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    just stole these off eBay for $280. they were never skated in. came with never sharpened LS3 steel
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    Brand new pair of mako 2 skates. Recent pick up. Love them
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    This raises an interesting point. In many countries there are now laws that protect consumers, in mine a manufacture has to make a product that is fit for purpose, durable (and yes, the cost of the product is part of this equation - the more it costs the longer it is expected to last) and that they must carry spare parts for the expected life of the product in the market. A manufacturer's warranty is no longer worth the piece of paper it is written on, what counts is a "reasonable expected life span" of the product. Puck strikes are part of the game and if it had happened here within a 2 to 3 year period of owning the skates I'd suspect that someone would be dragging Bauer's ass (or their agent, the shop) in front of the tribunal on at least 2 breaches of our law (and I can think of another 2 beyond durability and spare parts). disclaimer - I'm a litigious pita bush lawyer that has spent many many hours helping people out with cases against manufacturers / agents and their supposed warranties, marketing bs and disclosures.
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    I am back at it as of this past Monday. Thanks for your well wishes.
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    Posted on Phew and 2k but figured I'd post here as well. Just had these done by Joe at Hockey Menders and very happy.
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    Worcester Railers pro equipment sale at Worcester Ice Center 112 Harding St, Worcester, MA 01604 From 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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    Yep, 100%. Though I will add. When I use the term aggressive when describing the 90TM I am doing so in comparison to the 92, not the 28.
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    Facings on them are significantly different allowing more flexion and range of motion. Boot fits tighter than the current TF design due to the change in the toe cap assembly. Tendon guard is more flexible. Skate is lighter.
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    If 5/8" has enough grip, it's time to try 11/16. And so on, until you find a hollow which is definitely too shallow.
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    Just a follow up, I went back to my FT4's for a game on Monday. Then I went back to the TF7's for pickup last night. I dropped down from the 1/2" ROH, to a 5/8", and it made a HUGE difference. It pretty much alleviated most of my concerns in my previous post. Skating felt much more natural and normal (even in new skates). I'm really enjoying how comfortable these skates are. I'm seeing zero need for a second bake, or wrap. We will see if the difference in holder size becomes a detriment. From this point, I'll do another 12-15 skates on them before formulating a concrete opinion on them. However, so far, so good.
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    Let's try with another gif: Does that help? I do use the heel curve capabilities of an X28 when I use one. What I appreciate about a heel curve or a heel and toe curve is the ability to saucer the puck without involving my wrists. The open face is made to elevate the puck as it travels from heel to toe. As always with the X28, the release point for this is earlier than it normally would be, otherwise the puck gets released in the rockered toe section of the blade. The problem then is, instead of the puck tilting upwards for liftoff, it partially loses contact with the blade, so the puck only lifts up on one side and falls on the other: flutter launch. If you release before the toe rocker kicks in, the heel works as any lofted heel curve does.
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    I also think the hollow is the right place to start. I dropped from my standard 5/8 (even 9/16 sometimes) to 7/8 with very little adjustment and no loss of control and the skates are much easier to "slide out" now, but still plenty grippy when I need/want it. My nephew who is in custom Trues went all the way to a 1 3/8 cut and loves it. Granted his edge work is impeccable, but I think that also says something about how effectively the boot transfers body movement into the ice. I was in Ribcor 76Ks just prior to getting the Trues and I didn't feel much of a change pitch-wise. But I didn't go down a runner size in the Trues. And I second the "behind the tongue" lacing approach for the top 1-2 eyelets. So much easier than trying to cram it through in front of the tongue. I'm surprised the shop you bought them from did not give you this tip at purchase.
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    It's not an argument if we can keep it civil. I'm all for, "Really?" "What do you mean?" Etc. Good old days discussion, which the internet seems to be slowly annihilating... For the sake of discussion I made this composite image to better show my description. Believe me, I know the looks of things can be deceiving when handling a highly complex 3D object with compound curves on all sides. Reducing it to 2D can help with isolating single facets of these diamond-like geometries: If we can agree that the Drury is a heel curve, then so is the Kreps (X28). It's just as curved at the heel. When you compare this with the other facets of the Drury, it's easier to see the overall similarity. When I did this the first time in person, it was an E28 to E6 (original Drury) side-by-side, and I swear I recall the faces lining up even more than this W28 to W03 does. Seeing all of the similarities stack up, I had to believe the E28 is a modified Drury. It's too eerily similar in all ways to be anything else in my mind.
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    For the top two eyelets, thread the laces through the eyelets behind the tongue and then pull the laces over. It's much easier that way. Trying to thread the laces through the eyelets with the lace in front of the tongue is really tough. As for the feel issue, I only have TF9s converted to roller, so I don't know how they feel on ice, but I know most people that go from another brand to True ice skates end up having to go with a shallower hollow; so, that's definitely a good starting point. If the boots felt comfortable, I personally wouldn't change the footbed. I'd start with the hollow and if that didn't fix it, I'd consider getting them profiled.
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    If that's true then the rocker was definitely different or Easton's lie numbers didn't align Bauer's. I had issues with pucks sliding underneath the toe on P92's which is why I stopped using them. I never had that with Sakic's, Hall's or even Warrior Drapers.
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    As others have said, I went down 1/2 size from Bauer. Pre-bake my feet barely fit in the boot and I thought there was no way these were going to fit. Post bake they fit absolutely perfect. After a season of play they’ve opened up slightly but not enough that I would have been able to drop an additional 1/2 size.
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    I scan as a 7.5 Fit 3 Bauer and wear 8EE Makos. When I tried TF9 skates, 8W was clearly too big, 7.5W felt like the right size before baking and 7W was really hard to get my foot in and my toes were hard against the cap. I still went with the 7W, after baking they still felt a bit short, but after about 10 hours of skating, I was glad I went with the 7W vs. 7.5W. So, I would try them on, but keep in mind that the right size should feel too small before baking. If they feel like the right size before baking, they'll likely be too large after baking and break in. A half size down from Bauer is a good starting point, but every foot is different.
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    Definitely at least half size down, but the sizing is very different so best is to try them on. I'm a 9E in Supremes and wear 8.5R TF9, could probably do 8R or 8W for a "performance" fit, but I prefer the comfort. I also don't pass the pencil test in TF9s, but don't have lace bite (only skates I do pass the pencil test in are Nexus and Tour).
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    The mechanics are different. For example on inline your weight needs to be over your heel/rear wheels whereas with ice you’d place your weight more to the centre of your holder. The wheels do require you to lean into the edges as you can’t remain upright on them.
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    I tend to stay away from injected eyelets. When players request the Hyperlite skates I recommend they order custom and get standard eyelets unless they are entirely sold on the injected eyelets.
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    The fit system confusing?? LOL like it wasn't majorly confusing before. The goal of the Fit Systems was to allow players to wear whatever model skate they wanted. No more, you're a Supreme fit or you're a vapor fit. That was majorly annoying and flat out ridiculous. I will admit, there are some minor annoyances. First, not every skate uses the fit system. Second, a tapered Ribcor feels and fits slightly different than a tapered Jetspeed. Not enough where I couldn't wear one or the other but enough to where one felt better than the other.
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    Injected eyelets are garbage. Bauer uses typical marketing bs to claim performance improvements, but the reality is it almost certainly makes the skate cheaper to manufacture so when they charge a premium for this "feature" it's even more profitable.
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    How old are they? Those look like the original laces and still look fairly new? If I dropped a grand on skates and that happened within a short time frame and it wasn't covered, then I'd be looking at a different manufacturer for my new skate.
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    I'm a level 2 certified coach, been coaching ice and inline for 15 years. But I didn't invent this, other much better qualified coaches than me have done this. For example look at this . Wally Kozak is one of the most respected coaches out there.
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    https://www.nhl.com/sharks/fans/equipment-sale Early Access for Sharks 365 Members and Barracuda Season Ticket Holders June 4: 5PM - 8PM | June 5: 9AM - 12PM Sale Open to General Public June 5: 12PM The annual Sharks and Barracuda Game-Used Equipment Sale is BACK! It will take place on the North Concourse of SAP Center on Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5, 2021. Free parking is available in the ABC lot. This sale includes all kinds of equipment, game-used jerseys and apparel from past seasons. Safety of guests is our priority, so please see below for regulations for the equipment sale: Credit Card & Digital Payment(s) Only Cash Will Not Be Accepted: Reverse ATM available at Team Store and at North Entrance All Sales Final. • Not Valid with Other Discounts Face Masks are required of all shoppers Maintain 6ft distance from others If you are sick, please stay home and contact your healthcare provider Items available at this year's sale include, but are not limited to the following: Hockey sticks Protective equipment Practice and game-used jerseys Practice and game socks Team-issued merchandise and apparel Skates Goalie equipment Items purchased are strictly for personal use and/or collection. Furthermore, any items purchased at this sale are done so under the agreement that they are not to be re-sold to collectors or other outside parties. Sharks on-site staff reserves the right to refuse entry and/or rescind purchasing privileges at their discretion. Items are not available for sale over the phone, internet or by mail.
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    Well, my favorite team, Montreal Canadiens, raced to the bottom of their division but didn't quite bottom out. If you don't know, there was a head coaching change that was a little too late. My second favorite team, Pittsburgh Penguins, is doing good. Series is tied 1-1 with the NY Rangers. I'm watching how the Washington Capitals are doing as they are the local favorites.
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    Tried these on for the first time on Saturday. Fit is superb. Adjusting to the pitch wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (though I'm at +2 instead of the stock +3 as I had changed the runners to step steel). Won't be going back to the Super Tacks. Tight turns with the makos just felt so much smoother for me compared to the super tacks. I'm guessing that the super tacks was simply too stiff of a boot for me.
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    Correct. The new CCM holders will be 287.
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    I haven't measured or anything, but I don't think it's any more open than a P92. I think it's a bit of an optical illusion because it has slightly less curved at the toe. I'd say the P90TM has a rocker that is similar to the P88. The P92 is definitely more rockered than the P90TM.
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    Same here. I believe it's the only 8 sheet complex in NA. The bit about a retailer being right down the street was the kicker for me.
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    Those sticks are significantly different. Shaft shape, kick point, blade design, weight. All of these things could influence stick handling and catching passes.
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    Nope! New England Sports Center in MA. https://www.nes.com/
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    Read and read more. It’s an idea that has very little data behind it so there is more opinion than fact.
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    Use thinner and longer non waxed laces(Elite Prolace or similar). And go to a shallower hollow(around 3/4").
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    Howdy, FWIW the ProSharp profiles can be applied to skates outside the size range... For instance I have a Zuperior S (6/12/20) on my 254mm steel instead of a Zuperior XS (5/11/13). This is because when I went to Trues from Makos I dropped from a 7.5 to a 6.5. My recollection from the profiling thing that JR did was that I didn't feel a ton of difference between a Zuperior S (6/12/20) and a Quad 0 (6/9/11/13). That experience means almost nothing for what you'll like, etc. though. My advice is to just take your best guess and then try it out. In your position if I wanted a bit more rear stability compared to today I'd go with the triple and if I didn't want that, I'd go with the quad. Mark
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    Yeah, for current retail curves, you have your choice of anything you want, as long as it’s a p92, p88, or p28. Companies have drastically cut down on offerings to reduce over stock and make production less expensive. People on here really like the company Pro Stock Hockey Sticks. It’s not actual prostock stuff, but custom sticks that you can get with a lot of unique curves, including the beloved Drury. They even have an option for stick build that’s billed as being “classic Easton.” https://prostockhockeysticks.com The guy who runs it is an absolute stick nerd and has dialed in a lot of aspects, and seems to do this out of love and fandom. He’s not just some tech dad trying to make beer money selling bulk sticks out of his garage There are other internet companies that offer this cheaper custom option, but they have mixed reviews. And by mixed I mean mostly bad, except for people whose number one priority is price.
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    My old custom Graf G70 Ultras were getting a little worn, so I went to find something similar fit-wise and ended up with the Ribcor 76K a couple years ago. Very comfy out of the box and I upgraded to the Ribcor 90K for $499 at the LHS in January and they've been a pleasant surprise. I don't like my skates to be super stiff and with the addition of the black stepsteel and ortholite insoles, they've performed superbly. I have a normal width foot but a high instep and these have proven be as good of a fit as my old Grafs.
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    Mine are just the opposite. They are about flush with the heel and over 1/2" from the toe. I used the same mounting instructions that Althoma1 posted. And make sure you use the frame's middle cross-member as reference for that 1/4" measurement and not the front and back of the frame.
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    It's in the mounting leaflet that comes with the Sprungs to have them fitted 1/4 towards the rear of centre.
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    Marsblades 01 are so close to ice it is unreal, you can use your edges. Inlines are like being on train tracks or skis, these are nuts. Check out Lee Sweatt Marsblades on YouTube.
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    Get the Marsblade chassis!
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    Traditional eyelets, MLX tongues and tendon guards, Mako tendon guards, CCM tongues, and Micron liners are counterexamples. Injected plastic facing is literally one part. How it gets replaced seems complicated, to be sure, but it's not out of the question in my mind. We don't give shoe manufacturers that because shoes do have replacement parts.
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    I don't know if this will help, but I remembered this video from a few years ago from the NJ equipment staff. It offers more of a DIY approach:
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. My recent build -
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    @nystromshairstylist Would you do a lengthy review of them? A lot of members on MSH are curious about Graf's recent work, but not many are confident enough to take the plunge. Some pictures of the quality of construction and detailed analysis of why they're great for you would help potential buyers evaluate whether or not a new pair of Grafs might be for them.
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    I put it like this - when are you making the most mistakes? When you are learning. Training, regardless of the frequency, is pointless if all you are doing is repeating the same mistakes over and over again. If the skater is unbalanced at the start, extra stiff skates, more training etc does not address this, at least in a quick time frame. Sure, skate for 10 years and you will slowly improve. Or you can fix your alignment issues and start to skate better from the beginning. As to figure and speed and any half decent skating teacher, they should haul your ass of the ice immediately and start fixing your alignment with holder movement / shimming if they look at you and see you aren't aligned over your skates. Both figure and speed worked this out years ago, hockey tried with MLX then it got buried. And from many other posts in this forum and others, skaters have commented about going to camps run by ex NHL players and other qualified trainers and them asking players to undo their laces. It doesn't make things worse, it just makes it harder until you learn to control your muscles. Ironically those who pronate really badly get the most benefit instantly because of the feedback they start to get from their feet with laces undone as opposed to the quasi ski boot approach and lace up as tight as you can. Been there, done that, coached and seen dozens of skaters instantly improve with it.

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