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  1. 8 points
    I feel like I've suffered a head injury every time I click into this thread.
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    Well I am now on my 4th month of of custom True skates. I typically play 3-4 times a week lately and I have played in 2 tournaments in this time period. I love these skates. I'm not a very good player, but these have made me a better skater all around. I can actually feel my edges and my "speed" has improved. But most importantly, my feet never hurt when I'm done skating. One of the tournaments (3v3) I was in had games with an hour break between them so I never took my skates off. My first game was at 8am and the last was at 6pm. My feet felt great.
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    Does anyone but a bunch of equipment nerds care what type of steel skates sell with at retail? Most people can’t be bothered to figure out what hollow they skate on.
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    True advised me that the crack in the photo would not compromise the structural integrity of the boot at all since there’s a full composite shell under the plastic overlay toe cap. They also added the rivets helped further secure the cap to the boot. So.... I’m not going to worry about it
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    It should be fine, but I would drill a tiny hole if you can reach the end of that crack to alleviate/stop the propagation, and then also maybe a dab of plastic weld or epoxy. Something like
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    And here is what the doc also said - "1 in a 100 million chance" (along with a dozen other comments about risk, mitigation, freak accidents etc). Those are the odds you are asking manufacturers to spend money on, get real. Here's a guaranteed 100% chance of avoiding this accident - DON'T PLAY, go find something else to stand on a soap box and harp on about. Or here's your answer, I've found something protective that covers the whole head and most of the body, as you said yourself, shins are just bones so who cares about those.
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    Let me start by making a statement, take it how you will, but it is not an attack. You need to learn to argue the points people are making, not what you think you are hearing. NOBODY said a rule change would have prevented what happened. NOBODY said they are opposed to helmet companies making helmets safer. Straw man arguments just lead to people not taking you seriously. What WAS said: There are multiple ways to address most problems. The difference between no helmets and today's helmets is huge, but we are close to the point of diminishing returns. Concussion research evolves but they still don't know everything. Helmets have probably hit the point where they have done all they can to help mitigate, which is not much since many (most? don't have data) concussions aren't from direct impact. What WAS said: Someone who works in a field that uses data and probability feels that rule changes would have a bigger IMPACT (he didn't say it would have prevented it as you accused him of) on many high-risk scenarios. Argue your points as vigorously as you want, but argue against what people are actually saying.
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    As many of you know I had some significant heart issues this year. Three procedures leading to 5 stents. It took a bit but I’ve been really doing well now and am back on the ice and feeling great. Now today got more good news. Sonogram showed the blockages of my carotid artery dropped from 20% to 10%. Can apply that same 50% drop to the arteries feeding my heart. So happy the dietary changes and meds have worked. I feel like I’ve got my life back!!
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    Indeed. But the messaging around the top eyelet controversy I think is doing a disservice to others. Nobody will argue that ankle mobility is paramount. However, skipping the top or second eyelet is a solution to a problem created by the trend towards ultra stiff skates. Versus some sort of new paradigm in skating technique, which it most certainly is not.
  10. 4 points
    Just had ultrastop shot blockers put on my skates. Hopefully it won't be much longer until I can use them again!!
  11. 4 points
    I know. Once he got the yellow stone, doesn't that mean he can blow up half the universe?
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    @Deker you are literally the poster child for why the internet is such a black hole for mature dialogue. -You know nothing about risk assessment -You know nothing about product management -You know nothing about business cases Yet you keep cutting and pasting the same arguments (feeble as they may be) and now have resorted to name calling because people disagree with you. People who know more than you about the topic. Since you are so infatuated with cups, I assume you wear that fancy carbon fiber one the pros switched to after Molina had his injury? How much of the general sports population wears that? If you are so convinced there is a market for this, then run with it. Come up with a business plan, do some basic prototyping, it's cheap as hell now with 3D printing and there are workspaces everywhere for startups. Throw it up on Kickstarter and follow your dream. Put you money where your mouth is and quit acting like an immature brat.
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    Grippers came in and I was able to test them out on the rink today. They hold true to their name and grip awesome! That said, the rink was also completely clean of any debris which may have contributed to some of the slide outs before. Either way, thank you guys for the recommendation. Think I found wheels for smooth concrete
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    Hi guys, Yes Bauer and Mission skates/chassis are definitely more common than our R1 chassis right now. But keep in mind that we're introducing a new technology to a conservative market and it's takes time to break through. Bauer / Mission and other roller hockey brands have been out on the market for many many years and we launched our chassis less than one year ago. You will start seeing more and more R1s going forward and in a few years everyone will be using Flow Motion Technology As far as durability, we've just recently changed the material in the plastic and are confident we have solved any issues with them breaking. //Per, Inventor
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    I was asked to complete a survey for CCM several months ago regarding their logo. The one seen in the pic was one of the options in the survey, so I suspect they are actually changing the logo.
  17. 3 points
    Isnt this long overdue by both companies? I mean I hated being told, based on your foot you need <insert model here>. I'd much rather pick a skate based on features.
  18. 3 points
    Found this in my basement storage room. Maybe I’ll wear it next week
  19. 3 points
    I was hoping those gloves would sneak under the radar. They're auctioning them off
  20. 3 points
    Gotta love minor league hockey haha:
  21. 3 points
    Damn. Sorry guys. I wouldn't have posted that video if I knew it was going to create a new firestorm. I posted it just to give more info on the incident. IMHO, that video is not one sided, and information should not be cherry picked out of it to support one's argument. If anything, that entire video says, it's great if we can improve helmet safety, but we can't protect everyone from everything, and that there is an assumed risk in playing sports like hockey.
  22. 3 points
    You've overstepped. I don't think anyone brought into question your profession or academic ability. Don't fight dirty just because you aren't getting the result you want from the case you are laying out. Instead, look at the case and adjust. You obviously haven't laid out a compelling enough case. As for the video - the dude is a resident. Since you seem to like to explain things that don't need explaining, let me explain. He is still in training. Has graduated medical school (good for him) and is now working as a physician under the supervision of more experienced personnel while he continues to gain knowledge and experience. He also talks a lot in maybes (like you have). Maybe the puck hit the neck and severed the artery. Maybe it fractured the temporal bone. maybe, maybe, maybe. He has no data, no evidence, no facts to hang his argument on. And like you, even hypothesized that a full cage might have mitigated the injury, but probably not. To his benefit he makes the obvious statement that 100s of thousands if not millions of folks have likely been hit with a puck in a similar area of the head, with very few (if any) of them seeing the catastrophic outcome this young man did. I think the point has been made before, we can't eliminate risk, only hope to mitigate it. Maybe a better helmet design could further mitigate the risk of this case, but the question is "is it worth the effort considering how prevalent serious injury is?" That is the question CCM and Bauer and Warrior are all asking themselves right now. What is the Return on Investment if we explore designing a safer helmet to mitigate these types of injuries? Considering the amount of merger and acquisition we've seen in the hockey equipment world over the last 20 years, I have to imagine margins for most equipment is razor thin. Throwing a ton of money into a new helmet design would make those margins even thinner and could potentially sink a company if they aren't careful with how they approach it. Hate to break it to you, but at the end of the day, staying in business is their top priority, your safety is further down on their list.
  23. 3 points
    So one thing has become become clear, there should be a huge market for helmets to protect against long-term brain injuries similar to what must have happened when your mother dropped you on your head, they should sell by the truckload. Bowing out of this shit show.
  24. 3 points
    If CCM and Bauer decided to cut down production costs by not doing 1/2 size lasts for retail skates folks here would be crucifying them....
  25. 3 points
    Not sure it helps but this is why I dont remove those ear flaps....
  26. 3 points
    The web site says Copyright 202, so rest assured this is a long established company. You don’t last 1819 years without providing quality products. There are countless off ice practice puck patents, yet this looks identical to Green Biscuit, so I guess the patent expired. I pay about $20 per Green Biscuit in the UK.
  27. 2 points
    Think you meant to post this:
  28. 2 points
    I’ve held it. It’s neat, but a gimmick, IMO (especially at that price point). Let’s hope it stays in one piece. Bauer is trying to become the “Apple” of the hockey industry. The “Bauer Tax” is quickly becoming a real thing.
  29. 2 points
    At the end of the day, just like almost all hockey gear related questions, it all comes down to personal preference.
  30. 2 points
    Well...always gonna be exposed somewhere. I played D3 defense in Cooper SB-94 shoulder pads with the caps cut off...I'm no stranger to danger...and yeah...it's stoopid...my choice.
  31. 2 points
    Completed that survey too. And I'm p.sure I had this one ranked last.
  32. 2 points
    Bring back the classic “squares” logo or gtfo.
  33. 2 points
    Newish CCM logo https://www.instagram.com/p/CNdjOuHB_VV/
  34. 2 points
    The arms race for stiffest skate is kind of bizarre. No one really asked for it. At least with lighter stick you can argue a performance benefit for carrying 5 fewer grams (I guess). They are convincing consumers that a stiffer skate is better, and evidence seems to be to the contrary. Yes, a stiffer composite skate is better than a floppy leather skate with zero support, but we are way past diminishing returns there.
  35. 2 points
    I've tried the True tf7 roller. I like them very much. What I will say is that they are very fast, very comfortable and very well designed and engineered skates. The things I don't like are the look, the plastic materials that look cheap and feel cheap, and the tf7 tongue. But the performance is amazing. For comparisons sake, they are priced the same as the Mission FZ3s. The missions are tpu skates with cheap composite quarters and a plastic outsole. These are a one piece fiberglass boot at the same price. No contest, the tf7s are the winner.
  36. 2 points
    To keep busy while in covid confinement, I learned to use Shotcut video editor and made a video of "myselves". There's even a small hockey reference in it.
  37. 2 points
    I could offer two sets of profiled ls3 blades to every skater on this thread (one 11 ’ and one 13’) but market them as one quad and one ellipse profile and get the same results/conversations.
  38. 2 points
    check out puckstop dot com, they have the entire line up of Mission skates.
  39. 2 points
    I went from KOR Shift 1 to Shift 2 to OG Mako to Mako II. My short answer is the Mako is similar and a small improvement in comfort for me, but not a giant improvement since the Shift 1's were already great. In regards to the KOR skates, the Shift 2 was a good skate, but I preferred the Shift 1. At first the Shift 2's worked well, but after a while I started getting a blister between my baby and second largest toe and had to wear a sleeve - there was a ridge where the to cap and boot met that was just a little too narrow. Even though the Shift 1's were supposed to be slightly narrower, I never had that issue in those skates and I also preferred the lower cut of the Shift 1's. I also enjoyed the comfort of the built in, heat moldable footbeds, the snug feeling of the toe glove and the smaller tendon guards on the Shift 1. The tendon guards did tend to get floppy on the Shift 1 though and I did not use them to take off the skates (I undid two eyelets completely and really loosened the boots before taking them off). All my KORs had the Mission Pitch holders which had great steel that held an edge nicely (I believe I went with the neutral setting with the Shift 1 and +1 with the Shift 2 because I felt the boot pitch was more neutral on the Shift 2). The OG Makos were just as thermoformable as the KORs and were lower cut like the Shift 1's. The toe box is amazing - it's lower profile and is quite wide (at least on the EE). I have no pinching or discomfort in the toe area with the Makos. The OG Makos were less durable than the KORs though - they got softer sooner and the padding near the top of the boot flattened out. I also enjoyed the flexible tendon guards that could be replaced. The CXN holder has great steel that's similar in quality to the Mission Pitch steel and, to me, the stock pitch feels similar to the Pitch holder on the +1 setting. The Mako II's fit and feel the same as the originals, but they're more durable, are stiffer and have more pleasing aesthetics (at least to my eyes). So my revised ranking, (I originally posted here in 2019, if you go back in the thread and had both Makos ahead of the KORs due to the toe box) after giving it more thought, would be: 1. Mako II - great ergonomic, low profile toe box, great looks, flexible tendon guard and good durability. 2. KOR Shift 1 - felt and performed great. The tendon guard went soft, but it wasn't a huge deal. The toe box wasn't ergonomic or low profile, but didn't cause any pain. This is a VERY close second. 3.Mako M7 - fit and feel like the Mako II and only slightly heavier with a thicker tongue. I have a pair of these converted to roller and they're an amazing value. They've held up way better than the OG Makos (I had multiple pairs of OG Makos for both ice and roller). 4. OG Mako - fit and felt great, but had durability issues - padding compressing, going soft and even the seam splitting between the lower unibase and the upper thermoplastic on one pair. 5. KOR Shift 2 - thermoformable one piece boot, but higher cut and there was an issue for me where the toe box met the boot. I'll be trying out a converted pair of TF9 boots with the Marsblade R1 chassis in the next few weeks; so, I'll be able to give my thoughts on those boots as well after I have them baked and have used them. From trying on the TF9 ice boots, they feel low cut like the Shift 1's and Mako, but the toe cap isn't ergonomic and is taller than the one on the Mako. I didn't feel any seem where the toe box meets the boot though. I still think the Mako II's will hold on to the top spot, but I expect the TF9s will crack the top 5 and will be ahead of the Shift 2 and hopefully the OG Mako (as long as they hold up).
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    Practice, game, pick up, stick and puck or even pond, this isn’t a game you approach casually. It’s a dangerous game and with one unlucky deflection, collision, at high speeds can be life altering. That’s why players must be mentally AWAKE and AWARE every time they step on the ice. Yes accidents happen, but thinking fast can keep you out of harms way. My heart hurts for this guy and his family. God be with them.
  41. 2 points
    Happy B-Day 2021!!! Thanks @JR Boucicaut for all you do! Cant wait to see everyone soon!
  42. 2 points
    How about the larger point. Why aren't people clamoring for better medical facilities in these areas or rinks?
  43. 2 points
    I got a nice present in the mail today...my new blades profiled with Ellipse 1. I’m a 288 steel in a Shift holder, and thanks @KKSkate for doing great work on the profile. Coming from a Quad 1. Initial feedback (one skate, assorted edge work drills and then breakouts and zone entries) is that I feel a bit less on my tiptoes with this profile vs the quad, despite the same 20mm back Center, but I still feel like I can access the acceleration “zone” at the front of the blade. Stability was good, agility was maybe a touch less, but overcomeable with a bit more effort. Forwards and Backwards transitions and crossovers felt as good, but less feeling like I am as uncomfortably on my toes. no skating until Wednesday next week so won’t be able to really dial in my opinion until then. Nothing screams “give me my quad back” yet...
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    There is more to it than just make it better. A better helmet would break on impact, like bike and motorcycle helmets. Football and Hockey can't design a helmet like that. Mission tried. So they go other routes and continue to get better. Now take the culture part of it and you add another dimension. Don't say looks don't matter, there are countless helmets that made it all the way to production but were shunned by the consumer. Cooper Armadillo comes to mind. Then you have habits and resistance to change, we all have those tendencies. They asked Gretzky to change to a more protective helmet as a better example and he wouldn't do it. There are many other factors why there isn't a perfect helmet.
  45. 2 points
    Never made any allusions that they weren't, I simply called them what they are
  46. 2 points
    Its a freak accident but making a "better" helmet cost money. And last time I check, these businesses aren't around for charity. The "Cost Benefit" isn't there for companies to pour in mad $$$$$ for R&D to create said helmet. This is a brutal occurrence that RARELY happens. Every time we strap up to step on the ice, there is always a chance that we won't make it. It sounds crazy only because odds are high stacked in our favor that we can return to the locker room and complain how much we stink ha. This is always an opportunity to be thankful for being alive. Technology will always improve but it can't prevent death 100% of the time. That's the harsh reality of sports and life.
  47. 2 points
    I know that the Laine curve has been available on the My Bauer site for a couple of years, but it can only be ordered with the Custom option and you need to buy at least 2 sticks for that.
  48. 2 points
    Howdy, In your history with the sport, has there ever been a time when you've supported an increase in safety via equipment improvements? I ask because this seems to be your attitude with every safety advance topic that I recall you commenting on. When a player gets hit in the head by a puck and dies, it doesn't seem unreasonable to ask the question "Can helmets be better and prevent this type of thing?" And then, you know, actually see if there's a way to make it better vs. just dismissing it as a fluke thing and we're all going to die anyway, so get over it. Mark
  49. 2 points
    There have been 2 careers ended by fluke pucks near the ear. There have been a stunning number of careers ended due to concussions, and many more that should have been. Ask Marc Savard and Paul Kariya how they recovered from concussions.
  50. 2 points
    Labeda gripper yellow are 80a and would probably work well for you. Konixx Pure +1 is officially 76a. Smooth concrete outdoor rinks tend to be super dusty usually, which plays a big part in the sliding out. Ime there is no wheel that prevents that. We used to rub the wheels down with alcohol which helps them grip a bit, but you have to do it every few shifts really.

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