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  2. Howdy, Took a while to find the rule reference... Its the first one. John and a buddy go to the box. John's buddy comes out after 2 minutes (or if a PP goal is scored). Dave come out after 2 minutes and a whistle. John comes out after 4 minutes and a whistle (assuming a goal isn't scored by Dave's team). See Situations 15,17, 20 in the casebook here: https://www.usahockeyrulebook.com/page/show/1084491-minor-penalties Not sure what rulebook you're under, of course. But this should be consistent across all of them I believe. Mark
  3. After u figure out ur boot situation, next you will need to figure out what wheels to use.. it’s the same as what radius of hollow u prefer on ice
  4. Here's another option you can try. Years ago I did this for lace bite. It's a similar idea to Vet88's but it's applied to the inside of the tongue instead of to your ankle. I used closed-cell foam tape weather stripping that comes in a variety of thicknesses and widths, sold at hardware stores. I applied it to the tongue leaving a channel for the tendon.
  5. Hello. I tried finding this scenario online but wasn’t able to. This happened in a rec/D league game. A teammate, John, was called for a minor penalty. The guy who it happened to, Dave, was mad and started pushing John. John pushed back then it ended eventually by the refs stepping in. John was given a double minor and Dave received a minor. My question is, does John’s team have to put a player from the bench into the box as well to serve the first 2 minutes of the double minor? Or does John just go to the box, they put 4 minutes on the clock and if a goal is scored in the first 2 minutes of it John remains in the box and they then switch the penalty time to 2 minutes. I am trying to understand if John and 1 additional skater have to go to the box or just John? Thank you.
  6. Last week
  7. If the gel pads were thick enough and had a slot or channel in them for the tendon, when tensed, to sit fully in then they would be similar except over time they would compress less. If they had no slot or channel for the tendon to sit in then they are next to useless, this type of pad just keeps the pressure on an already stressed tendon. The 1/2" pipe insulation would continue to compress as I used it, I would replace the pad every month or so.
  8. The ice boots have been used about 3 times and are in like new condition. 263 Edge holders mounted by Zwickers in MA, LS5 Carbon steel. Stock CCM insoles. Asking $385 shipped within the US, can do a better deal if you want them without steel. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/6008182-ccm-jetspeed-ft490-size-7-d-width-skates-w-tuuk-edge-ls5-carbon Roller boots show a bit more use, O1 chassis is a medium and has been skated on 3 times. Original blue Marsblade wheels , will ship with the extra 68mm front wheels and tools. Also mounted by Zwickers. Asking $385 shipped within the US. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/inline-roller/inline-skates/6008184-ccm-jetspeed-ft490-size-7-d-width-skates-w-marsblade-o1
  9. Would you say these work better than the gel pads that attach to your tongues? As the gel pads helped spread the pressure but created a bigger volume issue in the end..
  10. We have messaged re the eyelet extenders, another option is a Forsberg pad (named after Peter Forsberg). I used these for many years before I made the eyelet extenders. They are cheap to make and can be used in any boot, the downside is you have to tape them to your ankle every time you skate. But they are a quick fix and will get you back on the ice until you try / make other things. Some people have found them a little off putting at first because it can slightly change the feel of your foot in relation to the tongue but after 2 or 3 uses this feeling generally disappears. Message me if you want some photos etc of how to make them, I used 1/2" pipe insulation that is available from just about any hardware store.
  11. There used to be a commercial lace extender product called 55 Flex. I believe they are out of business but maybe you can find old stock online somewhere.
  12. Thanks anyway. I bought one of their Datsyuk sticks and while he did make the copy from an Ultra Tacks model which is exactly what I am looking for by the time it came from China there had been a disconnect somewhere as there had been a change to the curve.
  13. Just to clarify, 13" and 14" Bauer shins are both intermediate sizes.
  14. He said 3X. Should be 10'. The performance profiles (Quad & Zup) that Bauer put on skates were on the UltraSonic & 3S Pro (Quad). Did they put it on S20 builds of the 2X Pros? I can't remember seeing that on steel. Regardless he has S21 3X pros which would've been not a performance profile. He grabbed stock 10' on the Pulse Ti. Only difference is the natural pitch of the vapor vs the supreme hence why I'd just do a heel lift if using multiple sets, or profile to a 10' with a forward pitch. Doing a performance profile for him will not get him to where he was on the 3X. The Zup would put him definitely more on his toes then what he was used to
  15. My point would remain, though, right? If they switch from a single 10' profile, wouldn't the Zuperior give them a little more forward pitch without having to have a lift installed?
  16. Vapor 3x, and I only had one set of steel. Machs have one set, Pulse TI.
  17. Can't answer regarding the lie, but it's generally very difficult to find specific player pro stock sticks, especially once they are out of the league. Pro Stock Hockey Sticks makes a clone of Datsyuk's real curve: https://prostockhockeysticks.com/collections/pro-stock-stick-curves-3d/products/pro13-st-pavel-datsyuk-pro-stock-curve-3d-visualizer.
  18. Quad profiles came standard on the Ultrasonic. Mach comes without steel. Aftermarket Bauer runners come with a 10' profile.
  19. Wouldn't switching from the Quad profile standard on the Mach to a Zuperior have a similar effect? I think I read that the Zuperior has a more forward pitch.
  20. Howdy, I have a pair of new 14" ProStock Warrior Coverts. Edler/Canucks. These have slightly extended cuffs as well as extended fingers. Fingers are also reduced in height, making for a snug fit. They also have shot blockers. These would be perfect for someone with "piano hands" / slim & long hands. They're a little too tight for me in new condition and I figured I'd see if someone else wanted them before wearing them for a while to see if they'd break into a looser fit. Pics are in the SLS ad. Price for folks here is $145 shippped to the continental US. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/gloves/6002797-warrior-edler-14-pro-stock-qrl-gloves-w-shot-blockers Mark
  21. I'd either install a 3mm heel lift in each skate (if you're someone who has multiple sets of steel) or do a stock 9' or 10' (depending on preference) with a forward lean to it if it is the only set of steel you use.
  22. Is there a profile out there to best mimic the out of the box Vapor profile for a brand new Mach? I love how the Machs feel on my feet, but after being in Vapors for so long, it felt really awkward to skate on them. I have two public sessions on my Machs and still don't feel as confident and solid on them as I do in my Vapors. I know they have a more neutral feel than Vapors, but I still feel like I'm on my heels.
  23. I picked up a True Project X Pro Stock (Stephane Patry - PXS) in a 75 flex last year around this time. P19-ish curve. I was coming from a Retail Jetspeed FT2 which I liked so much I had already purchased a back-up. The day after breaking my first FT2 I came across the Project X pro stock at my LHS and couldn't resist and never cut the back-up FT2. Anyways the Project X is the best stick I've ever used. As great as the FT2 is/was, I liked the Project X even more. Great feel, balance and incredible shooter. Outstanding performance. However, The very first game I took a slash to the stick down low which made a large chip in the mat finish. I used the stick roughly 3 times a week for about 3 months. Taking a quick snap-shot during warm-up the blade broke clean off right where that slash occurred 3 months prior. The Project X falls in line with most True sticks I've used. Performance is great, durability doesn't hold up vs. CCM (I haven't used any Warrior or Bauer in many years).
  24. So what were your final thoughts on the Project X? How does it compare to the HZRDUS line? Or to something like the Sherwood Rekker Element One?
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