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    When I wanted my new logo, I got on Freelancer and hosted a contest for logo design. I set the winner to receive $25, told them a description of what I was looking for... and tons of graphic designers (from countries that think $25 USD is a big deal) really competed for it. A couple weeks later I picked a winner from all the submissions, and I ended up with the best logo in my league.
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    Ran into this guy @dkmiller3356 last night, looking sweet with those yellow laces October 19, 2021-0009-J. Schusteritsch-web-2 by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr
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    Over 15 years ago when Bauer was in the process of developing the first Supreme One90 with Fusion steel, their RD & D department did perform those exact tests to determine the effects of boot/blade/weight as it relates to player productivity over the 60 minutes of the game. So while some may not believe there is an advantage in reducing the weight of the steel, Bauer took the time to prove it to themselves before diving into Fusion steel. JR and myself are friends of the guys that did the research and designed the Supreme series boots.
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    Ever look down a shaft and see plastic bags? That’s a bladder mold - blown up to take shape then popped. Compression molding is when the stick is wrapped around a mandrel in the molding process.
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    Anyone else excited to see Bauer Turbo’s make a comeback?
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    I didn’t find any. The only thing I found that was helpful was to take blue painters tape, apply to area of skate that you want covered and trace it. Lift the tape off and put it on some cardboard and then cut it out. That becomes your template. Trace the template onto the kydex and use the rotary tool to make the initial cut. Use a sanding bit to smooth out the edges then bake in the toaster oven 250F for about 4-5 mins. Take it out right away and shape it to the area on the skate you are covering. Should be obvious but wear heat resistant gloves. I just used a pair I use for cooking they were fine. Double check the edges to see if they are smooth enough to your liking and then use double sided tape to affix. Good to go and you saved some dough!
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    This could be a big differentiator on the TF9 from the TF7. They are similar enough lay people have to dig a bit to find the differences.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. My recent build -
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    @Steve_v3 You literally had me at your disposal a week and a half ago...you watched me grill burgers and punch @stick9's skate at the same time...LOL
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    Imagine being the person who needs so much control and petty power in their life they are mandating what color of laces and helmets mite players must wear.
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    No more pics for you! Or if/when I do make another Lightning game I'll photosh p yellow laces on you I still wear them, have worn them since the mid 90's. I dabbled with black when that was all the rage but it just wasn't for me, and white is too boring, so yellow it is. I do see a lot of other colors now a days though, pink, blue, green, orange, red, basically any color you can think of I've seen out there (both beer league and young kids). So yea, people still wear yellow or any color they want so wear whatever you like.
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    Still got yellow laces on my old Grafs
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    Howdy, Hey man, you do you. Rock whatever laces you want! Mark
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    FallFest weekend pickups 14” Ferland/Combat 52 Cal Bruins mitts 13” HoneyBaked Bauer pro team gloves Brand new Large Franchise elbows like new Medium HT2 Eagle player bag UltraSonic retail Size 9 Fit 3 new
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    you know whats funny i was just watching a preseason game and they were showing them mic'cing guys up and its this mic and has this battery/transmitter pack that looks like it weighs as much as a cell phone or something, and these dudes are wearing them all the time to play in actual NHL games. made me think of this thread and the "performance" enhancements
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    Yes, the weight distribution isn't the same as pads. When I first started wearing the belt, I noticed the weight of it, and I felt a lot more clumsy. Now, I barely notice the weight, and though, I'm still clumsy, it feels less so.. I think working with this during practice has improved my strength and balance. I've been doing a lot of punch turn work, and I noticed I have more jump on the crossovers coming out of the turn. I'm also doing this with looser laces, so I have to be balanced over the skate right, or I'm going to end up on my ass. I'm also doing interval training with the belt off-ice. I sprint up hills with it. The net results I'm seeing right now is I have more jump during the game, and because I'm also shooting with the weight belt on, I find, I'm driving my hips around on my slapshots a lot harder. I haven't felt this good in almost a decade.
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    Just sketched this up. Nothing revolutionary, but it's pretty true to the original.
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    Is Suzuki wearing the unreleased Super Ultra Light Hypersonic Supreme 8000S?
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    OK. I've been going to PT twice a week. My physical therapist said I'll only need to go once a week starting next week. I go to the gym to work upper body and I also walk. I've gotten a lot of my flexibility back so now I'm working on gaining strength and massaging out the surgical area. I feel about 90% back to normal.
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    1/2 sizes in EE and Fit 3 use a holder one size up from D and Fit 1 and 2. Doesn't mean the skate is a 1/2 size bigger. Bauer skates in EE and Fit 3 are 1/4 size bigger.
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    I'd love that!! Adding a 20th skater to my roster! #beerleaguedomination #signeveryplayer
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    They do look good, I'm on my way to converting you I won my game on the other rink 4-1 with a goal and an assist, must've been the yellow laces. If you guys ever need a fill in let me know, you'll get a ton of photos in return lol
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    https://www.hockeystickman.com/products/blackout-skates?utm_content=Facebook_UA&variant=39563397496966&utm_source=IGShopping&utm_medium=Social who is brave enough to jump out on beer league ice in $100 “high-quality” skates?
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    Howdy, When I tried them both on, the only difference that stood out to me was the tongue. That definitely changed the way the skate seemed to fit my foot a bit and resulted in a little different feel. it wasn't better or worse to me, just "different". Just trying them on, I obviously couldn't evaluate any difference in the steel. I couldn't tell any difference in weight whatsoever. For me, the extra $$ wasn't remotely worth it and after 3 months of reasonably heavy use (playing and reffing) I'm not sorry I went with the TF7's. YMMV. Mark
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    The pro tongue can be a big upgrade, but you can get it for about 70cad online.
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    The TF9 Clarino type liner should theoretically hold up better long term than the TF7's microfiber type liner I don't think the Fiberglass vs. Carbon Fiber is a huge difference. The Carbon Fiber is a touch lighter and a little stiffer, but the difference isn't huge. The exposed Carbon Fiber definitely looks nicer than the painted Fiberglass. The holders are the same and I don't think the coated steel on the TF9 is drastically different. I prefer the thinner tongue on the TF9 to the thicker felt tongue on the TF7. I had volume issues with the TF7s when I tried them on, but that wasn't the case with the TF9. It's easy to change tongues on the True skates since they're just held in with Velcro. With that said, I don't know what replacement tongues cost or how easy it is to source the True tongues (most retailers don't seem to carry them in stores - you may have to contact True directly). The suggested bake times for the TF9s are longer than the bake times for the TF7 - that suggests that the TF9s may be a little more thermoformable. I haven't had the TF7s baked, only the TF9s; so, I can't be sure that's the case.
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    I think we all should rock yellow laces around @dkmiller3356
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    Pro stock is always the better option. For CCM snug, look for the Jetspeed (not called FT1 at pro stock), HGQL. HG55 and the family (HG41) have been both super tight and super loose so I have no idea what to suggest for those. I would stay away from anything Tacks, both pairs I have in a size down from what I wear CCM retail fall off my hand basically instantly unless I pad the backhand to keep them on. CCM's also fit half a size bigger than their retail counterparts. So 14" pro stock according to CCM is 14.5" in reality. I have found this to be pretty true with 95% of the CCM pro stocks I have. Honestly if you are willing to look at Supreme I'd recommend those at it is a way easier transition from retail to pro stock with a more consistent fit.
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    Where have you ever seen white friction tape ?
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    As a person that has coached twins, it's not easy! Especially when they switch numbers occasionally just to mess with you lol
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    You’re all right. Honestly the 7.5 feels very similar to the 8 except the ridge they put at the front of the toe box to take up space. However as is always the case my left foot still was barely touching and my right was a little more then grazing. Will return the 7.5 for 7 which they also have to order from another store. p.s I did try on a 6.5 when ordering the 7.0 just to see. Literally could not get my foot in. Also if the area just before the toe box is too wide is that a problem? Obviously narrow causes pain and such but if there’s a lot of space side to side is that negative
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    Mine are either 7.5 or 8, not 100% sure. But I use 108s. I have to unlace the top two eyelets to get them off, but this way the laces aren't super long after I tie them.
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    It was like that across the two leagues they played in. l never really thought much of it. I've got no problem with the kids looking uniform, especially as they move up the ranks. The person you're referring to has been the director (and coach) of a pretty successful Tier 2 program, mite through midget major, for over twenty years at this point. He must be doing something right. I've never heard anyone complain about little Braden using a helmet that matches his jersey or not using neon green laces when the team colors are black and red. /shrug
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    You could move the tongues down further into the toe box or use something like Powerfoot to take up some of the toe box space.
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    It's not surprising that 7.5 skates from Bauer and CCM would be too small if it looks like you need a 7.5 True. For most people, after a proper bake, the True retail player skates fit at least a half size longer than current CCM and Bauer skates in the same size. So, if the 7.5 True retail skates end up being the right size for you, you'd likely need at least an 8 in CCM/Bauer. It's great you tried on so many pairs though. I also agree that being able to bake and try skates before being stuck with them is fantastic and am happy to see CCM and True offering satisfaction guarantees.
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    Yellow laces have been around for so long they are kinda basic at this point.
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    There is a LOT to unpack here. Choosing a player on the Blackhawks and Kane himself as someone to introduce a logo that is supposed to promote inclusivity and diversity is definitely a choice. I want to know how many "not important" people sat in the meetings discussing this and offering warnings but the higher ups always just push forward. Anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows exactly the meetings I am talking about.
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    You can always shim the rear tower. Or add a small shim under the heel of the footbed inside the skate.
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    When both of my kids wanted fancy/funky colors and patterns I did some searching and found a company that not only made a huge array of colors/patterns, but also made some really nice quality laces (and waxed too!)... check them out, they def have what you're looking for: https://derbylaces.com/
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    Yes. Like xstartxtodayx, I have pretty consistently for many years
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    Howdy, For me, I wear the same skates to ref, so I'm super boring and get straight white. Not even the black dots. Does anyone make rainbow / pride laces? I'd think that would do well. Not sure its realistically possible to die laces multiple colors though... Mark
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    TF9 is top of the line, but True isn’t really feature oriented in that way. In my opinion, the features in new generations of skates are mostly there to justify changing to a new model year. True’s emphasis seems to line up with this. The core of what they do is incredibly solid and they prefer to tweak that to keep the focus on fit and function over making false promises about how a boot will make you faster. TF was their first line of ready to buy skates and the marketing focus was on how they were able to make a new shell to allow similar fit and performance from their custom offering at retail and an incredibly hard to refuse price point.
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    Ah, I see what you're talking about. I think I misunderstood because you initially referred to it as a "flex notch. Although, having looked at pics of the Microns, their notch had the same effect of spacing the lacing. Micron 10-90 https://imgur.com/a/e9pNNCa
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    I don't understand the dislike for wax laces on Trues. I get that the wrap is so good that you don't really need to tie laces tight, but I use waxed laces on my Trues, cause I want the pressure of the lace up very specific and I don't want that to change during a session on the ice. I also hate when my laces come undone, which is less likely with waxed. Even though I tie pretty loosely, I still prefer waxed. I would discourage those who use waxed though in order to crank their laces to make up for deficient fit. Just mho. EDIT: Waxed laces also help to repel water, so you don't have soggy laces, particularly after skating on wet or soft ice.
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    Take a look at Stark Hockey as they make gloves specifically for women’s hand. Their website will describe the fit and differences between men’s gloves. Another option, but is an older glove and harder to find now, but the STX Surgeon series gloves are super tight fitting that might work. Their 14” gloves was more like a 13” to 13.5” gloves when compared to most other gloves. For pro stock, Jason Spezza gloves are tight fitting and size 13”. He has reduced gussets all thru the fingers and the part of the palm that they fit ultra tight.
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    My guess is that it's got nothing to with weight or with your pads getting in the way. It's probably that you tie your skates differently in pads. I've always been much more comfortable skating in shin pads than without them, because of the way that I like to tape my pads around my skates at the bottom. It's impossible for me to duplicate that exact same feel without my pads on. If you're putting your pads on before your skates, try doing the opposite so that wearing pads doesn't change anything about the way that you tighten and tie up your skates.

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