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  2. One of the problems is that given the math, it takes a small percentage of people to drive the number up. State by state the numbers vary widely but still on the rise most places.
  3. Unless this pandemic runs its course (herd immunity) or a vaccine is released very soon I just don't see how anyone in the US is going to be playing hockey for much longer, regardless of what age or league. The covid numbers are going off the charts and at some point you are either going to have to admit that the country has given up on controlling it (and go into self isolation as best you can until it washes thru / vaccine arrives) or go back into lockdown. When I see this kind of crap going on, I just wonder wtf... https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/coronavirus-us-man-dies-after-attending-covid-19-party-thinking-virus-was-a-hoax-2261601
  4. https://nypost.com/2020/07/12/nhl-in-for-wild-ride-of-uncertainty/
  5. In my mind, once you're playing with other people (as opposed to just lacing up and shooting around by yourself) you want something sturdy. First of all for safety, you don't want something breaking down on you and sending you flying. Secondly, for durability, because the nature of playing with other people pushes you more, and by default it pushes your equipment more, so the wear and tear is magnified. Others might disagree, but I think decent skates are a worthwhile investment if you play a couple times a week. If you're looking for a new skate, honestly any other skate in the same price range as the RSX is probably better. If you go up to 300 you have the Fz5 or the Tour code 2.one, revel3, x2.7. Or for the same price you can get a decent used skate. I wouldn't put another dollar into the RSX boots because I don't trust that they would hold up at your weight even with better frames.
  6. There's been limited ice time and the men's league is about to start up this week. Figure skating classes are starting up next week. I'm not playing summer league for different reasons. Once summer league is over, they plan on having the regular fall-winter men's league season to start as usual. And, unless things change and they dial it back, there will be youth hockey in the fall. But the travel leagues that usually travel to neighboring states for games might change their schedule to just have intra-state games only.
  7. A very small percentage of players are good enough to benefit from custom skates, and then there are the other small percentage who just have some specific fit issues. For the vast majority of people three fits in two boots plus all the CCM offerings and True retail will provide a fit that matches their foot.
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  9. Not league play, we just play pickup games once or twice a week
  10. So for an outdoor sport court rink. League play or just shooting around until I've rinks reopen? The reason I'm asking is that for a few months you would make a very different investment in skates than if you play competitively or even house league or pickup, where it's worth putting a few more bucks into sturdy skates than you won't have to even think about
  11. It is almost like they're forcing people to go custom..
  12. The RSX and FZ skates both have a Hi Lo chassis, but according to the inlinewarehouse descriptions the entire FZ line has a one piece chassis including the entry level FZ-5. Look under the specs tabs for both the FZ-5 and RSX and you'll see that it states the FZ-5 has a one piece aluminum frame and the RSX has a two piece steel frame. https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Mission_Inhaler_FZ-5/descpage-MFZ5.html https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Bauer_RSX/descpage-BRSXS.html You can mail your skates away with a chassis and have them mounted. The MSH Pro shop offers that service: I am sure your current boots are in good condition now since they're hardly used, however; I think someone your size would break them down fairly quickly. If you're going to pay to mail skates away, get a chassis installed and have them mailed back then it may make more sense to do so with higher end, stiffer boots that will last you longer. If you take a size 10 or higher skate and like the feel of a Hi Lo chassis this LG Aluminum Hi Lo for $49 is a solid deal: https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/HI-LO_Aluminum/descpage-HLALF7.html If you want a more ice like feel for training outdoors then you could consider something like the Marsblade O1 (more for off ice training) or R1 (designed for playing inline hockey): https://www.marsblade.com/
  13. The boots i have are fine, just the chassis is bent. I use the skates outdoors on an indoor style rink (not pavement). I do not have a shop anywhere near me that can put a chassis on for me which kind of sucks. I looked at the inhaler FZ series skates and they seem to have the same HI-Low chassis that i have on my RSXs so i dont know how much different they would be.
  14. Ice boots hold up better indoors. Outdoors, they get shredded just like inline boots. I agree, though. I prefer ice boots. In your case, it's been said but you need a one piece chassis. Either find used higher end skates on eBay or sls, or buy mid level or better skates. If you have a good pro shop and some old boots in decent condition, set them up for roller. Keep in mind, you didn't say what you're using them for, so that would be a big factor to consider
  15. I've always liked the idea of converting an ice boot for inline usage. I'm sure inline boots are more than capable but I'd think ice boots hold up better. Like @althoma1 said used/clearance ice boots would be the best way to go (assuming you don't have an older pair of ice boots laying around).
  16. Hey I am exactly the same height and weight and pant size as you and I wear a medium in the Tacks 7092 girdle. It is the best fitting girdle I have ever worn and is perfect length / still have plenty of room for adjustment in the waist if I were to to put on extra weight as well as plenty of extra room if I were to lose weight and needed to tighten the belt system up. I know this is not the girdle you are looking at, but I believe i have seen that the jetspeed and tacks girdle will be very similar in their fit and sizing.
  17. Most low end inline skates have a two piece chassis. You have to jump up to mid-range skates to get a more durable one piece chassis. If you were smaller, I'd say you could buy an aftermarket chassis (Marsblade, Sprung, HiLo depending on your preference) and mount them on those boots, but low end boots won't last long at your size. I believe the RSX skates use the Supreme last; so do Mission Inhaler skates. So if you like the fit of the RSX skates then you could look for Mission Inhaler skates in your size. I believe all the FZ Inhalers (the current line) have a one piece chassis, the low end NLS6 of the previous line used a two piece chassis, but they higher end models had a one piece chassis (the lower the number, the higher the model). The other option would be to find some Supreme ice skates or whatever ice boot fits you best in your size and buy a one piece chassis separately and have that mounted onto the ice boots. You can save some money, by looking at used or clearance ice boots, but at your size you should be looking for boots that were originally around $400 or more if you want them to last a while and give you good support.
  18. Thats the best way to do it. Good job!
  19. Thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering both a medium and small, and will return one of them. Good ol PayPal with return shipping reimbursement
  20. Agree. My son has bounces back and forth between Nexus D and Supreme EE. Tried out the Bauer 3D, laser fitter, tell me what to wear thingy last week and it said Fit 1. Ha! I don't think so!
  21. i have a pair of bauer RSX, i ordered them online and played 1 game... 15 mins in i broke the rivots on the heel. I sent them back and got the skates replaced and had copper rivots put in. I am 6'6" and 250lbs. I got the skates back and they worked well for a while until i bent the chassis on them, anyone know of a better skate with a more durable chassis for heavier skaters?
  22. I own the Warrior Covert QRE Pro girdle in a size medium and just got the new Jetspeed girdle also in a medium. I find they fit close in size but the CCM is slightly more snug, not significant though. I would personally recommend a small based on the information you shared.
  23. I have had 7092 and Super Tacks girdles and they fit on the small side FWIW
  24. Doesn't exist anymore afaik. Howie's makes friction tape that you'd probably like
  25. I wear L29s too. They're made out of calf and cow hide. In general, eagle H34/35 are made of horse hide (H), G34/35 are goat and L29 are cow. I'm a big fan of leather gloves. Eagle synthetic leather is nice. It's not leather and doesn't feel like it at all, but it's really nice and soft, much lighter weight than leather. I believe they might still offer leather palms, but not the pittards goat that they used to use. Not totally sure, I get my leather palms done elsewhere, but the last I heard, Ken at CPR said Eagle doesn't use it and they (Pat and Ken) reserve leather for palms only. I don't think anyone in the world makes leather gloves anymore, and I have not found anyone who will custom make a fully leather glove for me. I settle for leather palms.
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