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  3. As they say, what happens in Vegas… …can become a viral sensation on the internet!
  4. Those look interesting. Not sure how much actual function you will get from those vents. CCM introduced AER-TEC in their current pants, and I don't think it does much of anything.
  5. Apologies, I read your post too quickly, and after having too many drinks, assumed you meant the HZRDUS skate compared with the Catalyst. The TF fit bigger than the HZRDUS and the Catalyst.
  6. That’s what I thought. My guess was they stuck with the same last but just slid the scale till the volume was a better match for the general standard. The toe cap certainly would have an effect. I was just surprised by @VegasHockey’s take because he’s a lot more familiar with the nuances of current skates than I am.
  7. Over the years seeing older games on YouTube and such I’ve noticed some weird ice markings/rules in various leagues/competitions and I was hoping to start a thread that might be able to answer the rationale behind some of them. For instance, I recently came across the 1978 NCAA championship game between BC and BU and noticed that there was no red line painted on the ice (it was on the boards, however). Does anyone know what the story was here and why there was no red line on the ice? Was icing called from the defensive blue line or something? Just extremely confusing to see. ΩWhile we’re at it, also noticed that the game only had 2 officials. Anyone know when the NCAA went to 3 officials?
  8. Anyone have a line on one of these? Sharpening for a high school team this season . It's no longer on the Prosharp site. Thanks
  9. Last week
  10. Cat9s fit like normal skates did. While the TF fit way bigger.
  11. It will work but unnecessary to have it double sided unless you want it for some reason. A fabric store will have a simple one sided hook and loop. Up to you though this will work but is just thicker bc it's double sided
  12. Yeah I have the clear plastic one because of the True blade spike, and it's a bit hard to ensure that the blades are sitting properly at the toe.
  13. nice looking pants, but at the current conversion rate for euros to USD that is outrageous 299 euros = $328 USD https://eur.currencyrate.today/convert/amount-299-to-usd.html
  14. Has anyone in euro tried the new Tackla Breeze X1 ProZone Hockey Pants? I contacted Tackla and they don't sell them in north america. I can order them from Finland though. Tackla Breeze X1 ProZone Hockey Pants Sr - Tackla
  15. I currently have bauer nexus 8000 shin guards that are nearing the end of their life. what would be the closest Shin available now to replace the nexus 8000? I can't find the pro line bauer pro series shin guards near me. Thank you
  16. I use the back plastic one. Yes it feels a bit chincy but I just don't over think it. Always comes out level.
  17. This is what I ordered. We shall see if it works. Worse case they just get returned. There’s some conflicting info and I’m wondering if you guys are both right. I’m guessing true may have the same last but at the same time maybe they added more padding to make it seem like it fits smaller then usual plus the toe cap is a little tighter.
  18. Any players/retailers seeing broken blades on Ft6 pro’s? Had two break in almost identical places on blade (p29). One inside warranty, the other was the warranty replacement (which apparently has no warranty). Stick isn’t abused, and it’s not used for slap shots / one timers heavily. Have gone years and many sticks without issues like this. I’m hesitant to point fingers, because of so many variables with how sticks get used - but something doesn’t seem right with the build of the stick. Additionally, it seems like stock of the p29’s is critically low. Could be because of the popularity, but it doesn’t seem like CCM is producing the stick right now. Have they stopped production?
  19. The new toe cap piece makes it feel smaller
  20. would something like this work? Monoprice 3-Pack Hook and Loop Fastening Tape 5 yard/roll, 0.75in, Black - Monoprice.com
  21. Last 1,5 years I've been skating on Ellipse XS which was a great imrovement (even for an amateur player) over a single profile radius that I've been skating on my whole life. I could skate on it immediately with practially no time needed to adopt and it felt very natural. The most importantly, it immediately solved my ballance issues going from 263 mm to 246 mm blades. I was more than happy. However, recently I've tried Quad XS and must say I like ti very much for it's agility. Changing directions, quick turns, quick starts is much easirer than with the Ellipse. Maybe going straight line to reach and maintain top speed is better with the Ellipse but I think my favourite profile now is Quad XS on 246 steel. To balance out the top speed and gliding, I may consider dropping down ROH from 3/4" to 7/8". Let's see how it goes after couple more games.
  22. Yeah, you’ll want to order your same Bauer/CCM size which is likely 1/2 size larger than the TF9. I made the mistake going to same size in the Cat 9 as I had with the TF9 and they are way too snug. Half size up fit perfect
  23. Did they change the sizing from TF to Catalyst, or did the new toe cap just make the fit feel smaller?
  24. Did you get just the collar, or the one with the “bib”?
  25. I have ft690’s limited edition skates that are only offered in regular or wide. Crazy to me that these would’ve been considered to have a wide forefoot
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