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  1. Best backyard shooting surface?

    I made up my mind that I'm going to get a 4x8 piece of plywood (because I'm shooting on grass) and some type of cheap flooring to put on it. Any suggestion for the flooring? I'll look into linoleum. Also does anyone know what I can get to use has a netting when I miss the net?
  2. Best backyard shooting surface?

    Ya, I'm interested in the 4x8 too, where are you getting yours from?
  3. Best backyard shooting surface?

    How much would I be looking to spend for something big like 4x8 feet with a decent thickness
  4. Haha no I'm trying to make it. I still have a couple years till then. I'm no John Tavares. This summer is going to be a huge step in my development though.
  5. Nice thread. I'm 14 and this summer I'm really stepping my game up. I'm going to be able to go on the ice 2 hours everyday this summer and I'll be practising my skills at home a few hours a day. I'm taking my shot at the OHL. This thread is great
  6. Skill pad

    I'm looking to get a skill pad this weekend with an elastic to make it more like a tape 2 tape. Any advice? thanks
  7. Weird Superstition

    I need to add that I always need to take a dump before a game. It just makes me feel so much better.
  8. Weird Superstition

    Never heard of that one. For Me -left skate before right -once my stick is taped the blade doesnt touch the ground until i hit the ice -I always like to hit the posts in warm ups not really too much, but thats the usual