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    Imagine having the extra time and disposable income to buy $1k+ custom skates you don’t want or need or even like just to endlessly complain about them before you get them, ignore advice to help them fit, and assert a bunch of unfounded assumptions, all so you can make some protracted internet argument, while lashing out at people offering advice and saying “you guys are all True fanboys, Bauer skates is the best 4eva.” It’s like when a child throws a tantrum about not wanting to eat a food that they’ve never even tried, but in those cases the child didn’t go out and spend a bunch of energy getting that food.
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    Do you guys really think CCM put out baking instructions without checking the time and temps?? Come on guys, that basic engineering. They know better than that. Looks to me like a textbook example of overbaking or pulling way to hard on the laces when warm.
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    Well, I went to my LHS and did the Bauer scanner (pretty cool) and the suggestion was for a fit 3. What's shocking is how much the sizing has changed....I'm actually a 7! WTF!? That is still bending my mind because I wear 9.5 US shoe size....it makes no sense to me, but I tried on different Bauer Supremes and CCM Tacks and the skates were snug, but my toes were juuuust at the toe box without lacing up....perfect. After trying on the Bauer's and CCM's I actually ended up with a pair of CCM ASV's. It was a tough decision becuase I have worn Bauers for over 30 years, but I had to go with the right fit and not just stick with brand loyalty.
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    Those are too far gone. The hole the eyelets shaft goes into has been enlarged/elongated. Putting in new eyelets will result in them just rattling around the expanded holes.
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    Between racism and the need to constantly start petty arguments about everything, some new people don’t fit this board and I hope they can change or they get asked not to post here.
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    From my experiences in lockerooms, lots of guys think of profiling essentially as: guy A: “my new steel is so tall and I keep catching the her and toe” Guy B: “the shop can grind down your blades to match the weird messed up shape of your old blades.“ They know the new steel has too much heel and toe for them, but rather than making any adaptations or learning what profiling actually is, they want the new $100+ runners to be shaped to the same ugly banana radius the shop mangled their old blades too. It’s like they have just enough info to completely confuse and misunderstand what it actually is.
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    Guys, take it to PM's - all the purse swinging is cluttering up the thread .
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    IMHO, CCM is just putting out better sticks lately than Bauer in terms of both quality and durability.
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    Same. I’m a 10.5-11 shoe and wear an 8 or 8.5 skate depending on the brand/model
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    2.5 sizes is pretty average for skate size down from sneaker size, I'm a 10 and wear 7.5 but could fit a 7 in some models. As for the brand loyalty... back in the day Bauer was always the standard cut and CCM's ran wider, so I was always a Bauer person, but I think once the Vapor came out they started having more cuts and then today each brand has all these different fit profiles so it's anyone's guess lol, I switched to CCM a few years back and found they work better for me, also I love their XS holder. Glad you found something you liked and worked best for you.
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    A point I got tired of making years ago. I wonder how many people have been made worse by inserts or orthotics and haven't realized it? In most cases, moving the blade is the only good fix. (which presents a major problem in most modern skates)
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    Switched it up from hyperlites to Ultrasonics. Feels good man.
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    Just let it rest my guy. Geez. We get it. Trues don’t fit you. Onto the next topic…
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    Ahh...I always appreciate your voice of reason Stick9. CCM would not say 220 for 2 minutes if they didn't mean it. Heck, it probably can handle more than that, but they need to still be on the safe side, otherwise everyone baking their skates would wreck them. I have baked many a skate on my own (I use a convection oven and a temp gun to make sure the temp is accurate) and I've never pushed higher than 220 on temp (oven turned off before I put the skate in), but I have left the skates in for more than 2 mins on occasion (never longer than 4) and I've never had any problems to date. I make sure to pull laces straight out, not over-crank them, and make sure the skate wearer doesn't move for 20 mins. The OP pic looks like an over-bake and/or over tightening of laces. And yes, just cause it's a LHS, doesn't mean the employee does it right all the time. In fact, I have witnessed myself quite a few store employees (won't name the stores), that clearly pull up on the eyelets and/or tighten too hard, and I have also seen many kids of all different ages not stay still while the boot is still hot, literally flexing their ankles. (I guess some people can't help themselves) I also agree. Use the warranty and just exchange them and then be there for the baking process. As long as you're not a serial skate returner, you shouldn't have a problem with CCM customer service.
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    Thanks, and I appreciate your input. Had my first skate on Saturday and the skates felt great......it was just a practice with my son's team so not a real test, but it has me stoked to wear them tomorrow night with my regular group of buddies actually playing at speed.
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    Show me on this doll where Bauer hurt you. This must be the fifth post or so where you mention the age of Bauers Curv Composite technology.
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    Here's a couple shots of the Barkov. It's been a long time since I've seen a Darby in person, but there is definitely some loft at the heel on the Barkov, and overall pretty straight through the first 2/3rds of the blade, then a small hook at the end. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the huge rocker, which you can see in the 2nd pic. I've also included shots of the McDavid, Pro Malkin, and Backstrom curves. https://imgur.com/a/BBOW4FE
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    I took a chance on Prostockhockeysticks in summer 2021 and haven't looked back. Two key reasons: Seems like stick prices keep going up every year at retail No more Bauer P14 or similar at retail Coming from custom CCM Trigger 2s, I was super happy with how the first stick played. I'd even go as far as saying it had a little more pop in the shots than the Trigger so I went ahead and ordered 5, and recently went in on another order of 10 since it gets cheaper the more you buy. Value-wise, if I order 5, I can get two for the price of one top end retail. You also don't need to order 5 of the same, which is nice. If anyone's curious this is my config: RH P14, 70 Flex Red Line 375G (also ordered a 350g which I haven't tried yet) Rounded Square Low Kick Grip with Basketball texture Z-tac blade finish For what it's worth, the last high end retails I used were the 1X Lite, 2S, Trigger 2, and Jetspeed and it plays better than all of them IMO.
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    Right. As does everyone else involved!
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    Yeah, they just seem very obsessed with particularly targeting the agent, that video in particular was slightly cringe. It’s super weird too because the same guy does videos for Yew wax, and in one video he will be blasting Bauer for their sticks costing a premium price more than verbero, then in his video for Yew he will go on about how their bar size is small and the price is higher than the competitors is ok because of their technology and quality of components.
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    Either over baked via time or temp or both and or laces cranked during bake. Or all of the above. Or walking or leaning too much when the boot was still warm. From the pic all the eyelets shown even in the forefoot area damaged. No idea why they are pulled upwards though. Makes me think it was already damaged prior to your game and it was cranked on upwards during the bake and not from the actual ice time. Either way it's botched and you're lucky it has a 90 day guarantee. It's weird you didn't notice some kind of damage before skating on them because I'd find it odd that just from playing alone, a day or more after the bake would wreck the facing like that. Did you bake them yourself or did the store? If the store did then at least you'll be safe from all liability and warranty issues ccm might kick back at you. Imo all skates should be baked the way true recommends with their skates in terms of using a stretch wrap as it'll save the eyelets from over tightening during the bake.
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    By the time you get new holders and pay for installation, I’d consider going the custom route. Buy once, cry once.
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    And if you listened to the Bauer marketing spiel (youtu.be/I7iCxCk8nHo) that seemed all straight forward enough until you actually tried the skates on. From the horse's mouth, a fit 1 was close to a Vapour D - what a joke that was. At least Bauer have recognised this and made changes to the fit line with the Mach release.
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    You literally posted a personal discount code in another thread which tells us you get a cut back/referral commission, so yea just because you're not on the payroll doesn't mean you don't work for them. This "review" reads like a script especially from a new member who has never shared opinions on any other items, just raises a lot of red flags. Personally, after seeing posts like this I'm way less likely to try this product, but that's just me.
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    Crazy, it's almost like I saw this verbatim on Reddit...
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    E is the RibCore asymmetrical shaft shape
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    Or it just doesn't work for you and it does for the people that enjoy them. How is sizing down a "hack"? The skate either fits you lengthwise or it doesn't. Honestly from reading your posts, I already knew it wouldn't work for you. Dont even both getting a larger size. Might as well return the skates now otherwise it's just going to be 29 more days of you complaining about them.
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    What is your foot type? What’s wonky about your feet? I didn’t see you added felt. Where did you add it and what for? A lot of questions, I know… I’m a Graf nerd of sorts, have a collection of 701, 501, 707 and 703 all in size 10 (gave up on G35x because their Graf-CA build and design quality was dreadful). Where this might be relevant to you: I’ve been on the fence with my 703s because they’re much more snug than the others and the heel padding felt too low the first time out…like they were causing the skates to tip side to side like crazy. After giving them a couple more chances I’m wondering if they’re not actually going to fit perfectly after a few more hours of ice. Right now they have less than 5 hours on them. The heel padding feels amazing now, my big toes are just about 1mm too jammed… All that to say, if that heel padding isn’t lining up right it might only be a matter of time before it takes a set to your bone structure and the heel fit is right as it should be.
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    735 pro. It's not for my foot type. But I heat gun the darn thing so it kinda works, and already sunk too much coins for this(since I always wanted a black leather look with cobra holder). But, if it could have a thinner footbed, it be perfect. And because I have wonky feet. I adde the felt insert at the bottom, which raises the footbed abit. Hence the search for thin stuff.
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    Funny you should mention, because I looked up HECC and CSA and could find nothing on their testing. Well, I did find that HECC just defers to CSA, and CSA, if they even do link to their methodologies, are impossible to find.
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    The 8090's in D were more like an E width in most skates. They're definitely both wider and deeper than a D width Vapor. The Bauer length also changed sometime after the 8090 came out - most people needed to go down a half a size. So, if you picked up Vapors in the same size as your old 8090s, you may have bought skates that are too long and too narrow for your feet. They may have felt like the right length because the sides compressed your foot and made them feel shorter than they really are. I'd start by going to a good shop with a Bauer 3D scanner and get your feet scanned. That will give you a good starting point as it'll recommend a size and Fit for Bauer, but try on various skates around that size in all the brands and models you can.
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    I’ve been skating inline since I was a kid in the 90’s. Never splurged on ceramic or any other bearings really. Just regular upkeep (clean/lube). What I’m using now are some $20 or $30 bearings I bought off Amazon. Zero issues with them.
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    I've tried the Malkin, McDavid, Barkov, Hossa, Panarin (supposedly a P19 clone but plays just like a P92), P38, and Backstrom curves. Please don't tell my wife. I've talked with Geppetto a number of times about trying to find something like a loftier P88. The Backstom has been the closest in my opinion. The MacDavid is sort of similar to what you're looking for as well, except that it's a 4 lie and that has been a very difficult adjustment for me (it's based off an old Iginla Jr curve). But it shoots nicely. I'm just trying the Barkov right now, which has a bit of loft at the heel like the Darby and a little bit of hook at the toe, but overall is actually a fairly straight curve. I dunno, I feel like I've exhausted all of his options for someone who is not a toe curve shooter, so I might just give up and stick with the P88 as the trade off with the P92 or P90TM is better shooting for worse passing, which isn't worth it to me.
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    If this is the case, it's not "user error". It's UX. CCM launches a product, prints out some general baking guidelines, store (roughly) follows them. This is the end result. What folks don't understand is, most end users of these products are just young kids going in willy-nilly to a store and walking out with whatever they think looks cool. They're not online researching gear or going to gear mod forums etc. They're not up-to-date on the latest uses of Saran Wrap bleeding edge baking technology.
  39. 1 point
    Probably True just grabbed the closest Brannock and stuck their branding sticker on it. UX is everything, as the saying goes.
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    I wear a Large 580. I tried a Large Profile II and it was a little too short. The chin cup covered my mouth. I am not really a weight weenie just think since the 150 is so light compared to the 4500 a titanium black 580 would be a nice touch.
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    I have the Tacks girdle, too. I just snipped the little diaper that attaches the legs to the rear, and boom! Wraparound girdle.
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    I've been using this helmet since it's iteration as a 3000, then went on to have a couple of them as a 4000, and have had three or four 4500s since. When National Sports went out of business in Canada a couple years back, I picked up two more just in case this happened. I still wear one with a bird cage for men's league and another one for coaching. It's also almost time for my son to get a new lid and I keep telling him how great the 4500 is, not sure he agrees, but we'll see what he likes best.
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    So after the rebake I did the other day I was able to test the skates out at stick and puck. I actually switched back to the car pro tongues bc the felt tongues actually caused some rubbing on the outside of my ankle bc it was so tight against the cuff. I could've opened up the cuff with a heat gun but decided to try the pro tongues again to see how those felt l and to my surprise it felt very good. I was on the ice for an hour straight with no break and the cuff area that was bothering me before was 95% resolved. I felt it but it didn't hurt. I actually think the only reason I kind of felt it this time was because the area is still a bit sensitive from my game on Sunday. So needless to say I'm pretty happy overall. I have another game on Sunday and we will see how it feels then. If anything I might need to flare the inside of the cuff 1/16" to perfect it but I'm just glad it's not causing me any pain anymore. I'm pretty sold on the genetix insoles as the speedplates feel odd in this skates, probably because I would need to rebake the entire skate with the speed plates for it to feel better and I'm not doing a rebake lol. Genetix provides good support but like I said earlier, it's just a touch on the thick side but I'll just deal with it. Still debating on whether to put an extension on my sticks bc of the taller holders and steel. Overall the skates feel great and how I expected them to feel from the get to. Took a little bit of tinkering but I also had to do this with my tf customs. They do feel very similar except for the noticeable flex of the cat boots. Anyways. Unless something else crazy pops up with these I won't bore you guys anymore with my skates.
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    This is the protective film that's applied to the cat pros now.
  46. 1 point
    I did this and it didn't really work. Maybe I didn't flare it out enough. I was thinking of flaring the outside cuff so there's some give on that side so there's room for the ankle to move and not mainly sit up against the inside cuff. It was just a thought. I don't want to end up flaring the cuff so much that it totally messes with the lock and wrap of the boot. The area isn't just solely the top of the cuff but also a bit lower too as it's pretty hard in that area with minimal padding. This is that picture of the general area. The first two pics are my current cat pros and the last was my tf customs. As you can see the wrap is similar. But maybe it's just diff enough to cause me issues with the current skates. I also noticed that the cuff area just before the top eyelet has a bit more padding in the tf customs vs the cat pros which is pretty hard. I have a game plan right now and hopefully it'll work.
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    You can't make any boots smaller or remove negative space. There's no brand or model that allows for this. You're right, the thermoformability of Trues makes them expand around your feet, plus you can get a good wrap, but it definitely doesn't allow them to shrink around your feet. Beyond thermoformability, with Trues or any skate brand, you can punch or stretch them to make them wider, longer or deal with pressure points. Plus, padding compresses with use. That's why if you're between sizes, it's generally better to go with the smaller size. With Trues, it's ideal to have them feel too small and a bit too tight before baking and break in. If you feel room before baking, that's definitely not going to go away with baking - you'll only get more room after baking and break in.
  48. 1 point
    The CCM V08 is a similar fit and same padding as a 4500 and still readily available (Dicks was selling them new still just a couple months ago). Personally I think the V08 is a better looking helmet but that's all preference... it's one of the most used helmets in the NHL so I don't think I'm alone there lol. Just be aware the CCM runs bigger than Bauer... I'm a medium in Bauer but a small in CCM. Of course now with that said I've ditched all my V08's and started using a CCM 910 which is way more comfortable and lighter (and supposedly more safe?).
  49. 1 point
    I had an interesting discussion with someone from Bauer a month or so ago. He told me that about 70% of the pros wearing hyperlites this year are actually wearing 2Xpro's with a hyperlite aesthetics package. Some are still using the 2Xpro graphics, which won't be offered after the 2021-2022 season. His point was that the pros find something that works and they don't like change. For me, it says a lot about the real life advantages of hyperlite features.
  50. 1 point
    The P28 starts to open further from the heel, but it is more open at the toe than P29/92. Therefore, I would say at the middle of the blade the P29/92 is more open, but the toe section of the P28 is more open.

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