custom radius can improve performance over a stock radius and it's foolish not to try.


Acceleration:  4

Mobility:        4

Speed:         5

Stability:       5



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