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  1. 26 grams, approximately the weight of a AA battery; it takes anywhere from 5-10 years to develop excellent puck handling skills, obviously depending on the amount of time you devote to it. Don't really think that 26 grams makes any difference;  practice does, as it develops motor skills in the wrist, forearm and shoulder

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  2. 1 hour ago, icewalker_bg said:

    All the way west, closer to On. boarder. 

    PIAS on St-Charles is 50/50, so is the hockey experts in the area. The only decent shop in the area closed permanently (Frasers)

    Seymours Skate Lab in Kirkland

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  3. 15 minutes ago, althoma1 said:

    Crawford, Roy and Muller were other options,  but there's no doubt Julien has the strongest resume. You can hire translators for the press and there are probably more players that speak Russian than French on the team. 

    My Grandmother was French Canadian and it's why I am I Canadiens fan despite the fact that I grew up in Ontario and Alberta. I understand that the team is in Quebec and has a large French fanbase. All communications should be in both official languages, but the best person for the job should be hired. Now, with his resume and the fact that management seems to prefer a safer game,  Julien is probably the best fit regardless of language issues.

    The choice makes sense, but it's still not the one I would have preferred. I would prefer an offensive style similar to Washington or Pittsburgh, but it obviously hasn't won Washington a Cup and the rosters are of course different.  I will obviously be happy if Julien brings in the wins, but it's also nice to be entertained. 

    Bob Hartley.

    The Habs do not have the horses/talent/skill to play an offensive style; they have 2 1/2 lines of fourth liners, depressing as that is, they cannot even move the puck out of their own end without looking like the keystone cops. The team will do as well as Price does.

  4. Ah, the irony of the Bruins coming to the aid of the floundering Habs, giving them permission to approach Julien and being hired by them.  Althoma1 I would hardly call the Canadiens hockey under Therrien exciting hockey. Dump and chase.  What players developed under Therrien? None. The same cannot be said for the Bruins under Julien, even this year. They got rid of Subban, (as the problem), but they are no further ahead. Does anyone remember the last time Weber body checked anyone? Did the gang of 3 (Paciorety, Weber, and Price) have a hand in the firing of Therrien?  Will Julien make a difference given the talent pool the Habs have?


  5. 2 hours ago, Troubadour said:

    It is supposed to be the amount of weight at which it flexes to a certain point. So hypothetically a 75 flex, flexes at 75 pounds, 110 flexes at 110 pounds. However, it rarely seems to work this way. 

    I mean, I may be completely wrong, but this is the way it was always explained to me at least. Not to mention the guys at Smarter Everyday seemed to prove it was somewhat the case. 

    So a 75 flex, can't really be a 75 flex if it is cut 4" even with a flex free zone.

    The amount of force required to bend the shaft 1 inch, measured in lbs. For a 75 flex stick it would take 75 lbs. of force to bend the shaft 1 inch...and so on

  6. Mods please kill this thread and all related threads; enough of this inane search for the holy grail of 20 dollar sticks. Numerous posters have chimed in with thoughtful insights but yet we keep going around in circles. OP "found" his NXG in another  thread and wants to purchase a piece of lumber as an adjunct. He has enough choices that have been suggested by fellow members to purchase a top end stick at great price. How much more needs to be written. 

  7. 21 minutes ago, noodle3872 said:

    I think it means you are foolish to put your plan in writing on a website that Bauer reps access and for all of us to read.  A warranty is offered to cover breakage due to "manufacturer defects" not so you can transition into a stick you like better without being out of pocket.    

    OR maybe bubaloo likes your plan.  

    I don't know.  I could be wrong on both points....

    The former 

  8. 2 hours ago, bubaloo said:

    Picked one up because I loved the 2014 version. Yes 340 retail is retarded dunno what that's about. 

    My thoughts. Plays stiffer then last years. I liked that they had a 95 flex finally yet plays like a 102 anyway. I wanna try and 87 maybe will be better with the taper, Taper made it feel stiff not easy loading to me. Had a very 1s feel which is why the nexus was so different last time. We already have the 1s style. 

    Rounded corners why? I liked the shaft before we already have a vapor feels like a lacrosse stick now. Never liked rounded corners. Grip like the supreme should be an option retail 

    Pop is unchanged, in fact I think I shoot harder with last years. 

    Overall im disappointed. Luckily I got this for 170 on a Bauer promo. I will play it out till 29 days bust it and grab last years on warranty with my shop. 

    Lately I have found bauers "upgrades" for their sticks actually making good products worse.

    apx 2 - 1x was a bust in my opinion 

    total one nxg- 1s down grade 

    nexus 1n was excellent and upgrade over the 8000 but now I feel they went back again. 


    Such a clever boy

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  9. 1 hour ago, Spaticle said:



    i was looking at shirts with the integrated neck tops, i am new to hockey and wanted to know, have any of you used these  type of shirts before and what is the general thoughts about them? i attached a link to one so you all can see what type of shirt i am talking about http://www.hockeymonkey.com/clearance/closeout-undergarments/clearance-hockey-upper-body-undergarments/bauer-hockey-apparel-premium-shortsleeve-integrated-neck-top-adult.html




    My son uses the long sleeve grip version. It took him one or two ice times to get use to it (using the long string attachment to the zipper). Collar is velcro adjustable like a regular neck guard. It's convenient, one less hassle not having to worry about a neck guard.

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