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    When I had the store in Vegas, I would charge customers the same price for a total custom skate as I would for a top tier retail model. I made a little less on the sale, but then I didn't have to carry as many items in stock for inventory, and the customer got custom skates for the same cost. IMO, everyone wins in situations like this.
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    Howdy, Stopped there this morning on the way through the area... Pretty decent! New Sticks were $140 iirc. Hockey socks for $10/pair, half shields for $10, game jerseys for $100. Lots of other stuff too. And this was at 11am on day 3. Thanks for posting it! Mark
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    Not to be that guy... but why not just grab an extra set of blades? - No surprises for your kid between Sparx sharpened blades from home and the shop while you're on the road - No waiting at the shop on a business tournament weekend -No possibility of the shop being closed for _______ reason
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    Custom specs: PPF model Hossa cuff (with side tab, which isn’t always done on other Eagle custom gloves) name embroidery (asked for upper cuff though it was done on the side guard piece) custom colors and binding (based on Eagle Design 5 and Design 7) custom thumb embroidery (a logo that I had previously designed for Eagle goalie pads, and also had on a previous set of Brian's goalie gear) PPF pinstripe PPF tone-on-tone embroidery finger length shortened by 1/4" kangaroo goat palm kangaroo goat gussets gussets tapered by -1/4" (not sure this was done?)
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    Hey! The pitch of the i2s in it's forward position is about 4.5 degrees, approximately 1 degree more than a traditional holder. Depending on what rocker insert you're using your pitch rocking back will be different. With the most amount of rocker (14ft rocker insert) you'll reach a pitch of 2.9 degrees rocking back. //Per Mars, Inventor
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    Good luck man, we're all rooting for you! Keep us updated!
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    In about 5 hours I'll be getting ready for my surgery. I skated last night and it was helpful keeping my mind off my impending surgery. It's starting to sink in that it's happening. So I will be getting my thyroid removed along with all the lymph nodes in my neck. followed by a second surgery to remove lymph nodes in my chest. Thankfully it will be done laparoscopic and I won't be having my chest cracked open like in open heart surgery. But I'll have a chest tube in for about 24 hours and that's not going to be very pleasant. I want to thank the people who have reached out to me.
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    there are 2 types of shells, pant shells and girdle shells. most of the time, a girdle shell is smaller and thicker material. you CAN wear it over pants if you size up but it's going to be hotter. even with my girdle, I prefer pant shells because they're not as hot.
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    Is True doing two lines of skates, like Vapor and Supreme, or did the Hrzdus replace the Catalyst? Hrzdus sounds like an off brand energy drink, or a Christian rapper who primarily tours county fairs in the midwest.
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    Mainly the stiffness of the skate and the tendon guard; Catalyst is less stiff and has a flexible tendon guard.
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    When I get back from Denver, I can send you a couple I have lying around.
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    I use 1 place in Toronto, Duke's Source for Sports. Technically in Etobicoke, which is a district in the west end of Toronto. Another place I trust my skates with is Hockey Lion in Richmond Hill, which is a city just north of Toronto. I suppose a better way of answering your question would be to know where he'll be playing in Toronto?
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    A part of me dies watching the section at around 10:05, seeing what they do to the helmet statue on top of the JOFA HQ.
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    Never had the need as of yet In Edmonton so can’t help you there but paying attention to thread just in case for future… I’m sure others here will chime with recommendations in the epicenter of the land of hockey, but in my few travels for hockey to Toronto area I trust my sons Blades with 2 spots. Scotiabank Pond has a Skatescribe Machine they run out of there which if you are unaware of is basically the chat GPT or Cadillac of automated sharpeners with nothing I’ve seen being able to match finish or precision. 57 Carl Hall Rd, Toronto ON M3K 2B6, Canada https://www.buckinghamarena.com The Second place in area I trust steel with are the guys down at Toronto Pro Hockey shop in Vaughn. A lot Juniors and Tier 1 in area use them exclusively and they do quick turn around with quality workmanship. 12-27 Roytec Rd, Vaughan ON L4L 8E3, Canada https://toronto-pro.com Good luck and have fun on trip. Be sure check out Hockey Hall of Fame downtown and grab a bite at historical St. Lawerence Market right down the street. My favorite is the Peameal Sandwhich.
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    In Edmonton, Wayne at Bladz Skate Shop West has a very good reputation. I make my way to him when I need my skates done skillfully and consistently. https://www.bladzskateshop.com/locations/edmonton-west/
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    Howdy, "Like" isn't really the right emoticon here for "holy fuck, I hope this goes well and sending you good vibes and hugs". Mark
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    I saw my surgeon yesterday and I’m having surgery on May 23. I’ll be having a complete Thyroidectomy and bilateral neck dissection. I have multiple cancerous lymph nodes that need to come out. There’s a lot of scary complications, but they are all low chances of happening. The tough part is the lymph nodes that are close to other structures or deep in muscles. There’s some near my corroded artery and jugular.
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    When I went to a store to compare the Pasta to the Kuch to the P28, the Pasta is closer to the P28 than it is to the Kuch, but the difference is super subtle and I doubt it makes *that* much of a difference to the average beer leaguer. And my impression is the Pasta is actually more *closed* than the P28 but that’s based on the eyeball test with the sample they had on display; I don’t know if they’ve updated any of the curves since introducing them on MyBauer (like if pros have since modified them). The Kuch is identical to the Warrior W28, which to my understanding is essentially a Fisher Pro (think of it as a P28 that is smoothed out from the heel to the mid part of the blade, where the P28 has an ever so slight heel “kink” similar to what you would find on the P91/A family of curves).
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    I don't think this applies to ice skates.
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    LXPX is simply an LX Pro with a stiffer blade
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    Forgot to mention I picked up a pair of large, CCM HP45’s at last years Anaheim Ducks sale for only $25. They have worked out great.
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    Howdy, I really need to show my wife that sticks picture. Mark
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    That is an insane number of sticks.
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    Pickups from some recent travels. Franklin Vipers pants Easton Pro pants navy 6K Pro M/L shoulders and a full family photo
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    I've always loved Eagle Gloves. The pair of PPF+s I had were by far and away my favorite pair. Miss those things.
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    I just wish they were more available and we didn't have to hunt a pair down for ourselves.
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    I'm currently in Cat Pros and am happy with them, but really wanted to try the new FT6 Pros. Met up with Flooded Customs from IG who designed a wrap inspired by the black option CCM offers through their custom program, but with the last gen logo. I think they turned out awesome and I look forward to testing the skates out! Wish more skates were made to look as subtle as this off the shelf
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    Decided to order a new RX3 stick after I couldn't find the extensions for it, and realized I shouldn't be cutting my sticks. Looks like Sherwood took @Hills advice from his pro stock Code V video as I picked up team stock (large selection) VGK gloves at Rousseau.
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    No socks. Never. Not once.
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    I don't think it's that. CCM has no problem using Ovie and he openly supports the current Russian regime. Back on point. Hockeystickman has Malkin pro patterns from time to time.

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