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  2. Z2 used to be called Laurin and I picked up a Laurin NOS bag on eBay half a dozen years ago. It's a tank and looks barely used after at least a few hundred trips to the rink and has skate pockets, which I like. Downside is that it is yellow and purple, but people just assume I'm a Kings fans and like their retro colors. Also very easy for me to spot in the locker room.
  3. I think there is being picky about things that matter and then there is over the top. At this point I only get our skates sharpened by the sharpener all the figure skaters use and who the main skating coach in town recommended. It isn’t that convenient but worth it. People who are better shooters than me can notice more about a stick, so it makes sense for them to be more particular. Over the top is the obsession with things that I am pretty sure people 1) can’t actually tell the difference between or 2) has no actual benefit. Obsessing over how much stiffer one piece boots are and how Bauer is so behind despite the fact that they seem to work fine for a ton of pros and 99% of players probably benefit from something less stiff and that the boot is very likely not the weak link in their skating. Or helmets, moving into complete asinine territory with those....
  4. I can possibly see why. A rink I coach at has 2 of the machines, the Home and the Skatepal Pro 3. Both of them sit in the corner unused, instead the manual Blackstone machine is used to sharpen rentals, figure and ice hockey skates. The problem these machines have is the alignment of the skate blade (and you can't check it once the skate is in the machine), it will do one blade ok and then the next is off. It's to do with the way they have designed the clamp, imho I think it is pos. If you don't keep the parts in top notch condition (ie basically in brand new condition all of the time) then any minimal wear on the washers for the blade clamp will eventually cause a blade to go out of alignment. I've suggested a revision to the rink (machine a new guide, add additional posts and use tight tolerance ball bearings to guide the blade clamp) and they are in discussions with Skatepal about it.
  5. I know what I want. I know why I wanted it. If I have to, I can make due with what's handed to me, specifically with skates and sticks.. BUT there's nothing wrong with being picky. IMHO, not enough people pay attention to what they're getting, and sometimes that can be detrimental in a lot of different ways. First, the customer isn't getting what they want, a competent sharpening, and second, there's no incentive to get it right if no one complains. Luckily, I live in a city where there's lots of options. I used to drive across the city to get my skates sharpened because the places I went to became a crap shoot of competent and incompetent workers. One of the things I did was get multiple sets of steel, so I could cut down on the number of trips I needed to make, saving time and gas. It also let me experiment with specs and compare.
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  7. I've been using the Grit Airbag for two years now. Really like it and it's held up very well. Only issue I have is when it rains...gear can get wet going from the car to the rink. The other side of that is that it never gets skunky in the bag because there is always airflow.
  8. I think @Bladoww may be referring to his old boots having toe spring and the new ones lacking it. https://theshoesnobblog.com/toe-spring-whats-it-all-about/
  9. It sounds like your old steel was just sharpened a lot. Little by little that angle/curve will increase depending on the place doing the sharpening. Many of the new steels coming on skates is taller (esp if you have Step on there), the toe area is noticeably taller so when they're new they seem extra tall/chunky on the front few inches of the steel vs your old thinner worn out steel. This is what I'm imaging from the way you described them at least, I may be thinking something different than you though.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CM7ZhnXgkiV/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNIT7CPgnb3/ 2SPro XL
  11. Hey anyone know what twig Nylanders been using for a minute now?
  12. I remember about 10 years ago there was a first responder tournament in Orlando and we had a team from Edmonton coming in asking for 5/16" - up there that could work for them but definitely not in FL. They all changed (and won) the tournament.
  13. One way to reprofile the blade to get negative pitch. I had a set of blades that were the opposite of what you are feeling, I felt like I was getting pushed back onto my heels instead of feeling centered on the skate, so I needed positive/aggressive pitch. It requires the sharpener to grind metal off the whole length of the blade so you might want to try vet88's suggestion first.
  14. I was an early bird on the first batch of the full R1 skates last year (got the insanely priced early bird price of 50% off). My back ground is primarily roller hockey only. I was using Alkali RPD Shift+ skates previously, so purchasing the R1 skate was an easy choice, in regard to the fitment of the boot is the same (just a lot stiffer) as what i was used to. This meant the only real thing i had to get used to was rocker. The first skate was weird, the rocker is subtle, but can catch you off guard at first. However, as you get used to feeling over having a rocker (remember- ive only played roller), its fantastic, my skating felt incredibly smooth. Transitions from forward to backwards, feel awesome. Its almost hard to put your finger on, but the skating feels enhanced, and buttery smooth. Its hard to put into words. The grip is insane too ( i know a contributing factor is the wheels) but the extra contact through the rocker, really does enhance grip ( i actually want to run some harder wheels and see how they fair). A friend of mine bought a pair too. His experience has been positive. His background is more ice then roller, and he admitted he felt much more at home on the R1s.
  15. One piece boots tend to be stronger where the quarters turn into the sole of the boot, but they are not automatically stiffer overall. FT1s had a nice give to them in the quarters, much more than 2S Pros. TF7s also have a notable suppleness compared to Tacks say.
  16. When I worked there, I did not have any 16 year old employees, nor did everyone in the store sharpened. The most I ever had was 6 sharpeners out of a staff of 25 - roughly 25% of the staff. It was the only way to maintain quality control. But I was the exception, not the rule. It’s truly a blessing that I’m no longer there. I can’t see myself still there if I had the opportunity to. My skill set wouldn’t have been appreciated. And from what I’ve been told, it’s a breeze to swap wheels/hollows on the FireBall.
  17. Pure Hockey went all out on ProSharp for the same exact reasons and it didn't work out well for them. Time will tell whether Sparx works out or becomes another headache.
  18. Get some ball of foot gel pads, cut them to the shape of toe area and insert them under the footbed, this should help with your feeling of more pitch under the toes. Downside is it takes up some volume in the toe cap area so if you have high profile toes then this may be a squeeze.
  19. Last week
  20. CCM is moving to a three fit system on the Jetspeed and Ribcor this year, and next year for the Tacks. As a result the question will be irrelevant by next year as you will be able to get Tacks in a thin, regular or wide fit. There will no longer be a "Jetspeed fit".
  21. Hey everybody. I know this topic/debate gets beat to death in general (e.g. Graf pitch VS Vapors, etc. etc.) but I can't find anything specific to this... I got some new Tacks and while the pitch of the boot heel to toe is fine, it's the toe itself of the skate that isn't upturned like my old ones. In the new ones, the ball of the foot to the toe portion is very level and parallel with the floor, but in my old ones this space ramps up to the toe much more noticeably. In other words, the very tip of the toe is a good 3/8" higher than my new ones... and I think this is causing me an issue. It's not pain, but more of a balance thing. Just feels off. I feel like the balls of my feet (where I like the weight to be) is now more on my toes. Hope that makes sense. Anyone know what I'm talking about and if you do, how did you remedy this?
  22. I did the opposite. Bought some pro tongues for my TF7. They gave me more room and a little bit more lenght. And they are way more comfortable than the TF7 felt tongues, the fit/lock also improved.
  23. Can’t speak to the FT7 tongues, but I did purchase the T-guard felt tongues (preferred the traditional look) for my TF9s and it took up a lot more volume inside the boot compared to the standard, thinner, memory foam-like TF9 tongue. I loosened the laces to compensate and then fit was fine, but probably could have rebaked to properly account for the added space it took up https://www.hockeyvancouver.ca/products/true-t-guard-felt-replacement-skate-tongues?_pos=4&_sid=37f11553a&_ss=r
  24. I could see some goalies wanting to use that hollow but I have yet to have any player request a 5/16 in my lifetime. In fact, if a player asked for that I would likely attempt to try and talk him out of using such an aggressive cut.
  25. Changing the wheel on Sparx is easy but it still takes more time compared to me redressing the wheel for a new hollow. That would be acceptable if there wasn't also a cost penalty for using their proprietary wheels. If Sparx could get the cost down to $1 a sharpen that would be acceptable but from the math I did when I owned the stores in WA the overhead cost was more like $2.75 per sharpen. I was told all Pure Hockey stores will be transitioning to Sparx from other brands (Blackstone and ProSharp) to provide a consistent experience. I think this is a good move for Pure Hockey since most of the workers at their stores are 16-18 years of age and really dont give a crap about skate sharpening. They just want/need a job an dont care about the art of skate sharpening or profiling.
  26. Howdy, Yeah, same reaction here. If anything, I think changing a wheel in a Sparx is easier / faster than dressing a stone to a different hollow. I recently heard that the Pure Hockey closest to me has gone to Sparx for their general sharpenings, supposedly due to not needing to be an expert sharpener to get a good result. Mark
  27. Does anyone actually use that hollow? It’s one step up from the death grind. I was given two unused 5/16” Sparx wheels, I’m not tempted to try them.
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