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    My video comparison of the True Catalyst 9 vs Catalyst Pro vs TF9 is now on YouTube. I can't link it here though. There will be an actual on-ice review of the Cat Pro vs previous True Customs in the future but I thought it would be important to get a sizing comparison on the Cat 9 vs TF9. Also of note, people on this forum and online who reached out to True in an attempt to make videos and a review happened are the actual reason I got a chance to get a pair of the Cat Pros and do the videos. So huge thank you to the community for the assistance there!
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    Awesome video as always Matt @Hills ! Love the detail and happy True has you on their radar!
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    Fixed it for ya. I don't do reddit. Wow. The guy posting the Geargeek link with a list of all NHL players using AS3Pro's and urging him to contact them because they might help you out. Priceless.
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    I've had an interesting discussion with an inline-hockey youth coach, who raised an interesting perspective. With their smaller inline rink and 4v4 setup, their kids are not not far behind the top level kids in ice-hockey youth programs run by pro teams, but their cost is a fraction due to not having to maintain ice and being able to operate all year long. In Austria, we are currently seeing rinks remaining closed (or delaying opening until external temps drop massively) due to the rising energy cost, and the remaining rinks increasing their fees, which raises the financial burden to play hockey even more. So inline hockey might be gaining momentum in the near future was his prediction.
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    Howdy, Another 7.5 Mako person here that is now using 6.5 TF7. I was using a 7.5D Mako that almost certainly should have been a 7.5EE but still seemed to work for me. The 6.5D TF7 definitely fits 'wider' and with more volume. And yes, they're also a LOT stiffer than my used Mako M8s. I never compared them to new M8's of course. YMMV, but I've been really happy with my TF7 skates. I've also got a pair of TF9's in the same size, but haven't gotten around to baking them / putting them into the rotation yet. Mark
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    Outside of buying drugs or designing a nuclear reactor, 30 grams seems exceedingly negligible.
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    Could be the holders , the left side I could see being a bit off possibly but the right holder appears to be absolutely centred. I’m no pro skate shop guy though if they insist on sending me the same blades to try a third time, I’m likely just going to bring the skates back. Not worth the frustration with brand new skates
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    Looks suspiciously similar to a Reckoner, but a mid-kick. Also, RIP all those patterns you used to love. AlsoI still want one.
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    The CCM rep I spoke with said they are the new Tacks build but a much softer specification, closer to a standard AS-V build, rather than an AS-V Pro
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    Do not make too many changes at once. Get the Ellipse XS with a 5/8 and see how that feels compared to what you had in your last skate. I'd probably have that put on your current steel before buying new as well, or buy a cheap used set on Sideline Swap or Ebay just to test with. Even now, you made two pretty big changes - steel size and not lacing the top eyelet (not to mention much stiffer skates in a correct size with a different flex and wrap profile and pitch to your last) - and you can't really pinpoint which of them made the improvement in your game. It's possible all the increased agility was due to the better forward flex, and you'd be fine by just having the holders on the skates changed back to your 263s. I would suggest not adding a third variable by changing the profile (and then a fourth by changing the hollow), before you get a clear idea what the first two variables did. Go back and try skating on the 246 with the old way of lacing a few times to see if it was the flexion or just getting used to the steel that made the difference. Then make the next change you think will help based on the information you gather - be it a different profile or a shallower hollow. Do not rush this, there's no reason to. I know you want to see even more improvements right away, but doing things without fully testing what you have and giving time to adjust may cause bad decisions and you could end up with something that isn't the best for you. I just went through this. I am going to need new steel soon, so I sent all my old steel to be profiled differently - Quad 2, Ellipse 1, and Quad 1. I had been skating on the Quad 2 for a while and was pretty happy, but the steel is pretty worn down so I switched to old runners that had a Quad 1 on them and more steel. I found a huge increase in agility that I liked a lot, but after a few games I found I had lost accelleration and top speed. Players were skating with me or catching me from behind when they weren't before. Putting the Quad 2 steel back on was awful and I lost pretty much all agility and was even tripping over my toes. So I went on a search to find the best profile to give me what I want. Putting the Ellipse 1 on was like an epiphany. It was completely natural to me. If I would have made a decision right then, it would 100% be the Ellipse 1. But then after a few skates, i noticed that I was still not getting the speed I wanted. So to be true to the process, I put back on the Quad 2 and gave myself the time to test it adequately. The first skate was rough, I felt like it was long and I was off balance. I had to go and put the Ellipse back on mid-skate. But I stuck with the Quad 2 and it turns out it's better for me. I'm faster and more efficient, and I don't feel less agile anymore. It turns out the profile wasn't done correctly before - the toe wasn't blended enough plus it had the full 20mm of pitch. That's why I kept tripping over my toes and had lost all the agility. But when I had them done this time, it was much better (and it's still a little longer than normal because there wasn't enough steel in the toe to blend). I think on new Flare steel and the complete toe blending it will be what I was looking for. If I hadn't stuck to the program, I would have made a bad decision and ended up with a profile that felt good but didn't really fix the issues.
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    *current CCM skates have the Speedblade XS holder. In my opinion it's the best holder on the market.
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    I love the CCM XS, but if you don’t want a QR system, the SB is nice. I also had issues with TUUK LS Edge holders. 2 x my blade released (two different pairs). I know it's the most popular but I'm not a fan.
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    Howdy, I replied in the other thread, but just to make searching easier... 8-32, 1/2" long. I would order these if I were buying some specifically vs. just had something lying around: https://www.mcmaster.com/92210A194/ True's replacements also have blue thread locker pre-applied. Mark
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    Yes sir, I am over it because you have deemed it not worthy of discussion. It was a question, get off your high horse.
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    The 16th Annual MSH Winterfest registration is now live! The link to register is below:
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    For real. If you ever want to understand the value of this ModSquad, read five threads on that forum. It’s so full of bad information and people who think that just because they speak with a tone authority, they know what they are talking about. There are a few people who get it, but it’s drowned out by a sea of blowhards.
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    If you need an ultra stiff boot for support the issue isn't the skate...sorry. I doubt there is all that big of a difference performance wise. What you likely experienced was the difference in overall fit between the two. I also question whether or not the 88k were properly sharpened.
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    Well I went in and talked to the shop I ordered from. Skates are too big. They're contacting True to see about a remake. Guy at my shop was good but was extremely surprised they were big. He said he's had to have ones re-made for being too small but never too big. We'll see what True says.
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    Lace outside in and the laces will lock.
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    Honestly, i'd even skip the FT5 Pro and just go for the FT5. I haven't shot the Pro, but the FT5 is a monster stick for the price point and shoots and feels better than my FT4 Pro did. I don't know that the 50+% increase in price would be warranted.
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    All that matters is if the puck goes in the net
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    I'd suspect the holders are misaligned and that's what's causing the steel to bend/break. I haven't been there myself (since I'm in Toronto), but I've seen some YouTube videos from B-Sharp in Ottawa on the True skates and they seem quite knowledgeable. If that's not where you're going already, I'd try going to a shop like that and have them inspect the holder mount to make sure it's aligned properly. If it's a holder alignment issue, you'll continue to have steel problems.
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    Ah, that changes my previous thoughts. If it is a package deal and retailers are "forcing" you to get steel (either basic at no charge or upgrade), then CCM should take the entire skate, including steel back if you use the 90 day policy. It sounded like there was an option to purchase without the steel. But if steel is "included" and you have the option to upgrade, then I see it as 1 purchase, not two.
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    So interestingly, I ordered the shot blockers but never put them on and haven't been hit in the foot until last week. It was on the ankle and was because I stuck my foot out to block the shot. It wasn't the hardest shot but my ankle still hurts so I may put them on finally.
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    This was a huge conspiracy theory when composite sticks first started getting big. Everyone on the internet knew someone who was friends with someone who knew for a fact that the best player on any NHL team was actually using brand X, with graphics from brand Y.
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    He wore AS-Vs that looked a lot closer to the retail version than anything he’s previously worn in competition; last year around all-star weekend. Maybe he’s giving that route another try.
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    Skated in the Cat Pros today. Just a public session but, that's actually a better diagnostic for me as there's nothing to "hide" behind. It's like playing a guitar without an amp...I know exactly how that guitar plays rather than having the amp "color" it. Anyway... Really like how they feel now that they are baked. Very comfortable and nice flexion. Seems somewhere between the AS3 Pro and 100k Pro. I like that piece of foam in the toe and hoping it'll mitigate the impact of shots as I block a lot of 'em. Was swapping between AS3 Pros, 100k Pros, and these. I like them! So.. I'm set with three pair to rotate through. Just need to decide if I am keeping my 70k and 80k's as well
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    Skated on them today...felt great. Not better or worse...just different...but not by much. Went back and forth between AS3 Pros (7.5 263), 100k Pro (8 271), and Catalyst Pro (7.5 271)...no issues or concerns. Biggest issue was that my 263 needs sharpening and the 271s are fresh. Anyway...appreciate all of the input...as always.
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    Before you switch to super long laces, try threading the top two eyelets from behind the tongue and then pulling the lace over top of the tongue. That's what I need to do with my TF9 inline conversions - I really struggled trying to thread the eyelets in front of the tongue, but now I can do it with ease from behind the tongue.
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    13/26, but I also use a 13 on occasion, all 1"
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    ROH is really more dependent on the weight of the skater if I am not mistaken. Heavier you are, the less deep the hollow needs to be, bc your weight helps dig the edges into the ice more. The less heavy, the deeper the hollow needs to be, bc you don't have as much weight digging the edges into the ice. I am 230 lbs and I am on 3/4. I like it, but I bet I could easily go one step lower ( 7/8 ) and still feel confident on my edges. When I first got my new step steel blades profiled, i also installed brand new replacement holder on my skates. So i asked the pro shop guy who I mailed them to, what ROH should I use. His comment back was, "you are now getting brand new steel thats 3-4 mm higher than what you were used to. You now have brand new holders on your skates and you now have profiled blades as well. Those are 3 new things to get used to, keep your ROH the same for now ( 5/8 ) and get used to the new set up, after that, start bumping down one step at a time as you get comfortable." I feel like you are in the same boat as me with the new skates, shorter steel and now possibly profiled blades. Don't go changing too many things at once. Maybe just stay with the 5/8 on the new profiled blades, get used for a month or two so and then change the ROH, go down to the 11/16, then maybe down to 3/4.
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    1) Being on the same steel for 7 years i was comfortable in my head with what I had, but by no means did i feel as good as I do now. I'm just a 44 year old, good ( not great ) skating men's league player and I am noticeably more agile and stable on my skates in almost every situation. 2) I play D about 75% of the time now, but I am an active D man who like to make the quick move in the corner to shake a forechecker and take that next stride or two to break out or make the outlet play. I'm 6'4 230 lbs, so I am by no means a quick little agile D man. 3) Mostly a north south skater when I play D or O, but I've been incorporating some more east west over the last year or two. I've always used my size, length, reach and stride to create my opportunities or make a play, but again, i just feel more mobile and stable in most situations regardless of what I am doing now.
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    The big + for me with the CCM XS holder is the locking mechanism is repairable without needing to rewove the holder from the skate, where as the Bauer one needs to be removed which is extra time and money. When my trigger failed on my LS Edge (when I didn't even use it regularly) I had to drop my skate off and wait a few days to get it back, also they claimed they needed to replace the holder because they didn't have/couldn't get the parts to fix the trigger, so this cost me even more (good chance if I lived in an area with more and better shops this wouldn't be an issue but I'm limited).
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    It's kind of funny. This place is full of posts about broken Edge holders and LS4 steel. I never had a problem with any of my edge holders or Bauer steel. I switched to CCM about a year ago and have already broke a runner (step blacksteel) and the quick release mechanism is chipped and cracked. I still like the holders and steel, just seems odd to me.
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    You can also use standard helmet screws, though you may need to widen the hole a touch. Using them with a little Loctite blue works.
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    Do you have a Kovalev game used stick? I'm dying to know how short he cut his sticks from heel to the top of shaft.
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    ok I took the chance and ordered a bag, came to about $85 after tax. It sounds like size wise it'll be similar to what I have now just shaped slightly differently (my skate pocket is at one end and this had individual pockets on each side). I'll return and let everyone know after I get it and try it out.
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    Was there today, here are the pics of the top edges of the boot opening.
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    I swear there needs to be a college course dedicated to decoding some of these stick codes I usually start here then google/redit for more up to date things: http://www.sports2k.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15186-pro-stock-stick-codes-what-do-you-have/ So the SM is "new Tacks stick", so whenever that info was written it was the new one I guess, my guess is SM became the Tacks code. SP could be blade construction? I know flex profiles have SV, SC but maybe if they have a different type of blade on their stick there's a code for that? Again, all shots in the dark.
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    Creasing like that imo is less of a quality issue, more of a sizing and volume issue. I would also question how well they were taken care of. But I would agree that top end skates are built more for performance than durability
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    Like how Bauer gets flowers for the ER Spine, but STX did it better with the PureGrip shaft before them.
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    MIC Franchise Eagle and third place may as well be fiftieth
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    MIC Franchise Eagle and third place may as well be fiftieth
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    Franchise MIC are my fave but for more modern 4 rolls I really like the CCM HG97. They aren’t as loose fitting but I find them very comfortable.
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    I love my CCM 4-Roll IIs (2012 model) (Pro Stock). Hard to find but super comfortable especially if you have a wide hand. I also have a few pairs of STX HPRs (2017 model) and for a 4-roll they are fairly tight in the backhand but I really like them.
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    Howdy, Oh yeah... I was going to say... I started doing checking games this year. Nothing super serious, relatively lower level Bantam stuff local to me and I filled in for a period of a high school game when there was a scheduling issue and I was at the rink for a previous game. That wasn't nearly as big a jump as I thought it was going to be at least in the handful of games I've done so far. In hindsight its not all that surprising... Its still the same game and there's lots of restrictions on how you hit someone. The high school game I filled in for was one of the most fun games I've done so far... National anthem to start, being announced as an official, having penalty calls and goals announced, etc. Kinda takes it to another level to know that they're going to announce what you called / who you gave that 2nd assist to! Mark
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    My setup arrived just before the end of the month

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