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  • Birthday March 16


  • Skates vapor x60 2013
  • Stick total one nxg
  • Gloves supreme one80
  • Helmet 7500
  • Pants x 7.0
  • Shoulder Pads s3
  • Elbow Pads 3k
  • Shin Pads st
  • Hockey Bag eq1

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  • Interests Watching sports, playing hockey, and playing the drums
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  1. 2012 Bauer Hockey Catalogue

    the nexus pads look prety nice are they even worth a try
  2. 2012 CCM Catalogue

    How does the RBZ feel if someone has it
  3. 2012 Bauer Holiday Catalogue

    Is the NXG total one stick good at all
  4. 2012 Bauer Hockey Catalogue

    Are their going to be nexus gloves and pants?
  5. 2012 Bauer Hockey Catalogue

    Is the nexus gonna have a mid kick?
  6. sherwood nexion/t90 and graf ultra stick lines

    Is the graf any good. Is any nhl player using it.
  7. Bauer Nexus stick

    What is this stick? Is in the supreme line or is Bauer making a new product line?
  8. CCM RBZ - Powered by TaylorMade

    Does anybody know what the kick point is
  9. 2012 Miken Hockey Catalogue

    Is the razor z9 any good? If it is than what is it better for? Shooting or stick handling
  10. 2012 Sher-Wood Hockey Catalogue

    Not sure. But stastny uses the t90 and if you want to buy you can buy one from total hockey
  11. 2011-2012 Washington Capitals general discussion thread

    Ovechkin scorin goals but the caps arnt winin key games like the game vs Buffalo