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Steel – SB Tydan 271    

Hollow – 5/8"

Profile - 9'/10' (Control)

About Me – I started skating and playing hockey at age 14. I Played midget and college club. In high school and college I worked at the local ice rink and got lots of free ice time. The local rink closed and I spent 10 years away from the game. A year and a half ago at the age of 39 I got back into the sport and now get to skate at least once a week. 
At a hockey camp in high school I had my skates profiled for the first time. I had never heard of it before but it made a massive immediate difference in my skating. I was never able to get back into contact with the gentleman who did my original profile. So, after that set of good old CCM Pro Lite 3 steel was finished I had to skate on stock profile. When I got back into hockey I began researching profiling and that is what leads me here.  

Review- I went with the 9’-10’ based off of a recommendation. I wasn’t sure what profile would be best for me. I feel my speed is good with this profile. I feel like I can really accelerate well during forward cross overs. My agility doesn’t seem that great and I’ve been catching my heel edges quite a bit during transitions forward to backward and lateral movement feels a little slow. 
Acceleration: 4
Mobility: 2.5 
Stability: 2
Speed: 4.5

Next Profile: Quad 0

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