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  1. I got a question for you habs fans. What happened to the statues in the plaza before you get inside the arena? Also the Habs logo statue. I took a picture with it a couple years ago and I see its gone.
  2. Plus ESPN is owned by ABC. 6 games a year is too much! Also I think playing hockey in the south in an outdoor hockey rink is a bad idea. The puck will bounce around like crazy because of the air being so warm! Also I think football stadiums are better than baseball stadiums to see a hockey game.
  3. Am I the only one going like WTF? Like hoestly hockey is meant to be played in the cold not the warm weather..
  4. Wondering if it would make a difference between eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich or something from taco bell.
  5. NHL Playoff question

    Last team to make it to the SCF and not make it the next year?
  6. Embellishment

    No pretty much aimed at Marchard since hes a prick and dives quite a lot
  7. Embellishment

    I am getting so tired of these dives like honestly you have a short season and you take dives...SMH heres one video showing a few dives from the bruins.
  8. 2013 Proposed Realignment

    Rivalry wont change their 2 very close sport cities they will always hate eachother.
  9. 2013 Proposed Realignment

    I dont get why fans are getting so angry about it its not like its going to effect them what so ever. Im a devils fan but come on its going back to the old 4 divisions it used to be like.
  10. Toughest division right now in the NHL?

    wranglerWrangler yea your right the GF and GA are very close for every team in the division this is going to be one great race for the post season.
  11. Im thinking its atlantic since how competitive it is in their division.
  12. I am making a pond hockey rink at my school's pond the last few days have been below 25 degrees whish is perfect for the ice also it the temperature drops to below 10 at night. I have a shovel and measuring tape to make the dimensions of the rink. Whats the reccomended measurments for a pond hockey rink?
  13. NHL team incentives?

    My team's PR is a total joke not to mention the not so good fan base. I would move down by the Panthers arena for the $7 a game season ticket deal thats a good deal lol.
  14. NHL team incentives?

    Anyone hear some good incentive teams are giving to their fans? I'm a devils fan and the PR department really does suck like the fan base lol. I heard the leafs are having their home opener free. Stars are having kids 12 and under some to the games all season long. Anyone hear some cool incentives teams are doing? After all teams need fans to fill their arena
  15. Miller being traded?

    Is this just a rumor or is this true?