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    Part of the problem is the Mako came out when Easton was going through a pretty steep decline in popularity. If Bauer re-released the Mako II with an Edge holder, new graphics, and called it the UltraBoomADVSonicLite with a superdynaflex tendon guard it would probably fly off the shelves at levels the Mako never came close to.
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    So i just played my first two games with the chassis, and definitely spoke too soon about feel. When I was just putzing around at the outdoor rink or going for a rip in the neighborhood, I was obviously skating pretty lazily. With in game situations where you're making quick pivots and cutting hard, I felt like these really shine. Not going to lie, I definitely fell a couple of times trying to test the limits of what I could do. So far, my observations are that you definitely are maximizing contact of the wheels on the floor. I think in one of the promo videos John Schiavo said he could feel the floor pushing away from the wheels, which is true - which leads to the next point - stopping is maximized and much more instantaneous. This could also be my mechanics being adjusted as more wheel is compressed against the surface. Otherwise, I felt like transitions were smoother as well. I play D, so I am constantly doing forward to backward transitions trying to close the gap, and I felt like I could shift my weight a little more naturally. Overall, my first impression after 2 games of hard skating are extremely positive. I'm glad I got them and waited so long for the pre-sale period - they are worth it.
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    I recently have been considering implementing a fitting fee which would then be applied to the cost of purchasing a pair of skates. Too many people come in to get fit and then go online and buy used skates or pro stock return from other sources. I normally wouldn't complain about our stores doing a fitting or even baking skates for a customer but since we are down 300% in sales this year I can't keep offering services like that for free. Gone are the days where I could replace rivets or eyelets for customers free of charge.
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    Homer: Two pizzas for the price of one at Doughy’s! Lisa: But Doughy’s has terrible pizza. Homer: Yeah, but there’s two!
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    Going back to my retail days, "Cheap shit on the internet, is Cheap Shit on the Internet for a reason." be careful what you wish for
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    I know it’s not the classic silver version, but I actually really like the red.
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    give me a pair of 4 rolls with the Cooper logo/font
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    Go have them done in a professional skate oven. You paid way too much for those things to not pay the $25 a pro shop will charge you to bake them! Also, you need to use a convection oven. The air circulation helps get the temperature the same inside and out.
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    There is a lower barrier to entry with Inline/Roller Hockey if you ask me. Grab a pair of inline skates, stick and puck/ball and boom your playing on any flat surface. Grab a group of friends or find a spot where theres a pick up game and you're playing. I'm with Miller, Long Island guy who got his start playing roller in the 90's where on every street you could find kids playing or at the local tennis court there'd be 'organized' games a few times a week and then there were leagues popping up all over. For parents its a way to test the waters to see if your kid is really serious about playing and then you can make the jump to ice if they're into it. For me roller was a springboard to ice hockey, fell in love with the game and all I wanted to do was play. Another way of looking at 'why play roller' is what it will bring to your ice game. Watch any hockey documentary or interview and every Canadian kid at some point talks about pond hockey and I would say for much of the US where it doesn't get cold enough roller serves as their pond hockey. No coaches telling you to get pucks deep or cover your point man, just you and your buds messing around, trying different moves, making your own game. I think theres a lot to say about that atmosphere where kids have no pressure on them and they can go out and just play. And then if you want to get into 'organized' roller or a league or tournaments theres a lot to be said about how the 4 on 4 game develops your ice game, whether that be individual patience with the puck or stickhandling in general. Then theres the positional aspect with no offsides where the game changes to a puck control and I think a ton can be learned there to develop your hockey IQ. If you watch a high level roller game you will see how controlled the guys play, how they won't risk taking a shot if there isn't a good play or how if they don't see the right set up they'll take the puck back and re-group. You'll see how no one really plays a position, you can have a framework but the game can quickly develop to man on man where you end up all around the rink. I like to compare inline hockey to watching the old Russian teams before they were allowed to play in the NHL. Those teams would gain the blue line and if they didn't have anything would come out, regroup and move back up the ice as a unit. To me thats roller hockey and I would say 9 out of 10 youth hockey coaches would lose their minds if they ever saw their players do that. My entire high school ice hockey team played roller at some point and so did our coach, we managed to create a little bit of a dynasty winning a few NY State championships back in the day and I would say a lot of how we played was inspired by roller hockey style puck control. So yea, why play roller? Because its fun, you can pretty much play any where, and it will help your ice game. And now you can go to college and play roller too. And if you want you can go play some tournaments and have a fun little vacation while playing some damn good hockey as well.
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    It's been a while since I've done one of these - lots has changed in the past few years, and so I'm glad to have the opportunity to review product again. I'll be comparing this to the last CCM skate I reviewed, which was the Super Tacks. That IT can be found here - I didn't skate the AS1; truth be told, there wasn't a massive difference between them and the original Super Tacks. Aesthetically, the AS3 looks to be extremely well-made; I can't find a flaw like loose stitches, crooked jeweling or anything of the sort. There is quite a lot of shininess to the boot and the graphics are a bit intense, but I guess that's the This is the first Tacks skate with the quick-release XS holder. The stock steel is still the XS steel but it is slightly taller than the previous version. CCM also reduced the eyerow overlay to the top two eyelets only, and has a runner going up the edge of the quarter. For reference, the Super Tacks had a full eyerow overlay, and the AS1 had the 3-5 eyelets with an eyerow overlay. AND THEY GOT RID OF THE CCM-STAMPED EYELETS. It's probably the stiffest skate I've put on. Lacing them up out of the box, however, they felt extremely comfortable for my foot shape. A pleasant surprise in the forefoot as it is much more plush than the Super Tacks as there's added foam there. New liner in this skate, and CCM extended the abrasion-resistant panels further back towards the heel (for extended protection against shin guard abrasion.) The other big feature in this skate is the ability to remove tongues. The stock tongue is your standard CCM felt in terms of thickness. The tongue attaches to the top of the toe box but now has a flap on top. To remove the tongue, you have to pry that flap up, as shown: Once pried there will be two prongs. Push those down and the tongue is no longer attached to the boot. Aftermarket tongues are available in a thin molded tongue, the same stock tongue with a D3O metatarsal pad and a 10mm heavy felt tongue with a D3O metatarsal pad. I didn't feel the tongue attachment when I had the skates on. This was a definitely well thought out feature. Had to bake these from home as my local rink is not open yet. Skates responded well to the bake as I got some good definition inside the skate. I'm looking forward to skating in these. Thanks to @CCMHockey for the opportunity. If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread.
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    Gloves for sure. Keep the modern tech, but give me old school color schemes. Modern gloves are boring and drab. I loved those tan mitts the Stars wore for that outdoor game, same for the throw back Jets gloves from the heritage classic. An old school CCM bucket would be badass. Give me one of those with modern day padding. Don't skimp, I want the red and blue CCM logo too.
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    I'm not saying this is why they are doing it, however, follow me here... In July 2016, there was an opposition filed to the USPTO (https://trademarks.justia.com/859/34/cooper-85934700.html). I'm guessing that someone challenged Bauer's ownership of the trademark for not having it used in commerce and their attorneys went into motion. A year later, the opposition was mysteriously dropped, and Bauer has since asked the USPTO for extensions, to the tune of a 5th extension filed and granted in March of this year. So, my guess is USPTO told Bauer to either shit or get off the pot, and this offering is them getting off the pot. BTW, this is why the NHL, for many years, has kept their top past team logos as offerings (i.e. NY Americans, Hartford Whalers, Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques) on nhl.com. Anyhow, carry on.
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    Had JR do these. True roller boot with Marsblades. You can see that my skates are a tad too short, but he made it work. I wear a size 6.5 in Bauer, and the Marsblades are a size medium.
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    There’s got to be a better way to say that
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    Looking on the Bauer website today and came across a new release: https://www.bauer.com/en-CA/cooper-gear/cooper-4500-helmet-senior-619898.html#q=4500&sz=60&start=1 Trying to cash in on nostalgia?
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    Haven't checked this site in a while... Had a heart attack in 2013, killed about 10-15 percent of heart muscle. Over a total of 6 caths I now have 7 stents, last ones placed in 2015. Still skate and play and also started running....I suck at running but have now done six full marathons a bunch of halfs and one 50K ultra. Take care of yourself Dave
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    I wish we would've made a video for this..... Maybe next time I'll ask someone to record something. We had a bunch of high-level players together on the ice today for a few hours and decided after the end of our scrimmage we would do shooting drills. Compared sticks were the Bauer Vapor Flylite, Bauer Ultrasonic, and Bauer Nexus 2N Pro vs the CCM FT3 Pro, CCM Trigger 4 Pro, and CCM AS2 Pro. The FT3 Pro was absolutely the crowd favorite and took the number one spot for 90% of the players. The second was a tie for the Bauer Flylite and Nexus. Coming in next was the Trigger 4 Pro, then the AS2 Pro followed by the Ultrasonic in the last place. What was shocking was just how much players disliked the Ultrasonic. They felt the release was slow, shots didn't have the same power, and overall it required more work and effort than other sticks that were much more forgiving. I can't disagree with them. I personally didn't like the stick as it felt much stiffer than the flex rating due to the new change in the kick point. The blade also didn't feel very lively compared to others. I always disliked the more recent Supreme sticks blade and weight balance. I figured this new update would maybe redeem the Supreme line back to its old glory. Unfortunately, the data says otherwise. Anyway. Sitting at the bar having a drink waiting for the games to start so I figured I would not this all down while it's still fresh in my mind.
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    Micron Mega 10-90 graphics package would be light-years better than the current gold monstrosity on the supreme line.
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    Does Mylec count? Only brand to this day where you could change your PM9 to a P28 within the same shift with a quick stomp of the sneaker. Still waiting for someone to match that tech.
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    So I did this a few weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect, but I figured it was worth a shot considering I'm in the market for new skates (as much as you can be when only skating once a week during COVID). I've been skating in Ribcors pretty much since the Reebok 9Ks days. I love the way they fit right of the box, but I always had the same issue with them - after about 2 years, the boot will crease just under the lace lock and the eyelet just below it will stretch and break. I'm considering a stiffer boot now, but I have no interest in paying $600+ for a pair skates that will do that in 2 years anymore. (Admittedly, I don't know how long skates are supposed to last, but my old Bauer Supremes 4500 (or whatever) never creased, just brokedown after 6+ years. Before COVID I was skating about 3-4 times a week. I just feel like at 5'6" 130lbs wet I shouldn't be creasing skates, despite skating pretty hard on them.) I had my virtual fitting with Mike Peck. We talked about my skate issue and the different fits between the lines. It was actually quite helpful in understanding why my boot may be creasing (too tight above the lace lock and not tight enough below it), but also getting a better understanding of the skate features at difference price points. Eventually Mike stated he'd get me in contact with Ken Carlquist who would then help me try out some loaners. I emailed Ken and told him I'm only doing training sessions once a week, but would love to try out some skates. He asked which local store I typically shop at and within a day he had four pairs of skates waiting for me: FT2s and 80Ks each in two sizes. He stated figure out which size fit best, have them baked, and then take them for a week. Super easy. I tried them both and within the hour I knew which I liked best. I returned the skates and Ken said that when I'm ready to buy they'll order them in the store (as in I'd buy them from that store). Overall the experience was great - I had my weird foot and skate questions answered and I got to try out skates to really know which I liked better (though I should have tried the AS3s as well). Note: the 80Ks flexed in the same place as my previous skates. Definitely need something stiffer. Second note: This had nothing to do with their custom fitted skates. I never asked; it never came up.
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    Unless you have an extremly wide foot I would go with a regular width TRUE skate. I am a genuine E width foot and the regular width TRUE skate fits nicely. The wide was a bit too much width and volume. Most people have gone down half size in TRUE skates vs Bauer and CCM, thus if you are wearing a 8.5 you might want to consider a size 8.
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    @markk1If you can, use the MSH Pro Shop. This forum gives us a lot of access to FREE knowledge and people that you can't find anywhere else. That's how I found MSH. Using the Pro Shop not only all but guarantees quality workmanship, it's a monetary way to support this site.
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    Seriously? I dunno man, I did fine with the 4500 for a long time. The biggest tech leap I made was from the 4500 to the e700 and I have a few of those stockpiled, but I could never see spending 450 on a helmet. Not because I don't think it's important but because I don't totally see how the performance is that much better to justify the price tag. My .02.
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    Well, a user called “hockeyshield” who has zero posts starts a topic asking about playing with facemasks instead of using the one that exists already. You moderate a forum long enough you see patterns that raise red flags.
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    Appreciate it bud! I loved the OG Pure +2’s, was using them ever since they came out. I just skated on the PureX +2’s tonight and felt the wheel is great. The speed is on point and grip is awesome. Hard to say if there is an improvement over the OG Pure’s because I’m on completely different skates. Best wheels out there in my opinion, Labeda is GARBAGE. Now onto the R1 impressions. Just for reference I am coming from Bauer Supremes with a Redstar Hi-Lo Chassis (72-72-80-80). The R1 is taller than the Redstar and the contour of the chassis fits the natural contour of the boot. Now onto the feel..... The R1 is an amazing piece!!!! I used the H8T8 insert. They are SUPER smooth, that is probably the best way to sum it up. Transitions from front to back are seamless and my stride is very natural. On my old skates I felt take offs could be clunky and choppy, not the case with these. Take offs with the R1 is very controlled, silky smooth and you build speed very quick. I’m a decently fast skater and guys I was playing with noticed an improvement in my speed. I noticed a boost in my speed and there was less fatigue in my legs. I felt like my stride was longer and power transferred better. Turns were much tighter and controlled, loved it. I felt my side to side agility was off and a little clunky. I can probably attribute that to the larger front wheels and new boots, but also maybe the movement in the chassis not allowing my foot to completely come off the ground. I’m not worried about this as I will make the adjustment the more the new boot breaks in and I grow accustomed to the chassis. I notice no improvement in stopping, yet no decline either. Could be the boot still being new. All in all, I cannot speak highly enough about the the R1. Marsblade nailed it. I’m amped up to skate again. If you are on the fence about ordering don’t be, they rock!
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    I profile my runners with Greg at Puckstop Sheffield. They have a Prosharp there. And Blackstone to sharpen the blades if you need FBV.
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    Busch..one of the truely first one piece composite sticks...foam filled and had a rounded top half of shaft...out of Switzerland..
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    Just finished mounting on one skate, time to do the other. Looks pretty slick!
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    Especially from bigger chain stores. Teens getting paid min wage and work once a week dgaf. And if they knew stuff about products it's bc they did their own research. But most teens only care about top too model from top manufacturer being the best bc of ads. On this note can we please start talking about the tf9 and tf7 skates themselves and not Trues business model?
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    Umm FYI True has a similar deal doing the training for the skates. It's on the management and the company. I used to head the training dept at a chain and our brand was the leader in Pro shop across 4 families of stores. And it was the least funded etc. I cared and our employees cared. I have 7 than are now Pro Equipment managers. One is a buyer for hockey in the main office. And bunch more dept and store managers. It's all about the culture and how much you care about teaching.
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    I had the opportunity to visit the Hockey Monkey in Irvine, CA today to see how they are marketing the TRUE TF7/TF9 and was not very impressed. The sales rep, a young kid with a nice flow of hair, approached me in front of the skate wall and asked me if I was looking for some new skates so I asked him what's new and hot right now and he immediately dragged me over to Bauer to show me the Ultrasonic skates. I asked him what else is new and he took me to CCM to talk about the new AS3 Pro skates. Never once did he ask me my playing level or even the price point I was targeting. I then noticed the TRUE TF7/TF9 off in the corner, lonely by the closeout skates from previous years. I asked him to tell me a bit about TRUE as if I had never really heard of the brand. His exact words "Yeah, they seem pretty dope, but many people don't like that brand and since they are brand new. I don't really know too much about TRUE." I asked him if anyone working knew about TRUE and after asking around another guy walked over and said he tried TRUE skates 2-3 years ago and they seemed ok but he prefers Bauer because they are made better and all of the pros use Bauer. After pestering the staff a little bit they finally went in the back and grabbed me the TF7 and TF9 so I could try them on. I think it was the first time they had brought them to the floor because they seemed very interested in checking out the skates themselves. I talked with them a little bit about the TF7 and TF9, how they are different from one another, and how they compare against a Bauer or CCM. I can tell you Hockey Monkey really needs to spend more time educating their sales staff if the TF7 or TF9 is going to do well for sales at their stores. Staff also had no clue about and of the current TRUE rebates and when I showed them such they didn't seem to care. This specific location had very little TRUE product in stock, no protective, and a limited selection of AX series sticks. Tomorrow I am going to visit PURE to see if the experience there is different. I have already visited another PURE store in WA but they didn't even have any of the TRUE skates in stock.
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    I’m waiting for our ProSharp machine to arrive after which we will launch a mail in profiling service (out of the Netherlands). End of next month we should go live with our website.
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    Easily swapped. Hence why I bought about 100 sets.
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    Not sure why baking the skate is such a big deal? I think the opposite is true. Baking the skate will give the best fit and the best chance of selling the skate, whereas not baking it will pretty much guarantee you won't sell it. I'd like to believe it's purely economics, but I was explicitly told otherwise. I've heard from multiple owners that they would like to carry them and think they would sell, but don't want to hurt their Bauer relationship. I heard from one manger that their Bauer rep "strongly encouraged them" not to stock True retail. That's a direct quote. I think the True skates are a good product with an excellent value proposition and Bauer is definitely threatened and they're doing what they can to keep their business. Not saying they're doing anything wrong, it's business. But I've definitely seen this story more than once with Bauer. And it has more to do with keeping their bloated margins than anything else. They own the retail market and want to keep it. Some might call it playing cheap, others can call it using your leverage. Everyone is entitled to their view. Mine is that Bauer cares more about money than hockey. Not a crime, but not something I care to support. I haven't gotten a pair of True retails to try on yet, but I am getting a check tomorrow... if the finish and fit are good, I'm willing to gamble on the durability of the initial release, although typically I'd wait for the first batch to go and the kinks to be resolved, but I'm interested enough.
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    I agree that it's a good comparison. Also, in case you didn't realize, that YouTuber "Hockey Reviews" is @Hills on this forum.
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    Simply reduced costs. Zero benefit.
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    I hope that this heighten awareness allows for more people to understand what's going on. Progress is impossible without awareness of the issue(s).
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    A brand can have all of the floor space they want - for it to move, it has to be a good product. You then have to convince the staff it's a good product, who would then have to convince the customer it's genuinely a good product. And in my experience, where I worked for a retailer that gave EVERY BRAND a chance (hell, they booked BROOKLYNITE, long live TH) that's where the disconnect happens. Note that most of your sales staff are young and really don't have a vested interest in the health of the business, let alone servicing the customer properly in some cases. And their sales pitch is almost always going to be an evangelized one. If the product can't win over the staff based on merit, the only way your staff would push that product is if they SPIFF the hell out of it - and customers will sense that a mile away. Plus it doesn't help when customers walk in with the feeling that they are more informed than the staff is - and the way that I was able to combat that was to be able to answer all of their questions and concerns truthfully.
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    You are a member of a very large brotherhood then!
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    Colins, I understand your marketing plan. It is the traditional path. There is nothing wrong with that. Just to play Devil's Advocate : what about Warrior ? I know they are 15 + years deep with NHL on ice product but how well has that exposure translated at retail? Just my experience in metro NYC market is that Warrior is still trying to make that NHL exposure work at retail but it just has never happened here. This is totally an observation in my market. How about other areas ? Has Warrior been a strong contender against Bauer/CCM in your market ? This is the road Sher-Wood is looking to get on. Dead End or Interstate highway to success ? Don't know, just want to hear other thoughts based on your market. Thanks. Seems like we are doing Sher-Wood's work for them !!
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    I always thought those zippers were for those who tie their skates before putting their pants on.
  43. 3 points
    Also morbid. My mind thinks mafia with a name like that.
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    I've been in the Pro Shop in a 4 rink building since 2001. Locally beer leaguers are tape, sharpening and a only if necessary new stick types. Not universal for all areas of course. I do agree BLers don't care about latest newest gear when it's time for the replacement purchase of totally dead gear.
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    Why would a "custom" skate have so much negative space to begin with that you would need seran wrap or tensor bands for the bake?
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    I wonder how much of hose equipment managers are simply using Bauer bias, and doing it also for simplicities sake
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    Techniflex elbow pads are the standard by which I measure all others. I don't know why companies can't make a quality, flexible 3 piece elbow pad anymore.
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    I haven't returned to play yet but we have been working in the Pro Shop since June 15. I have been tested twice. The nasal swab procedure is nothing to worry about. Negative results both times.
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    Gotta agree with Stick9 on the glove colorways. Do a run of throwback graphics/schemes (think Warrior Remix from a few years ago) Whalers, Yotes, North Stars, Canucks , Devils , White cuff Bruins, Blues etc.
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    Pretty much echoing what althoma said, but Mission sounds release new line start if next year. If you're set on roller boots, I'd wait for the new release and at least then you might score some FZs for discount. Otherwise look into True TF boots or other ice boots that you like. Personally, I try to support the roller brands as much as I can because I want to see them do well and stick around, but at this point it's just Alkali and Tour, and Alkali is Tron now, and Tour boots are hit or miss and will never be the stiffest, so I end up with ice boots usually.

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