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    16 years ago, we opened our doors. Thank you for all who have helped and supported us along the way.
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    my daughter was born on Wednesday, March 11 at 12:32 pm.
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    I have exactly the same problem. My solution - after 10 years of trying every pad on the market - was a frankenpad! I took the silver Sher-Wood 9950s and had Farrell like pad cubes sewn onto the back. I think they were Farrell... maybe some padded pants and shorts and shirts, I don't actually remember.. I also attached a belly pad from some other pads I had because they ran a tad short. The caps drop nice ands low and the Farrell padding does a nice job absorbing impact. When these wear out I retire!
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    Sorry, I just think it's funny that you refer to arguably the 2nd best defenceman all time as "another player".
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    There are a lot of important roles, not just those on the ice. Once your kid is playing organized hockey on some type of select team, the manager role is huge. All you need to be a good manager is a level head, good organization and communication skills, and the ability to role with the punches. I coached youth hockey allstar level, and the choice of team manager was huge - the difference between a good or bad season was largely on the quality of team manager you found for that role. So to the OP - if you're motivated and want to help, don't be discouraged if you lack on ice skills, a hockey team is more than that - there are other ways you can be a key part of the teams' success while you work to develop your on ice skills. colins
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    Found a new job! Purple CCM gloves sold.
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    Hockey sticks are generally about 5'-6' long, give or take. I think I'm gonna take a hockey stick with me on the few occasions I go out now.... it can be used as a social distance measuring tool, a self defense weapon, and well...a hockey stick. lol. On the reality side, did anyone catch CTV, taping their mics to hockey sticks in order to interview people on the street?
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    I also have a pair of frankenpads, I took the body of a pair of Rbk 6K Pro and took all the arm and caps off. I then sewed on a pair of caps that came off a pair of CCM 1899 shoulder pads. The chest on the ccms had less protection than the sherwood pads which is crazy to think possible. I love my frankenpads now!
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    If you're switching to something other than the shift holder, I'd recommend the XS holder. The Bauer holders are soft and you're likely to see play in them if you're on the ice as much as you say. The new XS holders are really nice and you'll have the benefit of being able to use Step instead of the garbage that Bauer makes. You're going to have to drill new holes anyway, but the XS are the way to go if you're going to switch.
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    Kids’ spring league sent out something about accelerating the season once things open back up. I cannot see this happening in time. People must think that in a week or two between one day and the next everything in the country is just going to open up and we instantaneously are going back to normal.... That sounds like a recipe for relapse to me.
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    Sewed the caps from my Cooper SB94L's on my Supreme S1's...perfect! How do you post images here...I'll show 'em to ya. Now all I gotta do is wait for the world to de-crazy Frankenpads Frankenpads 2 Frankenpads 3
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    My dad was in the same boat as you - wanted to be involved, but really couldn’t skate/didn’t have any hockey skills. Though, he did know the game a bit, being a long time Flyers season ticket holder (at the time he and my stepmom were the type that goes to 39 out of 40 home games a year). Anyway, the way he ended up helping was to run the score clock and keep the game sheet, as someone else above mentioned. He did that literally every year from being a 5 year old mite to a 15 year old midget, before I moved away to play at prep school. So I’d recommend doing that or something similar to help out.
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    100% Id almost rather use crappy Bauer factory laces. Besides, when was the last time anyone had issues with their lace tips?? Get some Howies and be done with it.
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    It wasn't in their catalog for this season. The good news is our Bauer rep emailed and said it will be available again. He said it was a mistake on their part. From Bauer: "Just a quick note, the Bauer SpeedPlate 2.0 was missing from the Bauerbiz repeat catalog, in error. It is in the catalog for 2020. It has been added back there today and is in stock for immediate shipment."
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    Primarily it's muscle memory that causes the heel lift. When you put skates on and skate, your body is trying to do the same thing as when you walk, push down with the forefoot and lift the heel is part of your normal stride. A simple test is leave your laces untied and really loose, now go for a skate and one of the first things you will notice is how the heel lifts in the pocket as you get to the end of your stride. So what holds the heel in place? It isn't the bottom 3 or 4 eyelets (the forefoot ones) or the top ones (around the leg), it's the eyelets that cover the front curve of the foot between the foot and the leg that lock your heel into the heel pocket and this is why you get lace bite if the boot does not have enough volume, the pressure of the lace downwards on the foot and the pressure of the foot lifting in the skate and coming up against the lace. The padding in the heel will help to a degree but the force of the lift is significant enough that no padding can ever hold the heel in place. It's possible that if you squeezed your foot into a size smaller boot (aka Paul Coffey) that the pressure lengthwise and the padding would be enough to lock the heel in place but do you really want to be in pain and limping for days after every skate? You can learn how to skate differently (aka no heel lift) if you can put the time in. Start dropping eyelets until you can eventually skate with laces untied, then train this way and you will find your skate mechanics change for a whole host of reasons, and for the better. Or buy skates that fit your foot - narrow heels and ankles means you are looking for Jetpeeds (2017 line) or Vapours or Rbk 50ks or Rbk 70ks or customs. If they are too narrow elsewhere get them stretched and or punched. If the volume is not sufficient use eyelet extenders or Rbk lacelocks. If you train laces untied you will learn that heel lock isn't that important, it's your stride mechanics that count. fwiw, I train with no laces and play games with only the bottom 3 (forefoot) eyelets laced up. Once you have learnt the lateral stability needed, the biggest change in your stride is when you accelerate or get on your toes, a lifetime of muscle training (eg walking and running) means you want to lift the heel and relearning how to accelerate and stride off the toes with no heel lift takes practice and time.
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    In addition to the above - hockey isn’t golf in that you have your hands in the exact same position for different shots and have time to approach the ball. Ideally you want to be able to get your shots off from a variety of hand/body positions as the play unfolds dynamically. TLDR: Whoever fed you the hold at the balance point idea, fed you nonsense.
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    The real question is, why are you using so many different curves? Maybe I'm old school, but if I pick a curve, I stick with it for an extended period of time. I just did this going from a 92 to a 28. I don't want to be changing back and forth between the two because I feel like I maximize learning and perfecting the curve I'm using. I won't change curves, usually, for an entire season or more if it's working. Just seems like you're spending time readjusting to the stick each time your switch. To each their own, but I am curious to as why you switch between so many.
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    Just pre-ordered mine, very interested in this version. Got 2 original Marsblade going strong for multiple years, plus 1 Sprung, so this will be very interesting to compare.
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    SISU, by far. Only mouth guard I can tolerate wearing.
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    Usually lower end skates don’t have bearings that you can clean. They’re a sealed unit and you would just replace them once they wear out. Better bearings would definitely help... it’s up to you whether it is worth it and how much you want to spend. And yes there is a large difference in skate quality. For starters the boot and outsole will be made of cheaper more flexible materials so that may be the flexing you’re feeling. Also, lower end roller skates usually have a two piece steel chassis, which is weaker and can allow more flexing. The mid and higher end inlines will feature a one piece aluminum or magnesium chassis.
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    Hey everyone, I'm a mental performance coach/consultant working in the CHL and with Hockey Canada.Normally at this time of the year I'm deep into playoff prep, but because the league is currently suspended, I've got a bit more time on my hands.If you have any questions about the impact of mental performance on the game, sport psych, developing elite players, etc., feel free to ask away!
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    I'm currently in protracted discussions with my agent regarding my retirement from hockey . That being said if things are back to some sense of normalcy I'd be in for SummerJam! I say let this ride for a bit longer unless it's stressing you out, in which case no one will fault you for cancelling the event for 2020.
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    Just heard back from the Devils; they plan for the building to be open on 6/1. So, that's two months before the event.
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    I do think people are holding off on committing right now due to everything that's going on. My opinion is to be patient and wait things out a bit. For me I am hopeful it will occur and I'm looking forward to it. I do think that there is a decent chance of us being ok. What would be helpful is if members would indicate their interest and just say "If everything clears up, yeah I'm going." Truth is its all refundable so no risk if you are driving.
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    First and last pair of shoulders I have. Bauer Flak. I got them in 1989, when I first started skating in a rink. They're so comfortable that I can't imagine using anything different. My Mother in law is my personal equipment manager. She's sewed up holes and changed the straps multiple times.
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    The Graf Supra 707 was my jam as a kid.
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    This is incorrect. Are you using the info@icestation.net email? While the Kings have expressed interest there is nothing close to a done deal at this point and the likelihood of the Kings doing anything this big is almost zero. There have been some very productive talks with others but all very preliminary. If you have real interest you can email us and we can arrange a call.
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    I sent them an email expressing interest in purchasing the facility myself and they said the LA Kings will be buying the facility, the deal is apparently already underway.
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    VH Skates. Easily the best hockey gear I’ve ever had. My Passau glove is probably a close second.
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    Two pieces come to mind. 1. Mega Air 90 skates with the power clip - Only the ones before Nike bought Canstar and made them Bauer Air 90’s, has to be the original Mega’s 2. Easton Pro 3000 13” gloves
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    I've been playing since 1990 and I gotta say my current True Skates are the best piece of equipment I've ever owned, and worth every penny. Never had a skate fit this well, this comfortable, and this level of performance. 2nd place is probably the CCM Ultra Tacks stick.
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    I am very doubtful there will be any spring or summer hockey, but would love to be wrong. I am hopeful leagues can safely resume in the fall. Late April doesn't seem realistic at all.
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    Well that’s optimistic. I wouldn’t count on it happening.
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    The physical therapy is actually helping more than I thought it would. The tingling isn't on 100% of the time, like it was in the beginning. It comes back once in a while. I have one more PT session. I went to a second orthopedic surgeon about my shoulder, as the effect of the cortisone shot is wearing away. He said I would be a candidate for ream and run surgery, but elective surgery is not an option with the corona virus thing.
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    You can start to learn to training with no laces by slowly decreasing the stability the laces provide. For example, drop the eyelet, lace, then after a few weeks drop the next eyelet, continue to repeat this as you adjust. The other option is skipping eyelets when lacing up starting after the 3rd eyelet from the bottom. You can at first skip one eyelet, then later skip another, continue to repeat this as you adjust. Over time you will build muscle memory and strength in areas of your ankle/foot you are currently not using due to the added stability the laces + boot provide.
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    I never thought I'd see the day, but I'm pretty much "over it" when it comes to acquiring new equipment. As well as stuff that I had sought out for years prior. I still play 3-4x a week, and still love playing. However, my appetite to have the latest and greatest, as well as acquiring prized pieces from my past has all but diminished. The new stuff is all too similar to each other across any brand for the most part. Nothing changes all that much between retail cycles, and the nuances we used to have with all the different retail brands just isn't there any more. In other words- retail is boring nowadays to me. Pro stock stuff isn't holding its attention either these days. Now I buy out of necessity, as opposed to want. The last piece of equipment I got really happy about was a pair of old stock Eagle 4 rolls that I found in the back of a local shop about 15 months ago.
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    I'm not a fan of Elite either, I've been using Howies waxed the past while and have been happy. I tend to run laces as long as I can because I hate breaking in new laces... you know those first handful of times where the laces just don't have the right stretch or give to them? Or am I alone in this lace break in thing?
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    Wow congrats on being ambidextrous!
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    The toe box is plastic and is malleable. I have had it compress from blocking a shot just like you did and the toe box was fine afterward. I don't know if higher end toeboxews are better than lower end skates but my gut tells me they are the same. That's a plastic part that is interchangeable and easily mass produced.
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    Never had an issue, maybe its the skates....
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    Ryder optimized shooting with a long P89. PK Subban hammers one timers with a P91A. Boeser has an absolute bomb with a P88. Sakic had arguably the quickest “dual lie” release in NHL history using a Drury Blake Wheeler averages like 15G-60A a season using a P28. Tavares has the puck on a string with a P15. TLDR: Curves aren’t good at things, players are.
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    The closure will need to be much more than 2 weeks. Given the latency between exposure and onset of symptoms and the rate of infection in addition to lack of widespread testing, it's a months thing vs. weeks. Allegheny County (Pgh and surrounding area) just shut down all bars and restaurants and urged non-essential businesses to close for 2 weeks as of today. Edit- clarified the details of county shutdown
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    It's a scam. I see they've updated their "store" pic to the Bauer Experience MA store, LOL
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    I remember having a pair of Douglas as a kid and then later a pair of Flak shoulder pads. I hated both of them so much but my parents made me wear them since they were worried I was going to get hurt since I was smaller than most kids on my team and played in much higher levels for my age. My favorite shoulder pads were the Cooper Technifelx but it took a lot of convincing for me to get my parents to allow me to buy them. I still think those are some of the best should pads ever made for weight and mobility.
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    Not to be a downer but it is harder than it looks and if you have only skated a few times and have zero hockey experience you would be more help off the ice. You need to have some skating abilities just to get around the ice and you can't really help with drills if you don't know how to play. You need to be pretty stable on your skates with little kids. If one takes you out by accident it might not only be you that gets hurt. If you have some skating abilities you would be more stable on your skates and less likely to go down. As a coach I wouldn't want you in the locker room because of the liabilities. If you haven't gone through the system with background checks then being in the locker room can be sketchy. All it takes is one parent to make a comment because the misunderstood what a kid said. You also have to think about what the other kids might say to your kids about your abilities. Even at that age they can be rough. And last, you have to think about the other parents, they are worse than the kids. My suggestion, enjoy learning the game and being able to watch and focus on your kids. Start taking lessons and go to stick & puck with your kids. You might even consider taking lessons and try playing.
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    Yes you can help. Whether is on the bench, in street shoes on the ice or even in the locker room Approach the coaches to find out how you can hlp. You will grasp much more of the lessons than the kids and you can help them understand.
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    Finally successfully played in one (1) game last night! Exhausting, but no pain, and not really as bad as it could've been given I haven't played in a game for nearly 6 months. I had selected what was listed as a novice/D skate, which of course it wasn't (more C/mixed), did alright, still feel ok this morning. Cautiously optimistic about returning to Saturday hockey with the nerds.

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