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  2. I shot around on rollers during the pandemic, and then played pickup roller through the summer, but when leagues started up it was rough. My legs came back in a few games but a lot of my shooting mechanics were off from playing with a ball for a while. Same feeling, felt slow, confused etc. Part of this is that I moved states and play with guys I've never met after playing with the same team and group of friends for about 20 years, so it's weird, but good to be back. I think I have about 45 games back and my stamina is better, hands are decent but not how they were before the pandemic
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  4. Totally agree xstartxtodayx. Those arrows on the hosel really stood out to me as well. Loved the old green Z-Bubble as well. The Taper Wall goes back to at least 1994, however what they are hyping up about it isn't legible.
  5. Agree on all these points and would add the tendon guard to your list...
  6. I remember seeing them and I believe your guess is right, I'd say def late 90's/2000. The graphic on the hosel with the arrows and heating logo remind me of my old Z-Bubble which was around 98/99ish (the green one, I got one my first or second year in college and LOVED that thing), I don't remember those graphics on the earlier aluminum shafts. I don't recall what the taper wall actually was though, I kind of think it was a lower end model for some reason where the T-Flex (prob a little before this one) and Z-Bubbles were higher end, but this is 20+ years ago so my memory might not be too accurate.
  7. Went through the catalogs on the site. Narrowed down to possibly 1997-2001ish. Anybody have an idea what year this would be? It's aluminum BTW.
  8. So our league returned to play a couple of weeks ago and its great to be back on the ice. I had skated in a couple of clinics and shoot arounds but it was really a full year since I had played a game. That first game had my head spinning!!! We played a big, fast team and I felt like I had no idea where to be or what to do. My transitions and change of direction were really clunky. After a few games though its pretty much ok. Frankly I am surprised how quickly it came back. Now that I am vaccinated I have also been able to drop the mask. What have been your experiences?
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  10. Spotted one on lame-bay... Back: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/xioAAOSwlTFeJ2LE/s-l1600.jpg Front: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/gwIAAOSwxVReJ2K~/s-l1600.jpg Unfortunately, the most interesting part about the blade is not photographed from above. I'm also really interested in Easton catalogs from 1996,1997 and 1998
  11. Hockey Monkey has it listed on the 3S Pro, but you are correct, Bauer only lists Curv. So that is a step down. But the ankle padding, comfort edge, tongue, and steel are all still big upgrades from the 2S.
  12. Not to mention IMO one of the worst holders ever....
  13. Carbon Curv is only currently on the Ultrasonic and 2X Pro.
  14. There's an old saying, it's not the hammer, it's the carpenter. IMO, kick point has zero impact on where the puck ends up, i.e. low or high. That's more a technique. Some patterns make certain things easier. For example, open face patterns help the user get the puck up high but it won't do it for you. Also, there is no right or wrong, better or worse when it comes to curves paired with kick points. A hockey stick is a tool. Some tools make jobs easier, others can make them a bit more difficult. You aren't looking for the best tool, you're looking for the tool that best suits you. My recommendation to all new players is a mid kick P88.
  15. I recently bought an AX9 pro stock from IW. I got the 75 which is what I usually use. It felt a bit whipper than other 75 flex sticks. If I were buy another, I'd look to jump up to an 80. Really nice stick, loved the look. Blade was maybe a bit too stiff for my liking. Unfortunately, the custom Hornqvist pattern just wasn't for me so I had to find it a new home.
  16. The 3S pro has a full composite outsole, but a TPU midsole. 1S, 2S Pro, and Ultrasonic have full composite outsole and midsole. However, the 3s Pro has Carbon Curve quarters, Aerolite foam ankles, the comfort wrap ankles, 52 oz tongue, and the new Pulse runners. It's a significant step up from the 2S in pretty much every way, and is also an improvement over the 1S in the quarter material, ankle foams, and steel, though a downgrade in the midsole. As you said, the 2S Pro was a huge difference from the 1S. That was because of those improvements I mentioned that the 3S Pro has but 1S and 2S don't.
  17. How is the holder? Be careful, it could be very brittle.
  18. I had to wear my old Stealth for one game because I wore a Buddy the Elf costume to a charity skate around Xmas and my 9Ks wouldn't fit under the pants. I honestly couldn't believe that I had been wearing them. There was literally nothing in the back, on the back of the hips, butt, or tailbone. My 9K is a huge improvment in that area, so the ST will be good. I have thought about that. It's what I'll do if I decide not to get a ST. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm at the point now where I'm feeling the weight of the 9K, particularly with the way it's hanging off of me. Being able to get something that is lighter, but probably just as protective is really appealing. Like the Marines say, pounds equal pain. Playing 4-5 times a week in my 40's is not easy to recover from, and any reduction in weight would hopefully help. My biggest thing with the M vs L sizing in the Super Tacks is that with it being discontinued, it's hard to find. But I see a lot more size M come up on SLS and eBay than larger sizes. So if I want one, a Medium may have to be what I get.
  19. What I did on my 9Ks / 8k (integrated pant shell) but could also be done on the ST/7092 is to simply fold the elastic over before the velcro and stitching it in place, effectively shortening the strap. Done in <30 sec and gets it as snug as you might need it. On the 8ks I had a slight overlap in padding (not backed by plastic in that area) iirc from this, but wasn't an issue.
  20. I remember the CO2 gun & cartridge that came with those, never used it but yea those skates were super comfy.
  21. Never noticed. I'll look when I get home. What difference does it make? Power?
  22. Partial, not full....readily discernible if you pull the footbed outs on senior size skates. I've played in every top tiered Supreme skate dating back to the One90. Huge difference when I went from 1S to 2S Pro.
  23. hell yea they do. They really take away any remaining negative space in the heel pocket too. I love them
  24. I'm a step in guy too, just can't get into the wrap styles after wearing step ins since the 90's. There's not a ton of protection on the back of the legs in either the 9K or ST but, honestly, I haven't seen anything that really offers too much so it's on par with most out there imho. The ST def has more tailbone protection, and I feel the hip pads wrap me a little more and add a little more in the rear hip/side but area, also the ST has some awesome spine protection which was non existent on the 9K.
  25. does the pump still work?
  26. I thought the 3s pro also have a full comp outsole? And I'm not exactly sure what the difference was between the 1S and 2S pro anyway (I know the superficial ones like the tongue, in saying the structure of the boot send identical to me. I have both).
  27. Putting together footage and narrative (this whole thing has been an excuse to learn Lightworks). Stay tuned!
  28. Glad to hear they’re working for you. I just bought my second set with the originals lasting from May - Feb. I love these wheels so much, just so fast and reliable
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