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    Yeah but the size of the market for folks willing to swap holders to access your steel is hundreds of times smaller than the size of the market of folks willing to use your steel on their factory CCM or Bauer skates.
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    My setup arrived just before the end of the month
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    And that was after everyone had defected from the old Easton message board, home of the best holiday toy drive.
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    Hey y'all, Since the pandemic started rink time has been pretty limited. I got lucky and was able to make my own home rink. Here's a short video of what I have done.
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    Got some Warriors made to match the Stars Winter Classic gloves.
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    Howdy, I think the risk is more about what happens to the competition if a bunch of folks get it. If the Pens are in the conference finals and seven players test positive, do they have to forfeit? What if both goalies test positive? Or the head coach and his assistants? Not saying that they shouldn't do it... I think they probably should. But the way things are going, you know one team is going to have to play without its top six players, top goalie, and head coach for the Finals or something ridiculous like that. Mark
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    Sounds like you're looking at skates that run narrow and are looking to size up the length to compensate for width. If that's the case it's probably not a great idea. Better if just getting skates that fit you. Obviously depends what you're using them for. For a cruise on the boardwalk I don't think it's the end of the world, but if you plan on playing with them, even lazy pickup, I would avoid. The easiest way to get hurt is gear that fits poorly and skates are the worst
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    Yeah man, its not worth it at this point in time especially with your preexisting medical issues. Hockey by nature is just not a pandemic friendly activity. If we have to take a year, even two years off, its really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I've taken that long of a hiatus before just because I got interested in some other hobbies. I just bought some outdoor inline wheels and a beater stick so I can at least skate around a bit at outdoor rinks in the mean time.
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    https://www.instagra...d=1g9egourr3owj Found a few gems cleaning out the basement Center Ice series practice uni PaceSetter (?) track jacket
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    Wow! I had forgotten all about the Easton message board (and the holiday toy drive #RIPMetalMatrixZBubble) Circling back on this, @dkmiller3356 I truly meant no disrespect to the all the people who've worked very hard behind the scenes for years. I appreciate all they've done but was truly curious about the current state of this community and what the future holds. Reading through some interesting replies and learning from them, my thoughts are: Gear market is stagnant; lack of innovation and interesting products in addition to reduced number of companies / offerings Increasing prices without perceived benefit to the masses Change in how people consume content; away from message boards and to social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) Change in how companies message the release of their own products via their athletes and social media channels Great conversation all, thank you!
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    Personally, this definitely fits two needs for me, and this isn't silly at all in my eyes. First, I use really big knobs on my sticks. My knobs are step knobs. 10 time around with 1.5 inch tape. 10 times around with 1 inch tape, and then 30 times around with 1/2 inch tape. Splitting the tape for that last part is a pain in the ass. Now, it's that much easier and quicker. This will be especially helpful when I'm experimenting with stick length. Second, I currently use blade tape, which doesn't cover the edges of the blade. What I normally do is split the tape and line the edges. And not having to split the tape when replacing the worn out tape will be a huge time and hassle saver.
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    buying a new house and moving with a 3 month old is awful. Like getting kicked in the junk with steel toe clown shoes awful
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    I think this is silly. How many times do people tape their butt end of their sticks? Cant wait to see people taping their blades with this too adding 100g of tape to the blade. Sigh.
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    Howdy, Howies rocks. https://howieshockeytape.com/products/howies-knob-tape Too bad I'm not playing hockey for the foreseeable future. Mark
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    It's a shame because Bauer could probably just make a better product and avoid this whole thing. At the end of the day, if the LS steel were up to snuff this would be a moot point. Bottom line, Bauer needs to make better runners. I get that the trigger system is Bauer IP, but this whole thing, from my vantage point, just appears to be Bauer not wanting to up the ante and instead just squashing the competition. They brought this whole aftermarket runner thing on themselves. Obviously they have a right to protect their IP, but the issue here is less more about quality product. I'm not naive and I know it's business, but it's still a bit petty. The last decade in my mind is just Bauer buying companies and suing companies. Imo they ruined Mission and ended Easton. I have a couple pairs of Bauer skates, but otherwise I have completely stopped buying Bauer. Once these new True retails come out I'll probably be done with Bauer entirely. /Of topic rant
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    Icewarehouse has a video on youtube that talks about the FT3 Pro along with the new p90TM curve.
  18. 2 points
    Talking US and Canada. I was in medical device development for 20 years very familiar with the IP challenges in China and some other countries, but you still can’t just violate IP by producing in China, being based in China, etc, and importing to another country who enforces IP. Sure you can sell ripped off stuff IN China, not what we are discussing.
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    If the shape of the steel is patented because it contributes to function, then they shouldn’t be making it. We bitch about lack of innovation in one thread, can’t bitch about IP law which encourages it in another.
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    The TRUE TF9 will be the same specifications as the TRUE Pro Custom skate so it will compete against other Tier 1 skates from CCM and Bauer. I would say the TRUE TF7 could probably hold its own against skates costing $699+ as it a very well built skate that was designed to be very thermoformable but at a very nominal price point. The premise is players who do not require a full custom skate and can fit into a retail skate can buy the TRUE TF9. Those that need a custom skate due to foot issues have the option to go with the TRUE Pro Custom.
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    That's what it looks like, which is pretty crazy, because that would mean that True's top of the line retail skate, if it is really comparable to the other big brands spec-wise and performance-wise, will come in at almost $400 cheaper than top of the line Bauer and CCM. I'm really interested to find out if the TF9 is actually on par with the other top of the line skates. I always wanted to try a pair of true but could never justify it as I fit retail Supremes pretty decent. But at that price it's a lot more appealing.
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    Random alma mater pickups from my travels.
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    bolt hole of the South Pacific, New Zealand.
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    And that's the unfortunate truth. Tough to go to the rink to "get a break" from reality when being at the rink puts you at higher risk. Rough stuff.
  25. 2 points
    Well, that's cause he had 5 other goalies playing in front of him. J/K!
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    The only goalie of the modern age who ever wore less than the maximum size allowed was Marty Broduer.
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    I had the surgery 6/13/18...walking with walker that day...stayed overnight cuz I had both at the same time. PT started the day after I came home. I hit PT like I was trying out for the Olympics because I knew that would be the key to how far back I could make it. Three weeks later walking without assistance. September I ran for the first time. I could have started skating then, but to be honest...I was nervous about how horrible I would be. That was just silly. As my school year ended...I started skating again, so...May 2019. I had to re-learn everything, but it was worth every ounce of sweat. Now I'm playing on two teams, have AAA invitations, get banged around and get up, and I'm coaching at two rinks. I hadn't skated for about 15 years and for the last five I couldn't walk, sleep, or stand...now 6x week at the rink. This has been life-changing gift! I thought I was too far gone to even think about a normal life. Anyone considering doing it...I am more than happy to talk to you!
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    Based on what? You think this is all a hoax? You live in AZ now... have you seen that the Covid numbers are skyrocketing? Florida through the freeking roof!
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    I guess it depends how seriously people still take covid when they return to sports. If you want to protect yourself, or help prevent any possible spread by reducing the spread of droplets from sweat, coughing, sneezes might be a simple addition to the bag. The Schutt splash shield has an interesting simulation model
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    Not so sure, I would bet many will take them off in between shifts to clear off the fog, sweat and water.
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    I think this item is unnecessary, but to each their own.
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    We cancelled SummerJam at the Prudential Center because we just didn't think we would get enough people to want to travel to NJ at this time. It took me a while to come to that decision but I think it was justified. We'll be back next year - expect to see you there!
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    Update: Two teammates have corroborated his story https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/carcillos-former-teammates-back-up-hazing-and-sexual-assault-allegations Trigger warning for people who are made uncomfortable by this stuff, but it needs to be heard.
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    I do product development as a living so I need to put this out there. The word innovation is overused. Doing something different is not innovation. Innovation is something new that changes behavior. You can find many definitions out there but ultimately it has to change some fundamental aspect of what exists and what is possible. Sure, there is the concept of incremental innovation vs. breakthrough innovation, but many things called innovative aren’t. With such frequent revving of product lines, I think we are in the extreme throes of marginal innovation, and it is out of proportion with pricing. Shaving a few grams off of something in the retail space has no appreciable impact on performance for 99% of players. It’s just a spec war to market products. So a good question is what are the big gaps in the hockey equipment world? What problem exists that, if solved, would be a benefit to the majority of players?
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    People don't get chirped for wearing full shields/cages. They get chirped when they wear a full shield/cage and play like idiots.
  36. 2 points
    The idea of playing 4-on-4 is very good. Sorry if this has nothing to do with the thread/post/MSH or whatever else...….
  37. 2 points
    This page suggests that the full shields are mandatory for ON and SASK and only recommended for BC, MB and IL: https://ashl.ca/ashl-summer-2020/
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    Here is the twitter thread from Bauer
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    I've purchased VH/True skates second-hand, and have been rather happy with the thermoplasticity of the boot, and was in Makos beforehand. I expect a highly thermo-formable boot in "classic" sizes (half-size steps) and widths (D and EE - however this might not even be necessary) that will fit a wide range of people. Again, just my expectation which is based upon pure speculation. The reason I am excited is that in my country there currently (to the best of my knowledge) is not a single True fitter where I could even order from, so a "cheaper" retail alternative that I could get (and service) locally would be greatly appreciated.
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    Endorsing skating with skates unlaced. Even for non-pronators I think this can reap huge benefits. It did help with my pronating foot but gave me so much feedback on my overall skating posture, etc that even the limited amount I am able to do is helpful. You can do drills but I guarantee one slow lap around the rink will reveal a host of feedback.
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    Just got these back from JR. 2s pros are awesome. I only had one full set of floating spacers lying around, so I set up the 2s pros. I just threw some wheels on the 1s for the picture. They feel nice, haven't really had a chance to put them to the test, but they feel great and they are definitely mounted perfectly. Have another pair of 1s waiting for the marsblades r1 to arrive.
  42. 2 points
    KHL could be a big market for those. Add a sponsor.....
  43. 2 points
    OMG loooooove the new Bauer holders. Looks so good without the trigger. They are always pushing boundaries of innovation. This must be residual tech from the Od1n prokect. Best brand ever!!!!!!
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    I'm still waiting for the next email from HKYGURU from the Easton Message board after getting picked to be a product tester for them...anyone remember that? The toy drive from Easton was an awesome promo as well, ah memories!
  45. 2 points
    I'm impressed you remembered your first post on CoreBeam!!
  46. 2 points
    Honesty if you are just looking to recreationally skate a bit until rinks open back up, I’d just get a nice pair of K2 or rollerblade skates. No matter what, unless you go all out and invest in a marsblade system, you’re not going to have the same/similar stride, so a hockey specific boot is only going to do so much. If you’re looking for something to play outdoor hockey games with, then yes a conversion could be an idea
  47. 2 points
    I heard the new Bauer roll out is entirely Street Fighter 2 themed. Look for the Spinning Bird Kick (save) goalie skates and 100 Hand Slap gloves. —- I imagine you’ll see a lot of sticks with new graphics, but same tech as player previously used. I can’t imagine not playing for 2 months then trying to come back into playoff form and trying to break in new stuff.
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    You definitely wont be able to buy retail skates with no holder. If you want that, you would have to go custom to honor your... custom request.
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    Lucky for him there was a pommel horse in the middle of the terrorist town.
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    New for 2017, the Super Tacks is CCM's top-end girdle. Here's it out of the box: The shell is removable, with leg zippers and +1 adjustment. It has three points in which it attaches to the girdle. There is a second loop under the belt in which the shell strap hooks into. Adjustable spine pad, with D3O. Now, here's the girdle without the shell. Open front crotch. However, there is a step-in part in the seat of the girdle. Opening it up, you can see it. The tailbone pad is built in, similar to 9k. There are 4 adjustment tabs in the girdle. Two of them extend all the way up to the kidney pad and bring the back of the thigh pad up... And the other two bring the front of the thigh pad up. Hip pads are similar to 9k. There's a lot to like here. Having the open crotch is good, and there's no shortness of protection as well. However, two things could be potentially nagging - the step-in part is one. It doesn't really seem to be necessary - the points it's attaching to is the groin pad area and the tailbone pad. The second one is the lack of stretch material in the top of the girdle. The only part where there's any sort of stretch is a 1.5" piece where the velcro tab is that mates to the belly pad. I'm hoping to skate in them shortly. Any questions or additional pictures needed, please ask. Thanks goes to CCM for sending me this set. I've been a girdle wearer for almost 20 years so it's a category that always intrigues me.

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