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  2. It’s a shame the Kings went away from actual equipment sales. I feel the sales now are mostly crappy merch. A handful of game worn jerseys and sticks, but not a heck of a lot of actual gear. At least that’s how it felt when I went to the first two. Skipped last year
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  4. I’m looking at the ccm as-v and the Bauer supreme. The as-v looks less bulky than the tacks. Not sure though
  5. I went from Nexus to Supremes and the Supremes are a lot less bulky with I like. Only thing for me is there is a small gap from the top of my skate to the bottom of the pad, which the puck always seems to find. Maybe I should have gone to the 14 instead of 13.
  6. LA Kings Summer Sale June 1st 10:30 at Toyota Training Center in El Segundo. https://www.nhl.com/kings/news/topic/community-kings-care/la-kings-summer-sale
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  8. Which Supreme. To me the Mach (most likely due to the AmpFlex facing) was no where as stiff as the previous Ultrasonic.
  9. Due to demand, this is for those participants who are wanting to purchase the other jersey/sock set.


    Here is the comparison to Bauer.



    80.00 USD

  10. Anecdotal : I'm almost exactly 2 years into a pair of Hyperlite (the original ones, not the new 2's). Skating in a competitive Men's league 1-3 ice times a week. 0 Issues. I was hesitant to go for this new tongue and injection eyelets. No big issues except that: The skate itself feels "softer" compared to Supremes I feel the tongue is less protective than thick (48/52oz) felt Original non-waxed laces got shredded and tips were junk
  11. Hey! The pitch of the i2s in it's forward position is about 4.5 degrees, approximately 1 degree more than a traditional holder. Depending on what rocker insert you're using your pitch rocking back will be different. With the most amount of rocker (14ft rocker insert) you'll reach a pitch of 2.9 degrees rocking back. //Per Mars, Inventor
  12. I know this is an old post but the issue isn't your new blades but your old ones. They are worn to shit in the heel and toe by poor sharpening that turned whatever profile you had into a banana. You never felt the issue bc the steel was slowly taken off over time and not abruptly at once. With that little toe and heel left on your old steel, they should've been replaced a long time ago.
  13. Howdy, Hey man, been travelling and just saw this. Hope the procedure went well and you're annoying nurses right now! Mark
  14. Thanks for the response and video, I hadn’t seen that before.
  15. On another note... The prices they are charging is absolutely insane imo. I don't see them really staying in business long. Good luck to them though
  16. How does the pitch of these compare to Tuuk?
  17. What's everyones favorite wheel for smooth concrete?
  18. Did they charge your card already? If so I'd do a charge back at this point if you haven't heard anything from them
  19. One explanation that I heard was that the gloves back then were very oversized, heavy, and didn't have any internal strappings. So if you were to keep it flexed back like how you are supposed to now it would slowly creep out of position and because the gloves were heavy it wasn't comfortable to do so anyway.
  20. We're 128 days in now, over 18 weeks. Maybe the claimed 5 week lead time was a typo, they actually meant 5 months LOL
  21. Good luck man, we're all rooting for you! Keep us updated!
  22. Good luck Steve, hope it's a boring and uncomplicated procedure.
  23. In about 5 hours I'll be getting ready for my surgery. I skated last night and it was helpful keeping my mind off my impending surgery. It's starting to sink in that it's happening. So I will be getting my thyroid removed along with all the lymph nodes in my neck. followed by a second surgery to remove lymph nodes in my chest. Thankfully it will be done laparoscopic and I won't be having my chest cracked open like in open heart surgery. But I'll have a chest tube in for about 24 hours and that's not going to be very pleasant. I want to thank the people who have reached out to me.
  24. there are 2 types of shells, pant shells and girdle shells. most of the time, a girdle shell is smaller and thicker material. you CAN wear it over pants if you size up but it's going to be hotter. even with my girdle, I prefer pant shells because they're not as hot.
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  26. No socks here, but. DriMax...super thin socks if you need socks.
  27. I skate in AS3 Pros and Machs...I'm 5'9"/170...no issues with stiffness. It's all about your stride and what feels good. I started using the Machs because it seems to be the perfect blend of the stiffness of the Tacks and the forward flexion of the 100k Pro. I do love the Tacks though.
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