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  2. I went from the e6 to the 28. It was weird playing d with the 28 but I liked the toe actually, just had to really rearrange my shot to keep it low from the point. The 28 took a long time for me to get used to coming from the e6, but I supposed it depends more on your style of play and mechanics than anything else. Ended up going back to the e4 cammaleri, which I still have 2 of, and the 88, which I like a lot. I use the Sherwood 77 Coffey for outdoor roller as I have a bunch of those in abs blades.
  3. No less than 6. I’ve made a similar transition, but found I prefer P90T to the 28.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Once hockey gets going again, I am going to try transition to p28. How many skates should I give it before I make a decision?
  6. So they aren't putting out a 3N? Thought it might have been delayed
  7. My Trinity frame skates have a plastic adapter between the boot and the frame. You could 3D print an adapter, rivet it onto the hockey boot, and then bolt on the frames. Not exactly easy, although you can order 3D printed items, and you supply the CAD drawing as a digital file. So it is possible, but outside of my ability and willingness to try.
  8. They have already killed the Nexus skate line
  9. I wonder if this will just phase out the Nexus line. They only made 3 models this past run. While they increase Vapor and Supreme models, they're diminishing Nexus production. My guess is that Supreme fit 3 (if you can widen the heel sufficiently) will replace it. I remember once seeing that Bauer claims 15% of skaters are a Nexus fit. If they can get that group into Supremes then they can probably nix the Nexus line altogether. I might be missing a few components in this equation since I haven't had a chance to try the new line yet
  10. My son has worn a Nexus for the past 3 seasons but he is now wearing a Supreme fit 3 and really likes them. I think all the Nexus guys will be fine.
  11. Picked up some new gear during the shutdown. New/updated in bold. Helmet: Bauer RE-AKT w/cage shoulders, shins, and elbows: Bauer Vapor x60 Pants: Bauer Nexus Gloves: Bauer 1X Lite Skates: Bauer 2S Sticks: Bauer Flylite, Bauer 2N Pro
  12. I was told by a product developer at Bauer that FIt 3 is a touch wider than a Supreme EE, but not as wide or as much volume as Nexus. My guess is yes, the heel will be narrower because it's still built off the Supreme last, not the Nexus.
  13. I hopefully won't need new skates for a while however I may start to try and stockpile old pairs of Nexus. This sounds like they're trying to get people to go custom.
  14. Adopted a dog in Sept from a rescue place. Had vet visit for vaccinations and he tested positive for heartworm. Apparently this is common for dogs that were brought up from down south. Began treatment Tuesday. Keeping a 1.5 year old pup from running, chasing squirrels/deer/fox/bear etc until October is going to break his soul.
  15. OK, somehow you can rivet the frames onto the skates, but you have to jack them up to mount the wheels. With only three mounting points, the skate lacks the structures to distribute the forces evenly over the skate.
  16. The p90tm is just as open as p28, the curve is just different. OP was looking for more closed version.
  17. Confused, I thought people were saying in another thread this retail one is NOT the same as the pro stock version with similar pattern name? And what I have in my mind is something more along the lines of this pic: https://www.hockeystickman.com/blogs/hockey-stick-alerts/jamie-benn-pro-stock-style-curve It looks less open than what is posted above in this thread. Could be the pic though.
  18. Haha thanks. Wouldn't have it any other way lol
  19. No first hand experience, but I'd imagine 1 of 2 things... 1) Fit 3 has a narrower heel than Nexus that can be widened through the baking process or 2) Bauer has made a business decision to not service individuals with wide/high volume feet and narrow heels in a retail context. However, they claim between the 3 fits they fit 100% of foot types (I find that hard to swallow and is likely marketing hype). My son and I went and got scanned 2-3 weeks back when retail re-opened in NJ. I came out a Fit 3. I have a wide forefoot, deep instep, but narrow heel. I was focused on getting my son sized, having him try on a few skates and getting out of the store, so didn't even bother to ask if they had anything in stock in my size/fit.
  20. Well it’s also pretty readily available on pro stock sticks from CCM as well. The pro shops near me who handle any kind of bookings from CCM were able to order it in no problem.
  21. Both sides of our family are 3 hours away. Luckily we had them come down to help a little bit, but nonetheless, it was amazingly "fun" lol!
  22. Oh man! My condolences! good luck bud! lol
  23. That makes sense. That's very different from "no expedited services"
  24. Seriously, what’s to “get”? Some people use 1/2” tape. They find it a bit annoying to rip rolls in half. Tape company thinks they can sell enough to make it worth their while. They sell it. Just like most products.
  25. Well, it’s pretty simple. Some people do things differently from you.
  26. No. It was sent out yesterday. No expedited service for atleast the first 6 weeks.
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