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  2. For 272 you have a ton of options. You can easily go with the Quad 0, Quad 1, or the Ellipse Zero. Quad 1 is likely a good match for 272.
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  4. https://www.nhl.com/sharks/fans/equipment-sale Early Access for Sharks 365 Members and Barracuda Season Ticket Holders June 4: 5PM - 8PM | June 5: 9AM - 12PM Sale Open to General Public June 5: 12PM The annual Sharks and Barracuda Game-Used Equipment Sale is BACK! It will take place on the North Concourse of SAP Center on Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5, 2021. Free parking is available in the ABC lot. This sale includes all kinds of equipment, game-used jerseys and apparel from past seasons. Safety of guests is our priority, so please see below for regulations for the equipment sale: Credit Card & Digital Payment(s) Only Cash Will Not Be Accepted: Reverse ATM available at Team Store and at North Entrance All Sales Final. • Not Valid with Other Discounts Face Masks are required of all shoppers Maintain 6ft distance from others If you are sick, please stay home and contact your healthcare provider Items available at this year's sale include, but are not limited to the following: Hockey sticks Protective equipment Practice and game-used jerseys Practice and game socks Team-issued merchandise and apparel Skates Goalie equipment Items purchased are strictly for personal use and/or collection. Furthermore, any items purchased at this sale are done so under the agreement that they are not to be re-sold to collectors or other outside parties. Sharks on-site staff reserves the right to refuse entry and/or rescind purchasing privileges at their discretion. Items are not available for sale over the phone, internet or by mail.
  5. lol no I "popped" it out to examine it. Skated on them last night since discovering the bend and I was fine. Will play it by ear.
  6. Chicago Blackhawks Brent Sutter Bauer ArmourFoam gloves $80 + shipping P/P F/F
  7. Funny to see the extra edge angle required to engage mentioned here… I was just noticing this during warmup earlier tonight. For some reason I hadn’t felt it before, or at least hadn’t registered it; have been on flare for a few months now, and can’t imagine using anything else. But yeah. Was confused when I started sliding sideways a bit, and then, “oh, right, need more angle.” Weird.
  8. Last week
  9. I popped it out of the holder and it looks the same. I haven't taken any hard shots to the skates, that I can recall. There's certainly no structural damage to the area that would indicate such. But to your point, yes, since they are still under the CCM guarantee, I'm not going to make a big stink just yet. If my foot starts to wobble or something, then maybe I'll do something about it. I don't recall seeing them bent when they were new, but I suppose I didn't really look. My outgoing pair of Step is still straight and those took quite a beating in my Bauers.
  10. Nothing, if you can hold it firm and level enough to see any drop.
  11. Well, now the Penguins are out. I don't care who wins. Ha ha. Just kidding. OIlers vs. Flames = Battle of Alberta teams. Should be a tight match every game.. Blues vs. Avalanche = I don't follow either of these teams and don't know much except the Blues have some leftover players from their last Stanley Cup winning team. Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers = Battle of Florida teams. I'd like to see the Florida Panthers win. But, Tampa is looking like a dynasty team with the same key players and goalie. New York Rangers vs. Carolina Hurricanes = I'd like to see Carolina win just because the Rangers beat out the Penguins in round one.
  12. Excellent gloves. A+++ seller and as advertised
  13. A bent runner can be straightened. You need to figure out why it bent. If it's from a holder mount, then have CCM replace the skates under warranty. If for some strange reason they won't, then just use the 90 day guarantee and purchase a new replacement pair, (might just want to go that route anyway as you'd get a fresh warranty period). CCM owns STEP now, so you'd be dealing with them on runner warranty anyway.
  14. I know I need to work on the top hand rotation. Thanks so much; I need consistent reminders. Yes, I was actually planning that. I'm going to sharpen this week and try a 1" or possibly 7/8"
  15. Hey gang, Its been a number of years since I retired the first time. I have now decided to jump back in the mix and noticed what you all have been discussing here. The lack of curves, Heel curves in particular. I have searched high and low for the W12 Pavalski retail curve. This was what I made the switch to from the P89 / Darby when those became near impossible and I actually fell in love with the W12 curve. Never the less, like you all I'm hell bent on getting these and have reached out to Pro stock hockey sticks to make me a mold for them seeing as how Warrior will no longer take custom orders even for a dozen sticks. Or at least that's what the person on the chat told me. If any of you have a work around with Warrior I would love to hear it before I drop over a grand on a mold of a pattern that already exists with a company that is still around.
  16. Ugh. Right runner (Step Black) is already slightly bent. I'll let it ride for now, I guess, since the skates are still under the 90-day period. I doubt Step warranties steel against bends.
  17. Howdy, I accidentally bought an extra pair of Jersey 3rd gloves. It wasn't the colorway I thought it was. 14" Warrior Covert. New, w/o tags. Thumb loops are cut. "Rooney" on the cuff. If I did it right, more pics are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/L9cLkNqsTiKWo9FD8 $125 shipped to USA. Mark
  18. Tried these on for the first time on Saturday. Fit is superb. Adjusting to the pitch wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (though I'm at +2 instead of the stock +3 as I had changed the runners to step steel). Won't be going back to the Super Tacks. Tight turns with the makos just felt so much smoother for me compared to the super tacks. I'm guessing that the super tacks was simply too stiff of a boot for me.
  19. What's to stop me from just holding the skate horizontally by the blade?
  20. Is there a reason the catalogue states “shell stiffness level - moderate”? Or does it only apply to retail models?
  21. Correct. The new CCM holders will be 287.
  22. Yes, they are stiffer laterally. There is multiple option available; retail models, a Pro model, and Full Custom. Yes.
  23. Maybe I overlooked if he was going with a larger holder?
  24. Probably has more to do with holder sizer than profile.
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