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RBK 7K Pro Elbow Pads, 2x Hand Easton RS2 (Hall & Iginla Curve), Eagle X88 Pants

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I'm located in Vancouver, BC. Please PM me if you have any questions.

Item #1- RBK 7K PRO Elbows pads sized 5. Pictures below so you can get an idea of its condition, if you want more pics let me know and I can send them your way.

Price: $140 Shipped





Item #2- Brand new, never used, never cut, retail Easton RS2 (second generation rs).

Specs: Left Hand, Grip, 85 flex, P3 Hall Curve, Lie 5.5.

Price: $180 Shipped.



Item #3- Lightly used retail Easton RS2. Used only at stick and puck (no game action). It's been cut about 3/4 of an inch. I have a picture of it next to an uncut easton rs2 so you can get a better idea of its length. condition is 9/10, just some small cosmetic changes. Let me know if you want to see more pictures and I'll gladly send them your way.

Specs: Left Hand, Grip, 85 flex, P7 Iginla, Lie 5.5. SOLD

Price: 140 Shipped.




Item #4- Eagle X88 Pants. Closure velcro tab on the inseam leg zipper has been cut, but doesn't effect the pad in anyway (I like the zipper undone, had to cut the velcro because it kept getting stuck to my socks). Used since January 2013. Size Senior size 50 (32-34 waist). Made in Canada, high quality pants.

Price: $60 Shipped. (No Longer Available)




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