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  1. drewng98

    Alkali Skates

    I'm looking for new inline skates. Looking at the Alkali lineup, it only has the RPE and the RPD. What would be the performance differences of each of these skates? Does anyone have any insight to when Alkali are going to put out their next generation skates? Also, what would be the stiffest skate on the roller hockey market as of right now? Would they be the bauer 1x's? Cheers for your insight guys!
  2. drewng98

    Stiffest Skates

    Hi All, What are the stiffest ice skates on the market now? Would they be the Bauer 1x's or the CCM Super Tacks? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, My Reebok 7K Pumps are starting to lose integrity and I'm looking for a replacement pair. Does anyone know the fit profile of the old Reebok 7K Pumps or any Reebok Pumps from 2012 or so? Are they closer to a vapor tapered fit or is it a more supreme-like fit? Cheers!
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but I would like to pose out a question to all you users out there. What the hell happened to all the shafts? I've been using the Easton ST shaft for the past few years and is in need for a replacement, it seems like only Bauer as a relatively big brand makes the shafts, Easton/CCM has just given up in that area. Playing roller hockey, shaft and blade combo is the only way to go without looking for a replacement of a composite one piece every 3 games. Any ideas if Easton will be pushing out more shafts in the future? Thanks!