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  2. As some who pushed off getting custom skates due them being being "too expensive" and subsequently regretting that original thought process, I've grown to appreciate the "Custom" route that is more readily available for us on the retail side. At the end of the day, comfort is critical for the enjoyment/safety/performance of the sport. I'm sure there are people who've had issue after issue with stock helmets over the years and finally have a viable option: I'm all for that.
  3. Last week
  4. New? Looks like the helmet Craig Ramsey wore for the Sabres in 1974. ram.webp
  5. The custom is the most comfortable helmet by far that I have ever worn. It just fits your head perfectly and is better fitting than the custom goalie helmets I have as well. With the custom, there is 0 pressure points or pieces of liner that you can feel just doesn't sit perfectly. Going from retail to custom was a similar if not more of a jump in comfort going from a standard helmet to the SuperTacks X retail.
  6. If you need more protection for your knees try Smith's knee gaskets the ones skateboarders use , they are a compression fit with padding.
  7. I played with the OG O1 chassis and currently use the R1. The R1 feels much better to me when playing. You can definitely "get away" with using the O1 but I'd spring for the R1 if you can.
  8. Guess my question would be how much better is the fit/comfort with the custom X over the retail? Both the My Bauer ReAkt and CCM Tacks X are pricey ($550/$580 USD). The majority of consumers don't even want to pay $220 for the ReAkt 150.
  9. I have two, and I like them a lot. I think the custom version is in my future. To me they fit the best out of any retail helmet but there are a few things I think that could be fixed with a custom printed one. my biggest issue with the helmet is that I do have some concern over how good the protection is after longer term usage. I’m finding the printed matrix starting to deform in areas. I also feel like the carbon resin they use to print them is a bit too soft, particularly after playing for a while when the material gets warmer and more pliable.
  10. I had a pro stock one I got for under $200 but, unfortunately, found out they run noticeably smaller than the 910's which share the same shell (I'm a small 910 and have it adjusted about half way, in the Tacks X I was all the way out as big as it could go and barely squeezed in). I tried mine out and squeezed into it for one skate and it felt great as far as weight and airflow, I just wish It was a little bit bigger (I had the hex pattern pressed onto my head for quite some time afterwards 🤣). I'd still love one but most I see are in the $250+ range which is more than I'm willing to spend, I'll stick to my 910's for now.
  11. I have the non-polished standard steel. Literally used twice and then taken out of my steel rotation because I decided to go back to my old profile, but wasn't ready to grind over the one it came with, as I like to go back and forth for experimental purposes sometimes. Anyway, I went to fish them out today and found quite a bit of rust... The blade was even pitted at one point . Has anyone else experienced this? All the other sets of steel right next to this pair were fine... To be sure, my basement is very cool and dry.
  12. Good to know. I wasn’t able to go this week, possibly next week. Almost doesn’t matter I snagged a deal (🤞) on some 13” FT1 gloves , supposedly arriving tomorrow, God and USPS swilling.
  13. I’ve been wearing a Super Tacks X helmet for the last 8 months or so. Was able to find a new pro stock for just over $200 in my color/size and couldn’t be happier. Extremely breathable, easily the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn, and I hit my head on the ice a few weeks back and it did a good job protecting me from the impact. I’d never pay retail for one, but $200-250? I’ve spent that on worse
  14. Bringing back an oldie... I am starting to see pro-stock version on sideline for reasonable money, sub $300US. I'm curious if anyone has tried them yet and what are your thoughts. I'm currently wearing a Tacks 710 that's getting a bit mangy on the inside.
  15. YES!!! Got the stick last week and I am very happy with it overall. The stick is supposed to be a P46 clone but the rocker is a but different. Nothing terrible though and I pretty comfortable. It has pretty good pop. Not really best in class but it's sold. Blade feel is really good. No complaints there. You can certainly see the fuse point but the quality is good. Overall it's a great choice and a really solid value if you can be patient. Especially since my curve isn't available anymore.
  16. I love the very different perspectives from Fischler and the Ranger's broadcast team (check out the video). Three sides to every story. Always enjoyed watching Patty. As others have voiced... I'm not sure I see how this helmet lessens the likelihood of your brain sloshing around in your skull any less than the stuff that is available now and the existing questions on the criteria VT uses in their tests being entirely valid for the most common circumstances found in your average hockey game. Outside of some aesthetic choices (someone would have to provide some valid functional shape impact absorption data to convince me otherwise), don't see a huge different between these and the latest generation of Warrior helmets with the BOA/wheel adjustment system. I guess time will tell if they'll be able to show real data to back up their claims (reduced # of concussions for the same number of "concussion-maker" plays for folks wearing Valor vs other brands). But I doubt anyone will be tracking that.
  17. I know they had major delays late last year into this year due to the holidays, volume of orders, planned closure due to Chinese New Year and unplanned closure due to COVID regulations. Depending on where you were at in queue, those could still be in play. Not sure.
  18. https://thehockeynews.com/nhl/new-york-islanders/features/new-york-islanders-valor-pat-lafontaine-stan-fischler?fbclid=IwAR3I0X6c20qpA5XUj7oWZ_vGoKhh_YM41cV1v0rHZRfmPACWnhT7r080Bkc
  19. R1 would be much better for competitive play. I hear the O1 can just explode if hit by a puck hard enough.
  20. I've tried labeda addiction and rink rat identity (the new green ones) both at 76a (XXX for rink rat). The labeda's seemed to have better grip but less durability. They started to crack and split much faster than the identity. Addictions felt easier to tight turn/crossover but identitys feel faster. The identity wheels slipped when they were new when making crossovers as above, but did go away after you break them in. I am thinking about trying trickster next based on the above posts. I'll follow up then.
  21. Was able to try the gloves the other day. I like how snug they are. But it seems like I'm in between sizes. 14" was a touch on the long side. Honestly they're probably the same as my ft1s. They always feel great new but once the foams pack in the 14s do seem a bit too big. As for the 13, they weren't as short as the ft1 13s. But it was right at the cusp. The one thing I did notice which makes me stray away from the 13 is the cuff is noticeably smaller and also I'm worried it's too short and won't cover my forearm well. It's a shame. I'll prob stick to looking for pro stock 13s since those generally fit perfect as they run closer to 13.5.
  22. DId the stick come yet? I would contact Gepetto on Instagram
  23. yeah if someone had the resources or funds *cough cough, Gepetto* we could get the two piece game back in style with even more molds
  24. Too bad 2-piece sticks fell out of favor. It was so much easier to experiment with flexes and curves.
  25. Earlier
  26. I just did something like this a few months ago. Got tripped while making a rush with the puck, landed square on my right knee cap ( like kneeling down ), with all 230 lbs of body weight going right on to my knee cap. Took a few weeks for the bruise and pain to dissipate. My shin guards are the Easton EQ50's and believe me, I've crash tested them many times over the years and was very happy with them. I felt like they were pretty beefy and offered good protection. After this fall though, I noticed that the hex foam that is sewn into the actual plastic knee cap ( not the liner with donut hole ) is all but collapsed. I went to hobby lobby and grabbed a sheet of 4 or 5mm EVA foam for like $5 and cut out some large round sections and added them to the the area between the removeable liner and the actual plastic knee cap area. No idea how effective it will be, as i have not crashed tested the new set up yet, but I have not noticed anything in terms of discomfort and i'm sure having some extra padding can only help. Ill post a pic if i get a chance
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