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2019 Bauer Vapor X 2.7 Review

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So; I had an opportunity to try out my new Bauer Vapor X 2.7 and for the price point of $119 CDN + taxes, it actually performed a lot better than I had expected. Just a couple of brief points to give you an idea about this stick:

* 455 grams

* QRT Technology (old tech from 1X Lite)

* low kick point

My stick: 87 flex, P92, Lie 6.

I played pick-up last night (low-mid level) and unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to play my normal position: right wing. I ended up playing defence...which is a lot of work for me since my joints don't work as well as they used to (I'm 46 years old). During warm-ups I took a couple of wrist shots and it flew off....but it still felt nice. Snapshots were pretty hard and it popped off very quickly. I then tried a couple of slapshots and I noticed that even though I was aiming for mid-right post it didn't get off the ice. I then opened up the stick on my follow through and it went a bit high. I guess I have to work on the dampered feeling of this stick. I will say that my shot was a lot harder than my old stick (Bauer 1X Lite 87 flex P92). 

During the game, my passes were more crisp, hard and quick. The accuracy was a bit off - which was expected since I have to get a feel for this stick. What surprised me most, was the control I had with this stick...as I had an opportunity to go in and I managed to pull a heel drag at top motion and not bobble the puck and still manage to stick handle on my way to the goalie. I think after 4 or 5 more pick-up games, I can come back and get you a bit more info on this stick, as it's a bit early to really guage how good or bad it is. FYI - I'm only using this one since I am still waiting for my Bauer Flylite to be delivered...I'll post my personal review of that as well later.

I'm not sure if the images will link correctly; but I've provided some pictures of it below...sorry if it doesn't work out. Will post a bit later.



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