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  2. Come to think of it, it does sound more like a metallic rattle than a plastic rattle. Doesn't seem to compromise the integrity of the thumb though.
  3. If that is the issue, the blending, then why not just redo the Quads and change the easement between sections? That is not enough of an explanation IMO. Solution in search of a problem?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Could very well be a hinge rivet that has come out of the plastic. Fairly common problem.
  6. Does the visor version sit closer to the chin and sides of your face compared to the cage version?
  7. Out of warranty. Been using them for 2 years now. Glove is fine, but the rattle is annoying. On a side note, wondering when the next line of CCM gloves (FT2?) will come out?
  8. BTW, one advantage of the eagles over something like the 5030s is that they are a bit longer but still similar weight and fit. I'm tall so I chose that over the Sherwoods or other lighter pads
  9. When discussing profiles the variances are very subtle and in the range you're describing. Prosharp addressed this in one of their recent videos. I tried to link to the specific section below where they give an example. That said, your description is probably too far off from the truth. I have noticed some variances in the sections of the Ellipse templates from the Quads though they are small. If you're on a Quad I'd probably go with the Ellipse going forward. If you're already on a Quad and happy it may not be justifiable to re-profile unless you're just curious to feel the differences yourself.
  10. Only way to get it out would require removing stitching. How long have you had them? If they were under warranty I would just replace them.
  11. https://theathletic.com/2229901/2020/12/02/per-mars-marsblade-hockey-skates/?source=dailyemail The last time I posted an article from a subscription site I got accused of schilling for the site, so if we can avoid that this time it would be great. Just an article I found interesting and relevant, particularly the new ice holder they mention. And no, I will not cut and paste the article to get around the subscription. However, I do know Per is on here in the roller forum so maybe he could pop in to provide additional information.
  12. I should work with you to get some demo templates I want to manufacture
  13. Been out of the loop for a while, saw this thread and have a few comments. I have tried the quads ( Thanks JR ) and initially asked about how the different radii were "blended". Never got much of an answer so being a part time machinist I mounted a Quad 1 up in the mill and swept it. On my blades you could pick up the transitions to the different radii but the change was so subtle I can't believe even the best skater's would be able to feel it. I'm talking numbers is the .002 to .004 inch range spread over about .500 to .700 length of blade. My GUESS is the new profile is continuously varying with the subtle transitions gone. I'd bet in blind taste tests about 3 out of a hundred skaters could tell it apart. I've been wrong before!!! Dave
  14. CCM Jetspeed FT1 gloves. Noticed a rattling sound in the thumb of one of the gloves. Glove doesn't seem compromised and seems like the hard plastic inserts are intact. Possibly a small piece of the hard plastic cracked off and is now bouncing around inside? Any thoughts, and any way to get it out?
  15. When I was playing up until about 4-5 weeks ago, no. I haven't gotten any info like that from adult skates or heard anything like that regarding youth leagues.
  16. Holy whalers Batman. Those DRs were epic back in the day. The GXs in the color look sick, saw those on sidelinea while ago I think
  17. Last week
  18. for those of you who are playing I have a question: is your league sharing with you how many positive cases there are among players?
  19. I have the CCM visor. I feel like it's got solid optics. I'll go back to my cage when this insanity is over but for now I can live with this.
  20. I honestly have no idea if the leagues are playing now. They were supposed to be starting up but since I'm not actually on a team, now... Either way, no thanks. Shit is way too crazy right now. I don't think I'll be hitting the ice again until a week or so after my second vaccine shot...
  21. Yes, both the 6.5 and 7 Bauer Fit 3 skates use 263mm holders. The holders on Fit 3 for half sizes 5.5 and up are one size up vs. Fit 1 and 2 (just like they used to do with EE vs. D). https://imgur.com/EatZHVq
  22. Does anyone know if a Fit 3 skate at size 6.5 and 7 both have a 263 holder? My 16 year old is adamant about the holder size and no local shops have either in stock, Thank you!
  23. Hope you have a quick recovery! i am not playing right now, I am limiting my rink time to my son’s activities. I am not shutting down but try to relegate risk to the most important things, and I would rather he play than me.
  24. New boots. The holes are not the same between the O1 and the R1
  25. They shoulda got Snoop to be the model for the Pens jersey.
  26. Ugh. Tested positive this morning. I don’t leave the house except for hockey and grocery shopping and walking the dogs. I always wear a mask when out, and keep one on (correctly!) all the time I’m in the rink and when playing, and only take it off to drink water. Even when you are careful things can still happen, and we can’t control other people’s decisions/actions. Bummer. Stay safe, be smart.
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