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Found 15 results

  1. Justin 1933

    Alkali Hockey

    I'm back....Looking forward to bring you guys some new and amazing Roller Specific Product: http://www.inlinehockeyworld.com/armada-is-getting-armed/
  2. I have worn out many of the axles on my Marsblades and it costs too much for shipping a set of 8 axes from Marsblade to where I live. Does anyone know if anything else uses the same axles/screws? Like are they something standard or something bespoke made by Marsblade?
  3. Ball Dek Street Hockey Programs In the Spring of 2018 a new group came in and took over the hockey rink. The rink is now called THE CAGE Roller Hockey Rink. They put in a lot of money and a lot of work and redid the entire rink and created all new programs. The rink has new boards, new floor, new score board and more. In only six months they already have over 50 youth and adult roller hockey and ball hockey teams playing seven days a week. They play the Ball Dek Street Hockey games every week. Great group of people and players. You can get more info from their sites. Website - www.CageHockey.com FaceBook - The Cage Roller Hockey Rink
  4. XUHockey21

    Alkali skate sizing

    Is anyone familiar with how Alkali skates are sized? I'm looking to pick up the RPD Max+ online and would prefer to get the right size the first time. I'm currently using sz 9.5 '08 Mission Boss, and sz 10 Bauer x100 for ice. I'm leaning toward the 9.5, due to how heat moldable I hear they are. I haven't found a local store that has them in stock, which makes things a little more complicated, and hockey monkey doesn't cover return shipping. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of inline skates. Currently I have CCM Jetspeed 260, but the boots are too soft and they bent at around ankle level, so now they provide nearly no support. I saw these skates, Easton V7, for a good price (around 125eur), but could find information on sellers website only: no reviews. They look like they're an old model, but I couldn't find the exact year. They say they are successor of Easton IQ44 and equivalent of Vapor X80R in Bauer range. Also they are 72-72-80-80 Hi-Lo setup (82A outdoor wheels, but I could change those), which I believe they don't do on current skates anymore. Are these worse in manoeuvrability/turning radius than other setups? Anyone has experience with these/similar skates? Do you think they would be a worthy upgrade? (I am looking mainly for stiffer/more durable boot that would last) or do you think it is worth it to pay more and go directly for more recent higher models by Bauer/Mission (ie. AC/DS 2) or Alkali (Shift+)?
  6. CommodoreColt

    Marsblade Kit Size S $150USD shipped (US)

    Brand new Size S Marsblade frame + wheel kit, includes bearings, wheel hardware, special wedged mounting washers, and the three way tool. $150USD shipped in the continental US. These are being sold since I ordered the wrong size from the website. Shipping back to Sweden would have been ridiculous so I just ate the cost on a new order for the correct size. This was, by the way, very worth it. Forward crossovers are unbelievably close to my ice skates and feel really satisfying. If interested, I'd advise you to have a look at Marsblade's website to check your size. Since these are brand new and I'm covering your shipping, the price is firm. Thanks for having a look!
  7. Has anyone used this product before? I play inline on a painted concrete surface and I go through so many sticks. The damage to the stick is typically from the floor contact where the heel or toe starts splitting apart. It seems like a very interesting product and I'm inclined to give it a try. If anyone has any experience with it, please let me know. http://www.hockeywraparound.com/
  8. Dev10251

    Wheel Setup

    I just recently decided to get into roller. I'm converting my nexus boot and I had a question regarding the wheels since I'm a noobie when it comes to inline. The chassis I'm putting is a labeda sensors that had a 76-72-80-80 setup. Should I just keep this way when I convert or so change it?
  9. So iwas skating one day lost the bolt to an axle, ive been skate without a wheel on each skate since because i cant find the axles to fit anyone know where i can find them? labeda two piece axle
  10. Hey guys, first post here. I play on a fairly small rink (the JCC in Michigan), which means I'm turning more often and lose speed on the turns. I'm currently skating on Hornet Splits. What wheels do you reccommend I switch to, in order to maintain speed on fast turns? Thanks
  11. A group that plays in Allston, MA and sometimes Watertown, MA (the new rink at Casey Park) is looking for skaters - mixed rec level. Also looking for an additional goalie, the shopping carts are demanding new and expensive contracts. I'm posting this on behalf of the organizer so if you want to come play let me know and I'll relay the interest to him. Type of skate: Pick up/Inline Location: Allston (Smith Field, Western Ave by North Harvard Street) or Watertown (Casey Park, Watertown Street near Watertown Square & Galen Street) Time: Sundays, midday, couple hours-ish. Level: Mixed recreational The rink at Allston is a standard asphalt with boards and fencing, the rink at Casey Park is newer with a more basketball-court-esque surface with boards and fencing and benches, etc.
  12. So probably a long shot, but if there are any South West UK hockey players on here, check this out please. Both Plymouth Stars and Plymouth Admirals are in need of goalies going into the new season. See our teams here: http://www.plymouthstars.co.uk/ I am also led to believe that there are other teams in the South West who may be in need of goaltenders We are also open to new forward and defensive players joining the squad. Drop me a message if you are interested or know of anyone who might be interested Cheers Guys MetalRider
  13. All prices are negotiable and discounts for buying multiple items Mission Axiom T9 - Size 8D - asking $250 Selling these because I switched to my converted ice skates. I bought them May 30th of last year (HM), so they might be still covered by the 1 year warranty that mission offers should anything go wrong. I got them for our summer roller league and the wheels and bearings that came with the skates (Mission Swiss LE 608 and RinkRat Hornet Spilt XXX Grip 76A) were used exactly 11 times on sport court - 10 games 1 practice. Most of the use I got out of these was playing on smooth concrete over the summer (different set of wheels and bearings). Wheels look to be in really good shape, you can see in the pictures that they still have a lot of life left in them. Both boots are in very good condition, except for some minor aesthetic scrapes you can see in the pictures. They were aired out after every use, and still smell like new skates. They were baked once. Still have the original laces in them if that matters at all. I tried to take as many pics as possible - gallery: http://imgur.com/a/9jUyN#0 If you have any other questions about them lemme know! Gallery of evrything else for sale: http://imgur.com/a/T1t2R#0 Warrior Projekt Girdle - Medium asking $90 Bought and tried these out over the summer. I thought at first that I liked the girdle better than traditional hockey pants, but when I went back to pants again I ended up liking that better. They are in almost new condition, I used them maybe 5 times. I took out the original belt when I bought them since it was so tiny and replaced it with a string from a pair of mesh shorts. I might have the original belt around the house somewhere if you really want it. Edit: found it http://i.imgur.com/J9n5TGH.jpg Warrior Syko shell - New - Medium asking $30 - will lower price if you want to bundle with girdle Tackla Shell - Medium - asking $25 - will lower price if you want to bundle with girdle Decent condition. You can see the back loop needs to be sewn back on (look in gallery), and the stitching right around the butt is a little loose. Used them for roller hockey, and a few times on the ice. Bauer One80 Elbows - Medium - removed
  14. Senior Large Warrior Dynasty AX1 Elbow pads. NEW without tags. I've never owned pro stock elbows, but from what I've read the AX1s fit similar to Jofa Pro elbows, but have a more comfortable strapping system and a nicer antibacterial liner. I picked them up from another member and they're very nice pads, but I just prefer the fit of my 2012 Projekts. SOLD for $75 shipped . Here are a few comments from this forum: Mission Axiom T8 Inline Pants - Size Large. NEW with tags. The sizing chart on one of the tags suggests that they're a good fit for someone 5'9"-6'1" with a 36"-38" waist - the adjustable belt system would likely allow someone outside of that waist range to wear them as well. I'm 6'2" with about a 37" waist and they fit me, but are quite roomy - they could easily be expanded to fit a 40"+ waist. They have a loose fit. I'm only selling them because I prefer the more anatomical fit of my old Valken Pro pants and the Bauer XR5 pants I recently received to ref roller hockey with. SOLD for $41 + shipping on eBay. I switched to Edge style socks some time ago and no longer use Knit socks, but have a few pairs that are either new or in very good condition that are available if anyone is interested. I have two pairs of Men's Large solid San Jose teal socks that are in very good condition and were only worn a few times. They have a few small holes/runs, but nothing major. Model-Line Hockey Socks. Made in Canada. 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. $5/pair + shipping or local pickup. 1 Pair of White socks with a blue and white stripe. Montreal Canadiens away colours. Men's XL. Brand NEW with tags. Kobe Socks. Made in Canada. 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. $10+shipping or local pickup.
  15. Mission Commander SE Size: 6.5 D About me: 155lbs, defenseman and intermediate/advanced skater. Pass skates include Vapor 8, Vapor 10 (yes I was a moron and bought into the rocker hype), Nike Quest 1 w/ Red Star, Mission Boss Black. Surfaces: Only on sport court twice a week. Usage: roughly 85 skates Fit – I felt the fit is very similar to the newest Vapor line of ice skates. I may get a bit of flack for this but my foot shape requires pretty much no break in time for Vapors or Supremes. This skate felt a little closer to a vapor fit. It provides great ankle lock and the ankle pads really hold everything in place. I do have a higher instep and these are no different than any other skate I’ve worn. I barely passed the pencil test. I didn’t feel this boot had more or less forward lean than any other’s I’ve tried. I usually go with a 6D in ice skates. However, my stance in roller is more upright and I thought I'd need a little bit more breathing room for my toes so I went half a size up. It's worked out great. The liner provides ample grip without any unnecessary tugging or pulling. I’m a sockless skater so the liner is quite important to me. The moose suede is the main reason I chose these over the Black SE skates. They just felt great to the touch. The outsoul gave me absolutely no flex during my stride and felt solid. My only gripe is where the boot meets the toe cap. It seems a bit narrower than other Bauer skates I’ve tried. Considering how much break-in time my previous skates have required, not a big deal. 9/10 Chassis/Wheels/Bearings – This is the second reason why I chose the Commanders instead of the Blacks. The lower price point gave me the same chassis as the Black SEs. The magnesium chassis is very light and is a standard Hi-Lo set up. The finish is very durable and there have been no chips or even scratches to them. The most I can ask for in a chassis is that I never have to think about it, and I haven’t. At this price point, it is a great value to get a top end chassis. 10/10 Coming from Labeda Gripper Millenniums, I thought I would give the Rink Rat Hornets a try before I swapped them out. I couldn’t be happier. It has great grip on cornering and stopping. Take this with a grain of salt because I have only ever used Labeda Gripper Millenniums on inferior skates and really have nothing else to compare them to. 10/10 The mission Swiss 608s give me no reason to complain either. In the winter, I play at a rink where dust is a huge problem. The bearings still roll great with weekly cleanings. 10/10 Weight /Protection – The weight is nothing out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t find it extremely light or extremely heavy. But at this price point, I would say they’ve done an excellent job with the magnesium chassis and the relatively lighter boot. Just don’t expect anything revolutionary in terms of weight reduction. 9/10 I’ve taken a few clappers off the side of the boot with no bruising or injury. Protection is as good as any other high end skate. Also, wipe outs, nicks, and rubs against the board have not affected the look of the skate. 10/10 Durability/ Intangibles – The fit and finish is probably the most impressive thing about the skate. Everything is well put together. Being a skater in pre and post Bauer Mission skates, it seems like they’ve improved their fit and finish even better than the current Bauer (ice) models. The durability of the materials seems great as well. I don’t baby my skates and they don’t look worn out at all. I was worried about the moose suede liner at first, since it’s not a liner I’ve had experience with before. However, after 80 skates, there are no signs of wear and tear that would concern me to least. 10/10 The third and final reason I chose the Commanders over the Blacks was the sharp look with the blue and the black. I couldn’t be happier with the look of the skate. The annoying thing will be when I replace the rink rats; I don’t think I’d be able to get matching color wheels for the skate! 10/10 Conclusion – I think most people looking at these skates will need an answer to the big question of whether it’s worth the savings over the Black SEs. That was my main concern and I have absolutely no regrets. It has outperformed every other high end skate I’ve ever worn and I couldn’t be much happier with my purchase. 9.5/10