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    You'd have to re-palm the gloves and use a dyed material and yes it is very difficult to do, you have to remove the bindings and cut all the threading, then clone the shape and re-sew everything back together. There are a few places that do this still, some are not so great at it and some are pretty good. CPR (custom pre repair) is the pro level for this but impossible to get stuff done if you're not a pro since they're so backed up with work for NHL clubs, or you can check out ITR on instagram/facebook, he does some great work and has about a 2ish month turn around and some fair pricing (just a heads up, this sort of work is not cheap, we're talking prob $80-100 for a simple re-palm, much more if you also want fancy new gussets or some other custom overlays). https://www.instagram.com/itr_hockey/
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    They designed a hockey helmet specifically to perform well on a laboratory test that doesn’t actually test very well for real world hockey events. Uh, congrats? edit: being saucey towards the company, not anyone here.
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    yeah if someone had the resources or funds *cough cough, Gepetto* we could get the two piece game back in style with even more molds
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    I added Poron to the inside of the knee and that solved all of my issues. I agree with @xstartxtodayx in that the retail liners weren't thick enough for proper protection. Are you having issues with pucks or with falling? Mine where both, but a shot on the inside of the knee that really hurt made me do this the next day. Didn't have issues ith the outside of the knee though.
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    Good question. In the retail models -> 14" Bauer Vapor 13" Bauer Ultrasonic 13" Warrior QR 13" Warrior LX
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    Give it some time. You will learn the TRUE "twist and turn" movement. lol
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    [VINCENT]I know, baby, you'd dig it the most...But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?[JULES]What?[VINCENT] Its the little differences. I mean, they got the same shit over there they got here, but, it's just, just, there it's a little different.[JULES]Example? [Vincent] Their FT6 Pros are 20 points stiffer.
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    Let’s not give him too much credit that he considers other people.
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    I think that’s the best part. Elite-elite level NHL player with huge holes in his palms and colors in his gloves with paint markers he bought at Michaels. He clearly doesn’t care about aesthetics.
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    All of that scrolling wearing you out? Hockey training.com can help you build your stamina. Meanwhile...turn that frown upside down little guy...you'll find your binky. No need to be grumpy.
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    I’d you went UP a half size from CCM, these skates are pretty much guaranteed to be a half size too big. Cats should be the same size as CCM/Bauer. The TF line was a half size *smaller*
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    Warrior girdle shells run a little shorter, if you want pro stick there's a seller on SLS with a bunch of the "new" pro stock Warrior girdle shells which run much smaller than they used to, so if you were to get a L in that it would prob fit more like a medium length wise. With CCM shells (PP90/PP9K) I've found little consistency in sizing, I have about 7 or 8, all medium, and maybe 2 are the same, the rest are shorter/longer/wider/etc., it's a crapshoot. The Tackla girdle has nice kidney pads so you'd even be fine with a pant shell rather than a girdle shell, the pant shells are usually just a little more roomy/boxy so if you sized down in that it might work out well length wise and have enough room.
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    If it's the identical steel swapped to the new skate/holder then maybe it's just the newer boot with more stiffness creating the feeling of a sharper edge? Maybe the old holder was worn and the steel was sitting ever so slightly off so it felt less sharp? I'm just coming up with theories but my bet is the stiffer boot has your foot in a better position and therefore the steel is contacting the ice a little different and feeling a bit sharper.
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    R1 would be much better for competitive play. I hear the O1 can just explode if hit by a puck hard enough.
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    Merged the two identical topics.
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    Had a chance to check out FT6 Pro protective gear at the LHS this weekend. Pants and elbows were a big 'meh' from me. While I'm going to hold onto my Bauer 1X shins until they crumble, one thing I did find interesting about the FT6 Pro shin guards wasn't the aer-tec mesh panels, but rather the plastic insert that runs the length of the shin to further separate your leg from the outside of the pad. Gotta imagine this will also help in some shock absorption which is pretty cool. The shoulders were the piece that impressed me most due to the amount of holes cut in the foam for breathability. When my CL's bite the dust, I think this is what I'll be upgrading to. I disliked the FT4 Pro shoulder pads as they ran really hot for me, but the newest generation looks like a massive improvement.
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    14" in FT1, FT4P, and now FT6P. No changes in fit for me.
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    PSH has tall 100 flex Jordie Benn FT3 P90TM, would only be slightly stiffer, but half the price.
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    I'd stick with the pattern and change the flex. Or I'd do a custom order and resell a few.
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    This happened to mine. It's just the rubber seals inside the holders blade channel rubbing against the steel. It will go away at some point after some skating or what I did was just put a bit of Vaseline on the top sides of the steel where it goes in the channel and it'll stop the squeaking. It's nothing bad and won't affect performance just annoying sounding.
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    Do you have any friends or teammates or non-enemies who would let you borrow their 85 flex and see if you like playing with it? (or borrow it from an enemy, but then really lean hard into a bunch of slapshots with it.) After cutting the 95 flex you’re probably getting to be around 100, so the 85 might feel like a significant drop, but the trend for the past decade is people going down in flex. It’s all personal preference but using a ~100 flex stick just seems like a lot.
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    The weight and balance point have been changed. I think what he meant was it will feel even lighter than it measures on the scale. Been testing the JSFT6P for a bit now and am very impressed as it feels similar to the JSFT3P.
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    Thanks for the new video. I think they *look* like they have much more ventilation compared to the previous gen. The FT4 pros ran really hot for me so I went back to CL shoulder pads. Sounds like the FT6 pro isn’t really any better so that saves me money! Wouldn’t the bend in the padding help contour to your body? That was my initial reaction. But I do agree with you that if all that’s creating a gap is how stuff is sewn, the aer-tec ‘system’ will inevitably stretch out and lose whatever benefits they may have offered.
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    FT6 Pro Shoulder Pad review: Sorry for the delay. Been super busy.
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    I just used something like this from harbor freight. Works fine. Cutting discs
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    Same. All I can think about is…
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    I would like to do what pastrnak did with his gloves and have the palm match the secondary colour of the jersey. Unsure what type of leather to use. Would it be difficult to sew the material myself?
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    I’d like to see a comparison of FT6 Pro vs FT6 shins. Also, a weigh scale would be handy for comparison for anyone doing reviews.
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    Awesome, this is exactly what i was looking for. He has a few that he has already done. Thank you
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    https://padskinz.ca/product-category/palmskinz/ pad skins also make stuff for Pant striping and gloves as well, not just for goalie pads it's not insanely pretty, but if you take your time it can look nice, you could stich the material in i would space out the stitching though incase you need to replace it.
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    Are you sure the clip is snapping over the posts 100% It's a tough squeeze, I had to use a flat head to push it down hard enough, but once it snapped on it was super tight and is a PITA to get back off (I know b/c I had to remove them twice to get rivets tightened). I know the first time I installed mine I thought they were on all th wway but I still had a little ways to go.
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    If they were only in the oven for three mins then they were def over tightened and or tightened by pulling the laces UP vs pulling them OUT TO THE SIDE. The facing is definitely stretches a bit but only time will tell whether it'll get worse. You should only tighten the laces at 75%, then use your hands to massage and mold the boot around your foot. Who tied the skates, you or staff? If staff did the entire heat moulding process then that's good because you can blame them 100%. If you did it then it'll be harder to blame them. But at the same time them being the "experts" they should be advising you to not tie too tight and how to tie them properly. If it were me I would return them for a new pair since it would bother the hell out of me having brand new $1000 skates looking like that off the bat.
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    New trigger release on the xs holders though...
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    Bringing an old thread back to life just to shed more light on this conversation, but Lindsay was bought by Proflex rubber in Quebec in ~2017 and they upgraded the lindsay puck to match it to NHL standard. They now produce under their own brand "Pro-flex" which is the puck found in semi-pro leagues (chl, ahl, junior, etc if I remember correctly). They also make the Sherwood puck for Canadian tire now. So now Pro-flex supplies a big part of the north american market of made in canada pucks, but more precisely in Canada. Soucy still makes the NHL puck for InGlasCo in St-Jerome. All other inglasco pucks come from EU. There are a couple other players that make canadian pucks but are lower volume and sometime switch from in-house to imported pucks.
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    I sure wish that instead of incremental "performance" updates these companies would put the resources into offering more than 4 patterns...and "max" doesn't count for me. That's what I wish. Thanks for listening.
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    Sorry to bump this thread, but I have a 55% off code that was given to our Roller hockey team for these skates. If anybody wants to try these I'd be happy to share, just message me. Expires June 1st 2023. I have a 40% code for the LG9, and Kv2 as well.
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    Check that the holder is actually mounted to the bottom of the boot in the exact same alignment for both skates. You'd be surprised with the level of care taken with this important aspect.
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    They actually feel quite solid. They're a little smaller than standard pliers but are perfect to throw in the bag. I was a little worried about the gripping power as the plastic looked a bit smooth but they never slip, even when the blade is a little stubborn. Even come with a spare set of plastic.
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    two words... speed holes.
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    Retailers are partly to blame for there being less curve options available today. Retailers want fewer sku's for inventory management.
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    Welcome back bud!!! I ordered a prostockhockey from Gepetto... hasn't com yet.
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    A $400 helmet will reduce concussions better than a normal helmet. .....because the buyer will have less money to spend on actually playing. Finally, a groundbreaking innovation in helmet safety.
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    Been out of the loop for a while, saw this thread and have a few comments. I have tried the quads ( Thanks JR ) and initially asked about how the different radii were "blended". Never got much of an answer so being a part time machinist I mounted a Quad 1 up in the mill and swept it. On my blades you could pick up the transitions to the different radii but the change was so subtle I can't believe even the best skater's would be able to feel it. I'm talking numbers is the .002 to .004 inch range spread over about .500 to .700 length of blade. My GUESS is the new profile is continuously varying with the subtle transitions gone. I'd bet in blind taste tests about 3 out of a hundred skaters could tell it apart. I've been wrong before!!! Dave
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    They’ve essentially stated the Ellipse Zero is equivalent to the Quad 0, Ellipse 1 is Quad 1, etc. and should be used as a starting point. Agreed, the reasoning is a bit vague though it seems like most of the information they’ve released suggests that the ellipse shapes create a more seamless blending between the sections. Myself and some other will be testing them out this week.

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