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    Throwback Thursday
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    Its all opinion. Thousands of top level skaters in history started on whatever random shape the blade came out of the box, continued with whatever shape it morphed into through repeated sharpenings, and then back to another random profile when they got new skates. What may seem intuitive may in fact be correct or it may end up being wrong. There are lots of examples where people have success doing the opposite of “conventional wisdom”. Until you have a body of actual data, it will continue to be opinion-based.
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    It CAN help you. It could also hurt you if you went with a profile that works against you. The problem with the current state of profiling IMO is there are too many, not enough empirical data to make recommendations, and definitely few experts available to the end user to help make decisions. Add that it is extremely expensive to test many profiles and that I think describes the current state.
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    https://m.imgur.com/RfkCu8a?r Putin uses something similar to this. Scores 8 goals a game and is a ruler of a country. Is best thing since scooped borscht I assume. Not saying otherwise else end up in gulag.
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    Everyone is bashing it so I will play devils advocate. Looks good if you have a broken jaw or something. Also for people like me who went full cage, I can bring back my beloved mirrored visor out of retirement:) So you can have that visor you love and you can protect your expensive dental work at the same time.. Also if you love being chirped. With this set up of mirrored visor and cage, you will never be lonely on the ice again.
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    Can I also add to the extensive list that althoma created, the Bauer reakt 95 helmet. If you have an oval shaped head then this might the winner for you. Myself, the E700 is my go to helmet but I'd happily use the Bauer reakt 95 any day of the week. Personally I don't think you can spend too much on a helmet, there is nothing worse than getting pains in the head due to a poor fitting lid.
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    I'm a step-in girdle guy and have used many. The RBK 9K was the gold standard, and I wore one for a while. But man is it heavy. I recently switched to the Super Tacks and i love it. It's just as protective in most places as the pro level 9K, and even moreso in some, and is about half the weight (or feels like it). I wish it was a little more full step in like the 9K, but it's defintely better than a wrap style. if you want a step in girdle, it's a great option. You can find one on eBay or SLS.
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    Lots of different profiles out there. I think it took the advent of quick removable blade to bring the new profiles to the masses. All I know is the days of the single profile are numbered. Best quote I could find on the topic from poster PBH, if people like this are giving new players advice I think profiles have a bright future: I'll throw my hat in the ring here as someone who does a ton of profiles and also tests them. Owning a full-service hockey shop gives me the ability to have access to try all different combinations of skates, steel, and profiles. Yes, I am lucky, but this also comes with negatives as well considering I change configurations so often I sometimes physically hurt myself s and it most certainly does take its toll on my skating as well by changing equipment so often. Such is life..... BTW, when I say I hurt myself testing, I am dead serious. I hurt my back not too long ago, slipped a disc. I was testing an unreleased pair of skates with a very aggressive Quad 0 profile that was applied, it still had the full pitch in it and my back just couldn't handle the strain exerted with being so far forward. My back and core were constantly engaged fighting against the extremely stiff skate and the pitch of the profile and something had to give... Something did. My back. Anyway. Quad 0.5 is a great overall profile and as mentioned, what I typically like to start players on if they are coming from steel that has not been profiled previously. It's also very good for new adult players, as the pitch is something they are not yet accustomed to and can throw off their skating. For the young kids, I prefer to put them on a single longer profile until they develop advanced edge control. This allows them to focus on skating and not worrying about balance as much. Quad 2 would be my second go-to. The Quad 0/1 removes a very large amount of steel and also add quite a bit of pitch. Once you blend the toe properly many people feel too far forward and they get short choppy strides due to balance issues and such. There are so many factors I think we can all agree that its truly impossible to say what is the best method and what to use for each player without seeing. Not to mention that some skates have a built-in forward pitch, like TRUE, and many other skates are very neutral. For example, skating on a Quad 0 using the "Pro Sharp recommendation) on my TRUE skates makes me feel unbalanced. When I do Quad 0/1 I tend to remove most of the pitch from the profile to preserve steel and also lessen the forward pitch. I can always add more pitch later but I cannot add steel back once it's been removed.
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    I am aware of the studies and have followed everything everyone here who has experience has posted. I just don't think they are using data to develop the profiles otherwise they would be able to prescribe them better or present evidence as to why one was better period or in a certain context or for a particular skater. I haven't found a cohesive explanation. Think about mom and little Joey who buy new skates and get upsold a profile, they are going to go with whatever is suggested without a clue of what they are buying.
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    There have been some studies. I'm sure some people here will be able to point you in the right direction. Two things I took away from the one study was: 1) Just because you feel better doesn't mean you are skating better. Thought that was kinda interesting. It was why they had to measure change versus feeling it. 2) I think out of the profiles they tested (they only tested a few) they found the dual profile 9.5'-10.5' to have the best results which is a lot like the Quad 0.5 which is a 8-10-12-14 profile.
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    Front of toes or side of toes touch the toe cap? Laced or unlaced? There are a lot of variables to determine a correct length and therefore size. My go to to test for length is always this (it never fails) - take the laces out, pull the tongue right out (this is important to stop the boot from binding on the foot), put your foot into the skate and push forward until the "tips" of the toes brush the toe cap (ignore the side of the toes). Now bend slightly forward and see if you can slide a pencil down the back of your heel. If you can slide the pencil down then the skates are too long (at last a 1/2 a size) for what is considered a "perfect length" fit ie your toes should settle around 1mm - 2mm off the toe cap when laced up. If the side of the toe/s are pushing against the toe cap then that's not a length issue but a width and fit issue, you either need a wider toe cap or to get the toe cap punched. 1 size difference is a lot and whilst I think the scanner gets it wrong a lot of the time wrt to the fit, the length measurement is close enough most of the time. Your shoe size should never be used as a guide to your skate size, that's a fallacy that I wish the manufacturers and skate shops would stop using.
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    But he nails the tongue flop. lol
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    Explain how this is “innovative” or better than what is currently in use, if you’re going to take that indignant stance on it. Different and innovative are two different things.
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    Usually innovation has the intent of solving a problem previously unsolved for. What problem does this solve?
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    I think the original poster was asking about the gloves though
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    Helmets, whatever fits best, but I'd definitely try on the following: CCM Tacks 910 and 710 - I haven't used or tried on either, but I've heard plenty of positive comments from those who have used them Warrior Alpha One Pro - a one piece helmet with a convenient adjustment dial. Also, more affordable than some of the other options (still not super cheap, but less than half the price of some top end helmets). I owned one briefly, and it was comfortable, but I preferred my old Easton E700s and went back to those. The E700 is my favourite helmet, but it hasn't been produced in 5+ years, so I'll have to move on eventually (I do have a few of them). CCM Fitlite 3DS - on clearance now. I tried one once and it felt good on my head. It has a nice adjustment dial. True Dynamic 9 - it's a one piece helmet like my beloved E700, but not as light. I prefer the Gyro adjustments of the E700 to the padding with different thicknesses on the Dynamic 9 though. Plus, the super expensive, if money was no object helmets: CCM Super Tacks X - it looks very interesting and the feedback from those who have tried them is great, but $400US/$500CAD for a helmet is tough to stomach The upcoming Bauer Hyperlite (launching July 30) looks somewhat reminiscent to the E700, so I'd try that on. It's not as expensive as the Super Tacks X, but still isn't cheap at around $350 CAD (assuming $299US) For elbows, I love my 2012 Warrior Projekts and still have two pairs, but if I was looking for new ones, I like the mobility of 3 piece pads and would look at: Warrior Alpha DX on clearance or the new Alpha LX Pro - three piece pad with an elbow sleeve. STX Surgeon RX3 - a three piece pad with an elbow sleeve. You won't find them in stores, but they sell direct on the STX website for much less than the regular price of other top end pads. The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic - they're pretty pricey at $180 CAD, but it is a 3 piece pad and the protection looks quite good. I'd try it on before making a decision. For shins, I like my CCM RBZ shins, but when it's time to replace them, I'd try on as many as I could. These are a few that have caught my eye: CCM FT4 Pro - the shell design looks somewhat similar to my RBZ's Warrior Alpha DX or the new LX Pro - anatomical and streamlined
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    Give me balance over minimum weight any day.
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    Tron... the Harbor Freight of hockey equipment.
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    There is SO much relavent information on all those blade brands in this forum provided by, perhaps, some of the most knowledgeable folks in this amazing industry...if you do a search regarding the brands I know you'll find the best answers for your personal needs...all of the brands you have asked about have excellent properties...this response doesn't answer your question really, but, what brand I might think is "better" has might conflict with another members "better" and guess what...we would both be right....do a search my friend and welcome to the best hockey forum available!
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    Too strong a concentration of rubbing alcohol isn't great for rubber and plastic. Alcohol does kill bacteria and viruses much faster than peroxide (seconds vs. minutes), but can be harsh. Peroxide takes longer to work, but doesn't seem to damage rubber or plastic. Alcohol also evaporates faster; sometimes too quickly for hard surfaces like plastics. Hydrogen Peroxide can kill mold and bacterial spores. Alcohol is also more effective on some viruses and hydrogen peroxide is more effective on others: Isopropyl alcohol is more effective against lipid viruses including hepatitis B and C, HIV, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus, whereas hydrogen peroxide – against non-enveloped viruses, like rotavirus, coxsackieviruses, or poliovirus. https://blog.fantasticservices.com/hydrogen-peroxide-vs-isopropyl-alcohol-what-to-use-for-disinfection/ https://www.healthline.com/health/rubbing-alcohol-vs-hydrogen-peroxide#bottom-line https://www.webmd.com/first-aid/difference-between-rubbing-alcohol-hydrogen-peroxide#:~:text=Hydrogen peroxide is another antiseptic,alcohol does to kill germs.
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    I can't speak from experience on the Vaughn-manufactured Grafs about holding up over time as I just bought these, but I do know Vaughn's products are respected, and an inspection of my 7900s gives me the impression these are as well made as my 10+ year old Grafs, or anyone else's product currently in the marketplace. I plan to skate on these a few more times to get comfortable, and possibly buy another identical pairs as I normally rotate my gear, and usually bring 2 pairs of skates to the rink as I block a ton of shots and have broken blades before. Rotating skates, especially once I start playing a few times a week again (hopefully, pandemic permitting) helps keep them "fresh" and able to last for hopefully 10 years, which I've heard is a lot longer than most people keep their skates. Given that some of the past 10 years I was on the ice 4-5x per week, I'd have to say I got my money's worth with my G70s. I hope to do the same with the new 7900s.
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    CCM doesn't have a patent on one-piece boots overall. They have patent over a particular method of construction. So does True. So does Bauer: they own the Mako and MLX IP. There is no should/should not, only personal preference. One could work with you and make a recommendation if you're not sure. But there's no blanket statement about what to do. Kovalchuk: wrapped upper eyelets but creased to hell. It's always worked great for him. Shane Wright, the complete opposite (at least in Bauer, haven't been able to find a clear shot of his Trues that isn't too dark to see any detail). It's all up to the skater and the skates having a good relationship. Your images didn't match at all what I was expecting from your description. That's a bit of wrap, but nothing crazy. Looks very normal. Just a slight inclination from the sidewalls toward the midline of the boot.
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    +1. I used to skate on Grafs and loved them, but I've read all the accounts of declining quality and, sadly, it's become pretty hard to find them in a lot of shops. So, insight from someone with recent hands-on experience would be great.
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    @nystromshairstylist Would you do a lengthy review of them? A lot of members on MSH are curious about Graf's recent work, but not many are confident enough to take the plunge. Some pictures of the quality of construction and detailed analysis of why they're great for you would help potential buyers evaluate whether or not a new pair of Grafs might be for them.
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    It's almost nonexistent at this point. There's a few outliers, for sure, but for the most part, we don't see it. We don't even bring in 102/105 flex on booking orders - only on closeout. At this point, I don't think the average beer league player has either the technique, or strength to get what is needed to properly use a 100 flex.
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    I just recently went down the rabbit hole called skate profiling and started off with a 9.5/10.5 profile. My LHS felt it would be a good starting point and they were correct. Only adjustment I needed was I had to go back and drop my radius of hollow from my normal 5/8 that I used for years to 11/16. Now they are perfect, I'll never go back to non-profiled steel.
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    I don't even order anything over 85 for retail. If someone wants anything higher than that I do custom orders.
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    I need to see the toe and heel blend and I can see what kind of shape the blade is in roughly.
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    Anything with an aggressive pitch such as that 5 11 13 is a bad idea when starting. keep it simple. 9 or 10 single. The best thing about a profile is that both blades will be the same. start simple get comfy and then change slowly.
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    I think the most overlooked and underrated option is Eagle. I have an eagle girdle and pants and they're unreal, they will definitely be the way to go if you're coming from older Tacklas, they are exactly the same imo. And the eagle Aero shoulders are exactly what you're looking for, I also used Supreme classics once upon a time and these are even lighter and the protection is about the same. You can order them directly from Eagle too. Fit should be the same as what you're wearing now in terms of sizing. All the other options mentioned are great too, but if you're looking to not even notice a change, you're probably gonna be happiest with Eagle. Obviously this is all my opinion, so try it on yourself too
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    Man, THIS!! I was just wrapping my head around quad profiling and now there’s the ellipse. At $50-ish a pop, it is not cheap and I simply ruin my steel if I keep trying out new things. What would be great is if there was a rental program that allowed people to rent different profiles to test them out. More upfront cost for the profiler, but I’d imagine happier customers at the end of the day.
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    I knew that would work out well. Not a fan of any of the other Quads.
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    What is skate profiling Everything you need to know about skate profiling in the link above. My story. I went from a single 11' profile sharpened at 5/8. To something called a "Quad 0.5" which is a 8'-10'-12'-14' profile sharpened at 3/4. It was the greatest thing I have ever done to my equipment. I was faster, more agile and more stable on my skates with this one change. The difference was night and day. After all these years it felt like a miracle. I became a better player over night just by changing profiles. No joke. I will never go back to single profile again.
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    I find a good old game of tag always works. It's simple, the kids understand it, they don't use sticks as crutches, and it's motivating (I mean who doesn't want to win at tag). It's amazing how kids can just pick up skating techniques cause they want to get from point A to point B in tag. They don't think about it...they just do it.
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    Howdy, Not sure if anyone really cares, but the TF7's are working out well. Put a profile on a new set of steel that matched what I had on my previous Makos (Zuperior S) and I'm finally back to basically never thinking about my skates. I'm sure some of that is the additional time in the skates... I've got 14 skates (reffing and playing) in on them now. At this point, my toes aren't QUITE brushing the end cap. I do feel a ridge under my right big toe especially... Like a step where some material meets or something like that. I haven't pulled the laces to try and see what's going on there. I thought about maybe trying to smooth that out with a die grinder or filling an area with epoxy or something to make it less of a sharp transition. Its fairly minor though, so I might just keep ignoring it. Otherwise no hot spots or rubbing or whatever. I'm guessing that change from the first skates is a combination of the foams/padding breaking in more with use and moving the tongues down in the skate. Pretty happy with these things! Mark (Just so nobody interested needs to dig back... I went from 7.5 regular width Mako M8's (probably should have been in wides) to 6.5 regular width TF-7s. My take is that the True skates are marked around .75 size listings smaller than 'standard' and are also a bit wider/more volume than the old Vapor / "fit 1" type things though the mold-ability may let them work for narrower feet as well)
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    https://hockeymenders.com/ or you can send them directly back to Eagle as well i believe
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    It seems like a solution to a non existent problem. You can wear a cage, a fishbowl, a visor cage combo…. Or this
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    The only time you'll have issues with helmets/cages is with the bubbles... CCM and Bauer have different front screw widths, the CCM is a little wider, so if you use a Bauer bubble on a CCM you have to modifiy the top clips or get special ones (I tried a Bauer bubble for a bit on my CCM helmet and had to notch the plastic clips). I normally wear a Bauer Profile 3 cage on a CCM helmet (a V08 for years and currently a 910) and my son has a Reakt150 which we have had both a CCM cage on and now a Profile cage, no issues with fit on any of them.
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    First part of the CCM Pro Tacks transformation into Frankenstein is complete... Tuuk Edge installed with Step Steel. Anyone know about those tongues??
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    Great value in both those. I have the 710, great helmet. When it comes to shins and elbows. My recommendation would be the Tacks line. It's the closet you'll get to older style gear.
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    Many thanks, Vet88. I tried on a handful of helmets today and am deciding between the Reakt 95 and the Tacks 710.
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    I got you. I’m in your boat. Picking the puck up is a totally useless skill that has no real application in a game and is pointless to try and learn. Or at least that’s what I tell myself because I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to do it!
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    YES. Really hoping bauer considers bringing an accurate iteration of the e700 back soon. secondary market growing thin ha.
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    Save a spot for me too please
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    "But this new tongue design was years in development. We never had this problem before." Well, it could be a problem now,
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    Grabbed these on Ebay. Seller was in Michigan so Plymouth is a possibility. I find the Whalers colorway hard to pass up.
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    Very excited to get these today, can’t wait to try them out on ice. I’ll be putting together a long term review of them.

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