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  2. I've gone through 12 years of hockey with my eldest, and now starting the journey again with my youngest so I realized that I never figured out what is the appropriate level of guidance for 5-6 years old when it comes to teaching the game itself? When we run scrimmages they are extremely unstructured since it's the first year of organized hockey for more players, and majority are still just getting basics of skating/stickhandling so there is definitely zero awareness of any positioning or team play. As a result there is quite a discrepancy in the skill level between players since some of them had a head start while others just learning to skate. During a scrimmage with the exception of few timid outliers who are just doing their own thing, the rest of the 'pack' is usually chasing the puck. Once they all converge on it usually it results in a pile up, and most of the time one of the players just whacks the pack and it flies away in some random direction followed by the puck. This makes it really tough to 'read the game' for anyone due to pretty high degree of randomness to it. Players tend to fight for the puck even on the same team and passing is non-existent. Apparently this makes it quite frustrating for stronger players since unless they get to the puck ahead of the 'pack' and manage to skate in the open, or the puck just happens to pop to them, they really struggle to create any plays because puck movements are not very predictable and threats are abundant while the support is scarce. Anyone who coached younger players must have observed it so the description of the chaos above is probably redundant. LOL So my question is - what Individual guidance/instructions/strategy can we provide to stronger players to help them with their frustration?
  3. good point! I missed the fact that the runners might have already been profiled to forward pitch, so if they are already at +1 then 1mm heel lift would work. all future runners will also need to be forward pitched.
  4. So it’s safe to assume those white accents will be gold/yellow?
  5. Does the True Custom boot come with more of a natural pitch to the boot then say, the Hyperlite? Within short I will be trying the same blade on both boots, but wonder in advance is there more of a natural pitch to either? Don't know what is on my True Customs (254mm) right now (bought blades from someone, didn't know their profile, pitch, hollow, etc.) and while I like the profile and hollow, I feel much more pitched forward than when skating on 2X Pro (263mm) Ellipse 0 (also which I don't know the pitch of). Anyway, anyone know if these boots would be similar in pitch? Thanks @PBH, @hockeydad3, @kkskate, @mojo122, @HockeyTactics.
  6. As the "equipment manager" for my son, I prefer the XS. The LS2 is fine, but doing a "hot swap" is a more involved process. Just the other day, during pre-game warm-up, son was struggling and could tell his edges weren't right. Came off and I swapped his blades in probably 90 seconds with the XS holder. Didn't miss a shift. With his LS2s, that process would have taken much longer and required the tool, instead of just my two hands. Haven't noticed any difference in the hold each provides to the blade. Now, granted this is our first year on the XS and our previous skates with LS2 were outgrown in a season, probably not enough time to significantly loosen the trigger mechanism up. As for @boo10 comment on mechanical lock, the benefit to me is that XS is a manually manipulated lock. You can feel when it is loose and you can adjust it or know you have to replace it. With the LS2, you pull the trigger, listen for the click and hope for the best. No way to adjust or manipulate outside of trying to pop-out and re-install if you aren't getting proper engagement.
  7. Looks like the next Supreme line release with some white accents
  8. Sure you can. I’ve removed it and taken off the tape residue. I replaced my first set that was just standard kydex with a black carbon fiber pair. Use a hair dryer to heat the leftover adhesive and it will come off. Do NOT use any solvent or alcohol pads, it will remove finish off the skate.
  9. Interesting. Because Pro Sharp claims that the Power Profile (ie. Quad) has the most blade in contact with the ice at all times throughout whole stride (albeit I think that claim may have been made prior to the birth of the ellipse). I can't remember if I read it, or was on one of their YouTube vids.
  10. The problem with this is you can't remove the kydex if you want to sell the skates!
  11. They felt like they lost too much agility due to surface area contact between the ice and steel. Basically, the Ellipse felt too long. Many players commented that the Ellipse felt more similar to a Zuperior than a Quad.
  12. My true sticks never lasted long enough for the grip to go sticky . Mind you the grip on the true a series were one of my favorites in terms of perfect amount of tack and didn't slip when wet.
  13. That was me. Ended up just tossing the sticks.
  14. Hey all, quick question with a brief background. Last week I had back to back games and was on the ice for about 3.5-4 hours. I ended up getting a nasty blister on the inside/side arch of my right foot. Never had this happen with a skate before and hadn’t it happen with these skates (True TF9) in the first 6 or so games that I’ve used them for. I also don’t have this problem with my other set of TF9s that I use for roller. No change to the tongue placement, socks used, Superfeet, etc. At first I thought maybe it was the tape tab on the insoles rubbing against my foot/sock so I cut the tape, but I’m still get rubbing there. Can’t think of any reason why rubbing would all of a sudden start which led me down the rabbit hole of skate punching. I came across some DIY tips from years ago and decided to give it a shot. I have a c-clamp and an oval stone to apply pressure and reshape the area that’s giving me problem. I wasn’t planning on heating the skate, just leaving the clamp on overnight. Are there any reasons I shouldn’t punch this area out? Will letting it sit for 12 hours keep the foams how I punch them or should it be longer? Any other ideas on what might have begun to cause this? I don’t get any movement in the heel or front to back and my foot is suctioned in the boot when I remove them, but I guess if I’m getting a blister, clearly there’s movement somewhere. Slopping Neosporin on the blister non-stop in hopes of healing it up for this week’s game. Was pretty brutal to play on by the end of the second game. Hoping punching the boot out and using moleskin for the next few games will eliminate the problem, but as I’ve never had this problem I’m looking for someone with more experience.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I have the same problem and these have worked well. I cut mine in half to get a wristband size but it slips so I'm going to try the full size again to see if it's better. You mentioned wearing a silicon pad but I'm not sure if it's the same as this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0931Z6G9M
  17. This exact thing happened to my two older True A6.0 sticks and I was just able to remove it last week. The grip layer has worn/faded away and the adhesive is coming to the surface. This happens with a lot of electronics and things that have the "soft touch" feel (headphones, mice, wine opener, etc.). The way I was able to remove it was to use rubbing alcohol and a scotchbrite pad. I've also use an old sock on some more delicate electronics. The alcohol softens the adhesive and you basically scrape off the sticky stuff. Goo gone or similar will probably work also but you need something strong like a sock or a pad for the sticky stuff to cling to. I was trying with paper towels at first and it didn't do anything.
  18. What curve are you using now, and what don't you like about it? Sometimes, it's not the curve, but the lie of the stick that causes problems with stick handling and shooting. Is the bottom of the blade flat on the ice or is more of the toe or heel on the ice when you pass and shoot?
  19. OK. I've been going to PT twice a week. My physical therapist said I'll only need to go once a week starting next week. I go to the gym to work upper body and I also walk. I've gotten a lot of my flexibility back so now I'm working on gaining strength and massaging out the surgical area. I feel about 90% back to normal.
  20. I’m not sure how to find it, but someone else posted something similar about True sticks a year or two ago. I don’t think there was any unique solution beyond removing the grip as a whole, but you’re not alone.
  21. Not annoying at all! I'm a long time casual Beer Leaguer and enjoy learning as well, thanks for posting questions that many of us also are thinking about.
  22. How are things going now that you're a good month post surgery?
  23. Interesting. Was there common consensus as to what they disliked about it?
  24. Either is okay, as they are both tested. My last fall where I hit the ice, my helmet had EPP foam, CCM Fitlite. I hit the back of my helmet pretty hard and didn't play the rest of a game. The helmet has a dial thing to adjust the fit. I like it as I can adjust the fit depending on how long my hair is.
  25. Hi @kkskate. Yea, that's the boat I fall into. I've just in past few months discovered profiling (been away from the game for 15+ years) and have been doing a lot of alternating. Found the Quad great as well, though have been leaning towards the Ellipse when considering my last 6-8 hours have been on it. I will very soon have both profiles on a 254 holder, will try them often interchangeably and will certainly be sharing all my opinions here; this stuff is so much fun! And you folks who have more experience with them, yourself, @PBH and some others' opinions are so very much appreciated. Thanks again to you all.
  26. Facts are facts so I can't disagree with other findings though I've had a lot of players stick with the Ellipse. Most players who are already happy on the Quad end up sticking with the Quad over the Ellipse. As @PBH mentioned the higher level players love the Quad. It seems to offer maximum quickness and agility. On the flip side many skaters who were trying profiles for the first time preferred the Ellipse over the Quad. It's possible the Ellipse is a slightly more balanced profile than the Quad and works better for certain players.
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