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  2. We have them in store as well. They are nice if you like low-kick sticks.
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  4. Howdy, Here or on the FB group, I can't recall someone really recommending the Pro base. And there are lots of comments about "shouldn't have gotten it". YMMV. As for your actual question re: oiling/waxing the blade prior to a last pass... I've never seen anyone recommend that. AFAIK, that's only done with a traditional grinding wheel vs. the diamond grit (?) ones that Sparx uses. I can say that it would be a bit of a pain as well. No question that for me I would use (and do use) a Speed Skate rather than that. The only thing I don't like all that much about the speed skate is that it rubs at the finish on my Shift Onyx blades. But I think that's more an issue with a fairly non-durable coating vs. the speed skate itself. Mark
  5. For 98% of the people posting here, the finish in the hollow is vastly overrated. Sorry it just is. It's one of things that you can measure or calculate but never actually feel. It's only an issue because someone said it was.
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  7. Howdy, One of these helps #3. https://wissota.com/product/speed-skate/ Mark
  8. So, it’s light, I’ll give it that. But I don’t see any major weight or construction differences compared to a HyperLight. At first inspection it appeared the elliptical taper started higher up the shaft but only slightly. Also the lower third to half of the shaft has no grip. Not sure it’s enough to justify the price hike, but I haven’t tried it yet. graphically Bauer knocked it out of the park, the stick looks great. Interested to see how it looks on TV, I’m sure that’ll be the real determining factor.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I decided to go with FT5 pro. Look forward to testing it
  10. I don't think the issue is related to stiffness. The 88K is actually stiffer than 9060 Tacks. 88K has more padding, so perhaps it may be giving the illusion of being less stiff.
  11. Saw them in stores last week. A weight chasing novelty with a $440 CAD sticker
  12. Quick look at the new Bauer AG5NT stick. Low kick. Green chrome. Boron material added. https://youtu.be/JhGAW04D6Pw
  13. JMO, before you start changing lacing patterns and looking for new skates, spend the $5 on some Howie's lightly waxed laces.
  14. I appreciate the feedback. I prefer the tacks stiffness not for any medical reasons it was what i was first introduced to and grown accustomed to. Reason i tried a ribcore was the bit wider forefoot and toebox room, to avoid the tacks toebox from painfully rubbing my right foots big toe against the side. My experiment didnt work and thats ok. Then my local shop showed me a pair of tacks vector plus(2022) sz 8, the rounder toebox didnt put pressure on my big toes callus. My 9060s still hold up till i choose an upgrade. And the whole low, meduim foot sizing thing was a factor too.
  15. Is the need for stiff skates for ankle stability due to some lingering injury, body issue, or health concern, or are the stiff skates helping with a lack of ankle strength and control? I don’t say that to call you out or something, just clarifying. If you’re covering up mechanical issues with stiff skates, you’re gonna be better off getting something softer and doing some power skating classes to develop that muscle control. But, if the stiff skates are because you’ve had had a bunch of ankle surgeries or long term foot and leg issues, people might be able to give advice for supports and fixes that have worked for them What did the profile of the old steel look like vs the new one? If it’s a radically different profile, new skates are going to feel clumsy and wrong.
  16. Thanks, I'll give it another try. I've tried this years ago but it also felt a bit weird and even less tight than in to out (especially at the heel/ankle). It's pretty straight forward but maybe I did some detail not quite right. I remember it was weird that the lace ABOVE where I was pulling got tighten and tighter than the lace below with this out to in method. Probably doing something just slightly wrong with the method (ie the way I'm pulling etc).
  17. Last week
  18. Hey all, I've been lurking this thread for several years now. I'd planned to buy a Sparx back in the day, then ended up working at a shop where I could sharpen my own skates, eliminating the need. I've now moved from Columbus, OH where the sharpening options were mediocre to poor unless I did it myself, to an area between Cincinnati and Dayton. While getting out of Columbus has been great overall, somehow the options for a good skate sharpening are actually worse. Literally no-one offers a flat bottom sharpening of any kind. While I suspect if I could get to know the right person at the University of Miami I could get the best sharpening/profiling I've ever had and get my skates cut any way I want, I haven't encountered him or her yet. So, back to the Sparx option. Based on the thread it seems like the consensus is as follows: Sparks is excellent and maintaining level edges (assuming proper verification and maintenance is done). Sparks is good to great in terms of maintaining an existing profile (assuming it's set up properly and not hammering down on the heel/toe). Obviously some retouching of the profile will be needed over time but Sparx is probably better at keeping my profile than Fred Rando at the rink shop. Sparx does an ok job with blade finish. It isn't quite as good as a top notch hand sharpener due to the lack of a finishing pass, but probably nothing most players will notice. For me, those are the 3 biggest factors, so if there are any dissenting opinions backed up by facts/experience I'd love to hear them. The cost per pass and non-replaceability of parts are things I've factored in, and given that there really isn't another viable home sharpening option at this point, I've decided I can live with them. A few more questions: Has anyone tried using wax, jewelers polish or any other polishing agent on the blade to get a better finish? How did it work? If this was covered, I missed it. Is there a major advantage to the Pro base vs the plastic base. I get that the pro base weighs more which should reduce vibration, but is there an actual performance benefit to the base, or is it simply a larger container so that you don't have to vacuum it out as often? Money isn't really an object here, but I do want a concrete benefit if I'm spending a couple hundred dollars more. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  19. Sounds like possibly a fit issue or just not the right line for you... CCM did alter their sizing by about a half size sometime in the past 5 years (there's a thread in here somewhere discussing it) so if the 88k's are the same size as the old Tacks there's the possibility they're really not the same size and actually a half size bigger. You've also gone from a Tacks boot that is known for stiffness, to a Ribcor which has the selling point of a more flexible boot ("flex frame" or whatever they call it, plus it also has a lot thicker more moldable foam around the ankle). Like stick9 said, maybe the sharpening needs work? Also make sure they're the same profile as the old Tacks, those variables could play a part in the skates feeling better for you.
  20. Have you heard a release date by any chance?
  21. If you need an ultra stiff boot for support the issue isn't the skate...sorry. I doubt there is all that big of a difference performance wise. What you likely experienced was the difference in overall fit between the two. I also question whether or not the 88k were properly sharpened.
  22. Ive skated in ccm tacks for almost 6 years (i have a medium volume foot and instep) i need the stiff boot for ankle stability. I got a cheap pair of ribcore 88k to try out for a bit more toebox room, which is a low volume skate, and with 1 bake treatment, i had to crank down on the laces to get any ankle support. I stepped onto the ice this past tuesday and couldnt skate! I had floppy ankle support, and i felt like i was slushing thru sand i almost fell down. So there obviously is a performance difference between the two models. I can fly and stop on a dime with my tacks 9060s, but the ribcores were horrible! Mind you i play defence.
  23. Well I went in and talked to the shop I ordered from. Skates are too big. They're contacting True to see about a remake. Guy at my shop was good but was extremely surprised they were big. He said he's had to have ones re-made for being too small but never too big. We'll see what True says.
  24. This looks like a Canadian release, no?
  25. $199, still a decent price for that stick.
  26. Definitely popular year-round in SoCal. Also popular in and around DC. I got back into roller when I moved to DC and was surprised by the scene. Obviously more options in SoCal which isn’t surprising given the climate
  27. Yea I agree. I’d love to see Bauer use Mission more, but unfortunately it looks like it’s going to opposite way. I really hope Bauer doesn’t eliminate Mission, as I feel like Mission really is an important brand to roller hockey. As for Roller’s popularity, it still has a pretty decent following where I’m at: Southern California.
  28. Howdy, Still a $250 stick though. Hard to swallow. Wasn't the FT3 like $150? Mark
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