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Found 4 results

  1. Zackstrom

    Stick Recommendations

    Im an adult looking to start playing hockey after being a big fan for several years now. Ive got some cheap equipment like skates and gloves but cant find a decent stick. Im on a tight budget so the cheaper the better. I dont need anything crazy, just something to practice and use whenever im on the ice. Ive heard wood isnt too bad. I also have seen some stuff about ABS/Carbon Fiber blades. I know abs blades arent very strong, but these “hybrid” abs sticks can be used on ice. Any advice is appreciated. Just would like to know about come cheap options or places to find cheap sticks
  2. Hey there! Complete beginner here, just a couple weeks ago bought my first pair of skates. Following recommendations, I bought the best pair I could afford, Bauer supreme 170. I've been going to public skates around 3 times a week, and have made pretty good progress. Still, it's hard to push myself when I'm afraid of falling all the time, and my eventual plans of beginner hockey lessons require a full set of equipment. So I'm looking for a set of pads. As a student with limited disposable income, my first instinct was to get the cheapest ones possible, but I realized that's probably not the best investment long term. I'm having a hard time deciding which pieces are important to spend on, and which ones I can save on. I know shoulder pads aren't too important if you're not in a checking league, so I'm going to go low end with those, but other than that I'm rather confused. Should I get an expensive helmet? I know a concussion would probably be a concussion no matter what, but is the comfort and smaller impact protection worth it? Elbow pads seem important for falls, but is a low end one good enough for those? While I love the idea of blocking shots, I don't know if I actually would, and I imagine it'll be quite a while before I get to that level anyway, so I don't know if more expensive shin guards are worth it either. Pants I find especially confusing. I'm finding it hard to see a difference other than weight. Gloves I actually do have, I picked up a pair of Reebok 7k gloves on clearance for 40, which seemed like a good price to me. Thanks for any help you can provide. Reading through threads on this forum has inspired me to finally get off my ass and try out a sport I've loved watching for years. TL;DR need first set of pads, don't know which I can skimp on and which ones I should spend on.
  3. This is a atempt to do a movie inspired form winter classic, from me and friends playing beer league with mc dudes, and playing hockey that we all love. sarkasm comments are welcome :). Going to be 5 parts, and this is just a prewiev of the best hockey story ever ;). From sweden with love.
  4. I just bought my first legit pair of inline skates, Mission AC4s. I've been ice-skating ever since I was a kid and am better than average on ice. I skated on my inline-skates for the first time today and it felt entirely foreign. What stuck out to me the most was how much of the skate I have on the ground at all times. Feels like no matter what movement I do, forward, crossing over, wide turns, my skate feels glued to the ground, all wheels constantly touching the ground. Wondering what alterations I can make to get the same rocker'd feeling as being in ice skates. My ice skates have a 9' radius. I am not above to buying new wheels. I plan on skating almost exclusively outdoors on either tennis courts or asphalt. From back to front my wheels are 80mm 80mm 76mm 76mm. I tried moving the wheels around putting the 76's on the front and back and the 80s both in the middle to try to simulate that skate blade rocker. Only problem is now the 80s are touching and unable to roll in the same direction so obviously that won't work. Assume I know nothing about inline skates or roller hockey because I practically don't . I've got a lot on-ice experience but this is definitely new territory. Any tips and advice is welcomed regarding wheel modification or technique adjustments. Thanks everyone.