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  2. Is the size difference only because of the low profile tongue on the tf9 though, or the build? If it's just bc of the tongue I would stick with the same size as I would swap to the felt tongue. I like the felt tongue. Even changing how far the tongue goes into the toebox changes how far your toes goes forward. I assume bc the low profile is thinner it doesn't reduce the volume in the toebox as much causing the feeling of more length. I'd be interested to see if the physical length is actually different between the tf7 and tf9. I'd assume the footbeds are identical.
  3. Going from true (and if you like true) to Bauer and CCM is too much of a difference for me. If you're happy with what you have whether it's Bauer ccm or true. Stick with it. I've been a victim of wanting to try something new just bc they look nice and shiny, but regretted it (my old as1s). The most painful break in period I ever had, especially coming from trues. I learned my lesson and won't try anything else until true fails me.
  4. I’m 9 in Bauer and 8.5 in the TF7, even pre-bake. Try both your CCM/Bauer size and -0.5 in the TF7 if you can. I’m glad I did thanks to @Hillsawesome review!
  5. Well. A couple more skates in.... Still not the biggest of fan of the these skates. They just don't compliment my skating style or maybe they provide to much flexibility which makes me feel like I have a lack of support north/south. East/west feels good, nice lateral movement, but north/south I just feel all over the place. I messed around with lacing, I changed how I normally lace my skates, loose at the toe, tight in the midfoot, loose at the top. That just doesn't work for these. I finally settled on loose at the forefoot, tight in the midfoot and medium tight at the top. This seemed to allow good support and flexibility but just doesn't feel 100% correct. The first major issue was pitch, I messed around with various shim heights and think I finally figured that out. With a shim I felt very neutral even with pitched steel. Next issue was skate pain. This is the first time I've had pain in my feet in ages. I don't ever have foot pain so this was a big deal to me. First it was the small pinky toe, which I had a problem with in the retail skates Inna FIT2, and guess what, still have a problem with the customs. My poor toes feel like they are being crushed in a vice. The only way to avoid that pain is to not lace the first skate eyelet. The location of the pressure and pain is directly where the toe caps is riveted to the boot. I looked at maybe punching it but as soon as I start to put pressure there it looks like it's going to ruin the boot. Not a good thing. So I guess it is what it is. The skates feel heavier than my TRUE skates. Maybe it's just mental. I dunno. I'll weigh them tonight and see. Overall, nice skates, I am sure if they compliment a players skating style and foot they would be awesome but they just don't work for me. Lastly, the Pulse TI runners. They sharpen nicely. Feel good. But Flare is better IMO. I really don't understand how anyone can skate on anything else other than Flare. I feel like that steel has changed my game entirely. But that's for another thread... I'll be posting these skates on SidelineSwap for sale or if you're interested send me an IM.
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  8. Varlamov is the only reason it went 6. They generated absolutely nothing for two games and waited for a mistake to be made to pounce. Worked once, failed the second time.
  9. I’d go Tampa in 5 if it wasn’t for the injuries. They are a pretty badly beaten up team right now. I doubt we see Stamkos unfortunately. Maybe if they get down in the series and need a boost. They barely managed to get past the Islanders and even that went way farther than I think it would have if they weren’t so beat up. They LOOK tired. If Dallas wins, it will be because their backup stands on his head and because they’re definitely fresher. Head to head on paper I don’t think it’s even close but I could see this hitting 6 or 7.
  10. Thanks JR Boucicaut, Appreciate the help. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Cheers, Mike
  11. i measured as well - half an inch. ironically, my stick broke last week so my new one was cut half an inch higher to compensate.
  12. Since you don't have the credentials to post in our Gear Exchange, I moved it to the buy area as a courtesy to you. If someone can help you, they will.
  13. Hi SkateWorksPNW, I've been on the hunt for awhile now trying to find a pair of narrow 13D high end skates without going the custom route due to monetary reasons. I suggested a few skates in an earlier thread that was moved and I'm unable to view currently. Was hoping someone on this site might now of a site online I could purchase from or another forum member might have a pair of 13D's. My local skate shop only has the custom route available to offer for my 14.5 US feet. Apologies again if this in the wrong forum, Mike
  14. Will Stamkos make an appearance?
  15. @Vulcan7905 Yes sir they are.
  16. Hope it's a good series, the longer it goes the more hockey we get to watch! So far it's been an outstanding playoffs. I imagine that these loses for players will be the hardest loses ever.
  17. What stores are in the Las Vegas area? Anyone on here local to Las Vegas?
  18. Thanks JR Boucicaut, The link you posted doesn't seem to work for me. I'll try again later. Thanks, Mike
  19. Your post wasn't deleted - it was sent to the appropriate section. https://modsquadhockey.com/forums/forum/11-buy/
  20. 2020 Stanley Cup Finals starting this Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta. Dallas Stars vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Kind of a big deal for Dallas who has been shuffling around in the middle of the pack for years. Tampa Bay is back in after 5 years. One guy on their team is from my hometown. It looks like they are evenly matched, so I think they'll go seven games.
  21. I didn't see the Islanders being able to come back from a 3-1 deficit, but they did keep their goals-against in their last 2 games down to one goal during regulation time. I thought Varlamov was playing great.
  22. Hi Guys, I'm a new member looking for skate help and/or a particular skate(s). How do I go about doing that without having a post deleted? Previous post appears to be deleted or maybe it's just waiting for a probationary period to end? After searching around this site I'm still not clear what forum(s) I use. Thanks in advance, Mike
  23. I never had a problem flexing the tongue on the 2S Pro. My complaint was that the tongue was too thick coming off the toecap. Took a while for that area to fully compress, but was nice once it finally did. I went with a traditional felt tongue to see how that compares performance wise.
  24. There was a post on S2K about leather gloves being banned in the NHL because they stuck to glass and caused injuries. I among many other people fell for it.
  25. Less popular yes,banned , no.
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