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Found 2 results

  1. While looking at the Super Tacks As1 for pre order on some sites they show a P88 Ovechkin curve as an option. Does anyone know if this will this be a new crazy curve, or just their retail P80 (Bauer P88 clone)/P40 replacement? Noticed it though there seems to be no additional details that I have found.
  2. Hey Guys So I made a post before about a pair of 1S skates I had which I have now sold and just bought a pair of Supertacks. To give a little information before, I had a pair of One95's that I bought on consignment at Pro Skate in Edmonton, AB and really liked them, but they've become too soft and I'm a bigger guy at 5'10, 245 pounds (and trying to lose!!!) so I wasn't getting the response I wanted anymore. I bought the 1S', didn't fit well and were so stiff I got no forward flex which made skating in them extremely tiring. So I got these Supertacks on Saturday in Salt Lake City while I'm living in Idaho Falls, Idaho (pathetic I need to drive 3 hours just to try on skates). I wasn't planning on buying but they had 200$ off and CCM has a 30 day warranty if I don't like them, I can return them so I figured why not. After my first skate last night I have to say, that was the least painful first skate I've ever experienced! Very comfortable for a first skate... Better than after owning the 1S' for 2-3 months! Only thing that was weird for me were the edges on the skates. On my older Bauers, it felt like I was skating on rails as in I had no issue going straight or doing sharp turns as long as I dug my feet into the ice with the downside of less edge control. Last night was my first night and I had a game (probably not the best time to test them out). These Supertacks seem to be the opposite way. When I'm skating straight, I feel like my steel is digging into the ice like a stop which is slowing me down from accelerating. I also felt like I couldn't turn as sharply from when I took a turn with the puck and it ended up in a bad turnover. Also last night I seemed to be taking a large number of passes to my skates (the hockey in Idaho Falls isn't very good) and had no chance of controlling it to my stick. I also was skating backwards and as I was accepting a pass and transitioning to go forwards I stumbled pretty hard and lost control. I also went to the locker room after and noticed that the skates could have been tighter by pushing my fingers into where the eyelets are. My #1 priority is comfort (I'm not going to the show and just want to have fun) which these were great for, but the feeling of the edges scraping all the time is bugging me. I would retighten the skates every now and then and it would fix them now and then. I also have those damn CCM laces which were loosening my skates left and right because I forgot to buy wax laces for them (ordered a pair on amazon which will get here Wednesday). Could this come from the laces not being tight enough? Are there any factors to make your skates have more like my Bauers in how they ride? Do people even enjoy having their skates scrape like that and want that intentionally or is this something everyone avoids? Any tips would be appreciated and I'm sorry if I didn't explain this well because I found it tough to explain.
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